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Dhanalakshmi, K. Co Author Listing * intelligent mining system for diagnosing medical images using combined texture-histogram features, An

Dhanasekaran, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of brain tumor in magnetic resonance images using multi-texton histogram and support vector machine
* Brain tumor severity analysis using modified multi-texton histogram and hybrid kernel SVM

Dhand, H.[Harsh] Co Author Listing * Towards Obtaining an Ideal Real Time Panoramic Video

Dhanda, A. Co Author Listing * Leveraging Existing Heritage Documentation for Animations: Senate Virtual Tour
* Recreating Cultural Heritage Environments for VR Using Photogrammetry
* Review of Recording Technologies for Digital Fabrication in Heritage Conservation, A
* VR Kiosk, The

Dhandapani, R. Co Author Listing * Role of scale in partitioning shape

Dhandapani, S.[Sankari] Co Author Listing * Surface-Based Imaging Methods for High-Resolution Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Dhandapani, V.[Vaithiyanathan] Co Author Listing * Power-optimized log-based image processing system

Dhandra, B.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Abnormality in Endoscopic images using Combined HSI Color Space and Watershed Segmentation
* recognition system for handwritten Kannada and English characters, A
* Script Identification Based on Morphological Reconstruction in Document Images
* Skew Detection in Binary Image Documents Based on Image Dilation and Region labeling Approach

Dhane, D.M.[Dhiraj M.] Co Author Listing * review of recent advances in lane detection and departure warning system, A

Dhane, P.[Pranali] Co Author Listing * new algorithm for 3D object representation and its application for human face verification, A

Dhanjal Adams, K.L.[Kiran L.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Decadal Land Cover Changes in the Woodlands of North Eastern Namibia from 1975 to 2014 Using the Landsat Satellite Archived Data
Includes: Dhanjal Adams, K.L.[Kiran L.] Dhanjal-Adams, K.L.[Kiran L.]

Dhanjal, C.[Charanpal] Co Author Listing * Efficient Sparse Kernel Feature Extraction Based on Partial Least Squares

Dhanjal, S. Co Author Listing * Feature Representation and Signal Classification in Fluorescence in-Situ Hybridization Image Analysis

Dhanya, D. Co Author Listing * Optimal Feature Extraction for Bilingual OCR
* Script Identification in Printed Bilingual Documents

Dhanya, M. Co Author Listing * Improved Rainfall Simulation by Assimilating Oceansat-2 Surface Winds Using Ensemble Kalman Filter for a Heavy Rainfall Event over South India

Dhanya, M.M. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Patterns in Large-Scale Traffic Speed Prediction

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