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Krauß, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Automated DSM based Georeferencing of CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Scenes
* Automatic Model Selection for 3D Reconstruction of Buildings from Satellite Imagary
* Automatic Rooftop Extraction in Stereo Imagery Using Distance And Building Shape Regularized Level Set Evolution
* Automatic surface classification for retrieving areas which are highly endangered by extreme rain
* Benchmarking and quality analysis of DEM generated from high and very high resolution optical stereo satellite data
* Building Roof Component Extraction from Panchromatic Satellite Images Using a Clustering-Based Method
* Enhanced Algorithm for Automatic Radiometric Harmonization Of High-resolution Optical Satellite Imagery Using Pseudoinvariant Features And Linear Regression, An
* Exploiting Satellite Focal Plane Geometry for Automatic Extraction of Traffic Flow from Single Optical Satellite Imagery
* Extracting Orthogonal Building Objects in Urban Areas from High Resolution Stereo Satellite Image Pairs
* Fully Automatic Optical Processing System CATENA at DLR, The
* Generation of COARSE 3D Models of Urban Areas from High Resolution Stereo Satellite Image
* Morphological filling of digital elevation models
* New Method To Detect Regions Endangered By High Wind Speeds, A
* Precise Aerial Image Orientation Using SAR Ground Control Points For Mapping of Urban Landmarks
* Preprocessing of Satellite Data for Urban Object Extraction
* Refinement of Urban Digital Elevation Models from Very High Resolution Stereo Satellite Images
* Region Based Forest Change Detection from CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Imagery
* Statistical Building Roof Reconstruction from Worldview-2 Stereo Imagery
* Towards HD Maps from Aerial Imagery: Robust Lane Marking Segmentation Using Country-Scale Imagery
* Traffic Flow Estimation from Single Satellite Images
Includes: Krauß, T.[Thomas] Krauß, T.
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Krauledat, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Importance-Weighted Cross-Validation for Covariate Shift

Kraus, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Boosting Instance Segmentation with Synthetic Data: A study to overcome the limits of real world data sets
* Time Series Analysis of Multisensor Data for Precision Viticulture: Assessing Microscale Variations in Plant Development with Respect to Irrigation and Topography
* Toward a European Facility for Ground-Based Radar Observations of Near-Earth Objects
Includes: Kraus, A.[Andrea] Kraus, A.[Anja] Kraus, A.[Alexander]

Kraus, C.N.[Cleber Nunes] Co Author Listing * Phytoplankton Genera Structure Revealed from the Multispectral Vertical Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient

Kraus, D. Co Author Listing * Contributions to Automatic Target Recognition Systems for Underwater Mine Classification
* Coupled curve evolution equations for ternary images in sidescan-sonar images guided by Lamé curves for object recognition
* hybrid relevance measure for feature selection and its application to underwater objects recognition, A
* Modeling Distance Nonlinearity in ToF Cameras and Correction Based on Integration Time Offsets
Includes: Kraus, D. Kraus, D.[Dieter]

Kraus, E.J. Co Author Listing * Gray-scale granulometries compatible with spatial scalings

Kraus, F. Co Author Listing * Seeing Around Street Corners: Non-Line-of-Sight Detection and Tracking In-the-Wild Using Doppler Radar
* Seeing Through Fog Without Seeing Fog: Deep Multimodal Sensor Fusion in Unseen Adverse Weather

Kraus, J. Co Author Listing * VLSI chip set for DPCM coding of HDTV signals, A

Kraus, K. Co Author Listing * Determination of terrain models in wooded areas with airborne laser scanner data
* Method to Design Filters for Image Smoothing, A

Kraus, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * AerialMPTNet: Multi-Pedestrian Tracking in Aerial Imagery Using Temporal and Graphical Features
* GPU-Based Edge-Directed Image Interpolation
* Multiple Pedestrians and Vehicles Tracking in Aerial Imagery Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Pointing with a One-Eyed Cursor for Supervised Training in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery
* Practical Implementation of a Graphics Turing Test
* Towards the Development of a Trustworthy Chatbot for Mental Health Applications
Includes: Kraus, M.[Maximilian] Kraus, M.[Martin] Kraus, M. Kraus, M.[Matthias]

