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Tomba, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study for a Persistent Homology-Based k-Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm in Melanoma Detection, A

Tomba, L. Co Author Listing * bidimensional model of line-shuffling, A

Tombak, M. Co Author Listing * Compact Look Up Table Structure for Low Level Binary Image Processing, A

Tombari, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * 2D Image-To-3D Model: Knowledge-Based 3D Building Reconstruction (3DBR) Using Single Aerial Images and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
* 3D Compositional Zero-Shot Learning with DeCompositional Consensus
* 3D Data Segmentation by Local Classification and Markov Random Fields
* 3D Point Capsule Networks
* 3D reconstruction system based on improved spacetime stereo, A
* 3D-VField: Adversarial Augmentation of Point Clouds for Domain Generalization in 3D Object Detection
* 3DPointCaps++: Learning 3D Representations with Capsule Networks
* Accurate and Efficient Background Subtraction by Monotonic Second-Degree Polynomial Fitting
* Adversarial Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image
* Algorithm for Efficient and Exhaustive Template Matching, An
* Batch normalization embeddings for deep domain generalization
* Bending Graphs: Hierarchical Shape Matching using Gated Optimal Transport
* Beyond Controlled Environments: 3D Camera Re-Localization in Changing Indoor Scenes
* BOLD Features to Detect Texture-less Objects
* BOP: Benchmark for 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Bounded Non-Local Means for Fast and Effective Image Denoising
* Building Outline Extraction From Aerial Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Classification and evaluation of cost aggregation methods for stereo correspondence
* CNN-SLAM: Real-Time Dense Monocular SLAM with Learned Depth Prediction
* Co-segmentation via visualization
* combined texture-shape descriptor for enhanced 3D feature matching, A
* DB-GAN: Boosting Object Recognition Under Strong Lighting Conditions
* Dealing with Ambiguity in Robotic Grasping via Multiple Predictions
* Deep Learning of Local RGB-D Patches for 3D Object Detection and 6D Pose Estimation
* Deep Model-Based 6D Pose Refinement in RGB
* Deep Positional and Relational Feature Learning for Rotation-invariant Point Cloud Analysis
* Deeper Depth Prediction with Fully Convolutional Residual Networks
* Distortion-Aware Convolutional Filters for Dense Prediction in Panoramic Images
* Divide et Impera Approach for 3D Shape Reconstruction from Multiple Views, A
* Domain-Specific Priors and Meta Learning for Few-Shot First-Person Action Recognition
* E-Graph: Minimal Solution for Rigid Rotation with Extensibility Graphs
* Efficient and optimal block matching for motion estimation
* Efficient template matching for multi-channel images
* Enhanced Low-Resolution Pruning for Fast Full-Search Template Matching
* Evaluation of stereo algorithms for 3D object recognition
* Explaining the Ambiguity of Object Detection and 6D Pose From Visual Data
* Fast Full-Search Equivalent Template Matching by Enhanced Bounded Correlation
* Feature matching evaluation for multimodal correspondence
* ForkNet: Multi-Branch Volumetric Semantic Completion From a Single Depth Image
* Full-Search-Equivalent Pattern Matching with Incremental Dissimilarity Approximations
* Fully-Convolutional Point Networks for Large-Scale Point Clouds
* GDR-Net: Geometry-Guided Direct Regression Network for Monocular 6D Object Pose Estimation
* GFrames: Gradient-Based Local Reference Frame for 3D Shape Matching
* Global Hypotheses Verification Method for 3D Object Recognition, A
* Global Hypothesis Verification Framework for 3D Object Recognition in Clutter, A
* Go with the Flows: Mixtures of Normalizing Flows for Point Cloud Generation and Reconstruction
* GOCA: Guided Online Cluster Assignment for Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning
* GPU-SHOT: Parallel Optimization for Real-Time 3D Local Description
* GPV-Pose: Category-level Object Pose Estimation via Geometry-guided Point-wise Voting
* Graffiti Detection Using a Time-Of-Flight Camera
* Graffiti Detection Using Two Views
* Graph-to-3D: End-to-End Generation and Manipulation of 3D Scenes Using Scene Graphs
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on RGB-D Vision: Methods and Applications
* Guide Me: Interacting with Deep Networks
* Hashmod: A Hashing Method for Scalable 3D Object Detection
* Hierarchical Multi-Organ Segmentation Without Registration in 3D Abdominal CT Images
* Human Motion Analysis with Deep Metric Learning
* Implicit Neural Representations for Image Compression
* Interest Points via Maximal Self-Dissimilarities
* Joint detection and tracking in videos with identification features
* Knowledge Based 3d Building Model Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks From Lidar And Aerial Imageries
* Large scale and long standing simultaneous reconstruction and segmentation
* Learning 3D Semantic Scene Graphs From 3D Indoor Reconstructions
* Learning 3D Semantic Scene Graphs with Instance Embeddings
