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Haas, B. Co Author Listing * Copy detection pattern-based document protection for variable media
* Learning Deformable Image Registration with Structure Guidance Constraints for Adaptive Radiotherapy
Includes: Haas, B. Haas, B.[Benjamin]

Haas, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach to Derive Sea Ice Draft from Upward-Looking Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), Validated by Upward-Looking Sonar (ULS) Data, An
* Assessment Of Sea Ice Freeboard And Thickness In Mcmurdo Sound, Antarctica, Derived By Ground Validated Satellite Altimeter Data
* Brown Hands Aren't Terrorists: Challenges in Image Classification of Violent Extremist Content
* Improving Sea Ice Characterization in Dry Ice Winter Conditions Using Polarimetric Parameters from C- and L-Band SAR Data
* Linking Regional Winter Sea Ice Thickness and Surface Roughness to Spring Melt Pond Fraction on Landfast Arctic Sea Ice
* Retrievals of Lake Ice Thickness From Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake Using CryoSat-2
Includes: Haas, C.[Christian] Haas, C.

Haas, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Detecting People in Cubist Art

Haas, E. Co Author Listing * Fusion Of Active And Passive Microwave Observations To Create An Essential Climate Variable Data Record On Soil Moisture
* JPSS-1 VIIRS Prelaunch Reflective Solar Band Testing and Performance
Includes: Haas, E. Haas, E.[Evan]

Haas, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Glaciogenic Periglacial Landform in the Making: Geomorphological Evolution of a Rockfall on a Small Glacier in the Horlachtal, Stubai Alps, Austria
* Modelling of Vegetation Dynamics from Satellite Time Series to Determine Proglacial Primary Succession in the Course of Global Warming: A Case Study in the Upper Martell Valley (Eastern Italian Alps)
* Small-Scale Surface Reconstruction and Volume Calculation of Soil Erosion in Complex Moroccan Gully Morphology Using Structure from Motion

Haas, G. Co Author Listing * Locating fast-moving objects in TV-images in the presence of motion blur

Haas, H. Co Author Listing * Nonstationary Wideband MIMO Channel Model for High-Mobility Intelligent Transportation Systems, A

Haas, H.L. Co Author Listing * New Error Sensitivity Model for the Analog Hardware Implementation of Inner Products

Haas, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Telephone-Based Speech Dialog Systems
* Uncertainty Estimation for Deep Learning-Based Segmentation of Roads in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
Includes: Haas, J.[Jurgen] Haas, J.[Jürgen] Haas, J.[Jarrod]

Haas, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Potential of Airborne LiDAR Derived Vegetation Structure for the Prediction of Animal Species Richness at Mount Kilimanjaro

Haas, N.[Norm] Co Author Listing * Component-based track inspection using machine-vision technology
* Enhanced rail component detection and consolidation for rail track inspection
* Multisensor evidence integration and optimization in rail inspection
* Personalized news through content augmentation and profiling
* Rail Component Detection, Optimization, and Assessment for Automatic Rail Track Inspection
* VeggieVision: A Produce Recognition System
* Visual item verification for fraud prevention in retail self-checkout
Includes: Haas, N.[Norm] Haas, N.[Norman] Haas, N.
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Haas, O.C.L. Co Author Listing * mixture of experts committee machine to design compensators for intensity modulated radiation therapy, A
* Snake-Aided Automatic Organ Delineation
Includes: Haas, O.C.L. Haas, O.C.L.[Olivier C.L.]

Haas, R. Co Author Listing * Coastal Sea-Level Measurements Based on GNSS-R Phase Altimetry: A Case Study at the Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden
* Controllable GAN Synthesis Using Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion
* Investigating the gravitational stability of a radio telescope's reference point using a terrestrial laser scanner: Case study at the Onsala Space Observatory 20-m radio telescope
* On the Response of Polarimetric GNSS-Reflectometry to Sea Surface Roughness
* Remote Sensing of Precipitation Using Reflected GNSS Signals: Response Analysis of Polarimetric Observations
* Tensor-based Subspace Factorization for StyleGAN
Includes: Haas, R. Haas, R.[René] Haas, R.[Rüdiger]

Haas, S.L.[Steven L.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for analyzing a golf swing and displaying results
* Golf ball trajectory presentation system

Haas, W.[Werner] Co Author Listing * Automatic Restoration Algorithms for 35mm Film

Haas, Z.J.[Zygmunt J.] Co Author Listing * Multiple Antenna Selection and Successive Signal Detection for SM-Based IRS-Aided Communication
* Stochastic Model for Chain Collisions of Vehicles Equipped With Vehicular Communications, A
Includes: Haas, Z.J.[Zygmunt J.] Haas, Z.J.

