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Roch, B. Co Author Listing * Selective local tone mapping

Roch, M.R.[Massimo Ruo] Co Author Listing * NLCMAP: A Framework for the Efficient Mapping of Non-Linear Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGA Accelerators

Roch, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Car Pose Estimation Through Wheel Detection
* Driver Guidance System to Support the Stationary Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles, A
* Evaluating User Interfaces for a Driver Guidance System to Support Stationary Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
* Systematic Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines Using GPUS

Rocha Ferreira, C.B.[Cristiane Bastos] Co Author Listing * Analysis of mammogram classification using a wavelet transform decomposition

Rocha Junior, J.B.[Joao B.] Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Special issue on mobility analytics for spatio-temporal and social data
Includes: Rocha Junior, J.B.[Joao B.] Rocha-Junior, J.B.[João B.]

Rocha Lima, A.[Adriana] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Experiment for the Statistical Evaluation of Aerosol Retrieval (STEAR) Algorithms, A
Includes: Rocha Lima, A.[Adriana] Rocha-Lima, A.[Adriana]

Rocha, A.[Anderson] Co Author Listing * Authentication of Vincent van Gogh's Work
* Automatic identification of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)
* Automatic visual dictionary generation through Optimum-Path Forest clustering
* Behavior Knowledge Space-Based Fusion for Copy-Move Forgery Detection
* Beyond Pixels: Image Provenance Analysis Leveraging Metadata
* Computer generated images vs. digital photographs: A synergetic feature and classifier combination approach
* Connecting the dots: Toward accountable machine-learning printer attribution methods
* Convolutional Neural Network Formulation to Compare 4-D Seismic and Reservoir Simulation Models
* Cross-dataset emotion recognition from facial expressions through convolutional neural networks
* Data-driven multimedia forensics and security
* Deep Face Verification for Spherical Images
* Descriptor correlation analysis for remote sensing image multi-scale classification
* Detection and Synchronization of Video Sequences for Event Reconstruction
* Difficult detection: A comparison of two different approaches to eye detection for unconstrained environments
* Efficient and Flexible Cluster-and-Search for CBIR
* Exploring heuristic and optimum branching algorithms for image phylogeny
* Eye specular highlights telltales for digital forensics: A machine learning approach
* Face liveness detection under bad illumination conditions
* Face Spoofing Detection Through Visual Codebooks of Spectral Temporal Cubes
* Fast Local Spatial Verification for Feature-Agnostic Large-Scale Image Retrieval
* framework for selection and fusion of pattern classifiers in multimedia recognition, A
* From impressionism to expressionism: Automatically identifying van Gogh's paintings
* Going deeper into copy-move forgery detection: Exploring image telltales via multi-scale analysis and voting processes
* Ground-to-Aerial Viewpoint Localization via Landmark Graphs Matching
* Harnessing high-level concepts, visual, and auditory features for violence detection in videos
* Image categorization through optimum path forest and visual words
* Image Provenance Analysis at Scale
* Image Splicing Detection Through Illumination Inconsistencies and Deep Learning
* Kinect-Based Wearable Face Recognition System to Aid Visually Impaired Users, A
* Large-Scale Image Phylogeny: Tracing Image Ancestral Relationships
* Large-scale learning for media understanding
* Large-Scale Micro-Blog Authorship Attribution: Beyond Simple Feature Engineering
* Leveraging deep neural networks to fight child pornography in the age of social media
* Linear-Time Approach for Image Segmentation Using Graph-Cut Measures, A
* Low false positive learning with support vector machines
* Manifold learning for user profiling and identity verification using motion sensors
* Meta-Recognition: The Theory and Practice of Recognition Score Analysis
* multiple camera methodology for automatic localization and tracking of futsal players, A
* Multiple parenting identification in image phylogeny
* Multiscale and Multi-Perturbation Blind Forensic Technique for Median Detecting, A
* Open set source camera attribution and device linking
* Person-Specific Subspace Analysis for Unconstrained Familiar Face Identification
* Phylogeny reconstruction for misaligned and compressed video sequences
* PR: More than Meets the Eye
* Prnu-Based Method to Expose Video Device Compositions in Open-Set Setups, A
* Progressive randomization: Seeing the unseen
* Provenance filtering for multimedia phylogeny
* Rate-energy-accuracy optimization of convolutional architectures for face recognition
* Relevance prediction in similarity-search systems using extreme value theory
* Robust Fusion: Extreme Value Theory for Recognition Score Normalization
* Spotting the difference: Context retrieval and analysis for improved forgery detection and localization
* Temporal Robust Features for Violence Detection
* Temporally sorting images from real-world events
* Time series-based classifier fusion for fine-grained plant species recognition
* Two-tiered face verification with low-memory footprint for mobile devices
* U-Phylogeny: Undirected provenance graph construction in the wild
* Unseen Challenge data sets, The
* Vision of the unseen: Current trends and challenges in digital image and video forensics
* Visual words dictionaries and fusion techniques for searching people through textual and visual attributes
* Who is my parent? Reconstructing video sequences from partially matching shots
Includes: Rocha, A.[Anderson] Rocha, A.
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Rocha, A.D.[Alby D.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Using Hyperspectral Data Inaccurately Predicts Plant Traits Under Spatial Dependency
* Naïve Overfitting Index Selection (NOIS): A new method to optimize model complexity for hyperspectral data, The
* Role of Sampling Design When Predicting Spatially Dependent Ecological Data With Remote Sensing

