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IPL (20) * Constructing The Visibility Graph For N Line Segments In O(N(2
* Representing Matrices As Quadtrees For Parallel Processors

IPL (23) * On The Maximum Edge Length In Vlsi Layouts Of Complete Binary Trees

IPL(18) * Analytical Comparison Of Two String Searching Algorithms, An
* Experiments With A Fast String Searching Algorithm
* Fast Voronoi-Diagram Algorithm With Quaternary Tree Bucketing, A
* L(1) Traveling Salesman Problem, The
* Minimum Vertex Distance Between Separable Convex Polygons
* Note On Array Grammars, A
* Note On Node-Rewriting Graph Grammars
* On A Circle-Cover Minimization Problem
* Partitioning Algorithm For Minimum Weighted Euclidean Matching, A
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IPL(19) * Complexity Of Incremental Convex Hull Algorithms In R(D), The
* Contour Problem For Rectlinear Polygons, The
* Non-Partitionable Point Sets
* O(N Log N) Manhattan Path Algorithm, An
* Strong Np-Hardness Of Moving Many Discs

IPL(20) * Algorithm For Shortest-Path Motion In Three Dimensions, An
* Note On The Expected Time Required To Construct The Outer Layer, A
* Parallel Median Algorithm, A
* Storing Matrices On Disk For Efficient Row And Column Retrieval

IPL(21) * Decomposing A Set Of Points Into Chains, With Applications To Permutation And Circle Graphs
* Fast Dynamic Intersection Searching In A Set Of Isothetic Line Segments
* Finding Extreme Points In Three Dimensions And Solving The Post-Office Problem In The Plane
* Incremental String Matching
* K-Fold Bitonic Sort On A Mesh-Connected Parallel Computer
* On Fast Computation Of Distance Between Line Segments
* Power Of Geometric Duality Revisited, The
* Systolic Array For The Longest Common Subsequence Problem, A
* Tight Chip Area Lower Bounds For Discrete Fourier And Walsh-Hadamard Transformations
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IPL(22) * Convex Hull Made Easy
* Determining The Shape Of A Convex N-Sided Polygon By Using 2n+K Tactile Probes
* Direction-Independent Application Of Productions On Two-Dimensional Arrays
* Exact Computation Of Steiner Minimal Trees In The Plane
* Greedy And Delauney Triangulations Are Not Bad In The Average Case, The
* Hexagonal Unit Network-A Tool For Proving The Np-Completeness Results Of Geometric Problems
* Lower Bound To The Complexity Of Euclidean And Rectilinear Matching Algorithms, A
* Note On Approximate Convex Hulls, A
* O(N(1/2
* On Probability Of Forest Of Quadtrees Reducing To Quadtrees
* On-Line Pattern Matching Algorithm, An
* One-Dimensional Weighted Voronoi Diagram, The
* Optimal Algorithms For Finding The Symmetries Of A Planar Point Set
* String-Matching Cannot Be Done By A Two-Head One-Way Deterministic Finite Automaton
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IPL(23) * Bit-String Longest-Common-Subsequence Algorithm, A
* Halfplanar Range Search In Linear Space And O(N0.695) Query Time
* Improving The Worst-Case Performance Of The Hunt-Szymanski Strategy For The Longest Common Subsequence Of Two Strings
* Note On The Queens' Problem, A
* On Gallery Watchmen In Grids
* Parallel O(Log N) Algorithm For The Drawing Of Algebraic Curves In An N X N Square, A
* Shortest Paths In The Plane With Convex Polygonal Obstacles
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IPL(24) * Algorithm For Determining An Opaque Minimal Forest Of A Convex Polygon, An
* Digitizing The Plane With Cells Of Nonuniform Size
* Generation Of Convex Polygons With Individual Angular Constraints
* On Determining The On-Line Minimax Linear Fit To A Discrete Point Set In The Plane
* Shortest Path Between Two Simple Polygons
* Time- And Space-Optimal Contour Computation For A Set Of Rectangles
* Zooming By Repeated Range Detection
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IPL(25) * Z(N) Lower Bound For The Nonoptimality Of The Greedy Triangulation, An
* Complexity Of Minimizing Wire Lengths In Vlsi Layouts, The
* Determining Connected Components In Linear Time By A Linear Number Of Processors
* Efficient Algorithms For Common Transversals
* Encoding Scheme For The Efficient Representation Of Hierarchical Image Structures, An
* Linear Expected-Time Algorithm For Computing Planar Relative Neighborhood Graphs, A
* Log Log N Data Structure For Three-Sided Range Queries, A
* Lower Bound On The Complexity Of The Convex Hull For Simple Polyhedra, A
* Multiprocessor Automata
* Non-Hamiltonian, Nondegenerate Delaunay Triangulation, A
* Note On Graham'S Convex Hull Algorithm, A
* Note On Symmetrical Cellular Spaces, A
* O(Log N) Time Parallel Algorithm For Triangulating A Set Of Points In The Plane, An
* Observation Concerning Constraint-Based Compaction, An
* Obstacle Growing In A Nonpolygonal World
* On-Line Construction Of The Convex Hull Of A Simple Polyline
* Remark On The Hsu-Du New Algorithm For The Longest Common Subsequence Problem
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IPL(26) * Average Efficiency Of Data Structures For Binary Image Processing
* Embedding Ternary Trees In Vlsi Arrays
* Finding The Convex Hull Of A Sorted Point Set In Parallel
* Normalized Divide-And-Conquer: A Scaling Technique For Solving Multi-Dimensional Problems
* Optimal Three-Dimensional Layouts Of Complete Binary Trees
* Plane-Sweep Solves The Closest Pair Problem Elegantly
* Tight Chip Area Lower Bounds For String Matching
* Tight Lower Bound On The Size Of Visibility Graphs, A
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IPL(27) * Faster Approximation Algorithm For The Steiner Problem In Graphs, A
* Line Arrangements And Range Search
* Lower Bound For The Edit-Distance Problem Under An Arbitrary Cost Function, A
* On Decomposing Polygons Into Uniformly Monotone Parts
* Parallel Circle-Cover Algorithms
* Recognizing Majority On A One-Way Mesh

