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Staiano, A.[Antonino] Co Author Listing * Environmental Time Series Prediction with Missing Data by Machine Learning and Dynamics Recostruction
* Hypergraph Convolutional Networks for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation

Staiano, J.[Jacopo] Co Author Listing * Connecting Meeting Behavior with Extraversion: A Systematic Study
* DepecheMood++: A Bilingual Emotion Lexicon Built Through Simple Yet Powerful Techniques
* Enhanced semantic descriptors for functional scene categorization
* SALSA: A Novel Dataset for Multimodal Group Behavior Analysis
* Webcam-Based Visual Gaze Estimation

Staib, L.[Lawrence] Co Author Listing * Constrained non-rigid registration using Lagrange multipliers for application in prostate radiotherapy

Staib, L.H.[Lawrence H.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Staib, L.H.[Lawrence H.]: staib AT noodle med yale edu
* 3D Brain surface matching based on geodesics and local geometry
* Boundary Finding with Correspondence Using Statistical Shape Models
* Boundary Finding with Parametrically Deformable Models
* Boundary Finding with Prior Shape and Smoothness Models
* Cardiac SPECT restoration using MR-based support constraints
* Deformable Boundary Finding in Medical Images by Integrating Gradient and Region Information
* Deformable Boundary Finding Influenced by Region Homogeneity
* Entropy-based dual-portal-to-3-DCT registration incorporating pixel correlation
* Fasciculography: Robust Prior-Free Real-Time Normalized Volumetric Neural Tract Parcellation
* Image processing and analysis at IPAG
* Image-Guided Intraoperative Cortical Deformation Recovery Using Game Theory: Application to Neocortical Epilepsy Surgery
* Integrated Approach for Surface Finding in Medical Images, An
* Integrated Approaches to Non-rigid Registration in Medical Images
* Learning-Based Regularization for Cardiac Strain Analysis via Domain Adaptation
* Low-Dimensional Non-Rigid Image Registration Using Statistical Deformation Models From Semi-Supervised Training Data
* Measurement of Non-Rigid Motion Using Contour Shape Descriptors
* Model-Based Deformable Surface Finding for Medical Images
* Neighbor-Constrained Segmentation With Level Set Based 3-D Deformable Models
* Nonrigid image registration: Guest editors' introduction
* Nonrigid Intraoperative Cortical Surface Tracking Using Game Theory
* Parameterized Feasible Boundaries in Gradient Vector-Fields
* Parametrically Deformable Contour Models
* Radial Basis Functions for Combining Shape and Speckle Tracking in 4D Echocardiography
* Segmentation and Measurement of the Cortex from 3-D MR Images Using Coupled-Surfaces Propagation
* Segmentation of left ventricles from echocardiographic sequences via sparse appearance representation
* Segmenting the Brain Surface From CT Images With Artifacts Using Locally Oriented Appearance and Dictionary Learning
* Semi-supervised Learning of Nonrigid Deformations for Image Registration
* Shape comparison using perturbing shape registration
* Shape Determination from Incomplete and Noisy Multisensor Imagery
* Shape-based 3D Surface Correspondence using Geodesics and Local Geometry
* Simultaneous Nonrigid Registration, Segmentation, and Tumor Detection in MRI Guided Cervical Cancer Radiation Therapy
* Statistical Analyses of Brain Surfaces Using Gaussian Random Fields on 2-D Manifolds
* Unified Framework to Assess Myocardial Function from 4D Images, A
* Using Perturbation Theory to Compute the Morphological Similarity of Diffusion Tensors
* Volumetric Intraoperative Brain Deformation Compensation: Model Development and Phantom Validation
* Volumetric Layer Segmentation Using Coupled Surfaces Propagation
Includes: Staib, L.H.[Lawrence H.] Staib, L.H.
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Staib, L.M.[Lawrence M.] Co Author Listing * SimCVD: Simple Contrastive Voxel-Wise Representation Distillation for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation

Staikopoulos, A. Co Author Listing * Image Transmission via LoRa Networks: A Survey

Stailey, J.E. Co Author Listing * Multifunction Phased Array Radar for Aircraft and Weather Surveillance

Staino, G. Co Author Listing * Low Bit Rate Image Compression Core for Onboard Space Applications

Stainrod, C.R.[Cortnee R.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Cognitive Impact of Tangible Augmented Reality

Stainvas, I. Co Author Listing * Blurred Face Recognition Via a Hybrid Network Architecture

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