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Ebraheem, M. Co Author Listing * Learning a Privacy-Preserving Global Feature Set for Mood Classification Using Smartphone Activity and Sensor Data

Ebrahim Shiri, M. Co Author Listing * Integration of colour and uniform interlaced derivative patterns for object tracking

Ebrahim, A.Y.[Anwar Yahya] Co Author Listing * Features selection for offline handwritten signature verification: state of the art

Ebrahim, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-phase joint reconstruction framework for multi-view video compression using block-based compressive sensing

Ebrahim, Y.[Yasser] Co Author Listing * Efficient Shape Representation and Description Technique, An
* novel warping distance measure, A
* Shape Matching Using a Novel Warping Distance Measure
* Shape representation and description using the Hilbert curve
* Significantly Improving Scan-Based Shape Representations Using Rotational Key Feature Points
* Template-Based Shape Representation Technique, A
* View-Based 3D Object Shape Representation Technique, A
Includes: Ebrahim, Y.[Yasser] Ebrahim, Y.
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Ebrahimi Moghadam, A. Co Author Listing * Matching Pursuit-Based Region-of-Interest Image Coding
* No-reference quality assessment of HEVC video streams based on visual memory modelling
Includes: Ebrahimi Moghadam, A. Ebrahimi-Moghadam, A. Ebrahimi-Moghadam, A.[Abbas]

Ebrahimi, A.[Ataollah] Co Author Listing * Classification of Plant Ecological Units in Heterogeneous Semi-Steppe Rangelands: Performance Assessment of Four Classification Algorithms
* Introducing ARTMO's Machine-Learning Classification Algorithms Toolbox: Application to Plant-Type Detection in a Semi-Steppe Iranian Landscape
* Introducing Transfer Leaming to 3D ResNet-18 for Alzheimer's Disease Detection on MRI Images
* Nested Multi-view Image Classification
* Optimizing Energy Consumption of Vehicle Sensor Networks Based On The K-means Clustering Method and Ant Colony Algorithm
* pictorial dictionary for printed Farsi subwords, A
* Vegetation Types Mapping Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Images in the Google Earth Engine Platform
Includes: Ebrahimi, A.[Ataollah] Ebrahimi, A. Ebrahimi, A.[Abdolghani] Ebrahimi, A.[Afshin]
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Ebrahimi, D.[Dariush] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Information Freshness for MEC-Enabled Cooperative Autonomous Driving
* UAV-Assisted Content Delivery in Intelligent Transportation Systems-Joint Trajectory Planning and Cache Management

Ebrahimi, E. Co Author Listing * Carryover effects of calibration to visual and proprioceptive information on near field distance judgments in 3D user interaction
* Designing Virtual Environments for Smoking Cessation: A Preliminary Investigation
* Virtual Access to STEM Careers: Two Preliminary Investigations
Includes: Ebrahimi, E. Ebrahimi, E.[Elham]

Ebrahimi, H. Co Author Listing * Intercalibration of Cross-Track Scanners in GPM Constellation

Ebrahimi, J.[Javid] Co Author Listing * Topic-Aware Physical Activity Propagation in a Health Social Network

