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Wahl, A.S.[Anna Sophia] Co Author Listing * LSTM Self-Supervision for Detailed Behavior Analysis
Includes: Wahl, A.S.[Anna Sophia] Wahl, A.S.[Anna-Sophia]

Wahl, D. Co Author Listing * General Formulation for Wavefront Curvature Correction in Polar-Formatted Spotlight-Mode SAR Images Using Space-Variant Post-Filtering
* Visualization of a Necropolis on the Basis of a Portable Aerial Photogrammetric System and Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Wahl, D.E. Co Author Listing * New Maximum-Likelihood Change Estimator for Two-Pass SAR Coherent Change Detection, A
* Semi-rigorous Sensor Model For Precision Geometric Processing Of Mini-rf Bistatic Radar Images Of The Moon, A
* Terrain Elevation Mapping Results From Airborne Spotlight-Mode Coherent Cross-Track SAR Stereo

Wahl, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Cluster-Based Point Cloud Analysis for Rapid Scene Interpretation
* Efficient Disparity Computation without Maximum Disparity for Real-time Stereo Vision
* Efficient Stereo and Optical Flow with Robust Similarity Measures
* Method for Fast Search of Variable Regions on Dynamic 3D Point Clouds, A
* Parking assistance using dense motion-stereo
* Stereo Fusion from Multiple Viewpoints
* Surflet-Pair-Relation Histograms: A Statistical 3D-Shape Representation for Rapid Classification
Includes: Wahl, E.[Eric] Wahl, E.
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Wahl, F. Co Author Listing * 3D B-Spline Curve Matching for Model Based Object Recognition
* Hybrid Optical-Digital Image Processing Method for Surface Inspection, A
* Method for automatic recognition of white blocks as well as text, graphics and/or gray image areas on a printed master
* Personalizing 3D-Printed Smart Eyeglasses to Augment Daily Life
Includes: Wahl, F. Wahl, F.[Friedrich]

Wahl, F.M.[Friedrich M.] Co Author Listing * 3D Body Scanning in a Mirror Cabinet
* 3D object localization using single camera images
* 3D reconstruction of free-formed line-like objects using NURBS representation
* Analysing Hough Nets For Recognition Of Polyhedra-Like Objects
* Automatic Generation of Bayesian Nets for 3D Object Recognition
* Bayesian network for 3d object recognition in range data, A
* Block Segmentation and Text Extraction in Mixed Text/Image Documents
* Complete Generic Camera Calibration and Modeling Using Spline Surfaces
* Decomposition of Polyhedral Scenes in Hough Space
* Detection of dynamic objects for environment mapping by time-of-flight cameras
* Document Analysis System
* Fast Random Sample Matching of 3d Fragments
* Global-to-local shape priors for variational image segmentation
* Image reconstructions from two orthogonal projections
* Locally Deformable Statistical Shape Model, A
* Low-Cost Laser Range Scanner and Fast Surface Registration Approach
* Model-Based Approach to the Segmentation of Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinus Boundaries, A
* Multiobjective Neural Network for Image Reconstruction
* New Distance Mapping and Its Use for Shape Measurement on Binary Patterns, A
* Object Recognition and Pose Estimation with a Fast and Versatile 3D Robot Sensor
* Pairwise Matching of 3D Fragments Using Cluster Trees
* Plausibilistic preprocessing of sparse range images
* Polyhedral Object Recognition Using Hough-Space Features
* Shape (self-)similarity and Dissimilarity Rating for Segmentation and Matching
* Shape from Single Stripe Pattern Illumination
* Using Space Continuity and Orientation Constraints for Range Data-Acquisition
* Using the Shadow as a Single Feature for Real-Time Monocular Vehicle Pose Determination
Includes: Wahl, F.M.[Friedrich M.] Wahl, F.M.
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Wahl, M. Co Author Listing * Multipoint Relaying Versus Chain-Branch-Leaf Clustering Performance in Optimized Link State Routing-Based Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Wahl, R. Co Author Listing * Out-Of-Core topologically constrained simplification for city modeling from Digital Surface Models
* Towards Semantic Interaction in High-Detail Realtime Terrain and City Visualization

Wahl, R.L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Residence Time Estimation Methods for Radioimmunotherapy Dosimetry and Treatment Planning: Monte Carlo Simulation Studies
* Machine Learning-Based Noninvasive Quantification of Single-Imaging Session Dual-Tracer 18F-FDG and 68Ga-DOTATATE Dynamic PET-CT in Oncology
Includes: Wahl, R.L. Wahl, R.L.[Richard L.]