* Learning a Descriptor-Specific 3D Keypoint Detector
* Learning Descriptors With Cube Loss for View-Based 3-D Object Retrieval
* Learning Graph Embeddings for Compositional Zero-shot Learning
* Learning Local Displacements for Point Cloud Completion
* Learning to Detect Good 3D Keypoints
* Learning without prejudice: Avoiding bias in webly-supervised action recognition
* Local Image Descriptors with Statistical Losses
* Long Short-Term Memory Kalman Filters: Recurrent Neural Estimators for Pose Regularization
* Markerless Augmented Reality Using Image Mosaics
* Multi-modal Video Surveillance aided by Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors
* Multi-view Access Monitoring and Singularization in Interlocks
* Multimodal Abandoned/Removed Object Detection for Low Power Video Surveillance Systems
* Near real-time stereo based on effective cost aggregation
* Non-linear parametric Bayesian regression for robust background subtraction
* Object Recognition in 3D Scenes with Occlusions and Clutter by Hough Voting
* Object-Driven Multi-Layer Scene Decomposition From a Single Image
* Octree-Based Approach towards Efficient Variational Range Data Fusion, An
* On the Affinity between 3D Detectors and Descriptors
* On the Use of Implicit Shape Models for Recognition of Object Categories in 3D Data
* OUR-CVFH: Oriented, Unique and Repeatable Clustered Viewpoint Feature Histogram for Object Recognition and 6dof Pose Estimation
* Peeking behind objects: Layered depth prediction from a single image
* Performance Evaluation of 3D Keypoint Detectors
* Performance Evaluation of 3D Keypoint Detectors, A
* Performance Evaluation of Full Search Equivalent Pattern Matching Algorithms
* performance evaluation of point pair features, A
* Quaternion Equivariant Capsule Networks for 3d Point Clouds
* Query-Guided End-To-End Person Search
* Query-guided networks for few-shot fine-grained classification and person search
* R4Dyn: Exploring Radar for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation of Dynamic Scenes
* Radial Search Method for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search on Range Images, A
* RBP-Pose: Residual Bounding Box Projection for Category-Level Pose Estimation
* Real-Time 3D Model Tracking in Color and Depth on a Single CPU Core
* Real-Time Accurate 3D Head Tracking and Pose Estimation with Consumer RGB-D Cameras
* Recurrent Models for Lane Change Prediction and Situation Assessment
* Reliable rejection of mismatching candidates for efficient ZNCC template matching
* RIO: 3D Object Instance Re-Localization in Changing Indoor Environments
* RobotFusion: Grasping with a Robotic Manipulator via Multi-view Reconstruction
* Robust and efficient background subtraction by quadratic polynomial fitting
* robust measure for visual correspondence, A
* Sampling-Free Epistemic Uncertainty Estimation Using Approximated Variance Propagation
* SceneGraphFusion: Incremental 3D Scene Graph Prediction from RGB-D Sequences
* SCFusion: Real-time Incremental Scene Reconstruction with Semantic Completion
* Second-Order Polynomial Models for Background Subtraction
* Segmentation-Based Adaptive Support for Accurate Stereo Correspondence
* Self6d: Self-supervised Monocular 6d Object Pose Estimation
* Semantic Image Manipulation Using Scene Graphs
* SHIFT: A Synthetic Driving Dataset for Continuous Multi-Task Domain Adaptation
* SHOT: Unique signatures of histograms for surface and texture description
* SO-Pose: Exploiting Self-Occlusion for Direct 6D Pose Estimation
* SoftPool++: An Encoder-Decoder Network for Point Cloud Completion
* Softpoolnet: Shape Descriptor for Point Cloud Completion and Classification
* SSD-6D: Making RGB-Based 3D Detection and 6D Pose Estimation Great Again
* Stereo for robots: Quantitative evaluation of efficient and low-memory dense stereo algorithms
* Stereo Vision Enabling Precise Border Localization Within a Scanline Optimization Framework
* Summary of the 4th International Workshop on Recovering 6D Object Pose, A
* Template Analysis Methodology to Improve the Efficiency of Fast Matching Algorithms, A
* Template Matching Based on the L_p Norm Using Sufficient Conditions with Incremental Approximations
* Toward Compressed 3D Descriptors
* Tracking-by-Detection of 3D Human Shapes: From Surfaces to Volumes
* Traffic sign detection via interest region extraction
* Unconditional Scene Graph Generation
* Unique shape context for 3d data description
* Unique Signatures of Histograms for Local Surface Description
* Universal Hough dictionaries for object tracking
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection with Class Label Shift Weighted Local Features
* Variational Transformer Networks for Layout Generation
* Versatile Learning-Based 3D Temporal Tracker: Scalable, Robust, Online, A
* ZebraPose: Coarse to Fine Surface Encoding for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation
* ZNCC-based template matching using bounded partial correlation
Includes: Tombari, F.[Federico] Tombari, F.
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Tombe, R.[Ronald] Co Author Listing * Scene Classification of Remote Sensing Images Based on Convnet Features and Multi-Grained Forest

