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Rawal, D. Co Author Listing * Land Use and Land Cover Mapping - A Case Study of Ahmedabad District

Rawal, K.[Kirti] Co Author Listing * Design of Matched Wavelet Using Improved Genetic Algorithm for Heart Rate Variability Analysis of the Menstrual Cycle

Rawal, R. Co Author Listing * Climate Adaptation: Reliably Predicting from Imbalanced Satellite Data

Rawashdeh, M. Co Author Listing * Exploring Latent Preferences for Context-Aware Personalized Recommendation Systems
* Folksonomy-boosted social media search and ranking
Includes: Rawashdeh, M. Rawashdeh, M.[Majdi]

Rawashdeh, O. Co Author Listing * Electric vehicle modelling and energy-efficient routing using particle swarm optimisation

Rawashdeh, S.A.[Samir A.] Co Author Listing * Single-Stream Segmentation and Depth Prediction CNN for Autonomous Driving, A

Rawashdeh, Y.[Yazan] Co Author Listing * New Random Variable Normalizing Transformation With Application to the GLRT, A

Rawat, D.B.[Danda B.] Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Based Adaptive Trust Management in Internet of Vehicles Using Smart Contract
* cross-layer and optimized privacy method in Vehicular ad-hoc Networks, A
* Detection of False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grid Communication Systems
* On the Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Privacy-Aware Secure ACO-AODV Routing in Intent-Based Internet of Vehicles for Smart Cities
Includes: Rawat, D.B.[Danda B.] Rawat, D.B.

Rawat, J.[Jyoti] Co Author Listing * Review of Leukocyte Classification Techniques for Microscopic Blood Images

Rawat, J.S. Co Author Listing * NIR-red algorithms-based model for chlorophyll-a retrieval in highly turbid Inland Densu River Basin in South-East Ghana, West Africa

Rawat, M. Co Author Listing * Information Extraction from Document Images via FCA based Template Detection and Knowledge Graph Rule Induction

Rawat, M.S. Co Author Listing * Region growing stereo matching method for 3D building reconstruction

Rawat, S.[Shourabh] Co Author Listing * Beyond audio and video retrieval: Towards multimedia summarization
* Chaos-based Robust Watermarking Algorithm For Rightful Ownership Protection, A
* Continuous wavelet transform-based no-reference quality assessment of deblocked images
* Find Me a Sky: A Data-Driven Method for Color-Consistent Sky Search and Replacement
* Semi-automatic Adaptive OCR for Digital Libraries, A
* Towards Real-Time Systems for Vehicle Re-Identification, Multi-Camera Tracking, and Anomaly Detection
Includes: Rawat, S.[Shourabh] Rawat, S.[Sanjay] Rawat, S.[Sonika] Rawat, S.[Saumya] Rawat, S.[Sachin] Rawat, S.

Rawat, S.S.[Sur Singh] Co Author Listing * Infrared small target detection based on non-convex triple tensor factorisation
* Reweighted infrared patch image model for small target detection based on non-convex Lp-norm minimisation and TV regularisation

Rawat, Y.[Yogesh] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Learning for Personalized Tag Recommendation
* CapsuleVOS: Semi-Supervised Video Object Segmentation Using Capsule Routing
* PLM: Partial Label Masking for Imbalanced Multi-label Classification
Includes: Rawat, Y.[Yogesh] Rawat, Y.

Rawat, Y.S. Co Author Listing * ClickSmart: A Context-Aware Viewpoint Recommendation System for Mobile Photography
* Gabriella: An Online System for Real-Time Activity Detection in Untrimmed Security Videos
* Multi-view Action Recognition Using Cross-view Video Prediction
* Photography and Exploration of Tourist Locations Based on Optimal Foraging Theory
* Recurrent Transformer Network for Novel View Action Synthesis, A
* Spring-Electric Graph Model for Socialized Group Photography, A
* TinyVIRAT: Low-resolution Video Action Recognition
* Visual-Textual Capsule Routing for Text-Based Video Segmentation
* We don't Need Thousand Proposals: Single Shot Actor-Action Detection in Videos
Includes: Rawat, Y.S. Rawat, Y.S.[Yogesh S.] Rawat, Y.S.[Yogesh S]
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