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Mu, H. Co Author Listing * 2-D Shape Blending: An Intrinsic Solution To The Vertex Path Problem

Mu~noz, J. Co Author Listing * Dense Disparity Map Of Stereo Images, A

Muchnik, I. Co Author Listing * Variational Methods In Signal And Image Analysis

Muchnik, I.B. Co Author Listing * Hidden Tree-Like Quasi-Markov Model And Generalized Technique For A Class Of Image Analysis Problems

Mucke, E.P. Co Author Listing * Simulation Of Simplicity: A Technique To Cope With Degenerate Cases In Geometric Algorithms
* Simulation Of Simplicity: A Technique To Cope With Degenerate Cases In Geometric Algorithms
* Three-Dimensional Alpha Shapes

Mudge, T. Co Author Listing * Hypercube Supercomputers

Mudge, T.N. Co Author Listing * Efficient Recognition Of Partially Visible Objects Using A Logarithmic Complexity Matching Technique
* Recognizing Partly Occluded Parts
* Vision Algorithms For Hypercube Machines
* Vision Algorithms For Hypercube Machines

Mudur, S.P. Co Author Listing * Adjoint Equations And Random Walks For Illumination Computation
* Brush-Trajectory Approach To Figure Specification: Some Algebraic Solutions, The
* Computational Methods For Evaluating Swept Object Boundaries
* Computational Techniques For Processing Parametric Surfaces
* Efficient Potential Equation Solutions For Global Illumination Computation
* Interval Methods For Processing Geometric Objects

Muehle, E. Co Author Listing * Maneuvering-Board Approach To Path Planning With Moving Obstacles, A

Muehlenfeld, E. Co Author Listing * Robot Vision By A Contour Sensor With Associative Memory

Mueller, P.T. Co Author Listing * Fft Algorithms For Simd Parallel Processing Systems
Includes: Mueller, P.T. Mueller Jr., P.T.

Muggleton, S. Co Author Listing * Machine Intelligence 13|Machine Intelligence And Inductive Learning, Oxford University Press
* Machine Intelligence 14|Applied Machine Intelligence, Oxford University Press

Mugnaini, M. Co Author Listing * Visual Querying By Color Perceptive Regions

Mugnuolo, R. Co Author Listing * 3d Object Recognition Based On A Viewpoint Analysis

Muhlenbein, H. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Neural Networks

Muhlich, M. Co Author Listing * Role Of Total Least Squares In Motion Anaysis, The

Mukaigawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Description Of Eye Figure With Small Parameters

Mukawa, N. Co Author Listing * Detecting Changes Of Buildings From Aerial Images Using Shadow And Shading Model
* Estimation Of Shape, Reflection Coefficients And Illuminant Direction From Image Sequences
* Interframe Coding System For Video Teleconferencing Signal Transmission At A 1.5 Mbit/S Rate, An
* Optical-Model-Based Analysis Of Consecutive Images
* Surface Reconstruction By Smoothness Map Estimation
* Surface Reconstruction By Smoothness Map Estimation
* Uncovered Background Prediction In Interframe Coding
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Mukerjee, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Machinability Checking For Cad/Cam
* When Is An Obstacle A Perfect Obstacle?

Mukherjee, A. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Linear Features In Satellite Imagery Using Robust Estimation
* Digital Color Reproduction On Color Television Monitors
* Efficient Algorithm For Detection Of Road-Like Structures In Satellite Images, An
* Hardware Algorithms For Determining Similarity Between Two Strings
* Parallel Algorithm For Detection Of Linear Structures In Satellite Images, A

Mukherjee, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Solder Joint Inspection

Mukherjee, D.P. Co Author Listing * On A Decompusition Of 2-D Circular Convolution
* Point Landmarks For Registration Of Ct And Mr Images
* Symmetry Analysis Through Wave Propagation

