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Grus, M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Volunteered Geographic Information Feedback System for the Dutch Topographical Key Register
* Sensor Registry As a Base Layer for Smart Cities

Grushko, C.[Carmi] Co Author Listing * Intrinsic Local Symmetries: A Computational Framework

Grushnikov, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * 3D level set method for blastomere segmentation of preimplantation embryos in fluorescence microscopy images

Gruslys, A. Co Author Listing * New Fast Accurate Nonlinear Medical Image Registration Program Including Surface Preserving Regularization, A

Gruson, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Adaptive Wavelet Network
* Visibility-driven progressive volume photon tracing
Includes: Gruson, A. Gruson, A.[Adrien]

Gruss, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * CMU Very Fast Range-Imaging System
* VLSI Smart Sensor for Fast Range Imaging, A

Gruss, G. Co Author Listing * Very Fast VLSI Rangefinder, A

Gruss, S.[Sascha] Co Author Listing * Automatic heart rate estimation from painful faces
* Automatic Pain Assessment with Facial Activity Descriptors
* Automatic Pain Recognition from Video and Biomedical Signals
* Automatic Recognition Methods Supporting Pain Assessment: A Survey
* Classification networks for continuous automatic pain intensity monitoring in video using facial expression on the X-ITE Pain Database
* Multi-Modal Pain Intensity Recognition Based on the SenseEmotion Database

