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8801 * *Three-Dimensional Imaging and Remote Sensing Imaging
* 3-D Shape Representation by Contours
* Active Vision
* Automated X-Ray Inspection of Aluminum Castings
* Automatic Solder Joint Inspection
* Automatic Wafer Inspection System Using Pipelined Image Processing Techniques, An
* Complexity Level Analysis of Immediate Vision, A
* Constraints on Length and Angle
* Dithering with Blue Noise
* Line Extraction Method for Automated SEM Inspection of VLSI Resist, A
* Linear Image Features in Stereopsis
* Measuring Photolithographic Overlay Accuracy and Critical Dimensions by Correlating Binarized Laplacian of Gaussian Convolutions
* Method and apparatus for on-line recognizing handwritten patterns
* Moment-Preserving Sharpening: A New Approach to Digital Picture Deblurring
* Monolithic Hough Transform Processor Based on Restructurable VLSI, A
* Multi-Scale Image Transforms
* New Chain-Coding Algorithm for Binary Images Using Run-Length Codes, A
* Optical Flow Using Spatiotemporal Filters
* Pipelined Image Analysis System Using Custom Integrated Circuits, A
* Real-Time Processor for the Hough Transform, A
* Restoration of Binary Images Using Contour Direction Chain Codes Description
* Rule Based Approach for Visual Pattern Inspection, A
* Snakes: Active Contour Models
* Special Issue I
* Structured Highlight Inspection of Specular Surfaces
* Synthesizing a Color Algorithm from Examples
* System for PCB Automated Inspection Using Fluorescent Light, A
* Tape Format for Transferral of Image Data and Source Programs, A
* Texture Measures for Carpet Wear Assessment
* Time- and Space-Optimal Algorithm for Boolean Mask Operations for Orthogonal Polygons, A
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