IPL(28) * O(N) Time Algorithm For The Ecdf Searching Problem For Arbitrary Dimensions On A Mesh-Of-Processors, An
* Optimum Watchman Routes
* Reconstruction Of Polygons From Projections
* Study On Two Geometric Location Problems, A
* Tight Lower Bound For The Complexity Of Path-Planning For A Disc, A

IPL(29) * Embedding Rectilinear Graphs In Linear Time
* Fast Backtrack Algorithm For Graph Isomorphism, A
* On The Detection Of A Common Intersection Of K Convex Objects In The Plane
* Reconfiguration Algorithm For Fault Tolerance In A Hypercube Multiprocessor, A

IPL(30) * Fast Algorithm For Constructing Trees From Distance Matrices, A
* Image Algorithm For Computing The Hausdorff Distance Efficiently In Linear Time, An
* Optimal Simulation Of Tree Arrays By Linear Arrays
* Partial Evaluation Of Pattern Matching In Strings
* Shortest Enclosing Walks And Cycles In Embedded Graphs

IPL(31) * Characterizing The Shortest Path Of An Object Among Obstacles
* Drawing Polygons Given Angle Sequences

IPL(32) * Class Of Problems Efficiently Solvable On Mesh-Connected Computers Including Dynamic Expression Evaluation, A
* Note On The Papadimitriou-Silverberg Algorithm For Planning Optimal Piecewise-Linear Motion Of A Ladder, A
* On The Subtree Isomorphism Problem For Ordered Trees

IPL(33) * Algorithm To Find Polygon Similarity, An
* Fast Hough Transform On A Mesh Connected Processor Array

IPL(34) * Analysis Of The Karp-Rabin String Matching Algorithm, An
* Casop: A Fast Algorithm For Computing The N-Ary Composition Of A Binary Associative Operator
* Isomorphism Testing Of K-Trees Is In Nc, For Fixed K
* Sequence Matching With Binary Codes

