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Figueira, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * HDA+ Data Set for Research on Fully Automated Re-identification Systems, The
* Multiple Hypothesis Tracking in camera networks
* Optical Flow Based Detection in Mixed Human Robot Environments
* Re-identification of Visual Targets in Camera Networks: A Comparison of Techniques
* Semi-supervised multi-feature learning for person re-identification
* Window-Based Classifier for Automatic Video-Based Reidentification, A
Includes: Figueira, D.[Dario] Figueira, D.

Figueira, N.M. Co Author Listing * Mission-Oriented Sensor Arrays and UAVs: A Case Study on Environmental Monitoring

Figueira, W.[Will] Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Precision of Habitat Structural Complexity Metrics Derived from Underwater Photogrammetry
* Optimising Sampling Strategies in Coral Reefs Using Large-Area Mosaics

Figueiras Vidal, A.R.[Anibal R.] Co Author Listing * Boosting ensembles with controlled emphasis intensity
* Class Switching according to Nearest Enemy Distance for learning from highly imbalanced data-sets
* Genetic Algorithm for Noisy Channel Color Quantization Design, A
* Growing support vector classifiers with controlled complexity
* Laplace Approximation for Divisive Gaussian Processes for Nonstationary Regression
* Neural network for ordinal classification of imbalanced data by minimizing a Bayesian cost
* On Using Cooccurrence Matrices to Detect Periodicities
* Optimum Bayesian thresholds for rebalanced classification problems using class-switching ensembles
* robust support vector algorithm for nonparametric spectral analysis, A
* Training neural network classifiers through Bayes risk minimization applying unidimensional Parzen windows
Includes: Figueiras Vidal, A.R.[Anibal R.] Figueiras-Vidal, A.R.[Aníbal R.] Figueiras-Vidal, A.R. Figueiras Vidal, A.R.
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Figueiras, F.G.[Francisco G.] Co Author Listing * Primary Production, an Index of Climate Change in the Ocean: Satellite-Based Estimates over Two Decades

Figueiredo, A.[Augusto] Co Author Listing * MoRe: A Large-Scale Motorcycle Re-Identification Dataset

Figueiredo, E.[Elin] Co Author Listing * Integrated Remote-Sensing and GIS Approach for Mapping Past Tin Mining Landscapes in Northwest Iberia, An

Figueiredo, E.O.[Evandro O.] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Estimation in Amazonian Tropical Forests: a Comparison of Aircraft- and GatorEye UAV-borne LiDAR Data in the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve in Acre, Brazil

Figueiredo, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Immunogold Particles from Electron Microscopy Images

Figueiredo, G.K.D.A.[Gleyce Kelly Dantas Araujo] Co Author Listing * Classification of Crops, Pastures, and Tree Plantations along the Season with Multi-Sensor Image Time Series in a Subtropical Agricultural Region
* Imputation of Missing Parts in UAV Orthomosaics Using PlanetScope and Sentinel-2 Data: A Case Study in a Grass-Dominated Area
* Mapping Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems Using Fused Sentinel-2 and PlanetScope Time Series and Deep Learning
* Monitoring Pasture Aboveground Biomass and Canopy Height in an Integrated Crop-Livestock System Using Textural Information from PlanetScope Imagery
Includes: Figueiredo, G.K.D.A.[Gleyce Kelly Dantas Araujo] Figueiredo, G.K.D.A.[Gleyce Kelly Dantas Araújo] Figueiredo, G.K.D.A.[Gleyce K. D. A.]

Figueiredo, I.N. Co Author Listing * Automated Polyp Detection in Colon Capsule Endoscopy
* Automatic Optic Disc Detection in Retinal Fundus Images Based on Geometric Features
* Bag of Visual Words Approach for Bleeding Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images
* Hybrid multi-GPU computing: accelerated kernels for segmentation and object detection with medical image processing applications
* Image-Driven Parameter Estimation in Absorption-Diffusion Models of Chromoscopy
* Pattern Classes in Retinal Fundus Images Based on Function Norms
* Segmentation Model and Application to Endoscopic Images, A
* Spatially adaptive total variation deblurring with split Bregman technique
* Variational Image Segmentation for Endoscopic Human Colonic Aberrant Crypt Foci
* Wavelet-Based Computer-Aided Detection of Bright Lesions in Retinal Fundus Images
Includes: Figueiredo, I.N. Figueiredo, I.N.[Isabel N.]
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Figueiredo, J.[Joana] Co Author Listing * E-Cadherin Radial Distribution Characterization for Mutation Detection Purposes