Ebrahimi, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sampling for Feature Detection, Tracking, and Recognition on Mobile Platforms
* Artist-Guided Semiautomatic Animation Colorization
* Automatic Temporally Coherent Video Colorization
* Challenges of Sentiment Analysis for Dynamic Events
* Coupled multi-frame super-resolution with diffusive motion model and total variation regularization
* Edge-Informed Single Image Super-Resolution
* EdgeConnect: Structure Guided Image Inpainting using Edge Prediction
* Efficient Algorithm for Computing the Derivative of Mean Structural Similarity Index Measure, An
* Efficient nonlocal-means denoising using the SVD
* Examining the Role of Scale in the Context of the Non-Local-Means Filter
* Flexible 2D-3D Parametric Image Registration Algorithm for Cardiac MRI, A
* Fractal Image Coding as Projections Onto Convex Sets
* Gait-dependent Traversability Estimation on the k-rock2 Robot
* Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation With Adversarial Neural Representation Learning: Experiments on E-Commerce and Cybersecurity
* Image Colorization Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Image Registration under Varying Illumination: Hyper-Demons Algorithm
* Lesion Localization in Paediatric Epilepsy Using Patch-based Convolutional Neural Network
* Measure-Valued Images, Associated Fractal Transforms, and the Affine Self-Similarity of Images
* Necessary and Sufficient Contractivity Condition for the Fractal Transform Operator, A
* Note on Boosting Algorithms for Image Denoising, A
* PDE Approach to Coupled Super-Resolution with Non-parametric Motion, A
* Simultaneous filter tuning and calibration of the camera and inertial measurement unit camera for a vision inertial navigation system
* Slice-to-Volume Image Registration Models for MRI-Guided Cardiac Procedures
* Solving the Inverse Problem of Image Zooming Using Self-Examples
* SUSurE: Speeded Up Surround Extrema feature detector and descriptor for realtime applications
* Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification
* Unsupervised Learning Approach to Discontinuity-preserving Image Registration, An
* Vanishing point detection in corridors: using hough transform and K-means clustering
Includes: Ebrahimi, M. Ebrahimi, M.[Mehran] Ebrahimi, M.[Mohammadreza] Ebrahimi, M.[Masoud] Ebrahimi, M.[Mosalam]
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Ebrahimi, S.[Sayna] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Continual Learning
* Compositional GAN: Learning Image-Conditional Binary Composition
* Contrastive Test-Time Adaptation
* DualPrompt: Complementary Prompting for Rehearsal-Free Continual Learning
* Generalized Zero- and Few-Shot Learning via Aligned Variational Autoencoders
* Predicting with Confidence on Unseen Distributions
* Self-Supervised Pretraining Improves Self-Supervised Pretraining
* Variational Adversarial Active Learning
Includes: Ebrahimi, S.[Sayna] Ebrahimi, S.
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Ebrahimi, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate video object segmentation through change detection
* Adaptive image replica detection based on support vector classifiers
* Advanced imaging systems curricula at EPFL
* Analytical Study of JPEG 2000 Functionalities, An
* Annoyance of spatio-temporal artifacts in segmentation quality assessment
* Assessment of Stereoscopic Crosstalk Perception
* Attention Driven Foveated Video Quality Assessment
* Automatic Webcam-Based Human Heart Rate Measurements Using Laplacian Eigenmap
* Balancing Attended and Global Stimuli in Perceived Video Quality Assessment
* Benchmarking of objective quality metrics for HDR image quality assessment
* Calculation of average coding efficiency based on subjective quality scores
* Cast shadow segmentation using invariant color features
* Change detection and background extraction by linear algebra
* Codec-Independent Scalable Distributed Video Coding
* Coding of 3D virtual objects with NURBS
* Crowd-based quality assessment of multiview video plus depth coding
* DEAP: A Database for Emotion Analysis Using Physiological Signals
* Distributed Video Coding: Selecting the most promising application scenarios
* Dynamic Approach To Visual Data-Compression
* Dynamic Coding of Visual Information
* Dynamic Video Coding: An Overview
* Efficient Rotation-Discriminative Template Matching
* Efficient video coding based on audio-visual focus of attention
* Error-resilient scalable compression based on distributed video coding
* Evaluation of JPEG XT for high dynamic range cameras
* Feature point extraction using scale-space representation
* Framework for Evaluating Video Object Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Fusion-based multiview distributed video coding
* H.264/AVC video scrambling for privacy protection
* High Dynamic Range Imaging Technology
* High-performance compression of visual information: A tutorial review. I. Still pictures
* Image compression by Gabor expansion
* Image Quality Prediction for Bitrate Allocation
* Image transmorphing with JPEG
* Implicit retrieval of salient images using Brain Computer Interface
* Improved Side Information Generation for Distributed Video Coding by Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Correlations
* Improved side information generation with iterative decoding and frame interpolation for Distributed Video Coding
* Introduction to the Special Section on Visual Computing in the Cloud: Fundamentals and Applications
