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Ansaldi, S. Co Author Listing * Edge-Face Graph Representations of Solid Objects

Ansalone, L. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Detection of Wildfires By Using Prisma Hyperspectral Imagery

Ansamaki, J. Co Author Listing * Edge detection in multispectral images using the self-organizing map
* Two-Stage Multispectral Image Compression Using the Self-Organizing Map
Includes: Ansamaki, J. Ansamäki, J. (Maybe also Ansamaeki, J.)

Ansan, V. Co Author Listing * Generation of a Digital Elevation Model-Based on Synthetic-Aperture Radar Airborne Stereoscopic Images: Application to Airsar Images (Hawaii)

Ansar, A.[Adnan] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ansar, A.[Adnan]: Adnan I Ansar AT jpl nasa gov
* Analysis of Spacecraft Localization from Descent Image Data for Pinpoint Landing on Mars and Other Cratered Bodies, An
* Enhanced real-time stereo using bilateral filtering
* Linear Augmented Reality Registration
* Linear Pose Estimation from Points or Lines
Includes: Ansar, A.[Adnan] Ansar, A.

Ansar, A.I.[Adnan I.] Co Author Listing * Robust Registration of Aerial Image Sequences

Ansari Asl, K.[Karim] Co Author Listing * Object tracking by mean shift and radial basis function neural networks
Includes: Ansari Asl, K.[Karim] Ansari-Asl, K.[Karim]

Ansari, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * EGA-Depth: Efficient Guided Attention for Self-Supervised Multi-Camera Depth Estimation
* Vehicle Detection with Automotive Radar Using Deep Learning on Range-Azimuth-Doppler Tensors
Includes: Ansari, A.[Amin] Ansari, A.

Ansari, A.C. Co Author Listing * perceptually-based motion compensated video encoder, A

Ansari, A.F.[A. Fatir] Co Author Listing * Characteristic Function Approach to Deep Implicit Generative Modeling, A
* Exercise classification and event segmentation in Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination videos
Includes: Ansari, A.F.[A. Fatir] Ansari, A.F.[Abdul Fatir]

Ansari, A.N.[A Nasser] Co Author Listing * 3-D face modeling using two views and a generic face model with application to 3-D face recognition
* 3D Face Mesh Modeling from Range Images for 3D Face Recognition
* Automatic facial feature extraction and 3D face modeling using two orthogonal views with application to 3D face recognition
* Disparity-Based 3D Face Modeling for 3D Face Recognition
* Multi-modal (2-D and 3-D) face modeling and recognition using Attributed Relational Graph
* multimodal approach for 3D face modeling and recognition using 3D deformable facial mask, A
* Tracking multiple people with recovery from partial and total occlusion
Includes: Ansari, A.N.[A Nasser] Ansari, A.N.[A-Nasser]
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Ansari, A.Q. Co Author Listing * e-Document retrieval using rough-set theory
* Online signature verification using GA-SVM
* Online signature verification using segment-level fuzzy modelling

Ansari, H. Co Author Listing * Efficient Phase Estimation for Interferogram Stacks
* Sequential Estimator: Toward Efficient InSAR Time Series Analysis
* Study of Systematic Bias in Measuring Surface Deformation With SAR Interferometry

Ansari, I.A.[Irshad Ahmad] Co Author Listing * fast and efficient image watermarking scheme based on Deep Neural Network, A
* Machine learning based blind color image watermarking scheme for copyright protection
* Multipurpose image watermarking in the domain of DWT based on SVD and ABC
* reversible and multipurpose ECG data hiding technique for telemedicine applications, A

Ansari, I.S. Co Author Listing * Secrecy Outage Analysis for SIMO Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks over Generalized-K Fading Channels

Ansari, J.A. Co Author Listing * Open Voice Command Interface Kit, An

Ansari, K. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Position Prediction: Beyond Vehicle-to-Vehicle Relative Positioning
* Joint use of DSRC and C-V2X for V2X communications in the 5.9 GHz ITS band
* Runtime Integrity Monitoring Framework for Real-Time Relative Positioning Systems Based on GPS and DSRC, A
* Study of a geo-multicast framework for efficient message dissemination at unmanned level crossings
Includes: Ansari, K. Ansari, K.[Keyvan]

Ansari, M. Co Author Listing * Water Salinity Mapping of Karun Basin Located in Iran Using The Svr Method

Ansari, M.A. Co Author Listing * enhanced framework for identifying brain tumor using discrete wavelet transform, deep convolutional network, and feature fusion-based machine learning techniques, An

Ansari, M.D.[Mohammad Dawud] Co Author Listing * DNA-SLAM: Dense Noise Aware SLAM for ToF RGB-D Cameras