Mukherjee, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Extraction Of The Wire Frame Structure Of A Three-Dimensional Object, An
* Component Labeling In Pyramid Architecture
* Connectionist Approach For Gray Level Image Segmentation, A
* Connectionist Approach For Peak Detection In Hough Space, A
* Connectionist Approach To Clustering With Applications In Image Analysis, A
* From Range To Frame: Extraction Of 3-D Information From 2@Size 10 1 Over 2@D Data
* Metricity Of Super-Knight'S Distance In Digital Geometry
* On Connectivity Issues Of Espta
* Qualitative Description Of Three-Dimensional Scenes
* Representation Of 2d And 3d Binary Images Using Medial Circles And Spheres
* Segmentation Of Range Images
* Segmentation Of Three-Dimensional Surfaces
* T-Cost Distance In Digital Geometry, The
* Thinning Of 3-D Images Using The Safe Point Thinning Algorithm (Spta)
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Mukherjee, M. Co Author Listing * Novel Approach To Represent 3-D Isothetic Scenes Using $Xyz$ Trees, A

Mukherjee, R.N. Co Author Listing * Algorithm To Find Polygon Similarity, An

Mukherjee, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation Of Grbf Networks For Visual Learning

Mukhin, Y.V. Co Author Listing * Dimensional Properties Of Graphs And Digital Spaces

Mukhopadhyay, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Cell Division For Ray Tracing

Mukhopadhyay, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Path Planning In Sensor-Based Terrain Acquisition

Mukundan, R. Co Author Listing * Attitude Estimation Using Moment Invariants
* Edge Oriented Algorithm For The Evaluation Of Projected Surface Parameters, An
* Estimation Of Quaternion Parameters From Two Dimensional Image Moments
* Fast Computation Of Legendre And Zernike Moments
* Iterative Solution For Object Pose Parameters Using Image Moments, An

Mulder, J.A. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Which Automatically Constructs Discrimination Graphs In A Visual Knowledge Base, An
* Discrimination Vision
* Knowledge Structuring And Constraint Satisfaction: The Mapsee Approach
* Using Discrimination Graphs To Represent Visual Interpretations That Are Hypothetical And Ambiguous

Mulgaonkar, P.G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection Of Address Blocks On Irregular Mail Pieces, Cvpr
* Automatic Vision Programming
* Cad-Based Feature Utility Measures For Automatic Vision Programming
* Computational Framework For Hypothesis Based Reasoning And Its Applications To Perspective Analysis, A
* Hypothesis-Based Geometric Reasoning About Perspective Images
* Matching Three-Dimensional Objects Using A Relational Paradigm
* Matching ``Sticks, Plates, And Blobs'' Objects Using Geometric And Relational Constraints
* Scene Description Using Range Data
* Shape From Perspective: A Rule-Based Approach
* Uncertainty Update And Dynamic Search Window For Model-Based Object Recognition
* Understanding Object Configurations Using Range Images
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Mulk, M.Z. Co Author Listing * Design Of Digital Fan Filters

Muller, C. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Local-Global Duality In Detecting Pictorial Patterns, The

Muller, G. Co Author Listing * Optical Tomography: Fundamentals And Applications In Medicine, Spie, Bellingham

Muller, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Generation Of Surfaces In Volume Data
* Improvements On Printing Mice In Labyrinths
* Visible Surface Calculation For Complex Unstructured Polygonal Scenes

Muller, J. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Class Membershipfunctions For Grey-Level Based Image Fusion

Muller, J.P. Co Author Listing * Automated Urban Area Building Extraction From High Resolution Stereo Imagery
* Digital Elevation Model Production By Stereo-Matching Spot Image Pairs: A Comparison Of Two Algorithms
* Digital Image Processing In Remote Sensing, Taylor And Francis

Muller, J.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Complexity Registration Of Images

Muller, M.A. Co Author Listing * Comment On ``Consistent Integration And Propagation Of Disparate Sensor Observations'' By H.F. Durrant-Whyte.

