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Novo Fernandez, A.[Alis] Co Author Listing * Integration of National Forest Inventory and Nationwide Airborne Laser Scanning Data to Improve Forest Yield Predictions in North-Western Spain
Includes: Novo Fernandez, A.[Alis] Novo-Fernández, A.[Alís]

Novo, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Automated Structural Forest Changes Using Lidar Point Clouds and GIS Analyses
* Automatic Detection of Forest-road Distances to Improve Clearing Operations in Road Management
* Automatic Processing of Aerial LiDAR Data to Detect Vegetation Continuity in the Surroundings of Roads
* First Approach to UAV-based Contact Inspection: a Smart Payload For Navigation in The Neighbourhood of Structures
* Mapping Forest Fire Risk: A Case Study in Galicia (Spain)
* Remote Sensing Approach to Evaluate Post-fire Vegetation Structure
* UAV and Satellite Imagery Applied to Alien Species Mapping in NW Spain
* Virtual Excavation: Combining 3D Immersive Virtual Reality and Geophysical Surveying, A
Includes: Novo, A.[Ana] Novo, A. Novo, A.[Alexandre]
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Novo, E.[Evlyn] Co Author Listing * Forest Fragmentation in the Lower Amazon Floodplain: Implications for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Provision to Riverine Populations
* Hybrid Chlorophyll-a Algorithm for Assessing Trophic States of a Tropical Brazilian Reservoir Based on MSI/Sentinel-2 Data
* Retrieving Total and Inorganic Suspended Sediments in Amazon Floodplain Lakes: A Multisensor Approach

Novo, E.M.L.M.[Evlyn M.L.M.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Adjacency Correction over Inland Waters Using Sentinel-2 MSI Images
* Multifrequency and Full-Polarimetric SAR Assessment for Estimating Above Ground Biomass and Leaf Area Index in the Amazon Várzea Wetlands
* Seasonal and interannual assessment of cloud cover and atmospheric constituents across the Amazon (2000-2015): Insights for remote sensing and climate analysis

Novo, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * 3D lung nodule candidate detection in multiple scales
* 3D Retinal Vessel Tree Segmentation and Reconstruction with OCT Images
* Central Medialness Adaptive Strategy for 3D Lung Nodule Segmentation in Thoracic CT Images
* Detection of reactions to sound via gaze and global eye motion analysis using camera streaming
* Evolutionary multiobjective optimization of Topological Active Nets
* Feature Definition and Selection for Epiretinal Membrane Characterization in Optical Coherence Tomography Images
* High/Low Quality Style Transfer for Mutual Conversion of OCT Images Using Contrastive Unpaired Translation Generative Adversarial Networks
* Improving AMD Diagnosis by the Simultaneous Identification of Associated Retinal Lesions
* Localisation of the optic disc by means of GA-optimised Topological Active Nets
* On the Automatic Normalization of Plaque Regions in Ultrasound Images of the Carotid
* On the use of a minimal path approach for target trajectory analysis
* Optic Disc Segmentation by Means of GA-Optimized Topological Active Nets
* Optical Coherence Tomography Denoising by Means of a Fourier Butterworth Filter-Based Approach
* Optimization of Topological Active Models with Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms
* Pulmonary-Restricted COVID-19 Informative Visual Screening Using Chest X-ray Images from Portable Devices
* Reliable Lung Segmentation Methodology by Including Juxtapleural Nodules
* Unsupervised contrastive unpaired image generation approach for improving tuberculosis screening using chest X-ray images
* Unsupervised Deformable Image Registration in a Landmark Scarcity Scenario: Choroid OCTA
Includes: Novo, J.[Jorge] Novo, J.
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Novoa, A.[Andra] Co Author Listing * Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on a Suitable Combination of Deformable Models and Artificial Neural Networks Techniques
* Computer Aided Diagnosis System to Detect Breast Cancer Pathological Lesions

Novoa, J. Co Author Listing * Locally Normalized Filter Banks Applied to Deep Neural-Network-Based Robust Speech Recognition

Novoa, S.[Stefani] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Corrections and Multi-Conditional Algorithm for Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing of Suspended Particulate Matter in Low-to-High Turbidity Levels Coastal Waters
* Conserving Ecosystem Diversity in the Tropical Andes
* Potential of High Spatial and Temporal Ocean Color Satellite Data to Study the Dynamics of Suspended Particles in a Micro-Tidal River Plume
Includes: Novoa, S.[Stefani] Novoa, S.[Stéfani] Novoa, S.[Sidney]

Novogrozky, Y. Co Author Listing * Image Motion Restoration from a Sequence of Images

Novosel, J. Co Author Listing * Joint Segmentation of Retinal Layers and Focal Lesions in 3-D OCT Data of Topologically Disrupted Retinas
* RotInvMTL: Rotation Invariant MultiNet on Fisheye Images for Autonomous Driving Applications
* Segmentation of Locally Varying Numbers of Outer Retinal Layers by a Model Selection Approach

Novoselov, S. Co Author Listing * Doppelganger Mining for Face Representation Learning
* Plda-based system for text-prompted password speaker verification

Novotna, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Digitization, Visualization and Accessibility of Globe Virtual Collection: Case Study Juttner's Globe
Includes: Novotna, E.[Eva] Novotná, E.[Eva]

