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Namba, M. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Transform Domain Blind Deconvolution

Namba, S.[Shushi] Co Author Listing * Smile Action Unit detection from distal wearable Electromyography and Computer Vision

Nambakhsh, C.M.S. Co Author Listing * Interactive Hierarchical-Flow Segmentation of Scar Tissue From Late-Enhancement Cardiac MR Images

Nambala, S. Co Author Listing * system for digital reconstruction of gypsum dental casts, A

Nambi, M. Co Author Listing * Human Velocity Control of Admittance-Type Robotic Devices With Scaled Visual Feedback of Device Motion

Nambiar, A.[Athira] Co Author Listing * Co-segmentation inspired attention module for video-based computer vision tasks
* Co-Segmentation Inspired Attention Networks for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Context-Aware Person Re-Identification in the Wild Via Fusion of Gait and Anthropometric Features
* Domain Adaptive Knowledge Distillation for Driving Scene Semantic Segmentation
* Gait-based Person Re-identification: A Survey
* HDA+ Data Set for Research on Fully Automated Re-identification Systems, The
* Linguistically-aware attention for reducing the semantic gap in vision-language tasks
* Person Re-identification in Frontal Gait Sequences via Histogram of Optic Flow Energy Image
* Shape Context for soft biometrics in person re-identification and database retrieval
Includes: Nambiar, A.[Athira] Nambiar, A.
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Nambiar, K.G.[Kamal Gopikrishnan] Co Author Listing * Self-Trained Model for Cloud, Shadow and Snow Detection in Sentinel-2 Images of Snow- and Ice-Covered Regions, A

Nambiar, M.K.[Manoj K.] Co Author Listing * Comparing the Assimilation of SMOS Brightness Temperatures and Soil Moisture Products on Hydrological Simulation in the Canadian Land Surface Scheme

Nambiar, V.P.[Vishnu P.] Co Author Listing * real-time near infrared image acquisition system based on image quality assessment, A