Figueiredo, L. Co Author Listing * Dynamical analysis of freeway traffic
* Generalizable Multi-Camera 3D Pedestrian Detection
* impact of domain randomization on cross-device monocular deep 6DoF detection, The
* Improving motor rehabilitation process through a natural interaction based system using Kinect sensor
Includes: Figueiredo, L. Figueiredo, L.[Lucas]

Figueiredo, L.S.[Lucas Silva] Co Author Listing * High-level context representation for emotion recognition in images

Figueiredo, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * ATLAS: Latest Advancements and First Observations
* Enhancing Object Detection in Maritime Environments Using Metadata
* Novel fiducial and non-fiducial approaches to electrocardiogram-based biometric systems
Includes: Figueiredo, M.[Mario] Figueiredo, M.[Mário] Figueiredo, M.[Mónica] Figueiredo, M.

Figueiredo, M.A.T.[Mario A.T.] Co Author Listing * 2D Shape Recognition Using Information Theoretic Kernels
* Absolute Phase Image-Reconstruction: A Stochastic Nonlinear Filtering Approach
* Activity Recognition Using a Mixture of Vector Fields
* Adaptive B-Splines and Boundary Estimation
* Adaptive discontinuity location in image restoration
* Adaptive sparseness for supervised learning
* augmented Lagrangian approach to linear inverse problems with compound regularization, An
* Augmented Lagrangian Approach to the Constrained Optimization Formulation of Imaging Inverse Problems, An
* Bayesian Approach to Joint Feature Selection and Classifier Design, A
* Bayesian Estimation of Ventricular Contours in Angiographic Images
* Bayesian Image Segmentation Using Gaussian Field Priors
* Bayesian Image Segmentation Using Wavelet-Based Priors
* Bayesian Learning of Sparse Classifiers
* biclustering approach based on factor graphs and the max-sum algorithm, A
* Blind Estimation of Motion Blur Parameters for Image Deconvolution
* Blind image deblurring using class-adapted image priors
* Blind image deblurring with unknown boundaries using the alternating direction method of multipliers
* Block-Gaussian-Mixture Priors for Hyperspectral Denoising and Inpainting
* Class-adapted image compression using independent component analysis
* Class-specific image denoising using importance sampling
* Class-specific poisson denoising by patch-based importance sampling
* Classification of complex pedestrian activities from trajectories
* Clustering via binary embedding
* Coding Theoretic Approach to Image Segmentation
* Combining free energy score spaces with information theoretic kernels: Application to scene classification
* Consensus Clustering Using Partial Evidence Accumulation
* Convergent Image Fusion Algorithm Using Scene-Adapted Gaussian-Mixture-Based Denoising, A
* Cosegmentation for Image Sequences
* Deconvolving Images With Unknown Boundaries Using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Decreasing Weighted Sorted L_1 Regularization
* Defect Detection in Textile Images Using Gabor Filters
* Discriminative model selection for object motion recognition
* Discriminative model selection using a modified Bayesian criterion: Application to trajectory modeling
* Efficient feature selection filters for high-dimensional data
* EM algorithm for wavelet-based image restoration, An
* Exploiting the Bin-Class Histograms for Feature Selection on Discrete Data
* External Patch-Based Image Restoration Using Importance Sampling
* Fast Image Recovery Using Variable Splitting and Constrained Optimization
* Frame-based deconvolution of Poissonian images using alternating direction optimization
* Frame-based image deblurring with unknown boundary conditions using the alternating direction method of multipliers
* Guest editors' Introduction to the special section on energy minimization methods in computer vision and pattern recognition
* Image Classification for Content-Based Indexing
* Image restoration and reconstruction using variable splitting and class-adapted image priors
* Image restoration under wavelet-domain priors: An expectation-maximization approach
* Image Segmentation for the Application of the Neugebauer Colour Prediction Model on Inkjet Printed Ceramic Tiles
* Image super-segmentation: Segmentation with multiple labels from shuffled observations
* Incremental Bit Allocation Strategy for Supervised Feature Discretization, An
* Independent increment processes for human motion recognition
* Information Theoretic Text Classification Using the Ziv-Merhav Method
* Interferometric image reconstruction as a nonlinear Bayesian estimation problem
* iterative algorithm for linear inverse problems with compound regularizers, An