Ansari, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fusion by Reinforcement Learning for Distributed Detection Systems
* Deep knowledge integration of heterogeneous features for domain adaptive SAR target recognition
* Image Reconstruction Using Matched Wavelet Estimated From Data Sensed Compressively Using Partial Canonical Identity Matrix
* Intrusion Detection and Ejection Framework Against Lethal Attacks in UAV-Aided Networks: A Bayesian Game-Theoretic Methodology
* Landmark-Based Shape Recognition by a Modified Hopfield Neural Network
* Non-Parametric Dominant Point Detection
* Nonlinear Filtering by Threshold Decomposition
* Note on Two-Dimensional Landmark-Based Object Recognition, A
* On Detecting Dominant Points
* On the Distribution of a Deforming Triangle
* Optimal Positioning of Ground Base Stations in Free-Space Optical Communications for High-Speed Trains
* Partial Shape Recognition: A Landmark-Based Approach
* Quality-Driven Cross-Layer Solution for MPEG Video Streaming Over WiMAX Networks, A
* Range Image Based Point Cloud Colorization Using Conditional Generative Model
* Reliable Application Layer Multicast Over Combined Wired and Wireless Networks
* Reversible data hiding
* Robust Lossless Image Data Hiding Designed for Semi-Fragile Image Authentication
* Shape Recognition: A Landmark-Based Approach
* Smart Traffic Monitoring System Using Computer Vision and Edge Computing
* Speeding up the generalized adaptive neural filters
* Steering a Robot with Vanishing Points
Includes: Ansari, N. Ansari, N.[Nirwan] Ansari, N.[Naushad]
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Ansari, R. Co Author Listing * Automated Real-Time Conjunctival Microvasculature Image Stabilization
* Compensated Signature Embedding Based Multimedia Content Authentication System
* Convulsive Movement Detection using Low-Resolution Thermopile Sensor Array
* Cyclic articulated human motion tracking by sequential ancestral simulation
* Effects of image preprocessing/resizing on diagnostic quality of compressed medical images
* Efficient tracking of cyclic human motion by component motion
* Eye tracking using Markov models
* Frequency-based local content adaptive filtering algorithm for automated photoreceptor cell density quantification
* Gesture Cues for Conversational Interaction in Monocular Video
* Gesture, Speech, and Gaze Cues for Discourse Segmentation
* Improved Image-Based Localization Using SFM and Modified Coordinate System Transfer
* Iterative compensation schemes for multimedia content authentication
* Kernel Particle Filter for Visual Tracking
* Kernel particle filter: iterative sampling for efficient visual tracking
* Learning Pain from Action Unit Combinations: A Weakly Supervised Approach via Multiple Instance Learning
* Low-Complexity Video Compression Combining Adaptive Multifoveation and Reuse of High-Resolution Information
* Mitigating the Limited View Problem in Photoacoustic Tomography for a Planar Detection Geometry by Regularized Iterative Reconstruction
* Multiple Object Tracking with Kernel Particle Filter
* Real-time low-complexity adaptive approach for enhanced QoS and error resilience in MPEG-2 video transport over RTP networks
* Real-Time Tracking with Multiple Cues by Set Theoretic Random Search
* Relative effects of resolution and quantization on the quality of compressed medical images
* Robust tracking of cyclic nonrigid motion
* Visual Communications and Image Processing '96
Includes: Ansari, R. Ansari, R.[Rashid] Ansari, R.[Rehman]
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Ansari, R.A. Co Author Listing * Noise Filtering of Remotely Sensed Images using Iterative Thresholding of Wavelet and Curvelet Transforms

Ansari, S.[Shahzeb] Co Author Listing * Driver Mental Fatigue Detection Based on Head Posture Using New Modified reLU-BiLSTM Deep Neural Network
* Learning Single Camera Depth Estimation Using Dual-Pixels
* Overview of Emergency Communication Networks, An
Includes: Ansari, S.[Shahzeb] Ansari, S. Ansari, S.[Shuja]

Ansari, S.A.[Sameer A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic 4D Flow MRI Segmentation Using the Standardized Difference of Means Velocity

Ansarian, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Realistic Augmentation for Effective 2d Human Pose Estimation Under Occlusion

Ansarizadeh, F.[Fatemeh] Co Author Listing * Deterministic sampling in heterogeneous graph neural networks

Ansart, L.[Louise] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a 4D Web Application for Analytical Visualization of Smart City Applications

Ansary, M.N.[Md Nazmuddoha] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Intertidal Topography from Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Imagery: Synergy between Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling

Ansary, T.F.[Tarik Filali] Co Author Listing * 3D-Model search engine from photos
* Bayesian approach for 3D models retrieval based on characteristic views, A
* Bayesian framework for 3D models retrieval based on characteristic views, A
* On 3D Retrieval from Photos
Includes: Ansary, T.F.[Tarik Filali] Ansary, T.F.

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