Namboodiri, A.[Anoop] Co Author Listing * Cycle Consistency Based Method for Learning Disentangled Representation for Stochastic Video Prediction
* Deep Expander Networks: Efficient Deep Networks from Graph Theory
* Distribution-Aware Binarization of Neural Networks for Sketch Recognition
* Frequency Domain Visual Servoing Using Planar Contours
* Hybrid Binary Networks: Optimizing for Accuracy, Efficiency and Memory
* IDD: A Dataset for Exploring Problems of Autonomous Navigation in Unconstrained Environments
* Ink-Bleed Reduction Using Layer Separation
* MRF and DP based specular surface reconstruction
* Mutual Information based Method for Unsupervised Disentanglement of Video Representation
* Object Category Recognition with Projected Texture
* Projected texture for hand geometry based authentication
* Projected Texture for Object Classification
* Reducing the Variance of Variational Estimates of Mutual Information by Limiting the Critic's Hypothesis Space to RKHS
* Semi-supervised annotation of faces in image collection
* Sparse Document Image Coding for Restoration
* Supervision by Landmarks: An Enhanced Facial De-occlusion Network for VR-based Applications
* Transformer based Fingerprint Feature Extraction
* Visual Phrases for Exemplar Face Detection
Includes: Namboodiri, A.[Anoop] Namboodiri, A.
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Namboodiri, A.M. Co Author Listing * Ballistic Stroke Representation of Online Handwriting for Recognition, A
* Cascaded filtering for fingerprint identification using random projections
* Contextual restoration of severely degraded document images
* Cross-Modal Style Transfer
* Document understanding system using stochastic context-free grammars
* Efficient Biometric Verification in Encrypted Domain
* Efficient privacy preserving video surveillance
* Estimating Floor Regions in Cluttered Indoor Scenes from First Person Camera View
* Face Recognition in Videos by Label Propagation
* Fingerprint indexing based on local arrangements of minutiae neighborhoods
* How Much Zoom is the Right Zoom from the Perspective of Super-Resolution?
* Hybrid Model for Recognition of Online Handwriting in Indian Scripts, A
* ICA Based Approach for Complex Color Scene Text Binarization, An
* Image based PTM synthesis for realistic rendering of low resolution 3D models
* Improving realism of 3D texture using component based modeling
* Indexing and retrieval of on-line handwritten documents
* Learning and Adaptation for Improving Handwritten Character Recognizers
* Learning deep and compact models for gesture recognition
* Learning Fingerprint Orientation Fields Using Continuous Restricted Boltzmann Machines
* Learning Minutiae Neighborhoods: A New Binary Representation for Matching Fingerprints
* Learning Segmentation of Documents with Complex Scripts
* Leveraging multiple tasks to regularize fine-grained classification
* Multiscale two-view stereo using convolutional neural networks for unrectified images
* On Using Classical Poetry Structure for Indian Language Post-Processing
* On-line script recognition
* Online handwriting recognition using depth sensors
* Online Handwritten Script Recognition
* Panoramic Stereo Videos with a Single Camera
* Pose Invariant Palmprint Recognition
* Pose-Aware Person Recognition
* Region Pooling with Adaptive Feature Fusion for End-to-End Person Recognition
* Repudiation Detection in Handwritten Documents
* Retrieval of on-line hand-drawn sketches
* Retrieval of online handwriting by synthesis and matching
* Salient object detection in SfM point cloud
* Semantic Classification of Boundaries of an RGBD Image
* Semi-supervised SVM Framework for Character Recognition, A
* Shape Reconstruction from Single Relief Image
* Skilled Forgery Detection in On-Line Signatures: A Multimodal Approach
* Sparse Representation Based Face Recognition with Limited Labeled Samples
* Structure in on-line documents
* Video Based Palmprint Recognition
Includes: Namboodiri, A.M. Namboodiri, A.M.[Anoop M.]
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Namboodiri, S. Co Author Listing * Active Learning-Based Optimized Training Library Generation for Object-Oriented Image Classification