Muller, M.J. Co Author Listing * Texture Boundaries: Important Cues For Human Texture Discrimination

Muller, N. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance From Autobahnen To Narrow Curves

Muller, N.L. Co Author Listing * Building A Representative Training Set Based On Eigenimages

Muller, S. Co Author Listing * Realise: Reconstruction Of Reality From Image Sequences

Muller, V. Co Author Listing * Elimination Of Specular Surface-Reflectance Using Polarized And Unpolarized Light

Muller, Y. Co Author Listing * Planes And Quadrics Detection Using Hough Transform

Mullick, R. Co Author Listing * Approach To 3d Pose Determination, An
* Knowledge-Guided Segmentation Of 3d Imagery

Mullick, S.K. Co Author Listing * New Iterative Algorithm For Image Restoration, A

Mulligan, J. Co Author Listing * Fast Calibrated Stereo Vision For Manipulation

Mullikin, J.C. Co Author Listing * Boundary Description And Measurement With Sub-Pixel/-Voxel Accuracy
* Vector Distance Transform In Two And Three Dimensions, The

Mulmuley, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm For Hidden Surface Removal, An

Mulvaney, J.A. Co Author Listing * Medical Imaging And Instrumentation '84 (Las Vegas, Nv, April 8-10

Mumford, D. Co Author Listing * 2.1-D Sketch, The
* Bayesian Treatment Of The Stereo Correspondence Problem Using Half-Occluded Regions, A
* Boundary Detection By Minimizing Functionals
* Boundary Detection By Minimizing Functionals, I
* Filtering, Segmentation And Depth, Springer
* Filters, Random Fields And Maximum Entropy (Frame): Towards A Unified Theory For Texture Modeling
* Frame: Filters, Random Fields And Maximum Entropy--Towards A Unified Theory For Texture Modeling
* Grade: Gibbs Reaction And Diffusion Equation
* Learning Generic Prior Models For Visual Computation
* Minimax Entropy Principle And Its Application To Texture Modeling
* Prior Learning And Gibbs Reaction-Diffusion
* Problem Of Robust Shape Descriptions, The
* Representation Of Shape, The
* Texture Segmentation By Minimizing Vector-Valued Energy Functionals: The Coupled-Membrane Model
14 for Mumford, D.

Mumford, D.B. Co Author Listing * Behavioral Approaches To Pattern Recognition And Concept Formation, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Mun, S.K. Co Author Listing * Deformable Surface-Spine Model For 3-D Surface Registration, A
* Medical Imaging 1998: Image Display (San Diego, Ca, February 22-24

Munck Fairwood, R. Co Author Listing * Panel Report: The Potential Of Geons For Generic 3-D Object Recognition
Includes: Munck Fairwood, R. Munck-Fairwood, R.

Munck Fairwood, R.C. Co Author Listing * Shape Using Volumetric Primitives
Includes: Munck Fairwood, R.C. Munck-Fairwood, R.C.

Mundkur, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Depth And Image Recovery Using A Mrf Model

Mundy (and the IUE Committee), J.L. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding Environment: Overview, The
* Spatial Objects In The Image Understanding Environment

