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Kambadakone, A. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Deconvolution Method to Improve Perfusion CT Quantification, A

Kambale, A.W.[Abednego Wamuhindo] Co Author Listing * Event-Based Object Detection and Tracking: A Traffic Monitoring Use Case

Kambara, M.[Motonari] Co Author Listing * Relational Future Captioning Model for Explaining Likely Collisions in Daily Tasks

Kambayashi, N. Co Author Listing * Bit Reduction of DCT Basis for Transform Coding
* Inter Color and Inter / Intra band Prediction in Reversible Wavelet for Lossless Progressive color Coding
* Lossless Coding of Still Images with Four Channel Prediction
* Lossless/ Lossy Progressive Coding based on Reversible Wavelet and Lossless Multi-channel Prediction
* New Optimum-Word-Length-Assignment (OWLA) Multiplierless Integer DCT for Lossless/Lossy Image Coding and Its Performance Evaluation, A
* Optimum word length allocation of integer DCT and its error analysis
* Two Channel Non-Separable 2D Subband Coding and its Optimization
Includes: Kambayashi, N. Kambayashi, N.[Noriyoshi]
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Kambayashi, Y. Co Author Listing * Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Suitable for Similar Text Strings, A

Kamberov, G.[George] Co Author Listing * 3D Geometry from Uncalibrated Images
* 3D Shape from Unorganized 3D Point Clouds
* Collaborative Track Analysis, Data Cleansing, and Labeling
* Conformal method for quantitative shape extraction: Performance Evaluation
* Geometric Integrability and Consistency of 3D Point Clouds
* Ill-Posed Problems in Surface and Surface Shape Recovery
* Leveraging Crowdsourced Data for Creating Temporal Segmentation Ground Truths of Subjective Tasks
* Recovering Surfaces from the Restoring Force
* Scar: Dynamic Adaptation for Person Detection and Persistence Analysis in Unconstrained Videos
* Shape Invariants and Principal Directions from 3D Points and Normals
* Topology and geometry of unorganized point clouds
* Unsupervised Detection of Video Sub-scenes
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Kamberov, R.[Rustam] Co Author Listing * Supporting Urban Energy Efficiency with Volunteered Roof Information and the Google Maps API

Kamberova, G.[Gerda] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kamberova, G.[Gerda]: kamberov AT central cis upenn edu
* 3-D Acquisition and Interpretation for Virtual Reality and Telepresence
* 3D Geometry from Uncalibrated Images
* 3D Reconstruction of Environements for Virtual Collaboration
* 3D Shape from Unorganized 3D Point Clouds
* Collaborative Track Analysis, Data Cleansing, and Labeling
* Conformal method for quantitative shape extraction: Performance Evaluation
* Geometric Integrability and Consistency of 3D Point Clouds
* Ill-Posed Problems in Surface and Surface Shape Recovery
* Recovering Surfaces from the Restoring Force
* Robust Multi-Sensor Fusion: A Decision-Theoretic Approach
* Sensor Errors and the Uncertainties in Stereo Reconstruction
* Shape Invariants and Principal Directions from 3D Points and Normals
* Stereo Depth Estimation: A Confidence Interval Approach
* Topology and geometry of unorganized point clouds
Includes: Kamberova, G.[Gerda] Kamberova, G.
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Kambezidis, H.D.[Harry D.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Upper and Lower Planetary-Boundary Layer Curves and Estimation of Their Heights from Ceilometer Observations under All-Weather Conditions: Case of Athens, Greece