* Iterative Multiview Side Information for Enhanced Reconstruction in Distributed Video Coding
* JPEG 2000 performance evaluation and assessment
* JPEG 2000 Suite, The
* JPEG AI Standard: Providing Efficient Human and Machine Visual Data Consumption, The
* JPEG Pleno: Toward an Efficient Representation of Visual Reality
* JPEG XS: A New Standard for Visually Lossless Low-Latency Lightweight Image Coding
* JPEG XT: A Compression Standard for HDR and WCG Images
* JPEG XT: A New Family of JPEG Backward-Compatible Standards
* JPEG2000: The upcoming still image compression standard
* Matching Error Based Criterion of Region Merging for Joint Motion Estimation and Segmentation Techniques
* Method and apparatus for a region-based approach to coding a sequence of video images
* Motion Compensated Generic Coding of Video Based on Multiresolution Data Structure
* Moving object detection between multiple and color images
* MPEG-4 natural video coding: An overview
* MPEG-4 video verification model: A video encoding/decoding algorithm based on content representation
* MPEG-7 Camera
* MPEG-based personalized content delivery
* Multimedia content analysis for emotional characterization of music video clips
* New Technique for Motion Field Segmentation and Coding for Very Low Bitrate Video Coding Applications, A
* New Trends in Very-Low Bitrate Video Coding
* no-reference perceptual blur metric, A
* Novel Replica Detection System using Binary Classifiers, R-Trees, and PCA, A
* Objective evaluation of segmentation quality using spatio-temporal context
* Objective Evaluation of the Perceptual Quality of 3D Watermarking
* Objective metrics for quality of experience in stereoscopic images
* Objective quality metrics for video scalability
* On Block Prediction for Learning-Based Point Cloud Compression
* Open-Set Person Re-Identification Through Error Resilient Recurring Gallery Building
* Overview and evaluation of the JPEG XT HDR image compression standard
* Perceptual blur and ringing metrics: Application to JPEG2000
* perceptual quality metric for stereoscopic crosstalk perception, A
* Perceptual Quality Study on Deep Learning Based Image Compression
* Prediction of asynchronous dimensional emotion ratings from audiovisual and physiological data
* Privacy in mini-drone based video surveillance
* Progressive Content-Based Shape Compression for Retrieval of Binary Images
* Progressive video coding for storage applications
* Quality assessment of a stereo pair formed from decoded and synthesized views using objective metrics
* Quality Evaluation Of Static Point Clouds Encoded Using MPEG Codecs
* Quality of multimedia experience
* Quality of Multimedia: Challenges and Trends, The
* Rate-distortion evaluation for two-layer coding systems
* Reliable and Reversible Image Privacy Protection Based on False Colors, A
* Saliency Driven Perceptual Quality Metric for Omnidirectional Visual Content
* Scalable Shape Representation for Content-Based Visual Data Compression
* Scrambling for Privacy Protection in Video Surveillance Systems
* Scrambling for Video Surveillance with Privacy
* Scrambling-based tool for secure protection of JPEG images
* Semantic video analysis for adaptive content delivery and automatic description
* Shadow Identification and Classification Using Invariant Color Models
* Shadow-aware object-based video processing
* Spatial noise shaping using convex optimization for perceptual image coding
* Special Issue Introduction, JPEG 2000
* Special Issue on Image security: secure imaging--is it necessary?
* Special Issue on Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Video Coding
* Special Issue on Video Sequence Segmentation for Content Based Processing and Manipulation
* Streaming of Photo-Realistic Texture Mapped on 3D Surface
* Subject-Independent Odor Pleasantness Classification Using Brain and Peripheral Signals
* Subjective Quality Assessment of H.264/AVC Video Streaming with Packet Losses
* Subjective Quality Evaluation via Paired Comparison: Application to Scalable Video Coding
* Surveillance video for mobile devices
* Temporal synchronization in stereoscopic video: Influence on quality of experience and automatic asynchrony detection
* Towards Fully Automatic Image Segmentation Evaluation
* Towards Generic Detection of Unusual Events in Video Surveillance
* Towards high efficiency video coding: Subjective evaluation of potential coding technologies
* Towards Modelling of Visual Saliency in Point Clouds for Immersive Applications
* Towards optimal distortion-based visual privacy filters
* Towards Perceptually Driven Segmentation Evaluation Metrics
* Towards Second Generation Watermarking Schemes
* Tracking Video Objects in Cluttered Background
* Two-Level Bimodal Association for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Using face morphing to protect privacy
* Video Object Extraction Based on Adaptive Background and Statistical Change Detection
* Video quality metric based on fixation prediction and foveal imaging
* Video Segmentation Based on Multiple Features for Interactive Multimedia Applications
* Visual Data Compression for Multimedia Applications
* Watermarked 3-D Mesh Quality Assessment
Includes: Ebrahimi, T. Ebrahimi, T.[Touradj]
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Ebrahimian, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Method for Updating Fuel Inputs for Wildfire Behavior Models Using Sentinel Imagery and Random Forest Classification, A