Mundy, J. Co Author Listing * 3d Object Recognition Using Invariance
* Camera Calibration For 2.5-D X-Ray Metrology
* Class-Based Grouping In Perspective Images
* Development Of The Image Understanding Environment, The
* Efficient Recognition Of Rotationally Symmetric Surface And Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders
* Efficient Recognition Of Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces And Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders
* Geometric Reasoning, Mit Press, Cambridge
* High Precision X-Ray Stereo For Automated 3-D Cad-Based Inspection
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Integration Of Image Understanding Exploitation Algorithms In The Radius Testbed
* Iue Committee, Iue Data Exchange: Status And Experiments, The
* Multi-Level Geometric Reasoning System For Vision, A
* Solving Diverse Image Understanding Problems Using The Image Understanding Environment
* Special Volume On Geometric Reasoning
* Thermal Invariants For Material Labeling And Site Monitoring Using Midwave Infrared Imagery: Initial Results
* Toward Template-Based Tolerancing From A Bayesian Viewpoint
* Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
* Workshop Panel Report-Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
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Mundy, J.L. Co Author Listing * 3-D Model Alignment Without Computing Pose
* Algebraic Reasoning In View Consistency And Parameterized Model Matching Problems
* Benchmark Evaluation Of A Model-Based Object Recognition System
* Canonical Frames For Planar Object Recognition
* Computer Vision Applications
* Concept Of An Effective Viewpoint, The
* Constrained Symmetry Exploitation
* Constraint Processing Applied To Industrial Inspection And Continuous Product Improvement
* Constraint-Based Modeling
* Driving Vision By Topology
* Efficient Model Library Access By Projectively Invariant Indexing Functions
* Evolution And Testing Of A Model-Based Object Recognition System, The
* Extracting Projective Structure From Single Perspective Views Of 3d Point Sets
* Focus: A Shared Vision Project | Report On Progress In 1997-1998, Iuw, 719-728. 39673. V. Snell And J.L. Mundy, Change Detection In Midwave Infrared Imagery: Thermal Invariants For Site Monitoring
* Focus: A Shared Vision Technology Transfer Project
* Formation Of Partial 3d Models From 2d Projections-An Application Of Algebraic Reasoning, The
* Geometer: A System For Modeling And Algebraic Manipulation
* Geometric Invariants In Computer Vision (Proceedings Of A Workshop On Applications Of Invariance In Computer Vision, Reykjavik, Iceland, March 25-28, 1991), Mit Press, Cambridge
* Geometric Reasoning And Artificial Intelligence: Introduction To The Special Volume
* Grouping Planar Projective Symmetries
* Image Understanding Environment: Data Exchange, The
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At Ge
* Image Understanding Research At General Electric
* Industrial Machine Vision-Is It Practical?
* Interpretation Of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Projective Invariants And Deformable Templates, The
* Invariance-A New Framework For Vision
* Invariant Descriptors For 3-D Object Recognition And Pose
* Iue Committee, The Iue Committee Report, The
* Matching From 3-D Range Models Into 3-D Intensity Scenes
* Model-Directed Object Recognition On The Connection Machine
* Modeling Generic Polyhedral Objects With Constraints
* Modeling Polyhedra By Constraints
* Morse: A 3-D Object Recognition System Based On Geometric Invariants
* Object-Oriented Approach To Template-Guided Visual Inspection, An
* Pace-An Environment For Intelligence Analysis
* Planar Object Recognition Using Projective Shape Representation
* Projectively Invariant Representations Using Implicit Algebraic Curves
* Projectively Invariant Representations Using Implicit Algebraic Curves
* Radius Common Development Environment, The
* Recognition Of Plane Projective Symmetry
* Recognizing Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces From Their Outlines
* Relative Motion And Pose From Arbitrary Plane Curves
* Role Of Iu Technology In Radius Phase Ii, The
* Three-Dimensional Sensor Based On Structured Light, A
* Transformational Invariance-A Primer
* Using Global Consistency To Recognise Euclidean Objects With An Uncalibrated Camera
* Wu'S Method And Its Application To Perspective Viewing
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Munjy, R. Co Author Listing * Sketch-First Modeling Of Buildings From Video Imagery

Munkel, O. Co Author Listing * Aspect-Trees: Generation And Interpretation

Munkelt, O. Co Author Listing * Fast 3-D Object Recognition Using Feature Based Aspect-Trees
* Model Driven 3d Image Interpretation System Applied To Person Detection In Video Images, A

Munoz, V.F. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Mobile Robot Aurora For Greenhouse Operation, The

Munro, J.I. Co Author Listing * Efficient Uses Of The Past
* Variations On Visibility

Munson Jr, D.C. Co Author Listing * Past, Present, And Future Of Image And Multidimensional Signal Processing, The

Munson, D.C. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Using Median Comparisons
* Edge-Sensitive Image Restoration Using Order-Constrained Least Squares Methods
* Effect Of Median Filtering On Edge Estimation And Detection, The
* Generalization Of Median Filtering Using Linear Combinations Of Order Statistics, A
* Ieee Transactions On Image Processing
* Image Reconstruction From Frequency-Offset Fourier Data
* Minimum Sampling Rates For Linear Shift-Variant Discrete-Time Systems
* Radar Imaging Of Three-Dimensional Surfaces Using Limited Data
Includes: Munson, D.C. Munson Jr., D.C. Munson, Jr., D.C.
8 for Munson, D.C.