Rocha, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Skew Angle Detection and Correction in Text Images Using RGB Gradient

Rocha, B.M.[Bruno M.] Co Author Listing * Influence of Event Duration on Automatic Wheeze Classification

Rocha, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Local shape features for object recognition

Rocha, C.B.[Cesar B.] Co Author Listing * Compact Mesoscale Eddies in the South Brazil Bight

Rocha, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Survey of Scan-to-BIM Practices in the AEC Industry: A Quantitative Analysis, A

Rocha, H. Co Author Listing * MODIS-Based Energy Balance to Estimate Evapotranspiration for Clear-Sky Days in Brazilian Tropical-Savannas, A

Rocha, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * Cost-Efficient Color Correction Approach on Uncontrolled Lighting Conditions
* Edge-Based Computer Vision Approach for Determination of Sulfonamides in Water, An
Includes: Rocha, I.[Ines] Rocha, I.[Inês]

Rocha, J.[Jairo] Co Author Listing * email: Rocha, J.[Jairo]: jairo AT ipc4 uib es
* Articulated Object Tracking via a Genetic Algorithm
* Character-Recognition Without Segmentation
* Efficient Polygon Decomposition into Singular and Regular Regions Via Voronoi Diagrams
* Efficient Polygonal Decomposition Into Singular and Regular Regions Via Voronoi Diagrams
* Importance of High Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Improved Hydrological Simulations of a Mediterranean Forested Catchment, The
* Influence of DEM Resolution on the Hydrological Responses of a Terraced Catchment: An Exploratory Modelling Approach
* Long-Term Satellite Image Time-Series for Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection Using Refined Open Source Data in a Rural Region
* Matching of 3d Graphs for Human Motion Analysis
* Myocardial Perfusion Analysis from Adenosine-Induced Stress MDCT
* Neew Method for Word Recognition Without Segmentation, A
* Perceptually stable regions for arbitrary polygons
* Polygon Partition into Stable Regions
* Progress in Grassland Cover Conservation in Southern European Mountains by 2020: A Transboundary Assessment in the Iberian Peninsula with Satellite Observations (2002-2019)
* Shape Analysis Model with Applications to a Character Recognition System, A
* Singularities and Regularities on Line Pictures via Symmetrical Trapezoids
* Value of OpenStreetMap Historical Contributions as a Source of Sampling Data for Multi-Temporal Land Use/Cover Maps, The
Includes: Rocha, J.[Jairo] Rocha, J. Rocha, J.[João] Rocha, J.[Jorge]
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Rocha, J.V.[Jansle Vieira] Co Author Listing * Areas Available for the Potential Sustainable Expansion of Soy in Brazil: A Geospatial Assessment Using the SAFmaps Database
* Framework for Mapping Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems in Mato Grosso, Brazil
* Monitoring Pasture Aboveground Biomass and Canopy Height in an Integrated Crop-Livestock System Using Textural Information from PlanetScope Imagery
* Monitoring pasture intesification in Brazilian Amazon biome with MODIS time series
* Sugarcane Productivity Mapping through C-Band and L-Band SAR and Optical Satellite Imagery
Includes: Rocha, J.V.[Jansle Vieira] Rocha, J.V.[Jansle V.] Rocha, J.V.

