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Aksac, A.[Alper] Co Author Listing * Complex networks driven salient region detection based on superpixel segmentation
* CutESC: Cutting edge spatial clustering technique based on proximity graphs

Aksah, S.[Saliza] Co Author Listing * Understanding the Atmospheric Cues Effects on Consumer Emotions: A Case Study on Lazada Malaysia

Aksak, I. Co Author Listing * Detection of the objects with given shape on the grey-valued pictures
* Extraction of filled-in data from colour forms

Aksakal, S.K.[Sultan Kocaman] Co Author Listing * Geometric Accuracy Investigations of SEVIRI High Resolution Visible (HRV) Level 1.5 Imagery
* Geometric Quality Analysis of AVHRR Orthoimages
* Radiometric, Geometric, and Image Quality Assessment of ALOS AVNIR-2 and PRISM Sensors
Includes: Aksakal, S.K.[Sultan Kocaman] Aksakal, S.K.[S. Kocaman]

Aksakalli, V.[Vural] Co Author Listing * Feature selection via binary simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation

Aksamitauskas, C. Co Author Listing * Use of UAV Systems for Mapping of Built-Up Area, The

Aksan, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Autoencoders for Human Motion Infilling
* D-Grasp: Physically Plausible Dynamic Grasp Synthesis for Hand-Object Interactions
* LiP-Flow: Learning Inference-Time Priors for Codec Avatars via Normalizing Flows in Latent Space
* Modeling the Brain Connectivity for Pattern Analysis
* Spatio-temporal Transformer for 3D Human Motion Prediction, A
* Structured Prediction Helps 3D Human Motion Modelling
* Towards End-to-end Video-based Eye-tracking
Includes: Aksan, E.[Emre] Aksan, E.
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Aksaray, D.[Derya] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Human Decision-Making: Implications for Bidirectional Communication in Human-Robot Teams

Aksasse, B. Co Author Listing * Developing Good Habits Using Deep Learning Techniques
* Face segmentation and detection using Voronoi diagram and 2D histogram
* Robust high resolution image spectral analysis
* Smooth Filters for Improving Prony's Method in Labview Environment

Aksasse, H. Co Author Listing * Developing Good Habits Using Deep Learning Techniques

Aksay, A.[Anil] Co Author Listing * Architectures for multi-threaded MVC-compliant multi-view video decoding and benchmark tests
* Camera Tamper Detection Using Wavelet Analysis for Video Surveillance
* End-to-end stereoscopic video streaming with content-adaptive rate and format control
* Error Resilient Layered Stereoscopic Video Streaming
* Evaluation of stereo video coding schemes for mobile devices
* Moving object detection in wavelet compressed video
* Multi-View Video Codec Based on H.264, A
* Optimization of encoding and error protection parameters for 3D Video Broadcast over DVB-H
* Towards Compound Stereo-Video Quality Metric: A Specific Encoder-Based Framework
Includes: Aksay, A.[Anil] Aksay, A.
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