Murai, T. Co Author Listing * Region Segmentation Using K-Mean Clustering And Genetic Algorithms

Murakama, T. Co Author Listing * Using Features For Machine Design Problems

Murakami, H. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Construction Of Variable Length Code With Limited Word Length
* Performance Of Transform Coding For Carrier Chrominance Signals
* Theoretical Comparison Between Dpcm And Transform Coding Regarding The Robustness Of Coding Performance For Variation Of Picture Statistics

Murakami, K. Co Author Listing * Algorithm To Extract Convex Hull On O-K Hough Transform Space, An
* On The Knowledge Based Interactive Pattern Processing System For The Recognition Of Weld Defects In Radiographic Inspection
* On The New Hough Algorithms Without Two-Dimensional Array For Parameter Space To Detect A Set Of Straight Lines
* Realization Of (An) Efficient Line Detection By Askant Glance Camera Vision System Using Extended Hough Transform

Murakami, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filter To Detect Rounded Convex Regions: Iris Filter

Murakami, T. Co Author Listing * High Speed Algorithm For Propagation-Type Labeling Based On Block Sorting Of Runs In Binary Images, A

Muraki, S. Co Author Listing * Volumetric Shape Description Of Range Data Using ``Blobby Model''

Muramatsu, S. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Lsi Isp-Iv Based On Local Parallel Architecture And Its Applications

Muraoka, Y. Co Author Listing * International Journal Of High Speed Computing

Murase, H. Co Author Listing * Appearance Matching Of Occluded Objects Using Coarse-To-Fine Adaptive Masks
* Coarse-Fine Adaptive Masks For Appearance Matching Of Occluded Scenes
* Detection Of 3d Objects In Cluttered Scenes Usinghierarchical Eigenspace
* Focused Color Intersection With Efficient Searching For Object Extraction
* General Learning Algorithm For Robot Vision
* Illumination Planning For Object Recognition In Structured Environments
* Illumination Planning For Object Recognition Using Parametric Eigenspaces
* Image Retrieval Using Efficient Local-Area Matching
* Learning And Recognition Of 3d Objects From Appearance
* Learning By A Generation Approach To Appearance-Based Object Recognition
* Lie Group Theoretical Approach To The Invariance Problem In Feature Extraction And Object Recognition, A
* Moving Object Recognition In Eigenspace Representation: Gait Analysis And Lip Reading
* Object Location Using Complementary Color Features: Histogram And Dct
* Online Hand-Sketched Figure Recognition
* Online Recognition Of Free-Format Japanese Handwritings
* Parametric Feature Detection
* Parametric Feature Detection
* Parametric Feature Detection
* Real-Time 100 Object Recognition System
* Robust Object Extraction With Illumination-Insensitive Color Descriptions
* Silhouette-Based Object Recognition Through Curvature Scale Space
* Software Library For Appearance Matching (Slam)
* Surface Shape Reconstruction Of A Nonrigid Transparent Object Using Refraction And Motion
* Surface Shape Reconstruction Of An Undulating Transparent Object
* Visual Learning And Recognition Of 3-D Objects From Appearance
* Visual Learning Of Object Models From Appearance
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Murata, A. Co Author Listing * Acquiring 3d Object Models From Specular Motion Using Circular Light(S) Illumination
* Reconstruction Of 3d Models From Specular Motion Using Circular Lights

Murata, H. Co Author Listing * Matching Of Edge-Line Images Using Relaxation

Muravsky, L.I. Co Author Listing * Optoelectronic And Hybrid Optical/Digital Systems For Image Processing

Murdocca, M. Co Author Listing * Digital Optics

Murdocca, M.J. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Optical Computing Systems

Mure, C.J. Co Author Listing * Medical Image Processing: The Characterization Of Display Changes Using Histogram Entropy

Murenzi, R. Co Author Listing * Texture Segmentation Using Multiscale Hurst Features

Murino, V. Co Author Listing * 2d Into 3d Hough Space Mapping For Planar Object Pose Estimation
* 3d Object Recognition By Integration Of Associative And Symbolic Techniques
* Belief Based Approach For Adaptive Image Processing, A
* Distributed Belief Revision For Adaptive Image Processing Regulation
* Distributed Probabilistic System For Adaptive Regulation Of Image Processing Parameters, A
* Edge/Region-Based Segmentation And Reconstruction Of Underwater Acoustic Images By Markov Random Fields
* Grouping As A Searching Process For Minimum-Energy Configurations Of Labelled Random Fields
* Grouping Of Rectilinear Segments By The Labeled Hough Transform
* Multilevel Fusion Approach To Object Identification In Outdoor Road Scenes, A
* Multilevel Gmrf-Based Segmentation Of Image Sequences
* Noisy Texture Classification: A Higher-Order Statistics Approach
* Object Pose Estimation In Underwater Acoustic Images
12 for Murino, V.