Rocha, K.D.[Kleydson Diego] Co Author Listing * Crown-Level Structure and Fuel Load Characterization from Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning in a Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) Forest Ecosystem

Rocha, K.R.[Kelvin R.] Co Author Listing * 3D Topology Preserving Flows for Viewpoint-Based Cortical Unfolding
* Harmonic Embeddings for Linear Shape Analysis
* Hybrid Eulerian-Lagrangian Approach for Thickness, Correspondence, and Gridding of Annular Tissues, A

Rocha, L.A. Co Author Listing * SFM Photogrammetry As a Tool for The Conservation of The Cultural Heritage of Bogotá (Colombia), Within The Framework of The Adopt A Monument Program

Rocha, L.M.[Leonardo M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation by Tree Pruning
* Data clustering as an optimum-path forest problem with applications in image analysis
* Girgit: A Dynamically Adaptive Vision System for Scene Understanding
Includes: Rocha, L.M.[Leonardo M.] Rocha, L.M.[Leonardo Marques]

Rocha, L.M.G. Co Author Listing * Cross-Layer Gate-Level-to-Application Co-Simulation for Design Space Exploration of Approximate Circuits in HEVC Video Encoders, A

Rocha, M.C.[Matheus Castro] Co Author Listing * Person Re-Identification Based on Weighted Indexing Structures

Rocha, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * Geological Heritage and Conservation: A Case Study of the Visual Axis Through Digital Terrain Modeling

Rocha, P.[Paula] Co Author Listing * Wide Spread of Algorithms for Automatic Segmentation of Dermoscopic Images, A

Rocha, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Classification Approach for Measurement of Atherosclerosis Using B-Mode Ultrasound Carotid Images
* Joint Detection of the Carotid Boundaries in Longitudinal B-Mode Images
* Novel Framework for Content-Based Image Retrieval Through Relevance Feedback Optimization, A
* Segmentation of the carotid intima-media region in B-mode ultrasound images
* Segmentation of Ultrasonic Images of the Carotid
Includes: Rocha, R.[Rui] Rocha, R.[Reginaldo]

Rocha, R.C.O.[Rodrigo C. O.] Co Author Listing * Real-time video denoising on multicores and GPUs with Kalman-based and Bilateral filters fusion

Rocha, R.L.[Roberto Lujan] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Sandplain Lupin Weeds from Morphologically Similar Narrow-Leafed Lupins in the Field

Rocha, R.P.[Rui P.] Co Author Listing * Introducing the fractional-order Darwinian PSO
* Performance Estimation and Dimensioning of Team Size for Multirobot Patrol
Includes: Rocha, R.P.[Rui P.] Rocha, R.P.

Rocha, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Immunogold Particles from Electron Microscopy Images

Rocha, T.L. Co Author Listing * Visual-Quality-Driven Learning for Underwater Vision Enhancement

Rocha, W.F.[Washington F.] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Three Decades of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Brazilian Biomes with Landsat Archive and Earth Engine

Rocha, W.S.D.[Wadson S. D.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Grassland Degradation in Zona da Mata, MG, Brazil, Based on NDVI Time Series Data with the Integration of Phenological Metrics

Rochan, M.[Mrigank] Co Author Listing * AdaCrowd: Unlabeled Scene Adaptation for Crowd Counting
* Adaptive Video Highlight Detection by Learning from User History
* Attention Networks for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Video Highlight Detection
* Cross-Modal Self-Attention Network for Referring Image Segmentation
* Dense Image Labeling Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Efficient Object Localization and Segmentation in Weakly Labeled Videos
* Examining visual saliency prediction in naturalistic scenes
* Few-Shot Scene Adaptive Crowd Counting Using Meta-Learning
* Gated Feedback Refinement Network for Dense Image Labeling
* Joint Visual and Audio Learning for Video Highlight Detection
* Latent SVM for Object Localization in Weakly Labeled Videos
* Referring Segmentation in Images and Videos With Cross-Modal Self-Attention Network
* Segmenting Objects in Weakly Labeled Videos
* Video Summarization by Learning From Unpaired Data
* Video Summarization Using Fully Convolutional Sequence Networks
* Weakly supervised localization of novel objects using appearance transfer
* Weakly supervised object localization and segmentation in videos
Includes: Rochan, M.[Mrigank] Rochan, M.
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Rochard, G. Co Author Listing * Detection of low clouds in METEOSAT IR night-time images based on a contextual spatio-temporal labeling approach
* Tracking and Characterization of Highly Deformable Cloud Structures
* Unsupervised segmentation of low clouds from infrared METEOSAT images based on a contextual spatio-temporal labeling approach

