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Vigna, F.D. Co Author Listing * Impromptu Crisis Mapping to Prioritize Emergency Response

Vignais, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Influence of the Physical Interface on the Quality of Human-Exoskeleton Interaction

Vignarajan, J.[Janardhan] Co Author Listing * Major automatic diabetic retinopathy screening systems and related core algorithms: a review

Vignati, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Modelling of the Vertical Dynamics of an Electric Kick Scooter

Vignaud, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Full 3D SPARKLING Trajectories for High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Vignaud, L. Co Author Listing * Inverse Synthetic-Aperture Radar Imaging of Satellites

Vigneau, W. Co Author Listing * Multipath Mitigation for GNSS Positioning in an Urban Environment Using Sparse Estimation

Vigneault, D.M.[Davis M.] Co Author Listing * Feature Tracking Cardiac Magnetic Resonance via Deep Learning and Spline Optimization
* M-SiSSR: Regional Endocardial Function Using Multilabel Simultaneous Subdivision Surface Registration

Vigneault, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Use of Oblique RGB Imagery and Apparent Surface Area of Plants for Early Estimation of Above-Ground Corn Biomass

Vigneron, D.B. Co Author Listing * Common-Mode Differential-Mode (CMDM) Method for Double-Nuclear MR Signal Excitation and Reception at Ultrahigh Fields
* Generating Super Stimulated-Echoes in MRI and Their Application to Hyperpolarized C-13 Diffusion Metabolic Imaging
* High Resolution ^13 C MRI With Hyperpolarized Urea: In Vivo T_2 Mapping and ^15 N Labeling Effects
* Kinetic Modeling of Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 Pyruvate Metabolism in the Human Brain
* Multi-Channel Microstrip Transceiver Arrays Using Harmonics for High Field MR Imaging in Humans
* Shielded Microstrip Array for 7T Human MR Imaging
* Spatio-Temporally Constrained Reconstruction for Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MRI Using Kinetic Models
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Vigneron, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive filtering and hypothesis testing: Application to cancerous cells detection
* Alzheimer's disease early detection from sparse data using brain importance maps
* Correlation, Independance and Inverse Modeling
* Detecting and Classifying Road Turn Directions from a Sequence of Images
* Detection and Counting of in vivo cells to predict cell migratory potential
* Face localization by neural networks trained with Zernike moments and Eigenfaces feature vectors. A comparison
* Poor Man Vote with M-ary Classifiers. Application to Iris Recognition
* Statistics for Image Processing
* Z-Images
Includes: Vigneron, V. Vigneron, V.[Vincent]
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Vignes, R. Co Author Listing * Growing a tree classifier with imprecise data

Vignesh, K. Co Author Listing * Abnormal Event Detection on BMTT-PETS 2017 Surveillance Challenge

Vignesh, K.A.[K. Annamalai] Co Author Listing * Multi class Support Vector Machines classifier for machine vision application

Vignesh, N. Co Author Listing * Application of Wavelet Footprints for Fingerprint Compression
* Design And Implementation of a Novel Video Coding Algorithm Using Wavelet Footprints and Nonlinear Approximation

Vignesh, P.V.[P. Vijay] Co Author Listing * SignPose: Sign Language Animation Through 3D Pose Lifting

Vignesh, R.[Ranjitha] Co Author Listing * Potential and Challenges of Harmonizing 40 Years of AVHRR Data: The TIMELINE Experience

Vigneshwaran, S. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Built-up Area Using High Resolution Sentinel-2a And Google Satellite Imagery
* Unsupervised learning-based clustering approach for smart identification of pathologies and segmentation of tissues in brain magnetic resonance imaging

Vigneswaran, C. Co Author Listing * Inspection and error analysis of Geneva gear on machine vision system using Sherlock™ and VB 6.0 Algorithm

Vignoles, G.[Geerard] Co Author Listing * Non-parametric synthesis of laminar volumetric textures from a 2D sample
* Optimal orientation estimators for detection of cylindrical objects
Includes: Vignoles, G.[Geerard] Vignoles, G.[Gérard]

Vignoles, G.L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Normals and Surface Area for Discrete 3-D Objects: Application to Snow Binary Data From X-Ray Tomography

Vignoli, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * 1D Stochastic Inversion of Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data with Realistic Prior and Accounting for the Forward Modeling Error
* Quasi-)Real-Time Inversion of Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data via Artificial Neural Network

Vignoli, M.[Michela] Co Author Listing * CultureCam: An Interactive Search Tool for Small Image Galleries

Vignoli, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * Pervasive Wireless Sensor Networks for the Monitoring of Large Monumental Structures: The Case of the Ancient City Walls of Siena

Vignolle, J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach for Anti-Scatter Grid Extraction in x-ray Imaging, A

Vignolles, C.[Cecile] Co Author Listing * Mapping Entomological Dengue Risk Levels in Martinique Using High-Resolution Remote-Sensing Environmental Data
* Re-emerging Malaria Vectors In Rural Sahel (nouna, Burkina Faso): The Paluclim Project
* Remote Sensing In A Changing Climate and Environment: The Rift Valley Fever Case
Includes: Vignolles, C.[Cecile] Vignolles, C.[Cécile] Vignolles, C.

Vignolo, A.[Alessia] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Use of Space-Time Primitives to Understand Human Movements
* Learning dictionaries of kinematic primitives for action classification

Vignolo, L.D.[Leandro D.] Co Author Listing * Feature optimisation for stress recognition in speech

Vignon Clementel, I.[Irene] Co Author Listing * Learning to Jointly Segment the Liver, Lesions and Vessels from Partially Annotated Datasets
Includes: Vignon Clementel, I.[Irene] Vignon-Clementel, I.[Irene]

Vignon Clementel, I.E. Co Author Listing * Tumor Cell Load and Heterogeneity Estimation From Diffusion-Weighted MRI Calibrated With Histological Data: an Example From Lung Cancer
Includes: Vignon Clementel, I.E. Vignon-Clementel, I.E.

Vignudelli, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Bathymetry from fusion of multi-temporal Landsat and radar altimetery
* Coastal Altimetry Products in the Strait of Gibraltar
* Detection and Characterization of Ship Targets Using CryoSat-2 Altimeter Waveforms
* Envisat RA-2 Individual Echoes: A Unique Dataset for a Better Understanding of Inland Water Altimetry Potentialities
* Spatio-Temporal Variability in Bio-Optical Properties of the Southern Caspian Sea: A Historic Analysis of Ocean Color Data
* Validation of Sentinel-3A SRAL Coastal Sea Level Data at High Posting Rate: 80 Hz
Includes: Vignudelli, S.[Stefano] Vignudelli, S.

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