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EEMCV01 * *Workshop on Empirical Evaluation Methods in Computer Vision
* Classification experiments on real-world texture
* Comparative Evaluation of Moving Shadow Detection Algorithms
* Confidence interval measurement in performance analysis of biometrics systems using the bootstrap
* Empirical evaluation of graph partitioning measures for perceptual organization
* Empirical Evaluation on the Performance of Contour Trackers
* Empirical Performance Evaluation of Object Recognition Methods
* Empirical Studies of Kernel Methods for Face Recognition
* Meta-analysis of Face Recognition Algorithms
* Parametric and nonparametric methods for the statistical evaluation of HumanID algorithms
* Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Performance evaluation protocol for content-based image retrieval, A
* Quo Vidas Face Recognition?
* Stratified Methodology for Classifier and Recognizer Evaluation, A
* system for performance evaluation of arc segmentation algorithms, A
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EEMCV02 * *Workshop on Empirical Evaluation Methods in Computer Vision

EEMCV05 * *Workshop on Empirical Evaluation Methods in Computer Vision
* DISTATIS: The Analysis of Multiple Distance Matrices
* Empirical Evaluation of Advanced Ear Biometrics
* Evaluating Multi-Object Tracking
* Heteroscedastic Projection Based M-Estimators
* How Can We Evaluate Object Recognition Algorithms Using a Public Object Image Database?
* Measure for Objective Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms, A
* novel performance evaluation method of local detectors on non-planar scenes, A
* Predicting and Evaluating the Power of Shared Features
* Repeated Measures GLMM Estimation of Subject-Related and False Positive Threshold Effects on Human Face Verification Performance
* Screener Evaluation of Pseudo-Colored Single Energy X-ray Luggage Images
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EEMCV98 * *Workshop on Empirical Evaluation Methods in Computer Vision
* Analysis of PCA-based Face Recognition Algorithms
* Analytical and Empirical Performance Evaluation of Subpixel Line and Edge Detection
* Benchmark for Graphics Recognition Systems, A
* Empirical Evaluation of Automatically Extracted Road Axes
* Evaluation of Edge Detection Algorithms Using a Structure from Motion Task
* Fingerprint Image Enhancement: Algorithm and Performance Evaluation
* Objective Comparison Methodology of Edge Detection Algorithms Using a Structure from Motion Task, An
* Objective Evaluation of Edge Detectors Using a Formally Defined Framework
* Performance Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms for Scalable Image Retrieval
* Sensor Errors and the Uncertainties in Stereo Reconstruction
* Shape of Motion and the Perception of Human Gaits
* WWW-Accessible 3D Image and Model Database for Computer Vision Research, A
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