* Local Features Applied to Dermoscopy Images: Bag-of-Features versus Sparse Coding
* Majorization-Minimization Algorithms for Wavelet-Based Image Restoration
* Moving Horizon Estimation of Pedestrian Interactions Based on Multiple Velocity Fields
* Moving horizon estimation of pedestrian interactions using multiple velocity fields
* Multiple Motion Fields for Multiple Types of Agents
* Multiplicative Noise Removal Using Variable Splitting and Constrained Optimization
* Navigating in Manhattan: 3D orientation from video without correspondences
* New TwIST: Two-Step Iterative Shrinkage/Thresholding Algorithms for Image Restoration, A
* On Gaussian Radial Basis Function Approximations: Interpretation, Extensions, and Learning Strategies
* On the Role of Sparse and Redundant Representations in Image Processing
* On the use of independent component analysis for image compression
* On Total Variation Denoising: A New Majorization-Minimization Algorithm and an Experimental Comparison with Wavalet Denoising
* On-Line Classification of Human Activities
* One-Lead ECG-based Personal Identification Using Ziv-Merhav Cross Parsing
* Orientation in Manhattan: Equiprojective Classes and Sequential Estimation
* Parameter Estimation for Blind and Non-Blind Deblurring Using Residual Whiteness Measures
* Parametric Blur Estimation for Blind Restoration of Natural Images: Linear Motion and Out-of-Focus
* Plug-and-play approach to class-adapted blind image deblurring
* Recognition of Human Activities Using Space Dependent Switched Dynamical Models
* Region-Based Correspondence Between 3D Shapes via Spatially Smooth Biclustering
* Regularization Parameter Selection in Minimum Volume Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Restoration of Poissonian Images Using Alternating Direction Optimization
* Robust Sparse Recovery in Impulsive Noise via Continuous Mixed Norm
* Satellite and aerial image deconvolution using an EM method with complex wavelets
* Semi-Supervised Learning of Switched Dynamical Models for Classification of Human Activities in Surveillance Applications
* Sequential and Parallel Image Restoration: Neural Network Implementations
* sequential pruning strategy for the selection of the number of states in hidden Markov models, A
* Sharpening Hyperspectral Images Using Spatial and Spectral Priors in a Plug-and-Play Algorithm
* Similarity-Based Classification of Sequences Using Hidden Markov Models
* Simulated Tearing: An Algorithm for Discontinuity-Preserving Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Simultaneous Feature Selection and Clustering Using Mixture Models
* Soft clustering using weighted one-class support vector machines
* Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression: Fast Algorithms and Generalization Bounds
* Spectrometric differentiation of yeast strains using minimum volume increase and minimum direction change clustering criteria
* Spike and slab biclustering
* Total variation restoration of speckled images using a split-bregman algorithm
* Trajectory analysis in natural images using mixtures of vector fields
* Trajectory Analysis Using Switched Motion Fields: A Parametric Approach
* Trajectory Classification Using Switched Dynamical Hidden Markov Models
* Trajectory Modeling Using Mixtures of Vector Fields
* Two-Step Algorithms for Linear Inverse Problems with Non-Quadratic Regularization
* Ultrasound And Magnetic Resonance Image Fusion Using A Patch-Wise Polynomial Model
* unsupervised approach to feature discretization and selection, An
* Unsupervised contour estimation
* Unsupervised Contour Representation and Estimation Using B-Splines and a Minimum Description Length Criterion
* Unsupervised Image Restoration and Edge Location Using Compound Gauss-Markov Random-Fields and the MDL Principle
* Unsupervised Joint Feature Discretization and Selection
* Unsupervised Learning of Finite Mixture Models
* Unsupervised learning of motion patterns using generative models
* Unsupervised progressive parsing of Poisson fields using minimum description length criteria
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Poisson Data
* Unsupervised Selection and Estimation of Finite Mixture Models
* Wavelet-Based Image Estimation: An Empirical Bayes Approach Using Jeffreys' Noninformative Prior
Includes: Figueiredo, M.A.T.[Mario A.T.] Figueiredo, M.A.T. Figueiredo, M.A.T.[Mário A.T.] Figueiredo, M.A.T.[Mario A. T.] Figueiredo, M.A.T.[Mário A. T.]
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Figueiredo, N.[Nelson] Co Author Listing * Deep learning approaches for workout repetition counting and validation
* Exploring Workout Repetition Counting and Validation Through Deep Learning

