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Krusch, P. Co Author Listing * consistent two-level metric for evaluation of automated abandoned object detection methods, A
* Training a convolutional neural network for multi-class object detection using solely virtual world data

Krusche, K.[Krupali] Co Author Listing * 3D Documentation and Visualization of the Forum Romanum

Kruschel, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Croatian Fish Dataset: Fine-grained classification of fish species in their natural habitat

Kruschwitz, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Ontology-Based Approach to Enable Data-Driven Research in the Field of NDT in Civil Engineering, An

Kruse, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Circular Propagation in Discrete Images
* Checking Connectivity Preservation Properties of Some Types of Picture Processing Operations
* Color Measurements with a Consumer Digital Camera Using Spectral Estimation Techniques
* Design and Implementation of a Picture Processor
* Distance Checking Algorithms
* Matched Filtering Technique for Corner Detection, A
* Parallel Picture Processing Machine, A
* Tree Species Classification Using Hyperspectral Imagery: A Comparison of Two Classifiers
Includes: Kruse, B.[Bjorn] Kruse, B.[Björn] Kruse, B. Kruse, B.[Bill]
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Kruse, C. Co Author Listing * Extraction of fluvial networks in lidar data using marked point processes
* Marked Point Processes for The Automatic Detection of Bomb Craters In Aerial Wartime Images
* Network Detection In Raster Data Using Marked Point Processes
* Supervised Detection of Bomb Craters in Historical Aerial Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Kruse, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Human tracking from a mobile agent: Optical flow and Kalman filter arbitration

Kruse, D.E. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Functional Vascular Assessment With Ultrasound

Kruse, F. Co Author Listing * Target classification based on near-distance radar sensors

Kruse, F.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Imaging Spectrometer Data Using N-Dimensional Geometry and a Mixture-Tuned Matched Filtering Approach
* Enhanced Compositional Mapping through Integrated Full-Range Spectral Analysis
* Mineral Mapping Using Simulated Worldview-3 Short-Wave-Infrared Imagery
Includes: Kruse, F.A. Kruse, F.A.[Fred A.]

Kruse, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Conditional Invertible Neural Networks for Diverse Image-to-Image Translation
* Detecting Concealment of Intent in Transportation Screening: A Proof of Concept
* Learning to Push the Limits of Efficient FFT-Based Image Deconvolution
Includes: Kruse, J.[Jakob] Kruse, J.

Kruse, L.A.[Liam A.] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Rule-Based and Data-Driven Approach to Driver Modeling Through Particle Filtering, A

Kruse, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Efficient Deep Face Alignment with Explicit Statistical Shape Models in Convolutional Neural Networks

Kruse, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Advances in the Derivation of Northeast Siberian Forest Metrics Using High-Resolution UAV-Based Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* Image Analysis for 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Virtual View Generation
* Sparse Blind Deconvolution of Ground Penetrating Radar Data
Includes: Kruse, S.[Stefan] Kruse, S.[Silko] Kruse, S.

Kruse, S.M. Co Author Listing * Scene segmentation from dense displacement vector fields using randomized Hough transform
* Towards a low bandwidth talking face using appearance models

Krusemark, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Image Random File Access Routines
* Operating System Interface for Transportable Image Processing Software, An

Krusienski, D.J. Co Author Listing * Multiclass Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential Frequency Evaluation Using Chirp-Modulated Stimuli

Krusinska, E.[Ewa] Co Author Listing * Two step semi-optimal branch and bound algorithm for feature selection in mixed variable discrimination
* valuation of state of object based on weighted Mahalanobis distance, A
Includes: Krusinska, E.[Ewa] Krusinska, E.

Kruskal, C.P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Processing of Image Contours
* Massively Parallel Processing of Image Contours
* Parallel Algorithm for List Ranking Image Curves in O(log N) Time, A

Kruskal, J.B. Co Author Listing * On the Congruence of Noisy Images to Line Segment Models
* Predicting and Estimating the Accuracy of a Subpixel Registration Algorithm

Kruss, A.[Aleksandra] Co Author Listing * Measurement of Seafloor Acoustic Backscatter Angular Dependence at 150 kHz Using a Multibeam Echosounder
* Nearshore Benthic Habitat Mapping Based on Multi-Frequency, Multibeam Echosounder Data Using a Combined Object-Based Approach: A Case Study from the Rowy Site in the Southern Baltic Sea
* Spatial and Temporal Changes of Tidal Inlet Using Object-Based Image Analysis of Multibeam Echosounder Measurements: A Case from the Lagoon of Venice, Italy

Krustalev, Y.[Yury] Co Author Listing * ISP4ML: The Role of Image Signal Processing in Efficient Deep Learning Vision Systems

Kruszewski, A. Co Author Listing * AQUI Soil Moisture Network for Satellite Microwave Remote Sensing Validation in South-Western France, The

Kruszewski, D.[Damian] Co Author Listing * Detection of Atypical Elements by Transforming Task to Supervised Form

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