Murley, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Systems For The Identification And Inspection Of Humans (San Diego, Ca, July 28-29

Murota, K. Co Author Listing * Fast Voronoi-Diagram Algorithm With Quaternary Tree Bucketing, A
* Practical Use Of Bucketing Techniques In Computational Geometry
* Voronoi Diagrams In The Laguerre Geometry And Its Applications

Murphy, L.M. Co Author Listing * Linear Feature Detection And Enhancement In Noisy Images Via The Radon Transform

Murphy, R. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence And Mobile Robots|Case Studies Of Successful Robot Systems, Aaai Press, Menlo Park

Murphy, R.R. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Navigation In A Manufacturing Environment
* Biological And Cognitive Foundations Of Intelligent Sensor Fusion
* Dempster-Shafer Theory For Sensor Fusion In Autonomous Mobile Robots
* Lessons Learned In Integrating Sensing Into Autonomous Mobile Robot Architectures

Murray, D. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration Using Multiple Images
* Motion Tracking With An Active Camera
* Robust Estimation Of Egomotion From Normal Flow

Murray, D.W. Co Author Listing * Active Camera Calibration For A Head-Eye Platform Using The Variable State-Dimension Filter
* Active Recovery Of 3d Motion Trajectories And Their Use In Prediction, The
* Active Tracking Of Foveated Feature Clusters Using Affine Structure
* Active Visual Navigation Using Non-Metric Structure
* Algebraic Polyhedral Constraints And 3d Structure From Motion
* Detecting The Image Boundaries Between Optical Flow Fields From Several Moving Planar Facets
* Development And Comparison Of Robust Methods For Estimating The Fundamental Matrix, The
* Driving Saccade To Pursuit Using Image Motion
* Dynamic Updating Of Planar Structure And Motion: The Case Of Constant Motion
* Experiments In The Machine Interpretation Of Visual Motion, Mit Press, Cambridge
* From An Image Sequence To A Recognized Polyhedral Object
* From Image Sequences To Recognized Moving Polyhedral Objects
* Matching Canny Edgels To Compute The Principal Components Of Optic Flow
* Mobile Robot Localisation Using Active Vision
* Model-Based Recognition Using 3d Shape Alone
* Model-Based Recognition Using 3d Structure From Motion
* Navigation Using Affine Structure From Motion
* On The Kinematics Of Robot Heads
* Optic Flow Segmentation As An Ill-Posed And Maximum Likelihood Problem
* Parallel Approach To The Picture Restoration Algorithm Of Geman And Geman On An Simd Machine, A
* Pipe-Group Architecture For Real-Time Active Vision, The
* Reactions To Peripheral Image Motion Using A Head/Eye Platform
* Reconstructing The Optic Flow Field From Edge Motion: An Examination Of Two Different Approaches
* Recovering Range Using Virtual Multicamera Stereo
* Recursive Affine Structure And Motion From Image Sequences
* Saccade And Pursuit On An Active Head-Eye Platform
* Scene Segmentation From Visual Motion Using Global Optimization
* Sequential Updating Of Projective And Affine Structure From Motion
* Statistical Detection Of Independent Movement From A Moving Camera
* Stochastic Motion Clustering
* Tracking Foveated Corner Clusters Using Affine Structure
* Transfer Of Fixation For An Active Stereo Platform Via Affine Structure Recovery
* Transfer Of Fixation Using Affine Structure: Extending The Analysis To Stereo
* Unifying Framework For Structure And Motion Recovery From Image Sequences, A
* Using The Orientation Of Fragmentary 3d Edge Segments For Polyhedral Object Recognition
35 for Murray, D.W.

