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9008 * 3-D Motion Estimation Using a Sequence of Noisy Stereo Images: Models, Estimation, and Uniqueness Results
* Automated Tactile Sensing Strategy for Planar Object Recognition and Localization, An
* Classification of abnormal cortisol patterns by features from Wigner spectra
* Computation of Component Image Velocity from Local Phase Information
* Computer Analysis of Visual Textures
* Data reductive image coding by bit-plane modifications
* Data structures for multilayer N-dimensional data using hierarchical structure
* Decomposing the Laplacian
* Detecting Runways in Complex Airport Scenes
* Determining Shape and Reflectance of Hybrid Surfaces by Photometric Sampling
* Discrete invertible affine transformations
* Document image processing system
* Doze detector
* Dynamic Strip Algorithm in Curve Fitting
* Efficient Linear Quadtree Construction Algorithm
* Evidence Accumulation Using Binary Frames of Discernment for Verification Vision
* Feature-Oriented Image Enhancement Using Shock Filters
* Generalized E-Filter and Its Application to Edge Detection
* Generalized graduated nonconvexity algorithm for maximum a posteriori image estimation
* Height and Gradient from Shading
* Image coding for level 3 Teletext and Videotext
* Image encoding apparatus
* Image Processing on the Macintosh
* Image Segmentation Using Maximum Gradient Profiles Orthogonal to Edges
* Indexing for Visual Recognition from a Large Model Base
* Industrial image processing by means of an image recognition integrated system
* Integrability Disambiguates Surface Recovery in Two-Image Photometric Stereo
* intelligent user interface to an image database using a figure interpretation method, An
* Interactive Processing and Archiving of Images
* K x K Thinning
* Method and apparatus for recognition of graphic symbols
* new perceptual model for video sequence encoding, A
* Novel Algorithm for Color Constancy, A
* Optical ranked-order filtering using threshold decomposition
* Perspective Approximations
* Predicting and Estimating the Accuracy of a Subpixel Registration Algorithm
* Predicting Multiple Feature Locations for a Class of Dynamic Image Sequences
* Probabilistic Peaking Effect of Viewed Angles and Distances with Application to 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Qualitative Navigation
* real time connected word recognition system, A
* Real-time modeling of image sequences based on hidden Markov mesh random field models
* Regularization of Inverse Problems in Low-Level Vision While Preserving Discontinuities
* Road Edge Tracking for Robot Road Following: A Real-Time Implementation
* Selective and Focused Invariant Recognition Using Distributed Associative Memories (DAM)
* State of the Art in On-Line Handwriting Recognition, The
* Structure Feature for Image Processing Applications Based on Spiral Functions, A
* Symbolic Construction of a 2-D Scale-Space Image
* Underwater navigation by video sequence analysis
* Using apparent boundary and convex hull for the shape characterization of foraminifera images
* Viewpoint-specific Representations in Three-dimensional Object Recognition
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