Kraus, O.[Oren] Co Author Listing * RxRx1: A Dataset for Evaluating Experimental Batch Correction Methods

Kraus, S. Co Author Listing * Concept for An Automated Approach of Public Transport Vehicles to A Bus Stop, A
* Concept on Landmark Detection In Road Scene Images Taken From A Top-view Camera System
* Multi-robot adversarial patrolling: Handling sequential attacks
* When security games hit traffic: A deployed optimal traffic enforcement system
Includes: Kraus, S. Kraus, S.[Sarit]

Kraus, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Markov-Gibbs model based registration of CT lung images using subsampling for the follow-up assessment of pleural thickenings
* Potential and Challenges of Harmonizing 40 Years of AVHRR Data: The TIMELINE Experience
* Relative height error analysis of TanDEM-X elevation data
* Scientific Evidence from Space: A Review of Spaceborne Remote Sensing Applications at the Science-Policy Interface
* Wrapped Staring Spotlight SAR
Includes: Kraus, T.[Thomas] Kraus, T.[Tanja] Kraus, T.

Kraus, U.E. Co Author Listing * Training-Sequence Assisted QAM-Concepts for Digital Terrestrial TV Transmission

Kraus, W. Co Author Listing * Headway Control in Bus Transit Corridors Served by Multiple Lines
* Iterative Quadratic Optimization for the Bus Holding Control Problem
* Microsimulation Analysis of Practical Aspects of Traffic Control With Variable Speed Limits
* Real-Time Integrated Holding and Priority Control Strategy for Transit Systems

Krause, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Cherry-Picking Gradients: Learning Low-Rank Embeddings of Visual Data via Differentiable Cross-Approximation
* Hierarchical Image Classification using Entailment Cone Embeddings
* Higher-Order Inference for Multi-class Log-Supermodular Models
* Optimizing Sensing: Theory and Applications
* Semi-supervised Learning for Grain Size Distribution Interpolation
* Suggesting Sounds for Images from Video Collections
Includes: Krause, A.[Andreas] Krause, A.[Anna]

Krause, B.J. Co Author Listing * Markov Random-Field Segmentation of Brain MR-Images

Krause, C.E.[Claire E.] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Monitoring the Multi-Decadal Dynamics of Australia's Open Waterbodies Using Landsat

Krause, D.[Detmar] Co Author Listing * Potential and Challenges of Harmonizing 40 Years of AVHRR Data: The TIMELINE Experience

Krause, E.A.[Edward A.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion compensation using a plurality of motion compensators

Krause, F.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition of scanned technical drawings

Krause, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Representations for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Efficient Learning of Neural Networks with Evolutionary Algorithms
* Fine-Grained Categorization for 3D Scene Understanding
* Fine-Grained Crowdsourcing for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Fine-grained recognition without part annotations
* Hedging your bets: Optimizing accuracy-specificity trade-offs in large scale visual recognition
* Hierarchical Approach for Generating Descriptive Image Paragraphs, A
* ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge
* Learning Features and Parts for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowd for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Spiral interpolation algorithm for multislice spiral CT. I. Theory
* Spiral interpolation algorithms for multislice spiral CT. II. Measurement and evaluation of slice sensitivity profiles and noise at a clinical multislice system
* Tool Detection and Operative Skill Assessment in Surgical Videos Using Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks
* Unreasonable Effectiveness of Noisy Data for Fine-Grained Recognition, The
Includes: Krause, J.[Jonathan] Krause, J.[Jochen] Krause, J.
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Krause, J.R.[Johannes R.] Co Author Listing * Emerging Sensor Platforms Allow for Seagrass Extent Mapping in a Turbid Estuary and from the Meadow to Ecosystem Scale

Krause, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * Detecting Change in Forest Structure with Simulated GEDI Lidar Waveforms: A Case Study of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA; Adelges tsugae) Infestation
* From LiDAR Waveforms to Hyper Point Clouds: A Novel Data Product to Characterize Vegetation Structure
* Gold: A novel deconvolution algorithm with optimization for waveform LiDAR processing
* Simulations of Leaf BSDF Effects on Lidar Waveforms

Krause, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Fast retinal vessel analysis
* MOTS: Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation

Krause, O.[Oswin] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Active Learning for Maximal Information Gain on Model Parameters
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Segmentation and Object Detection of Human Semen
* Population-Contrastive-Divergence: Does consistency help with RBM training?

