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Duric, N.[Natasa] Co Author Listing * Application of In-Segment Multiple Sampling in Object-Based Classification
* Sentinel-2 Based Temporal Detection of Agricultural Land Use Anomalies in Support of Common Agricultural Policy Monitoring
Includes: Duric, N.[Natasa] Đuric, N.[Nataša]

Duric, Z.[Zoran] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Duric, Z.[Zoran]: duric AT aic gmu edu
* Active Egomotion Estimation: A Qualitative Approach
* Adaptive and smart interface for VCR remote control using hand gestures
* Affine Invariant-Based Classification of Inliers and Outliers for Image Matching
* Analyzing Human Gait Using Patterns of Translation and Rotation
* Applicability of Green's Theorem to Computation of Rate of Approach, The
* Behavioral Visual Motion Analysis
* Controlling model complexity in flow estimation
* Detection and Location of People in Video Images Using Adaptive Fusion of Color and Edge Information
* Egomotion Analysis Based on the Frenet-Serret Motion Model
* Estimating Relative Vehicle Motions in Traffic Scenes
* Estimating The Heading Direction Using Normal Flow
* Evaluation of Affine Invariant-Based Classification for Image Matching, An
* Eye Tracking
* Function from Motion
* Gait Analysis using Independent Components of image motion
* Hierarchical interpretation of human activities using competitive learning
* Image Sequence Stabilization In Real-Time
* Integrating perceptual and cognitive modeling for adaptive and intelligent human-computer interaction
* Learning an Object's Function by Observing the Object in Action
* method of detecting and tracking irises and eyelids in video, A
* Minimizing the Statistical Impact of LSB Steganography
* Motion Estimation Using Statistical Learning Theory
* Motion prediction using vc-generalization bounds
* Predicting image matching using affine distortion models
* Progress on Vision Through Learning
* Qualitative Description of Camera Motion and Scene Depth from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Qualitative Description of Camera Motion from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Qualitative image based localization in indoors environments
* Quantative Description of Camera Motion from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Recognition of arm movements
* Recognizing Blasting Caps in X-Ray Images
* Recognizing Functionality
* Shooting a smooth video with a shaky camera
* Towards Lower Bounds on Embedding Distortion in Information Hiding
* Tracking Groups of People
* Tracking Interacting People
* Understanding Cognitive and Affective States Using Eyelid Movements
* Understanding Object Motion
* Using Eye Region Biometrics to Reveal Affective and Cognitive States
* Using Grid Based Feature Localization for Fast Image Matching
* Using Image Flow to Detect Eye Blinks in Color Videos
* Using Local Affine Invariants to Improve Image Matching
* Using normal flow for detection and tracking of limbs in color images
Includes: Duric, Z.[Zoran] Duric, Z.
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Durieux, A.M.S. Co Author Listing * Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks for Realistic Pervasive Change Generation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* On the Detectability of Conflict: A Remote Sensing Study of the Rohingya Conflict

Durieux, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Advances in Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis with ontologies: A review of main contributions and limitations from a remote sensing perspective
* method for monitoring building construction in urban sprawl areas using object-based analysis of Spot 5 images and existing GIS data, A
* Monitoring forest areas from continental to territorial levels using a sample of medium spatial resolution satellite imagery
* object-based method for mapping and change analysis in mangrove ecosystems, An
* Object-oriented wavelet multi-resolution image analysis of the Siberian GBFM radar mosaic combined with MERIS imagery for continental scale land cover mapping
Includes: Durieux, L.[Laurent] Durieux, L.

Durieux, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Objective evaluation of compressed video's temporal flickering

Duriez, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Embedded Multigrid Approach for Real-Time Volumetric Deformation

Durigon, M. Co Author Listing * LR-PET Optimization Strategy for Protection of Scalable Video with Unreliable Acknowledgement
* Polyphase spatial subsampling multiple description coding of video streams with h264
* Real-Time Multiple Description Video Streaming over QoS-Based Wireless Networks

Durikovic, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Contour: A Texture Approach and Contour Operations

Durin, B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Solar Energy Potential By Remote Sensing Techniques In VaraŽdinska County, Croatia
* Analyzing Air Pollutant Reduction Possibilities in the City of Zagreb
* Forest Fire Hazards Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in Sirmaur District Forest of Himachal Pradesh (India): A Geospatial Approach
Includes: Durin, B. Đurin, B. Đurin, B.[Bojan]

During, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Revolution in Spaceborne Radar
Includes: During, R.[Ralf] Düring, R.[Ralf] (Maybe also Duering, R.)

Duriska, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Suitability of UAS for Mass Movement Monitoring Caused by Torrential Rainfall: A Study on the Talus Cones in the Alpine Terrain in High Tatras, Slovakia, The
Includes: Duriska, I.[Igor] Duriška, I.[Igor]

Durix, B.[Bastien] Co Author Listing * LED-Based Photometric Stereo: Modeling, Calibration and Numerical Solution
* Propagated Skeleton: A Robust Detail-Preserving Approach, The
* Skeleton-based multiview reconstruction
Includes: Durix, B.[Bastien] Durix, B.

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