Tombeur, D. Co Author Listing * Workstation Environment for Image-Processing in Nuclear-Medicine

Tombolini, L. Co Author Listing * ARGOS: Venice Boat Classification

Tombre, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * email: Tombre, K.[Karl]: Karl Tombre AT loria fr
* Analysis of Technical Documents: The REDRAW System
* Architectural symbol recognition using a network of constraints
* Bilevel Information Recognition and Coding in Office Paper Documents
* Celesstin: CAD Conversion of Mechanical Drawings
* complete system for the analysis of architectural drawings, A
* Discrete relaxation applied to interpretation of technical documents
* DocMining: A Document Analysis System Builder
* Few Steps Towards On-the-Fly Symbol Recognition with Relevance Feedback, A
* Graphics recognition-from re-engineering to retrieval
* Graphics Recognition: General Context and Challenges
* Graphics Recognition: Methods and Applications
* Improving Arc Detection in Graphics Recognition
* Indexing of technical line drawings based on F-signatures
* Knowledge Organization and Interpretation Process in Engineering Drawing Interpretation
* Matching of graphical symbols in line-drawing images using angular signature information
* mean string algorithm to compute the average among a set of 2D shapes, A
* Pattern Recognition Methods for Querying and Browsing Technical Documentation
* Recognizing and Locating Polyhedral Objects from Sparse Range Data
* Robust and Accurate Vectorization of Line Drawings
* Search for Genericity in Graphics Recognition Applications: Design Issues of the Qgar Software System, The
* Selected papers from the ICDAR'01 conference
* Special Issue Preface
* Stable, Robust and Off-The-Shelf Methods for Graphics Recognition
* Step Towards Reconstruction of 3-D CAD Models from Engineering Drawings, A
* Text/Graphics Separation Revisited
* Variations on the Analysis of Architectural Drawings
* Vectorization in Graphics Recognition: To Thin or Not to Thin
Includes: Tombre, K.[Karl] Tombre, K.
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Tombropoulos, R. Co Author Listing * Robotic Radiosurgery with Beams of Adaptable Shapes
* Treatment Planning for Image-Guided Robotic Radiosurgery

Tombrou, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * PBL Height Retrievals at a Coastal Site Using Multi-Instrument Profiling Methods

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