Krause, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Detection of Blood Perfusion
* Taxonomy and Survey of Edge Cloud Computing for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Connected Vehicles, A
* Water Balance Modeling in a Semi-Arid Environment with Limited in situ Data Using Remote Sensing in Lake Manyara, East African Rift, Tanzania
Includes: Krause, P.[Paul] Krause, P.

Krause, R.[Rolf] Co Author Listing * Learning Atrial Fiber Orientations and Conductivity Tensors from Intracardiac Maps Using Physics-Informed Neural Networks

Krause, S. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Remote-PPG Pulse Extraction in Disturbance Scenarios Utilizing Spectral Characteristics
* Remission based improvement of extrinsic parameter calibration of camera and laser scanner
* UAV-Based Photogrammetric Tree Height Measurement for Intensive Forest Monitoring
Includes: Krause, S. Krause, S.[Stuart]

Krause, W. Co Author Listing * Instantaneous Coherence as a Sensible Parameter for Considering Human Information Processing

Kraushaar, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Classifying Sparse Vegetation in a Proglacial Valley Using UAV Imagery and Random Forest Algorithm

Krauskopf, E. Co Author Listing * Real-time depth fusion using a low-cost depth sensor array

Krauss, C. Co Author Listing * Real Time Tracking of Moving Objects with an Active Camera

Krauss, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * How Do Methods Assimilating Sentinel-2-Derived LAI Combined with Two Different Sources of Soil Input Data Affect the Crop Model-Based Estimation of Wheat Biomass at Sub-Field Level?

Krauss, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * 3D Change Detection inside Urban Areas using different Digital Surface Models
* DTM generation in forest regions from satellite stereo imagery
* Enhancement of dense urban digital surface models from VHR optical satellite stereo data by pre-segmentation and object detection
* Establishing a Remote Sensing Science Center in Cyprus: First Year of Activities of ATHENA Project
* Excelsior H2020 Widespread Teaming Phase 2 Project: Earth Observation and Geoinformatics Research and Innovation Agenda for Cultural Heritage
* method for geometric processing of optical satellite images using automatically determined ground control information, A
* Performance Assessment Of Fully Automatic Three-dimensional City Model Reconstruction Methods
* Traffic monitoring with serial images from airborne cameras
Includes: Krauss, T.[Thomas] Krauss, T.
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Krausz, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition in Videos Using Nonnegative Tensor Factorization
* Analyzing pedestrian behavior in crowds for automatic detection of congestions
* Automatic detection of dangerous motion behavior in human crowds
* Loveparade 2010: Automatic video analysis of a crowd disaster

Krausz, N. Co Author Listing * Environmental Data Delivery for Automotive Simulations By Laser Scanning
* Quality Aspects of High-definition Maps

Krautblatter, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Performance Testing of Optical Flow Time Series Analyses Based on a Fast, High-Alpine Landslide

Krauter, K.O. Co Author Listing * SENROB vision-system and its philosophy, The

Krautgartner, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Optimal Image Processing Architecture for Active Vision Systems

Krauth, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * Differential-Based Geometry and Texture Editing with Brushes

Krautli, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Building and Interpreting Deep Similarity Models
Includes: Krautli, F.[Florian] Kräutli, F.[Florian] (Maybe also Kraeutli, F.)

Krautwurst, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Reduced Methane Emissions from Santa Barbara Marine Seeps

Krauz, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Assessing Cloud Segmentation in the Chromacity Diagram of All-Sky Images
Includes: Krauz, L.[Lukas] Krauz, L.[Lukáš]

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