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Devy, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * 3-D Modelling and Robot Localization from Visual and Range Data in Natural Scenes
* 3D Leaf Tracking for Plant Growth Monitoring
* Active Tracking Based on Hausdorff Matching
* Active Visual-Based Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects from Clustering and Classification Methods
* Automatic Method for Visual Grading of Seed Food Products
* Camera Calibration from Multiple Views of a 2D Object Using a Global Non-Linear Minimization Method
* Edge registration versus triangular mesh registration, a comparative study
* Evaluation of Stereo Matching Algorithms for Occupant Detection
* Extended GrabCut for 3D and RGB-D Point Clouds
* Fast range image segmentation by an edge detection strategy
* Human Motion Capture Using Data Fusion of Multiple Skeleton Data
* HW/SW co-design of a visual SLAM application
* Improving a Genetic Algorithm Segmentation by Means of a Fast Edge Detection Technique
* Improving architectural 3D reconstruction by plane and edge constraining
* Leaves Segmentation in 3D Point Cloud
* MCMC-based particle filter for multiple person tracking, An
* Multi-view dense 3D modelling of untextured objects from a moving projector-cameras system
* new efficient nonlinear filter based on support vector machines for image denoising, A
* novel region-based active contour approach relying on local and global information, A
* Object Recognition for a Grasping Task by a Mobile Manipulator
* Perception planning for an exploration task of a 3D environment
* Precise Registration of 3D Images Acquired from a Hand-Held Visual Sensor
* Quality Enhancement of Reconstructed 3D Models Using Coplanarity and Constraints
* Registration by using a pseudo color attribute
* Relaxation vs Maximal Cliques Search for Projected Beams Labeling in a Structured Light Sensor
* RT-SLAM: A Generic and Real-Time Visual SLAM Implementation
* Stereo Matching using Reduced-Graph Cuts
* Surface segmentation using a modified ball-pivoting algorithm
* Textured Object Recognition: Balancing Model Robustness and Complexity
* visual landmark framework for mobile robot navigation, A
* Visual landmarks detection and recognition for mobile robot navigation
Includes: Devy, M.[Michel] Devy, M.
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Devys, E. Co Author Listing * Eurosdr GeoBIM Project a Study in Europe On How to Use The Potentials Of BIM and Geo Data in Practice
* Toward a Standardized Encoding of Remote Sensing Geo-Positioning Sensor Models
Includes: Devys, E. Devys, E.[Emmanuel]

Devyver, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Illumination-free gaze estimation method for first-person vision wearable device
* Unwrapping the eye for visible-spectrum gaze tracking on wearable devices
* Visible-Spectrum Gaze Tracking for Sports

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