Novotna, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Ecohydrological and Climatological Zoning of the Cities: Case Study of the City of Pilsen
Includes: Novotna, M.[Marie] Novotná, M.[Marie]

Novotny, D.[David] Co Author Listing * AnchorNet: A Weakly Supervised Network to Learn Geometry-Sensitive Features for Semantic Matching
* C3DPO: Canonical 3D Pose Networks for Non-Rigid Structure From Motion
* Capturing the Geometry of Object Categories from Video Supervision
* Cascaded Sparse Spatial Bins for Efficient and Effective Generic Object Detection
* Common Objects in 3D: Large-Scale Learning and Evaluation of Real-life 3D Category Reconstruction
* DensePose 3D: Lifting Canonical Surface Maps of Articulated Objects to the Third Dimension
* Discovering Relationships between Object Categories via Universal Canonical Maps
* Feature Query Networks: Neural Surface Description for Camera Pose Refinement
* I Have Seen Enough: Transferring Parts Across Categories
* KeyTr: Keypoint Transporter for 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Objects in Videos
* Learning 3D Object Categories by Looking Around Them
* Learning the Structure of Objects from Web Supervision
* Nerfels: Renderable Neural Codes for Improved Camera Pose Estimation
* NeuroMorph: Unsupervised Shape Interpolation and Correspondence in One Go
* RidgeSfM: Structure from Motion via Robust Pairwise Matching Under Depth Uncertainty
* Self-supervised Correspondence Estimation via Multiview Registration
* Self-Supervised Learning of Geometrically Stable Features Through Probabilistic Introspection
* Semi-convolutional Operators for Instance Segmentation
* Unsupervised Learning of 3D Object Categories from Videos in the Wild
Includes: Novotny, D.[David] Novotny, D.
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Novotny, J. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Dry Intrusion On Water Vapor Images Over Central Europe: June 2010 To September 2011
* Dynamic of Fluorescence Emissions at O2A and O2B Telluric Absorption Bands in Forested Areas with Seasonal APAR and GPP Variations
* Visualisation Of Dependencies Between City Structure And Thermal Behaviour In Brno
Includes: Novotny, J. Novotný, J.[Jan]

Novotny, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * World of Fast Moving Objects, The
Includes: Novotny, L.[Lukas] Novotný, L.[Lukáš]

Novotny, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Leaf Recognition by Moments and Fourier Descriptors
* SAMIRA-SAtellite Based Monitoring Initiative for Regional Air Quality
Includes: Novotny, P.[Petr] Novotný, P.[Petr]

Novotny, T. Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition utilizing a low-cost depth sensor

Novovic, O.[Olivera] Co Author Listing * Uncovering the Relationship between Human Connectivity Dynamics and Land Use

Novovicova, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive floating search methods in feature selection
* Advances in the statistical methodology for the selection of image descriptors for visual pattern representation and classification
* Analysis of the Max-Min Approach to Feature Selection and Ordering, An
* Automatic Machine Learning of Decision Rules for Classification Problems in Image Analysis
* Building Road-Sign Classifiers Using a Trainable Similarity Measure
* Conditional Mutual Information Based Feature Selection for Classification Task
* Divergence Based Feature-Selection for Multimodal Class Densities
* Dynamic Oscillating Search algorithm for feature selection
* Evaluating Stability and Comparing Output of Feature Selectors that Optimize Feature Subset Cardinality
* Evaluating the Stability of Feature Selectors That Optimize Feature Subset Cardinality
* Feature Selection Based on Divergence for Empirical Class Densities
* Feature Selection Based on the Approximation of Class Densities by Finite Mixtures of Special Type
* Feature selection toolbox software package
* Flexible-Hybrid Sequential Floating Search in Statistical Feature Selection
* Floating Search Methods for Feature Selection with Nonmonotonic Criterion Functions
* Floating Search Methods in Feature-Selection
* Initializing Normal Mixtures of Densities
* Multistage Pattern Recognition with Reject Option
* Oscillating Feature Subset Search Algorithm for Text Categorization
* Simultaneous Learning of Decision Rules and Important Attributes for Classification Problems in Image-Analysis
* Structural poisson mixtures for classification of documents
* Trainable Similarity Measure for Image Classification, A
* Variance estimation for two-class and multi-class ROC analysis using operating point averaging
Includes: Novovicova, J. Novovicová, J. Novovicová, J.[Jana] Novovicova, J.[Jana]
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Novoviova, J. Co Author Listing * Road Sign Classification using Laplace Kernel Classifier
Includes: Novoviova, J. Novoviová, J.

Novozamsky, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Object Labeling for CNN-Based Image Segmentation
* Automatic Evaluation of Speech Therapy Exercises Based on Image Data
* Determination of Stop-Criterion for Incremental Methods Constructing Camera Sensor Fingerprint
* Identification of aliasing-based patterns in re-captured LCD screens
* Image analysis of videokymographic data
* IMD2020: A Large-Scale Annotated Dataset Tailored for Detecting Manipulated Images
* JPEG compression model in copy-move forgery detection
* Monitoring of Varroa Infestation Rate in Beehives: A Simple AI Approach
Includes: Novozamsky, A. Novozámský, A. Novozámský, A.[Adam] Novozamsky, A.[Adam] Novozámsky, A.
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