Figueiredo, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Automatic HyperParameter Estimation in fMRI
* Bayesian Approach to Perfusion Imaging Using ASL MRI, A
* Characterization and Reduction of MR-Environment-Related EEG Artefacts
* Decoding visual brain states from fMRI using an ensemble of classifiers
* Description and Classification of Confocal Endomicroscopic Images for the Automatic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
* Frame Interpolation for Dynamic Scenes with Implicit Flow Encoding
* Scalp EEG Continuous Space ERD/ERS Quantification
* Summarization of films and documentaries based on subtitles and scripts
Includes: Figueiredo, P.[Patricia] Figueiredo, P.[Patrícia] Figueiredo, P.[Pedro] Figueirêdo, P.[Pedro] Figueiredo, P.[Paulo]
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Figueiredo, P.N. Co Author Listing * Automated Polyp Detection in Colon Capsule Endoscopy
* Image-Driven Parameter Estimation in Absorption-Diffusion Models of Chromoscopy
* Segmentation Model and Application to Endoscopic Images, A
* Variational Image Segmentation for Endoscopic Human Colonic Aberrant Crypt Foci
Includes: Figueiredo, P.N. Figueiredo, P.N.[Pedro N.]

Figueiredo, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Learning to Perform Visual Tasks from Human Demonstrations
* Learning to Search for Objects in Images from Human Gaze Sequences

Figueiredo, V.F.[Victor F.] Co Author Listing * Embedded Coding of Point Cloud Attributes
* Point Cloud Compression Incorporating Region of Interest Coding
* Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees for Point Cloud Attribute Compression
Includes: Figueiredo, V.F.[Victor F.] Figueiredo, V.F.

Figuera, M.[Marianna] Co Author Listing * Abstracting Stone Walls for Visualization and Analysis

Figuera, R.M.[Ramiro Marco] Co Author Listing * Depth to Diameter Analysis on Small Simple Craters at the Lunar South Pole: Possible Implications for Ice Harboring

Figueras i Ventura, R.M. Co Author Listing * Geometric Video Approximation Using Weighted Matching Pursuit
* Low-Rate and Flexible Image Coding With Redundant Representations
* MPEG-7 Camera
* Statistically Driven Sparse Image Approximation
Includes: Figueras i Ventura, R.M. Figueras i Ventura, R.M.[Rosa M.]

Figueras, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Semantic-Based Image Analysis with the Goal of Assisting Artistic Creation

Figueredo, G.P. Co Author Listing * Identifying Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving Styles in the United Kingdom

Figueroa Casas, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Riparian forest buffers dynamics in Colombian basins by Landsat Time Series
* Determining the effects of ENSO phenomena on Andean areas by applying radiometric indices on long time series
* Land cover change dynamics and multi-factor analysis in high mountains basins of Colombian Andes
* Multiclass Land Use and Land Cover Classification of Andean Sub-Basins in Colombia with Sentinel-2 and Deep Learning
Includes: Figueroa Casas, A. Figueroa-Casas, A. Figueroa-Casas, A.[Apolinar]

Figueroa Flores, C.[Carola] Co Author Listing * Saliency for free: Saliency prediction as a side-effect of object recognition
Includes: Figueroa Flores, C.[Carola] Figueroa-Flores, C.[Carola]

Figueroa Nazuno, J. Co Author Listing * Eigenconjugation: An Approach for Computing Image Similarity
Includes: Figueroa Nazuno, J. Figueroa-Nazuno, J.

Figueroa Preciado, G.[Gudelia] Co Author Listing * Chlorophyll a Concentration Distribution on the Mainland Coast of the Gulf of California, Mexico
* Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Variability of the Eastern Coastal Zone of the Gulf of California
* Variability of Chl a Concentration of Priority Marine Regions of the Northwest of Mexico
Includes: Figueroa Preciado, G.[Gudelia] Figueroa-Preciado, G.[Gudelia]

Figueroa Villanueva, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Performance Analysis of JPEG 2000 vs. WSQ for Fingerprint Image Compression, A
* Secure Protocol for Data Hiding in Compressed Fingerprint Images, A
* Super-Resolution Face View Synthesis using a Mobile Face Capture System
Includes: Figueroa Villanueva, M.A.[Miguel A.] Figueroa-Villanueva, M.A.[Miguel A.] Figueroa-Villanueva, M.A.