Kambhamettu, C.[Chandra] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kambhamettu, C.[Chandra]: chandra AT cis udel edu
* 1265: An Approach for Spot Matching in 2-D Electrophoresis Gels
* 3D head tracking under partial occlusion
* 3D nonrigid motion analysis under small deformations
* 3D segmentation of rodent brains using deformable models and variational methods
* Abstraction and Generalization of 3D Structure for Recognition in Large Intra-Class Variation
* Accurate estimation of pulmonary nodule's growth rate in CT images with nonrigid registration and precise nodule detection and segmentation
* Age estimation via unsupervised neural networks
* AIM: an Auto-Augmenter for Images and Meshes
* Analysis of the Tongue Surface Movement Using a Spatiotemporally Coherent Deformable Model
* Application of Heterogenous Motion Models towards Structure Recovery from Motion
* Arrangement based image representation for scene recognition
* Augmenting monocular motion estimation using intermittent 3D models from depth sensors
* Automatic Motion Analaysis of Tongue Surface from Ultrasound Image Sequences
* Binocular Stereo Dense Matching in the Presence of Specular Reflections
* camera flash based projector system for true scale metric reconstruction, A
* Can discriminative cues aid face recognition across age?
* CATS: A Color and Thermal Stereo Benchmark
* coarse-to-fine deformable contour optimization framework, A
* CollisionExplorer: A Tool for Visualizing Droplet Collisions in a Turbulent Flow
* Comparison of 3D Algorithms for Non-rigid Motion and Correspondence Estimation
* Concealed Target Detection with Fusion of Visible and Infrared
* Coupled, Multi-Resolution Stereo and Motion Analysis
* Cu-Net: Towards Continuous Multi-Class Contour Detection for Retinal Layer Segmentation In OCT Images
* Curvature-Based Algorithms for Nonrigid Motion and Correspondence Estimation
* Curvature-Based Approach to Point Correspondence Recovery in Conformal Nonrigid Motion
* D-Clutter: Building object model library from unsupervised segmentation of cluttered scenes
* Deep Learning for Polar Bear Detection
* Deeply-Learned Feature for Age Estimation
* DeepXScope: Segmenting Microscopy Images with a Deep Neural Network
* Densely Connected Stacked U-network for Filament Segmentation in Microscopy Images
* Determination of Motion Parameters and Estimation of Point Correspondences in Small Nonrigid Deformations
* Discontinuous Non-Rigid Motion Analysis of Sea Ice using C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Imagery
* Discriminant Low-dimensional Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples
* Dog breed classification via landmarks
* Dynamic Open Contours Using Particle Swarm Optimization with Application to Fluid Interface Extraction
* Ensemble LDA for Face Recognition
* Estimating Nonrigid Motion from Point and Line Correspondences
* Estimating Physical Activity Intensity And Energy Expenditure Using Computer Vision On Videos
* Estimation of Illuminant Direction and Intensity of Multiple Light Sources
* Estimation of the size and location of multiple area light sources
* Extending Superquadrics with Exponent Functions: Modeling and Reconstruction
* Extracting Nonrigid Motion and 3D Structure of Hurricanes from Satellite Image Sequences without Correspondences
* Extracting Quantitative Information on Coastal Ice Dynamics and Ice Hazard Events From Marine Radar Digital Imagery
* Extraction and Quantification of Actin Cytoskeleton in Microscopic Images Using a Deep Learning Based Framework and a Curve Clustering Model
* Extraction and Tracking of the Tongue Surface from Ultrasound Image Sequences
* Face Recognition in Videos Using Adaptive Graph Appearance Models
* Face Recognition in Videos: A Graph Based Modified Kernel Discriminant Analysis
* Face Recognition Using a Color PCA Framework
* Face verification of age separated images under the influence of internal and external factors
* Face verification with aging using AdaBoost and local binary patterns
* Fast 3D Indoor-Localization Approach Based on Video Queries, A
* Feature Map Retargeting to Classify Biomedical Journal Figures
* Fluid Structure and Motion Analysis from Multi-spectrum 2D Cloud Image Sequences
* framework for multiple snakes and its applications, A
* Framework for Multiple Snakes, A
* FuzzyMatte: A computationally efficient scheme for interactive matting
* General Framework for 2D Multiframe and 3D Surface-to-surface Motion Estimation, A
* Generalized 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* Hierarchical belief propagation to reduce search space using CUDA for stereo and motion estimation
* Hierarchical Hybrid Shape Representation for Medical Shapes
* Hierarchical Method for 3D Rigid Motion Estimation, A
* Hierarchical Structure and Nonrigid Motion Recovery from 2D Monocular Views
* How well can wavelet denoising improve the accuracy of computing fundamental matrices?
* Improving calibration of thermal stereo cameras using heated calibration board
* Improving Image-Based Localization through Increasing Correct Feature Correspondences
* Indoor localization via multi-view images and videos
* Integrated 3D Scene Flow and Structure Recovery from Multiview Image Sequences
* Integrating Spatial and Discriminant Strength for Feature Selection and Linear Dimensionality Reduction
* Interest point detection using imbalance oriented selection
* Iterative Reconstruction of Large Scenes Using Heterogeneous Feature Tracking
* Knowing Where I Am: Exploiting Multi-Task Learning for Multi-view Indoor Image-based Localization
* Large-Scale Tracking for Images With Few Textures
* Learning based digital matting
* Learning Image Structures for Optimizing Disparity Estimation
* Level Set Approach for Shape Recovery of Open Contours, A
* Leveraging appearance and geometry for kinship verification
* Leveraging geometry and appearance cues for recognizing family photos
* Leveraging multiple cues for recognizing family photos
* Linear projection methods in face recognition under unconstrained illuminations: a comparative study
* Localize Me Anywhere, Anytime: A Multi-task Point-Retrieval Approach
* Lung Nodule Growth Analysis from 3D CT Data with a Coupled Segmentation and Registration Framework
* Material classification with thermal imagery
* Maximum Correntropy Based Dictionary Learning Framework for Physical Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensors
* Mesh Classification With Dilated Mesh Convolutions
* Model Based Estimation of Point Correspondences between Boundaries Undergoing Nonrigid Motion
* Modified Region Growing for Stereo of Slant and Textureless Surfaces
* Motion Tracking of Discontinuous Sea Ice
* Multi-level Feature Learning for Face Recognition under Makeup Changes
* Multimodal Stereo Vision For Reconstruction In The Presence Of Reflection
* New Multi-Level Framework for Deformable Contour Optimization, A
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis
* Nonrigid Motion and Structure Analysis from 2D with Application Towards 3D Cloud Tracking
* Nonrigid motion recovery for 3D surfaces
* Novel Local Geometry Capture in Pointnet++ for 3D Classification, A
* On 3-D scene flow and structure recovery from multiview image sequences
* On 3D Scene Flow and Structure Estimation
* On a Study of Invariant Features in Nonrigid Transformations
* PatchAugment: Local Neighborhood Augmentation in Point Cloud Classification
* Point Correspondence Recovery in Non-Rigid Motion
* Quantifying Actin Filaments in Microscopic Images using Keypoint Detection Techniques and A Fast Marching Algorithm
* Reconstruction of textureless regions using structure from motion and image-based interpolation
* Recovery and Tracking of Continuous 3D Surfaces from Stereo Data using a Deformable Dual-Mesh
* Refractive stereo ray tracing for reconstructing underwater structures
* Representing 3D shapes based on implicit surface functions learned from RBF neural networks
* Representing and recognizing complete set of geons using extended superquadrics
* Robust 3D Head Tracking Under Partial Occlusion
* Scale-Space Approach for Deformable Contour Optimization, A
* Shape from stereo and shading by gradient constrained interpolation
* Single Camera Stereo System Using Prism and Mirrors
* Single-image optical center estimation from vignetting and tangential gradient symmetry
* Single-Image Vignetting Correction
* Single-Image Vignetting Correction from Gradient Distribution Symmetries
* Single-image vignetting correction using radial gradient symmetry
* Spline-based Motion Recovery for 3D Surfaces Using Nonrigid Shape Properties
* Stereo Matching with Segmentation-Based Cooperation
* Stereo+Kinect for High Resolution Stereo Correspondences
* Stromule branch tip detection based on accurate cell image segmentation
* Structure and Semi-Fluid Motion Analysis of Stereoscopic Satellite Images for Cloud Tracking
* Study of Convolutional Sparse Feature Learning for Human Age Estimate, A
* Surface Stereo for Shallow Underwater Scenes
* Task-Specific Contour Tracker for Ultrasound, A
* Three-dimensional segmentation of vesicular networks of fungal hyphae in macroscopic microscopy image stacks
* Towards Auto-calibration of Smart Phones Using Orientation Sensors
* Towards estimation of dense disparities from stereo images containing large textureless regions
* Tracking Nonrigid Motion and Structure from 2D Satellite Cloud Images without Correspondences
* Tracking of nonrigid motion and 3D structure from 2D image sequences without correspondences
* Unified Framework for Scene Illuminant Estimation, A
* Utilizing image-based features in biomedical document classification
* VADANA: A dense dataset for facial image analysis
* Vector field characterization in ERS-1 imagery of sea ice
* Vector field resampling using local streamline approximation
* Video Based Face Recognition Using Graph Matching
* Virtual Reality Framework for Multimodal Imagery for Vessels in Polar Regions, A
* Wildcat: In-The-Wild Color-And-Thermal Patch Comparison with Deep Residual Pseudo-Siamese Networks
Includes: Kambhamettu, C.[Chandra] Kambhamettu, C.
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Kambhampati, S.[Subbarao] Co Author Listing * Imperfect ImaGANation: Implications of GANs exacerbating biases on facial data augmentation and snapchat face lenses