Wahl, S. Co Author Listing * Exploitation of context classification for parallel pixel coding in JPEG-LS
* Retrieval of Snow Properties from the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument
Includes: Wahl, S. Wahl, S.[Sonja]

Wahla, S.Q.[Samyan Qayyum] Co Author Listing * Geometric positions and optical flow based emotion detection using MLP and reduced dimensions

Wahlberg, B. Co Author Listing * Accurate Changing Point Detection for L_1 Mean Filtering
* Asymptotically Efficient Identification of Known-Sensor Hidden Markov Models
* New Square-Root Factorization of Inverse Toeplitz Matrices
* Regularization Paths for Re-Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization

Wahlberg, F.[Fredrik] Co Author Listing * Feature Weight Optimization and Pruning in Historical Text Recognition
* Graph based line segmentation on cluttered handwritten manuscripts

Wahlby, C. Co Author Listing * Blind Color Decomposition of Histological Images
* Comparison of Flow Cytometry and Image-Based Screening for Cell Cycle Analysis
* Decoding Gene Expression in 2D and 3D
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Detecting Cellular Changes Due to Malignancy
* Easy-to-Use Object Selection by Color Space Projections and Watershed Segmentation
* Evaluation of the Faster STORM Method for Super-resolution Microscopy, An
* Feature Augmented Deep Neural Networks for Segmentation of Cells
* Graph-based image decoding for multiplexed in situ RNA detection
* Image Based Measurements of Single Cell mtDNA Mutation Load
* Multiple Tissue Antigen Analysis by Sequential Immunofluorescence Staining and Multi-dimensional Image analysis
* Seeded Watersheds for Combined Segmentation and Tracking of Cells
* Segmentation of Cell Nuclei in Tissue by Combining Seeded Watersheds with Gradient Information
* Spheroid Segmentation Using Multiscale Deep Adversarial Networks
Includes: Wahlby, C. Wählby, C.[Carolina] (Maybe also Waehlby, C.)Wählby, C. (Maybe also Waehlby, C.)Wahlby, C.[Carolina]
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Wahle, A. Co Author Listing * 4-D Cardiac MR Image Analysis: Left and Right Ventricular Morphology and Function
* Automated 4D Segmentation of Aortic Magnetic Resonance Images
* Detection of Connective Tissue Disorders from 3D Aortic MR Images Using Independent Component Analysis
* Geometrically correct 3-D reconstruction of intravascular ultrasound images by fusion with biplane angiography-methods and validation
* Globally optimal surface segmentation using regional properties of segmented objects
* Interactive Virtual Endoscopy in Coronary Arteries Based on Multimodality Fusion
* Predicting Locations of High-Risk Plaques in Coronary Arteries in Patients Receiving Statin Therapy
* Region Detection by Minimizing Intraclass Variance With Geometric Constraints, Global Optimality, and Efficient Approximation
* Simultaneous Registration of Location and Orientation in Intravascular Ultrasound Pullbacks Pairs Via 3D Graph-Based Optimization
Includes: Wahle, A. Wahle, A.[Andreas]
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Wahlen, A. Co Author Listing * On the scattering mechanism of power lines at millimeter-waves

Wahlin, A.K.[Anna K.] Co Author Listing * Correlation between Synthetic Aperture Radar Surface Winds and Deep Water Velocity in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
Includes: Wahlin, A.K.[Anna K.] Wåhlin, A.K.[Anna K.]

Wahlisch, M.[Marita] Co Author Listing * HRSC on Mars Express: Photogrammetric and Cartographic Research
* Mars Express HRSC Data Processing: Methods and Operational Aspects
Includes: Wahlisch, M.[Marita] Wählisch, M.[Marita] (Maybe also Waehlisch, M.)Wählisch, M. (Maybe also Waehlisch, M.)

Wahlstrom, J. Co Author Listing * Detection of Dangerous Cornering in GNSS-Data-Driven Insurance Telematics
* How Smartphone Accelerometers Reveal Aggressive Driving Behavior?: The Key is the Representation
* Smartphone Placement Within Vehicles
* Smartphone-Based Vehicle Telematics: A Ten-Year Anniversary
Includes: Wahlstrom, J. Wahlström, J. (Maybe also Wahlstroem, J.)

Wahlstrom, N. Co Author Listing * Classification of Driving Direction in Traffic Surveillance Using Magnetometers
* Invertible Kernel PCA With Random Fourier Features
Includes: Wahlstrom, N. Wahlström, N.[Niklas] (Maybe also Wahlstroem, N.)

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