IPL(35) * On A Cyclic String-To-String Correction Problem

IPL(36) * Perceptrons Revisited
* Rotation-Based Computations For Ray-Tracing Second-Order Surfaces And Curves
* Some Comments On The Subtree Isomorphism Problem For Ordered Trees
* Two Dimensional Processor Array With A Reconfigurable Bus System Is At Least As Powerful As Crcw Model

IPL(37) * Algorithm For String Matching With A Sequence Of Don'T Cares, An
* Balanced Binary Tree Technique On Mesh-Connected Computers, The
* Fastest Path Across Constrained Moving Rectilinear Obstacles
* Motion Estimation Based On Modified Fourier Spectrum
* Tree Representation Of The Graph Used In Binary Image Processing, The
* Unified Algorithm For Sorting On Multidimensional Mesh-Connected Processors, A

IPL(38) * Computing The Hausdorff Set Distance In Linear Time For Any L

Point Distance
* Computing The Minimum Hausdorff Distance Between Two Point Sets On A Line Under Translation
* Distributed Subcube Identification Algorithms For Reliable Hypercubes
* Embedding Complete Binary Trees Into Hypercubes
* On The Complexity Of The Recognition Of Parallel 2d-Image Languages
* Optimal Speed-Up Algorithms For Template Matching On Simd Hypercube Multiprocessors With Restricted Local Memory
* Parallel Asynchronous Connected Components In A Mesh
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IPL(39) * Efficient Algorithm For Some Tree Matching Problems, An
* Note On The Subtree Isomorphism For Ordered Trees And Related Problems, A

IPL(4) * Constraints On The Design Of Template Masks For Edge Detection

IPL(40) * Further Comments On The Subtree Isomorphism For Ordered Trees
* Modelling A Fast Parallel Thinning Algorithm For Shared Memory Simd Computers

IPL(41) * Strings, Trees, And Patterns

IPL(42) * On The Editing Distance Between Unordered Labeled Trees

IPL(43) * Fast Computation Of The Euclidean Distance Maps For Binary Images
* Special Subgraphs Of Weighted Visibility Graphs

IPL(44) * Two-Dimensional Dictionary Matching

IPL(45) * Fast Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching

IPL(46) * Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching By Sampling

IPL(47) * Algebraic Algorithm To Compute The Exact General Sweep Boundary Of A 2d Curved Object, An

IPL(48) * Parametrized Recurrent Systems For Image Generation

IPL(49) * Analysis Of The Worst Case Space Complexity Of A Pr Quadtree
* Shortest-Path Algorithm For Manhattan Graphs, A

IPL(50) * Trajectory Planning In H-Space

IPL(51) * Fast Algorithm For Euclidean Distance Maps Of A 2-D Binary Image, A

IPL(53) * Efficient Selection Algorithm On The Pyramid, An
* Optimal Algorithm For Finding The Edge Visibility Polygon Under Limited Visibility, An
* Reachability Problem For Finite Cellular Automata, The

IPL(54) * Improved Algorithm For Computing The Edit Distance Of Run-Length Coded Strings, An
* Optimal Parallel Algorithm For The Euclidean Distance Maps Of 2-D Binary Images, An

IPL(56) * Time- And Vlsi-Optimal Convex Hull Computation On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting

IPL(57) * Medians And Centres Of Polyominoes
* Rectilinear Short Path Queries Among Rectangular Obstacles

IPL(58) * Unambiguous Description Of Chain Code Picture Languages
* Unified Linear-Time Algorithm For Computing Distance Maps, A

IPL(62) * Analysis Of The Hilbert Curve For Representing Two-Dimensional Space
* Dynamic Connectivity In Digital Images
* On A Geometric Problem Of Zigzags

IPL(63) * Fast Algorithm For Stereo Matching, A

IPL(64) * Calculating The Hausdorff Distance Between Curves
* Exact And Approximate Computational Geometry Solutions Of An Unrestricted Point Set Stereo Matching Problem

IPL(65) * Medians Of Discrete Sets, The

IPL(67) * Successful Visual Human-Computer Interaction Is Undesidable

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