Kambhatla, K.K.R.[Kashyap K. R.] Co Author Listing * H.264/AVC video packet aggregation and unequal error protection for noisy channels
* Predicting slice loss distortion in H.264/AVC video for low complexity data prioritization
* Prioritized packet fragmentation for H.264 video
* Prioritized packet fragmentation for H.264 video
* Wireless H.264 Video Quality Enhancement Through Optimal Prioritized Packet Fragmentation
* Wireless H.264 Video Quality Enhancement Through Optimal Prioritized Packet Fragmentation
Includes: Kambhatla, K.K.R.[Kashyap K. R.] Kambhatla, K.K.R.[Kashyap K.R.] Kambhatla, K.K.R.

Kambhatla, N. Co Author Listing * Image Compression Using KLT, Wavelets and an Adaptive Mixture of Principal Components Model

Kamble, B. Co Author Listing * Estimating Crop Coefficients Using Remote Sensing-Based Vegetation Index

Kamble, M.R.[Madhu R.] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Mel Scale-Based ESA-IFCC Features for Classification of Natural vs. Spoofed Speech

Kamble, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * ADAM Challenge: Detecting Age-Related Macular Degeneration from Fundus Images
* Detection of microaneurysm using local rank transform in color fundus images
* WheatNet-Lite: A Novel Light Weight Network for Wheat Head Detection
Includes: Kamble, R.[Ravi] Kamble, R.

Kamble, V.M. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Noise Estimation Using DWT Coefficients
* No reference noise estimation in digital images using random conditional selection and sampling theory
Includes: Kamble, V.M. Kamble, V.M.[Vipin Milind]

Kamboj, A.[Aman] Co Author Listing * Optimized Approach for Intra-Class Fruit Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network, An

Kamboj, M. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Political Deception Detection

Kambombe, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Maize Yield Estimation in Intercropped Smallholder Fields Using Satellite Data in Southern Malawi

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