Namboodiri, V.[Vinay] Co Author Listing * Adapting RANSAC SVM to Detect Outliers for Robust Classification
* Audio-Visual Face Reenactment
* FaceOff: A Video-to-Video Face Swapping System
* Multi-agent Diverse Generative Adversarial Networks
* Multi-Layer Pruning Framework for Compressing Single Shot MultiBox Detector
* On handling of occlusion for frame rate up-conversion using video in-painting
* Towards MOOCs for Lipreading: Using Synthetic Talking Heads to Train Humans in Lipreading at Scale
* Visual Speech Enhancement Without A Real Visual Stream
Includes: Namboodiri, V.[Vinay] Namboodiri, V. Namboodiri, V.[Vipin]
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Namboodiri, V.P. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Booster: Performance Boosting using Feature Map Re-calibration
* Action recognition: A region based approach
* Attending to Discriminative Certainty for Domain Adaptation
* Auto QA: The Question Is Not Only What, but Also Where
* AVGZSLNet: Audio-Visual Generalized Zero-Shot Learning by Reconstructing Label Features from Multi-Modal Embeddings
* Bridged Variational Autoencoders for Joint Modeling of Images and Attributes
* Can I teach a robot to replicate a line art
* Classification with Global, Local and Shared Features
* Compact Environment-Invariant Codes for Robust Visual Place Recognition
* Context extraction module for deep convolutional neural networks
* Cooperative Initialization based Deep Neural Network Training
* Deep Attributes for One-Shot Face Recognition
* Deep Bayesian Network for Visual Question Generation
* Differential Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Do not Forget to Attend to Uncertainty while Mitigating Catastrophic Forgetting
* Domain Impression: A Source Data Free Domain Adaptation Method
* EDS pooling layer
* Explanation vs. attention: A two-player game to obtain attention for VQA and visual dialog
* Fair Visual Recognition in Limited Data Regime using Self-Supervision and Self-Distillation
* FALF ConvNets: Fatuous auxiliary loss based filter-pruning for efficient deep CNNs
* GIFSL: Grafting based improved few-shot learning
* HetConv: Beyond Homogeneous Convolution Kernels for Deep CNNs
* HetConv: Heterogeneous Kernel-Based Convolutions for Deep CNNs
* Image Restoration using Geometrically Stabilized Reverse Heat Equation
* Image retrieval based on projective invariance
* Improved Kernel-Based Object Tracking Under Occluded Scenarios
* Improving Few-Shot Learning using Composite Rotation based Auxiliary Task
* Informative discriminator for domain adaptation
* Jointly Trained Image and Video Generation using Residual Vectors
* Learning Individual Speaking Styles for Accurate Lip to Speech Synthesis
* Learning Speaker-specific Lip-to-Speech Generation
* Leveraging Filter Correlations for Deep Model Compression
* Minimizing Supervision in Multi-label Categorization
* Multimodal Humor Dataset: Predicting Laughter tracks for Sitcoms
* MUMC: Minimizing uncertainty of mixture of cues
* Network Pruning Network Approach to Deep Model Compression, A
* Nonuniform image patch exemplars for low level vision
* Object and Action Classification with Latent Variables
* Object and Action Classification with Latent Window Parameters
* Object Classification with Adaptable Regions
* On defocus, diffusion and depth estimation
* Probabilistic framework for solving visual dialog
* Recovery of relative depth from a single observation using an uncalibrated (real-aperture) camera
* Rectification-based Knowledge Retention for Continual Learning
* Regularized depth from defocus
* Retrieval of images of man-made structures based on projective invariance
* RNNP: A Robust Few-Shot Learning Approach
* Robust Explanations for Visual Question Answering
* Self Supervision for Attention Networks
* SHAD3S: A model to Sketch, Shade and Shadow
* Shape Recovery Using Stochastic Heat Flow
* Shock Filters Based on Implicit Cluster Separation
* Spotting words in silent speech videos: a retrieval-based approach
* Stability Based Filter Pruning for Accelerating Deep CNNs
* Subspace Alignment Based Domain Adaptation for RCNN Detector
* Super-Resolution Using Sub-band Constrained Total Variation
* Systematic evaluation of super-resolution using classification
* Towards Generating Ultra-High Resolution Talking-Face Videos with Lip synchronization
* U-CAM: Visual Explanation Using Uncertainty Based Class Activation Maps
* U-DADA: Unsupervised Deep Action Domain Adaptation
* Uncertainty Class Activation Map (U-CAM) Using Gradient Certainty Method
* Using Gaussian Processes to Improve Zero-Shot Learning with Relative Attributes
* VQuAD: Video Question Answering Diagnostic Dataset
* Where is my friend? Person identification in social networks
* Word Spotting in Silent Lip Videos
Includes: Namboodiri, V.P. Namboodiri, V.P.[Vinay P.]
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Nambu, H. Co Author Listing * Character Segmentation in Japanese Hand-Written Document Images
* On-Line Handwriting Chinese Character Recognition: Comparison and Improvement to Japanese Kanji Recognition
* Recognition of Handprinted Kanji Characters by the Stroke Matching Method
* Text Recognition System for Japanese Documents
Includes: Nambu, H. Nambu, H.[Hajime]

Namburete, A.I.L.[Ana I. L.] Co Author Listing * Nakagami-Based AdaBoost Learning Framework for Detection of Anatomical Landmarks in 2D Fetal Neurosonograms
* Self-Supervised Ultrasound to MRI Fetal Brain Image Synthesis
Includes: Namburete, A.I.L.[Ana I. L.] Namburete, A.I.L.

Namburu, A.[Anupama] Co Author Listing * Generalised rough intuitionistic fuzzy c-means for magnetic resonance brain image segmentation

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