Murtagh, F. Co Author Listing * Contiguity-Constrained Clustering For Image Analysis
* Curve Matching Problem In Astronomy, A
* Feature-Based O(N[2]) Approach To Point Pattern Matching, A
* Fitting Straight Lines To Point Patterns
* Image And Data Analysis: The Multiscale Approach, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Multiresolution Support Applied To Image Filtering And Restoration
* Pattern Clustering Based On Noise Modeling In Wavelet Space
7 for Murtagh, F.

Murthy, C.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Irs Imagery For Detecting Man-Made Objects With A Multivalued Recognition System
* Correlation Between Two Fuzzy Membership Functions
* Fuzzy Thresholding: Mathematical Framework, Bound Functions And Weighted Moving Average Technique
* Histogram Thresholding By Minimizing Graylevel Fuzziness
* Modified Metric To Compute Distance, A
* Representation Of Fuzzy Operators Using Ordinary Sets
* Selection Of Alpha For Alpha-Hull In R2
7 for Murthy, C.A.

Murthy, H.S.N. Co Author Listing * On 2-D Partial Fraction Decomposition

Murthy, N.N. Co Author Listing * Elastic, Maximal Matching
* Segmentation Of Fingerprint Images Using The Directional Image

Murthy, P. Co Author Listing * Lebesgue Logic For Probabilistic Reasoning And Some Applications To Perception

Musavi, M.T. Co Author Listing * Vision Based Method To Automate Map Processing, A

Musgrave, F.K. Co Author Listing * Model For Simulating The Photographic Development Process On Digital Images, A
* Note On Ray Tracing Mirages, A
* Synthesis And Rendering Of Fractal Terrains, The

Musmann, H.G. Co Author Listing * Advances In Picture Coding
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On 64kbit/S Coding Of Moving Video

Mussio, P. Co Author Listing * Application Of Isiid: Arcs, Fillets, And Tangent Points Restoration In Digitized Line, An
* Approach To The Definition, Description, And Extraction Of Structures In Binary Digital Images, An
* Attributed Conditional L-Systems: A Tool For Image Description
* Computer Aided System For Interactive Definition Of Digital Image Interpretation, A
* Defining Visual Languages For Interactive Computing
* Dynamical Organisation For Situated Image Interpretation, A
* Knowledge-Based Contextual Recognition And Seiving Of Digital Images
* Matching The Resolution Level To Salient Image Features
* Metareasoning As A Tool For Pattern Recognition
* Metareasoning In The Determination Of Image Interpretation Strategies
* Pattern-Directed Restoration And Vectorization Of Digitized Engineering Drawings
* Situated Image Understanding In A Multiagent Framework
12 for Mussio, P.

Musso, G. Co Author Listing * Cybernetic Systems: Recognition, Learning, Self-Organization (Cava Dei Tirreni, Italy, December 9-12, 1981), Research Studies Press (Wile
* Image Analysis And Processing (Proceedings Of The Third International Conference, Rapallo, Italy, September 30-October 2, 1985), Plenum Press
* Recognition And Location Of Mechanical Parts Using The Hough Technique

Mustafa, A.A.Y. Co Author Listing * 3d Object Recognition From Color Intensity Images

Mutch, K.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Accretion And Deletion At Boundaries In Dynamic Scenes
* Analyzing Object Motion Based On Optical Flow
* Calculating Object Size From Stereoscopic Motion
* Determining Object Translation Information Using Stereoscopic Motion
* Dynamic Occlusion Analysis In Optical Flow Fields
* Hierarchical Estimation Of Spatial Properties From Motion
* Matching Straight Lines
7 for Mutch, K.M.

Muthukrishnan, S. Co Author Listing * Constant-Time Optimum Parallel Algorithm For Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, A

Mutluay, H.E. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of N-D General-Support Filters
* Recursibility Of N-Dimensional Iir Digital Filters

Muzzolini, R. Co Author Listing * Texture Characterization Using Robust Statistics

Muzzolini, R.E. Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Segmentation Of Volume Data

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