Grussenmeyer, P. Co Author Listing * 2d and 3d Reconstruction Workflows From Archive Images, Case Study Of Damaged Monuments in Bosra Al-sham City (Syria)
* 3D building model as an interface for a web information system, case study of the Pontonniers high school in Strasbourg
* 3d Indoor Documentation of The Winter Garden in The Earthenware Museum At Sarreguemines (france)
* 3D Model for Historic Reconstruction and Archeaological Knowledge Dissemination: the Niedermunster Abbey's Project (Alsace, FRANCE)
* 3D Recording methodology applied to the Grotta Scritta Prehistoric Rock-Shelter in Olmeta-Di-Capocorso (Corsica, France)
* Accuracy Assessment of a Canal-Tunnel 3D Model by Comparing Photogrammetry and Laserscanning Recording Techniques
* Acquisition and automatic extraction of facade elements on large sites from a low cost laser mobile mapping system
* Acquisition and Processing Experiences of Close Range UAV Images for the 3D Modeling of Heritage Buildings
* Assessment and Calibration of a RGB-D Camera (Kinect v2 Sensor) Towards a Potential Use for Close-Range 3D Modeling
* Assessment of a Keypoints Detector for The Registration of Indoor And Outdoor Heritage Point Clouds
* Assessment Of A Static Multibeam Sonar Scanner For 3d Surveying In Confined Subaquatic Environments
* Assessment of Three-Dimensional Models Derived from Lidar and TLS Data
* Automatic Heritage Building Point Cloud Segmentation and Classification Using Geometrical Rules
* Automatic Segmentation of Building Facades Using Terrestrial Laser Data
* Automation of Thermal Point Clouds Analysis for the Extraction Of Windows and Thermal Bridges of Building Facades
* Building a 3D Reference Model for Canal Tunnel Surveying Using Sonar and Laser Scanning
* Close Range UAV Accurate Recording And Modeling of St-Pierre-le-Jeune Neo-Romanesque Church in Strasbourg (France)
* Combination of Thermal and Geometric Information for BIM Enrichment
* Combination of TLS Point Clouds And 3d Data From Kinect V2 Sensor To Complete Indoor Models
* Combining Airborne Photographs and Spaceborne SAR Data to Monitor Temperate Glaciers: Potentials and Limits
* Comparison Methods of Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry and Tacheometry Data for Recording of Cultural Heritage Buildings
* Complementarity Of Historic Building Information Modelling And Geographic Information Systems
* Devising a Visual Inspection System for Canal Tunnels: Preliminary Studies
* digital photogrammetric workstation on the WEB, A
* Digitization of Blocks And Virtual Anastylosis of An Antique Facade In Pont-sainte-maxence (france)
* Dynamic 3D Modeling of A Canal-tunnel Using Photogrammetric And Bathymetric Data
* Efficient Computation of Posterior Covariance In Bundle Adjustment In Dbat for Projects with Large Number of Object Points
* Energy Function Algorithm for Detection of Openings in Indoor Point Clouds
* Evaluating a Static Multibeam Sonar Scanner for 3D Surveys in Confined Underwater Environments
* External Verification Of The Bundle Adjustment In Photogrammetric Software Using The Damped Bundle Adjustment Toolbox
* First Assessments Into the Use of Commercial-grade Solid State Lidar For Low Cost Heritage Documentation
* First Experiences with Kinect V2 Sensor for Close Range 3D Modelling
* First experiences with the Trimble GX scanner
* First Experiences with the Trimble Sx10 Scanning Total Station For Building Facade Survey
* From Metric Image Archives to Point Cloud Reconstruction: Case Study Of The Great Mosque of Aleppo in Syria
* From Point Cloud To 3d Model, Modelling Methods Based On Architectural Knowledge Applied To Fortress Of ChÂtel-sur-Moselle (France)
* Georeferencing of TLS Data for Industrial Indoor Complex Scenes: Beyond Current Solutions
* HBIM Modeling from the Surface Mesh and Its Extended Capability of Knowledge Representation
* High Resolution 3d Recording And Modelling Of The Bronze Age Cave les Fraux In Perigord (France)
* High-Resolution SAR Interferometry: Estimation of Local Frequencies in the Context of Alpine Glaciers
* Hough-Transform and Extended RANSAC Algorithms for Automatic Detection of 3D Building Roof Planes from Lidar Data
* Implementing Functional Modularity for Processing of General Photogrammetric Data With The Damped Bundle Adjustment Toolbox (DBAT)
* Localization using RGB-D cameras orthoimages
* Low Cost Web-application for Management of 3d Digital Building And Complex Based on BIM and GIS
* Methodological Developments in 3D Scanning and Modelling of Archaeological French Heritage Site: The Bronze Age Painted Cave of les Fraux, Dordogne (France)
* Model-Driven and Data-Driven Approaches Using LIDAR Data: Analysis and Comparison
* Multi-Dimensional Quality Assessment of Photogrammetric and Lidar Datasets Based on a Vector Approach
* Multi-Scale and Multi-Sensor 3D Documentation of Heritage Complexes in Urban Areas
* Multi-sensor 3d Recording Pipeline for The Documentation of Javanese Temples
* New Approach for Automatic Detection of Buildings in Airborne Laser Scanner Data Using first Echo only
* Oblique Aerial Photography Tool for Building Inspection and Damage Assessment
* Overview of 3D Documentation Data and Tools available for Archaeological Researches: case study of the Romanesque Church of Dugny-sur-Meuse (France)
* Parametric Modelling of As-built Beam Framed Structure in BIM Environment
* Performance Investigation of A Handheld 3D Scanner to Define Good Practices for Small Artefact 3D Modeling
* Photogrammetric Recording And Reconstruction of Town Scale Models: The Case of the Plan-relief of Strasbourg
* Point Cloud Segmentation and Semantic Annotation Aided by GIS Data for Heritage Complexes
* Primitive-Based Building Reconstruction By Integration Of Lidar Data And Optical Imagery
* Probabilistic Feature Matching Applied To Primitive Based Registration of TLS Data
* Reconstruction of 3D Vector Models of Buildings by Combination of ALS, TLS and VLS Data
* Recording Approach Of Heritage Sites Based On Merging Point Clouds From High Resolution Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Semantic Segmentation for Building FaÇade 3d Point Cloud From 2d Orthophoto Images Using Transfer Learning
* Semi-automatic Segmentation and Modelling from Point Clouds towards Historical Building Information Modelling
* Technical Considerations in Low-cost Heritage Documentation
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Denoising by Dictionary Learning of Sparse Coding
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Denoising by Range Image Processing for Small-Sized Objects
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Cloud Denoising for Small Size Objects
* Validation Of Point Clouds Segmentation Algorithms Through Their Application To Several Case Studies For Indoor Building Modelling
Includes: Grussenmeyer, P. Grussenmeyer, P.[Pierre]
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Gruszczynski, W.[Wojciech] Co Author Listing * Application of convolutional neural networks for low vegetation filtering from data acquired by UAVs
* Application of UAV-based orthomosaics for determination of horizontal displacement caused by underground mining
* Comparison of low-altitude UAV photogrammetry with terrestrial laser scanning as data-source methods for terrain covered in low vegetation
* Correction of Low Vegetation Impact on UAV-Derived Point Cloud Heights With U-Net Networks
* UAV Applications for Determination of Land Deformations Caused by Underground Mining

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