Roche Escobar, R.[Raciel] Co Author Listing * Recommendation of Process Discovery Algorithms Through Event Log Classification
Includes: Roche Escobar, R.[Raciel] Roche-Escobar, R.[Raciel]

Roche, A.[Alexis] Co Author Listing * Classification Based on Cortical Folding Patterns
* Electronic device for automatic registration of images
* Four-Dimensional Registration Algorithm With Application to Joint Correction of Motion and Slice Timing in fMRI, A
* Improving Sensitivity and Reliability of fMRI Group Studies through High Level Combination of Individual Subjects Results
* Multimodal Elastic Matching of Brain Images
* Reconstructing a 3D structure from serial histological sections
* Rigid Point-Surface Registration using Oriented Points and an EM Variant of ICP for Computer Guided Oral Implantology
* Rigid registration of 3-D ultrasound with MR images: A new approach combining intensity and gradient information
* Structural Analysis of fMRI Data Revisited: Improving the Sensitivity and Reliability of fMRI Group Studies
* Three-dimensional multimodal brain warping using the Demons algorithm and adaptive intensity corrections
* Unifying maximum likelihood approaches in medical image registration
* What is the best similarity measure for motion correction in fMRI time series?
Includes: Roche, A.[Alexis] Roche, A.
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Roche, C. Co Author Listing * method of comparing two patterns independent of possible transformations and small distortions, A

Roche, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Inferring the Performance of Medical Imaging Algorithms

Roche, J.[Jamie] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Data Processing System for LiDAR-Based Human Activity Recognition, A
* Multimodal Perception-Driven Self Evolving Autonomous Ground Vehicle, A

Roche, L.M.[Leslie M.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Rangeland Forage Production Using Remote Sensing Data from a Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) and PlanetScope Satellite

Roche, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Discovering Novelty in Gene Data: From Sequential Patterns to Visualization
* Exploiting social and mobility patterns for friendship prediction in location-based social networks
* Unsupervised Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Segmentation Using Fisher Distributions
Includes: Roche, M.[Mathieu] Roche, M.

Roche, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * 3d collaborative geospatial augmented reality system for urban design and planning purposes, A
* Assessing Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) Quality Based on Contributors' Mapping Behaviours
* Contributors' Withdrawal from Online Collaborative Communities: The Case of OpenStreetMap
* Measure of Landmark Semantic Salience through Geosocial Data Streams
* Multi-resolution access control algorithm based on fractal coding
* Place and City: Toward Urban Intelligence
* Spatial data quality compliance: a preventive approach
* Still-Image Watermarking Robust to Local Geometric Distortions
* Towards a Collaborative Knowledge Discovery System for Enriching Semantic Information About Risks of Geospatial Data
Includes: Roche, S.[Stephane] Roche, S.[Stéphane] Roche, S.
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Rochefort, G. Co Author Listing * Improved Observation Model for Super-Resolution Under Affine Motion, An

Rochel, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Contour Detection by Synchronization of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons

Rochel, S.[Shay] Co Author Listing * Real-time abnormal motion detection in surveillance video

Rochera, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Coverage in Permanent and Temporary Shallow Lakes and Wetlands by Combining Remote Sensing Techniques and Genetic Programming: Application to the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula

Rochery, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * email: Rochery, M.[Marie]: marie rochery AT inria fr
* Gap closure in (road) networks using higher-order active contours
* Higher Order Active Contours
* Higher-Order Active Contour Energies for Gap Closure
* New Higher-Order Active Contour Energies for Network Extraction
* Phase Field Models and Higher-Order Active Contours

Rochet, J. Co Author Listing * Localization of Fluorescent Targets in Deep Tissue With Expanded Beam Illumination for Studies of Cancer and the Brain

Rochette, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Content4All Open Research Sign Language Translation Datasets
* Human Pose Manipulation and Novel View Synthesis using Differentiable Rendering

Rochitte, C.E. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of contrast echocardiography by image variability analysis

Rocholl, J.C.[Johann C.] Co Author Listing * Robust 1D Barcode Recognition on Mobile Devices

Rochoux, M.C.[Melanie C.] Co Author Listing * Orthorectification of Helicopter-Borne High Resolution Experimental Burn Observation from Infra Red Handheld Imagers
Includes: Rochoux, M.C.[Melanie C.] Rochoux, M.C.[Mélanie C.]

Rochwarger, M.M. Co Author Listing * Invariance in Moving Target Detection

Rochwerger, B. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Reactive Behavior, An
* architecture for reactive behaviour, An
* Executing Reactive Behavior for Autonomous Navigation

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