Ebrahimian, R. Co Author Listing * Change Vector Analysis Method to Monitor Drought Using Landsat Data, A

Ebrahimikia, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Building Extraction From Lidar Point Cloud Data in The Fusion Of Orthoimage

Ebrahimnezhad, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * 3D hand pose estimation from a single RGB image by weighting the occlusion and classification
* Hierarchical Human Action Recognition by Normalized-Polar Histogram
* Lip Segmentation Using Level Set Method: Fusing Landmark Edge Distance and Image Information
* NLME: a nonlinear motion estimation-based compression method for animated mesh sequence
* Pose-invariant face recognition based on matching the occlusion free regions aligned by 3D generic model
* Robust motion from space curves and 3d reconstruction from multiviews using perpendicular double stereo rigs

Ebrahimpour komleh, H. Co Author Listing * ACO-based Intrusion Detection Method in Computer Networks using Fuzzy Association Rules
* Application of Fractal Image-Set Coding in Facial Recognition, An
* Face Recognition Using Fractal Codes
* Novel Hybrid Pyramid Texture-Based Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Prediction and Detection of car accidents in video by deep learning
* Unknown aware k nearest neighbor classifier
Includes: Ebrahimpour komleh, H. Ebrahimpour-komleh, H. Ebrahimpour-Komleh, H.[Hossein] Ebrahimpour-Komleh, H.

Ebrahimpour, M.K.[Mohammad K.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Head Deep Metric Learning Using Global and Local Representations
* Ventral-Dorsal Neural Networks: Object Detection Via Selective Attention
Includes: Ebrahimpour, M.K.[Mohammad K.] Ebrahimpour, M.K.

Ebrahimpour, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Combining RtL and LtR HMMs to recognise handwritten Farsi words of small- and medium-sized vocabularies
* Handwritten Farsi Word Recognition Using NN-Based Fusion of HMM Classifiers with Different Types of Features
* Improving mixture of experts for view-independent face recognition using teacher-directed learning
* Modification and hardware implementation of cortex-like object recognition model
* Novel Iterative Rigid Image Registration Algorithm Based on the Newton Method, A
* Teacher-directed learning in view-independent face recognition with mixture of experts using overlapping eigenspaces
* Teacher-directed learning in view-independent face recognition with mixture of experts using single-view eigenspaces
* Vanishing point detection in corridors: using hough transform and K-means clustering
* View-independent face recognition with Mixture of Experts
Includes: Ebrahimpour, R.[Reza] Ebrahimpour, R.
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Ebrahimpour, Z.[Zeinab] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Social-Geographic Human Mobility Patterns Using Large-Scale Social Media Data
* Analyzing the Spatiotemporal Patterns in Green Spaces for Urban Studies Using Location-Based Social Media Data
* Comparison of Main Approaches for Extracting Behavior Features from Crowd Flow Analysis

Ebrahimy, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Per-pixel land cover accuracy prediction: A random forest-based method with limited reference sample data
* RUESVMs: An Ensemble Method to Handle the Class Imbalance Problem in Land Cover Mapping Using Google Earth Engine

Ebrahimzadeh, A. Co Author Listing * On-Demand Video Streaming Schemes Over Shared-WDM-PONs

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