Haasdonk, B. Co Author Listing * Adjustable Invariant Features by Partial Haar-Integration
* Feature Space Interpretation of SVMs with Indefinite Kernels
* Indefinite Kernel Fisher Discriminant
* Invariance in Kernel Methods by Haar-Integration Kernels
* Kernel Discriminant Analysis for Positive Definite and Indefinite Kernels
* Learning with Distance Substitution Kernels
* On-line handwriting recognition with support vector machines: A kernel approach
* Tangent distance kernels for support vector machines
Includes: Haasdonk, B. Haasdonk, B.[Bernard]
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Haase Schutz, C. Co Author Listing * Deep Multi-Modal Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving: Datasets, Methods, and Challenges
* Iterative Label Improvement: Robust Training by Confidence Based Filtering and Dataset Partitioning
Includes: Haase Schutz, C. Haase-Schütz, C. (Maybe also Haase-Schuetz, C.)Haase-Schütz, C.[Christian] (Maybe also Haase-Schuetz, C.)

Haase, A. Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement and artifact reduction in magnetization-prepared MR angiography

Haase, C. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Geological Mapping and Modeling Activities at the Geological Survey of Norway

Haase, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D analysis of animal locomotion from biplanar X-ray videos using augmented active appearance models
* Accurate 3D Multi-marker Tracking in X-ray Cardiac Sequences Using a Two-Stage Graph Modeling Approach
* Anatomical Landmark Tracking for the Analysis of Animal Locomotion in X-ray Videos Using Active Appearance Models
* Automated Built-Up Extraction Index: A New Technique for Mapping Surface Built-Up Areas Using LANDSAT 8 OLI Imagery
* Instance-Weighted Transfer Learning of Active Appearance Models
* Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
* Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces
* Mapping Impervious Surface Using Phenology-Integrated and Fisher Transformed Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Mapping of Soil Total Nitrogen Content in the Middle Reaches of the Heihe River Basin in China Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing-Derived Variables
* Multi-view Active Appearance Models for the X-Ray Based Analysis of Avian Bipedal Locomotion
* On the Spatial Patterns of Urban Thermal Conditions Using Indoor and Outdoor Temperatures
* Rethinking Depthwise Separable Convolutions: How Intra-Kernel Correlations Lead to Improved MobileNets
* Spatiotemporal Evolution of Urban Agglomeration and Its Impact on Landscape Patterns in the Pearl River Delta, China
Includes: Haase, D.[Daniel] Haase, D.[Dagmar]
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Haase, G.[Gundolf] Co Author Listing * Parallel Volume Image Segmentation with Watershed Transformation

Haase, I. Co Author Listing * Bundle Adjustment of Spaceborne Double-camera Push-broom Imagers And Its Application to Lroc Nac Imagery

Haase, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Localisation from DSA Images using the Leksell Stereotactic Frame
* SRTM Data Finishing Process and Products, The
Includes: Haase, J. Haase, J.[Jeffrey]

Haase, J.S. Co Author Listing * Open-Loop Tracking of Rising and Setting GPS Radio-Occultation Signals From an Airborne Platform: Signal Model and Error Analysis
* Potential for Discriminating Microphysical Processes in Numerical Weather Forecasts Using Airborne Polarimetric Radio Occultations, The
Includes: Haase, J.S. Haase, J.S.[Jennifer S.]

Haase, K.[Kristine] Co Author Listing * Extension of Sea Charts for 3D Visualization

Haase, N. Co Author Listing * Orientation of Point Clouds for Complex Surfaces In Medical Surgery Using Trinocular Visual Odometry and Stereo Orb-SLAM2

Haase, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Differential Filters for Fast and Communication-Efficient Federated Learning
* Bitrate-Performance Optimized Model Training for the Neural Network Coding (NNC) Standard
* Dependent Scalar Quantization For Neural Network Compression
* Encoder Optimizations for the NNR Standard on Neural Network Compression
* History Dependent Significance Coding for Incremental Neural Network Compression
* Overview of the Neural Network Compression and Representation (NNR) Standard
Includes: Haase, P.[Paul] Haase, P.

Haase, R. Co Author Listing * Star-convex Polyhedra for 3D Object Detection and Segmentation in Microscopy

Haase, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * AIDA: an adaptive image deconvolution algorithm with application to multi-frame and three-dimensional data
* Comparative Validation of Single-Shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3-D Surface Reconstruction
* Guided Image Super-Resolution: A New Technique for Photogeometric Super-Resolution in Hybrid 3-D Range Imaging
* Laparoscopic instrument localization using a 3-D Time-of-Flight/RGB endoscope
* Multi-modal surface registration for markerless initial patient setup in radiation therapy using microsoft's Kinect sensor
Includes: Haase, S.[Sebastian] Haase, S. Haase, S.[Sven]

Haaser, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Lens flare prediction based on measurements with real-time visualization

Haashemi, S.[Sirous] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Variations of the Surface Urban Heat Island in a Semi-Arid City

Haass, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Modeling Human Comprehension of Data Visualizations

Haasz, A.[Akos] Co Author Listing * INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere

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