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Fanelli, A.M. Co Author Listing * Autoassociative Learning in Relaxation Labeling Networks
* Fourier Descriptor Set for Recognizing Non-Stylized Numerals, A
* Interactive System for Hand-Written Numeral Classification Based on Fourier Descriptors
* model-free approach for posture classification, A
* Progressive Transmission of News Photos

Fanelli, D.[Duccio] Co Author Listing * Using a fuzzy framework for delineation and decomposition of Immunoglobulin G in cryo electron tomographic images

Fanelli, E.[Emanuela] Co Author Listing * Automated Video Imaging System for Counting Deep-Sea Bioluminescence Organisms Events

Fanelli, G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Audio-Visual Corpus of Affective Communication, A
* Does Human Action Recognition Benefit from Pose Estimation?
* Hough transform-based mouth localization for audio-visual speech recognition
* Non-Invasive Approach for Driving Virtual Talking Heads from Real Facial Movements, A
* Random Forests for Real Time 3D Face Analysis
* Real time 3D face alignment with Random Forests-based Active Appearance Models
* Real Time Head Pose Estimation from Consumer Depth Cameras
* Real Time Head Pose Estimation with Random Regression Forests
* Real-time facial feature detection using conditional regression forests
Includes: Fanelli, G. Fanelli, G.[Gabriele]
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Fanello, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * ActiveStereoNet: End-to-End Self-supervised Learning for Active Stereo Systems
* Deep Implicit Volume Compression
* Du2net: Learning Depth Estimation from Dual-cameras and Dual-pixels
* HITNet: Hierarchical Iterative Tile Refinement Network for Real-time Stereo Matching
* HumanGPS: Geodesic PreServing Feature for Dense Human Correspondences
* Multiresolution Deep Implicit Functions for 3D Shape Representation
* Recurrent 3D Hand Pose Estimation Using Cascaded Pose-Guided 3D Alignments
* Sandwiched Image Compression: Wrapping Neural Networks Around A Standard Codec
* StereoNet: Guided Hierarchical Refinement for Real-Time Edge-Aware Depth Prediction
* TwinFusion: High Framerate Non-rigid Fusion through Fast Correspondence Tracking
* Volumetric Capture of Humans With a Single RGBD Camera via Semi-Parametric Learning
Includes: Fanello, S.[Sean] Fanello, S.
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Fanello, S.R.[Sean Ryan] Co Author Listing * Ask the Image: Supervised Pooling to Preserve Feature Locality
* compositional approach for 3D arm-hand action recognition, A
* Filter Forests for Learning Data-Dependent Convolutional Kernels
* Global Patch Collider, The
* HyperDepth: Learning Depth from Structured Light without Matching
* iCub World: Friendly Robots Help Building Good Vision Data-Sets
* Low Compute and Fully Parallel Computer Vision with HashMatch
* One-Shot Learning for Real-Time Action Recognition
* UltraStereo: Efficient Learning-Based Matching for Active Stereo Systems
Includes: Fanello, S.R.[Sean Ryan] Fanello, S.R.
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Fanello, S.R.F.[Sean R. F.] Co Author Listing * Arm-Hand Behaviours Modelling: From Attention to Imitation

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