Figueroa, A.[Alejandra] Co Author Listing * Fine-Grained Large-Scale Vulnerable Communities Mapping via Satellite Imagery and Population Census Using Deep Learning

Figueroa, A.J.[Anjuli Jain] Co Author Listing * Mapping Sugarcane in Central India with Smartphone Crowdsourcing

Figueroa, D.[Deyanira] Co Author Listing * Implementing Cloud Computing for the Digital Mapping of Agricultural Soil Properties from High Resolution UAV Multispectral Imagery
* Preliminary Study of Wave Energy Resource Using an HF Marine Radar, Application to an Eastern Southern Pacific Location: Advantages and Opportunities, A
Includes: Figueroa, D.[Deyanira] Figueroa, D.[Dante]

Figueroa, E. Co Author Listing * How Much Carbon Is Stored In Deserts? An Approach For The Chilean Atacama Desert Using Landsat-8 Products

Figueroa, H.R. Co Author Listing * Finding learned obstacles to avoid collisions in autonomous robotic navigation

Figueroa, H.V.R. Co Author Listing * Estimation of time-to-contact from Tau-margin and statistical analysis of behavior

Figueroa, K.[Karina] Co Author Listing * Boosting the Permutation Based Index for Proximity Searching
* Effective Permutant Selection Heuristic for Proximity Searching in Metric Spaces, An
* Effective Proximity Retrieval by Ordering Permutations
* Fast Automatic Detection of Wildlife in Images from Trap Cameras
* Feature Extraction as Ellipse of Wild-Life Images
* Fixed Height Queries Tree Permutation Index for Proximity Searching
* Improving the List of Clustered Permutation on Metric Spaces for Similarity Searching on Secondary Memory
* Improving the permutation-based proximity searching algorithm using zones and partial information
* Shortening the Candidate List for Similarity Searching Using Inverted Index
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Figueroa, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Latent Feature-Guided Diffusion Models for Shadow Removal

Figueroa, M.[Marissa] Co Author Listing * Automated High-Resolution Time Series Mapping of Mangrove Forests Damaged by Hurricane Irma in Southwest Florida

Figueroa, M.O.[Miguel Ochoa] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease from Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy using Deep Neural Networks

Figueroa, N.[Nadia] Co Author Listing * 3D Registration for Verification of Humanoid Justin's Upper Body Kinematics
* Segmentation and Pose Estimation of Planar Metallic Objects

Figueroa, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Easying MR Development with Eclipse and InTml
* Three-dimensional digitization of highly reflective and transparent objects using multi-wavelength range sensing
Includes: Figueroa, P.[Pablo] Figueroa, P.

Figueroa, P.A.[Pablo A.] Co Author Listing * Building New Mixed Reality Devices
* Methods to reduce cybersickness and enhance presence for in-place navigation techniques
* Ramps are better than stairs to reduce cybersickness in applications based on a HMD and a Gamepad
Includes: Figueroa, P.A.[Pablo A.] Figueroa, P.A.

Figueroa, P.J.[Pascual J.] Co Author Listing * Background recovering in outdoor image sequences: An example of soccer players segmentation
* Tracking soccer players aiming their kinematical motion analysis
* Tracking soccer players using the graph representation
Includes: Figueroa, P.J.[Pascual J.] Figueroa, P.J.

Figueroa, R. Co Author Listing * Hairline Fracture Detection using MRF and Gibbs Sampling
* Precipitation Characteristics at Two Locations in the Tropical Andes by Means of Vertically Pointing Micro-Rain Radar Observations
Includes: Figueroa, R. Figueroa, R.[Rafael]

Figueroa, R.L.[Rosa L.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Search of Nursing Diagnoses

Figueroa, S.M.[Steven M.] Co Author Listing * MorphEst: An Automated Toolbox for Measuring Estuarine Planform Geometry from Remotely Sensed Imagery and Its Application to the South Korean Coast

Figueroa, S.N.[Silvio Nilo] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Carbon Monoxide and Aerosol Optical Depth Simulations from CAM-Chem Using Satellite Observations
* Towards Unified Online-Coupled Aerosol Parameterization for the Brazilian Global Atmospheric Model (BAM): Aerosol-Cloud Microphysical-Radiation Interactions

Figura, T.[Tadeusz] Co Author Listing * Coupling of Dual Channel Waveform ALS and Sonar for Investigation of Lake Bottoms and Shore Zones

Figurnov, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Spatially Adaptive Computation Time for Residual Networks

Figurska, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Discontinuity in the Spatial Distribution of Apartment Prices Using Voronoi Diagrams

Figurski, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Impact of GNSS Processing Strategies on the Long-Term Parameters of 20 Years IWV Time Series

Figus, C.[Cecile] Co Author Listing * Tackling Inter-class Similarity and Intra-class Variance for Microscopic Image-Based Classification
Includes: Figus, C.[Cecile] Figus, C.[Cécile]

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