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Sensor Review Journal(26) * Error Analysis of Sensor Input Variations in a 3D Face Surface Matching System

Sensor Review(13) * IMAGINE: A 3-D Vision System

Sensor3D04 * *IEEE Workshop on Real-Time 3D Sensors and Their Use
* Adaptive Scanning for Online 3D Model Acquisition
* Constraints for Heterogeneous Sensor Auto-Calibration
* Distributed Approach for Real Time 3D Modeling, A
* High-Resolution, Real-time 3D Shape Acquisition
* Improved Real-Time Stereo on Commodity Graphics Hardware
* Real-time 3D Surface Tracking and Its Applications
* Real-Time Stereo by using Dynamic Programming
* Supervised Parametric Classification of Aerial LiDAR Data
* Surface Determination by Photometric Ranging
* Time-of-Flight Depth Sensor: System Description, Issues and Solutions, A
* Tool for Range Sensing and Environment Discovery for the Blind, A
* Tyzx DeepSea High Speed Stereo Vision System
* Unified Framework for Performance Evaluation of 3-D Reconstruction Techniques, A
* Visual Tracking Using Depth Data
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Sensors( Vol No. ) * *Sensors and Transducers Journal

Sensors(128) * Designing Fuzzy Adaptive Nonlinear Filter for Land Vehicle Ultra-Tightly Coupled Integrated Navigation Sensor Fusion

Sensors(131) * Hot Buried Object Detection Technique Using a Temperature Sensor, A

Sensors(132) * Computer Vision Based Smart Lane Departure Warning System for Vehicle Dynamics Control

Sensors(135) * Overview: Effectiveness of Different Arrangement for Electrode Guard in Electrical Capacitance Tomography, An
* Review of Tomographic Imaging using Finite Element Method

Sensors(136) * Fingerprint Sensors: Liveness Detection Issue and Hardware based Solutions
* Fuzzy Logic Based Autonomous Traffic Control System

Sensors(138) * Stochastic Filters for Mobile Robot SLAM Problems: A Review

Sensors(14-1) * Recognition of Simple Gestures Using a PIR Sensor Array

Sensors(140) * Development of Parallel and Fan-Shaped Beam Mixed-Projection Optical Tomography
* Line Detection Algorithm for Road Remarking, A

Sensors(141) * Analysis of the Self-Calibration Process in a Displacement Sensor in Applications of Hip or Knee Implants

Sensors(145) * Calibration Method of Binocular Vision System for Large Forging Dimension Measurement, A
* Quality Inspection of Parenteral Vials Using Digital Image Analysis

Sensors(148) * Estimation of Emissivity with the Help of an Infrared Camera
* Method and Device for Image Coding and Transferring Based on Residue Number System

Sensors(150) * Design of A Novel Gait Simulator for Rehabilitation Training
* Experimental Videogrammetry and Accelerometry for the 2D Analysis of Human Motion

Sensors(153) * Development of a Remotely Operated Vehicle Test-bed
* Feedback-free Wavelet Based Distributed Coding for Video
* Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on a Modified Self-organizing Neural Network with a Priori Knowledge
* Research on Target Tracking based on Unscented Kalman Filter
* Simple Tree Detector Using Laser and Camera Fusion, A
* Study on the Applications of Cross-Layer Information Fusion in Target Recognition

Sensors(18) * Intelligent Parking Management System Based on Wireless Sensor Network Technology

Sensors(182) * Analysis and Optimization of Composite to Steel Joints for Ships
* Optimized Ultrasonic Sensors System, An
* Sample Adaptive Offset Optimization in HEVC
* Study on a Fire Detection System Based on Support Vector Machine
* Visual Inspection for Breakage of Micro-milling Cutter

Sensors(184) * Electrocardiogram Classification Sensor System Supporting an Autonomous Mobile Cardiovascular Disease Detection Aid
* Evaluating a Miniature Multisensor Biosignal Recorder for Unsupervised Parkinson's Disease Monitoring

Sensors(19) * Camera Pose Estimation in Dynamic Scenes with Background Tracking
* Improved Bilinear Interpolation Algorithm Using Center Coordinates of Pixels, An
* Pure Surface Texture Mapping Technology and it's Application for Mirror Image

Sensors(206) * Detection and Prevention of Seniors Falls
* Ice Detection of Pure and Saline Ice Using Infrared Signature
* Microscopy Techniques for Topography Image Acquisition of Marks on Cartridge Cases
* Routing Challenges and Solutions in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Sensors(207) * UWB Radar Signal Processing for Localization of Persons with the Changing Nature of Their Movement

Sensors(208) * Evaluating Image Precision of Acoustical Imaging Diffraction by Focused Ultrasound Beam
* Non-rigid Point Matching using Topology Preserving Constraints for Medical Computer Vision
* Regions Matching Algorithms Analysis to Quantify the Image Segmentation Results
* Trajectory Tracking Optimal Control for Nonholonomic Mobile Robot

Sensors(22) * Research on Traffic Artery Intelligent Control System Base on Wireless Sensor Network

Sensors(Special: 9) * Composition and Detection Rate of a Symmetry Axis Localization Algorithm for Digital Images
* Multi-Sensor SLAM Approach for Robot Navigation
* Three Dimensional Measurement of Aquatic Organisms Using a Single Video Camera

Sensors06 * *IEEE Conference on Sensors
* Effect of Current Injection Patterns on Dynamic Electrical Resistance Imaging for Fast Transient Processes

SenSys08 * Parallel Implementation of the Color-Based Particle Filter for Object Tracking, A

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