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Whelan, B.M.[Brett M.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Optimised Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Retrieves Cotton Nitrogen Status
* Mapping of Cotton Fields Within-Season Using Phenology-Based Metrics Derived from a Time Series of Landsat Imagery

Whelan, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Realistic Skin Translucency

Whelan, J.W. Co Author Listing * Improved Gray Scale and the Coarse-Fine PCM Systems: Two New Digital TV Bandwidth Reduction Techniques, The

Whelan, K.M. Co Author Listing * Iterative Decoding of Scale Invariant Image Data-Hiding

Whelan, M.J.[Mick J.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration in a Semi-Arid Region Using Remote Sensing Data

Whelan, P.F.[Paul F.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Whelan, P.F.[Paul F.]: whelanp AT eeng dcu ie
* 3-D Facial Landmark Localization With Asymmetry Patterns and Shape Regression from Incomplete Local Features
* 3D Facial Landmark Localization Using Combinatorial Search and Shape Regression
* Active-meshes
* Adaptive noise removal approach for restoration of digital images corrupted by multimodal noise
* Adaptive Pre-Filtering Techniques for Colour Image Analysis
* Automatic Segmentation of Mitochondria in EM Data Using Pairwise Affinity Factorization and Graph-Based Contour Searching
* bin picking system based on depth from defocus, A
* Calibration and removal of lateral chromatic aberration in images
* Cellular Tracking in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Images
* Colon centreline calculation for CT colonography using optimised 3D opological thinning
* Colour saliency-based parameter optimisation for adaptive colour segmentation
* Comparing 3d Descriptors for Local Search of Craniofacial Landmarks
* Compensating inaccurate annotations to train 3D facial landmark localization models
* Convolutional neural network on three orthogonal planes for dynamic texture classification
* Cost-Effective HPC Clustering for Computer Vision Applications
* CTex: An Adaptive Unsupervised Segmentation Algorithm Based on Color-Texture Coherence
* Efficient Generic Calibration Method for General Cameras with Single Centre of Projection
* Efficient Morphological Reconstruction: A Downhill Filter
* Evaluating the performance and correlation of colour invariant local image feature detectors
* Evaluation of robustness against rotation of LBP, CCR and ILBP features in granite texture classification
* Experimentation on the Use of Chromaticity Features, Local Binary Pattern, and Discrete Cosine Transform in Colour Texture Analysis
* Experiments in colour texture analysis
* Hybrid Approach to Brain Extraction from Premature Infant MRI, A
* Image feature enhancement based on the time-controlled total variation flow formulation
* Image segmentation based on the integration of colour-texture descriptors: A review
* Integration of feature distributions for colour texture segmentation
* Intelligent Vision Systems for Industry
* Machine Vision Algorithms in Java: Techniques and Implementation
* Multi-resolution Texture Classification Based on Local Image Orientation
* New Anticorrelation-Based Spectral Clustering Formulation, A
* new GVF-based image enhancement formulation for use in the presence of mixed noise, A
* New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition, A
* Note on Feature Selection for Polyp Detection in CT Colonography
* Novel Framework for Tracking In-vitro Cells in Time-lapse Phase Contrast Data, A
* Novel Model-Based 3D {+} Time Left Ventricular Segmentation Technique, A
* Novel Visual Speech Representation and HMM Classification for Visual Speech Recognition, A
* On the projection similarity in line grouping
* On the quantitative analysis of craniofacial asymmetry in 3D
* Pose estimation for objects with planar surfaces using eigenimage and range data analysis
* Precise radial un-distortion of images
* Projective rectification from the fundamental matrix
* Real-Time Color Recognition in Symbolic Programming for Machine Vision Systems
* Real-time Registration of Paper Watermarks
* Removing Pose from Face Images
* Segmentation of the Left Ventricle of the Heart in 3-D+t MRI Data Using an Optimized Nonrigid Temporal Model
* Texture Enhanced Histogram Equalization Using TV-L^1 Image Decomposition
* Towards Dynamic Camera Calibration for Constrained Flexible Mirror Imaging
* Using filter banks in Convolutional Neural Networks for texture classification
* Which pattern? Biasing aspects of planar calibration patterns and detection methods
Includes: Whelan, P.F.[Paul F.] Whelan, P.F.
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Whelan, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Recovering Real-World Reflectance Properties and Shading From HDR Imagery

Wheller, J.J. Co Author Listing * Anti-aliased three-dimensional cone-beam reconstruction of low-contrast objects with algebraic methods
* Fast implementations of algebraic methods for three-dimensional reconstruction from cone-beam data

Whelley, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of dust devils and clouds on Mars
* Autonomous Detection of Dust Devils and Clouds on Mars
* Initial Results of Rover Localization and Topographic Mapping for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Whelley, P.L. Co Author Listing * LiDAR-Derived Surface Roughness Texture Mapping: Application to Mount St. Helens Pumice Plain Deposit Analysis

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