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Varma, A.[Arnav] Co Author Listing * Continual Learning of Unsupervised Monocular Depth from Videos

Varma, A.K.[Atul K.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment, Comparative Performance, and Enhancement of Public Domain Digital Elevation Models (ASTER 30 m, SRTM 30 m, CARTOSAT 30 m, SRTM 90 m, MERIT 90 m, and TanDEM-X 90 m) Using DGPS
* Impact of Assimilation of MADRAS Geophysical Parameters on Short Range WRF Model Forecasts
Includes: Varma, A.K.[Atul K.] Varma, A.K.

Varma, C.M.B.S.[C.M.B. Seshikanth] Co Author Listing * Rough Core Vector Clustering

Varma, G.[Girish] Co Author Listing * Class2Str: End to End Latent Hierarchy Learning
* Deep Expander Networks: Efficient Deep Networks from Graph Theory
* Dynamic Block Sparse Reparameterization of Convolutional Neural Networks
* Efficient Semantic Segmentation Using Gradual Grouping
* IDD-AW: A Benchmark for Safe and Robust Segmentation of Drive Scenes in Unstructured Traffic and Adverse Weather
* IDD: A Dataset for Exploring Problems of Autonomous Navigation in Unconstrained Environments
* Universal Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Varma, G.[Girish] Varma, G.
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Varma, H.[Harshit] Co Author Listing * Deep Variational Segmentation of Topology-Constrained Object Sets, with Correlated Uncertainty Models, for Robustness to Degradations

Varma, J.[Jaithra] Co Author Listing * Cross Transferring Activity Recognition to Word Level Sign Language Detection

Varma, K. Co Author Listing * Fast JPEG2000 EBCOT Tier-1 Architecture That Preserves Coding Efficiency, A

Varma, K.C.R.C.[K. C. Ravi Chandra] Co Author Listing * Pyramid coding based rate control for variable bit rate video streaming
* Search range reduction for uni-prediction and bi-prediction in HEVC

Varma, M.[Manik] Co Author Listing * Classifying Images of Materials: Achieving Viewpoint and Illumination Independence
* Classifying materials from images: to cluster or not to cluster?
* Cross Transferring Activity Recognition to Word Level Sign Language Detection
* Enhancing NeRF akin to Enhancing LLMs: Generalizable NeRF Transformer with Mixture-of-View-Experts
* Estimating illumination direction from textured images
* Learning The Discriminative Power-Invariance Trade-Off
* Locally Invariant Fractal Features for Statistical Texture Classification
* Multi-modal Extreme Classification
* Multiple kernels for object detection
* Statistical Approach to Material Classification Using Image Patch Exemplars, A
* Statistical Approach to Texture Classification from Single Images, A
* Texture classification: are filter banks necessary?
* Unifying statistical texture classification frameworks
* ViLLA: Fine-Grained Vision-Language Representation Learning from Real-World Data
Includes: Varma, M.[Manik] Varma, M. Varma, M.[Manisimha] Varma, M.[Mukund] Varma, M.[Maya]
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Varma, M.R.R. Co Author Listing * Effect of cirrus cloud on normalized difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Aerosol Free Vegetation Index (AFRI): A study based on LANDSAT 8 images

Varma, O.R.[Om Ramakisan] Co Author Listing * COVID-19: A systematic review of prediction and classification techniques

Varma, P.[Paroma] Co Author Listing * Scene Graph Prediction With Limited Labels

Varma, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * efficient, bolus-stage based method for motion correction in perfusion weighted MRI, An
* Intercomparison of NO3 under Humid Conditions with Open-Path and Extractive IBBCEAS in an Atmospheric Reaction Chamber
* novel framework for segmentation of stroke lesions in Diffusion Weighted MRI using multiple b-value data, A
Includes: Varma, R.[Ravi] Varma, R.

Varma, S.[Sameer] Co Author Listing * Characterizing and Mapping Volcanic Flow Deposits on Mount St. Helens via Dual-Band SAR Imagery
* Novel Graph Based Clustering Technique for Hybrid Segmentation of Multi-spectral Remotely Sensed Images, A
* Probeable DARTS with Application to Computational Pathology
* Separating text and background in degraded document images: A comparison of global thresholding techniques for multi-stage thresholding
* Tool wear estimation from acoustic emissions: A model incorporating wear-rate
Includes: Varma, S.[Sameer] Varma, S.[Surender] Varma, S.[Sonal] Varma, S.

Varma, T.[Tarun] Co Author Listing * Generalised homomorphic and root filtering in 2D-nonseparable discrete linear canonical transform domains in the image enhancement applications

Varma, V.[Vishal] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Tissue Image Segmentation Using Semi-Supervised NMF and Hierarchical Clustering
* Instrument grasp: a model and its effects on handwritten strokes
Includes: Varma, V.[Vishal] Varma, V.[Venugopal]

Varma, V.S.[Vineeth Satheeskumar] Co Author Listing * Fuel-Efficient Switching Control for Platooning Systems With Deep Reinforcement Learning

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