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Bauce, C.[Camille] Co Author Listing * On the Link Between Emotion, Attention and Content in Virtual Immersive Environments

Bauch, T. Co Author Listing * Calibrated Vehicle Paint Signatures for Simulating Hyperspectral Imagery
* Validation of Landsat-9 and Landsat-8 Surface Temperature and Reflectance during the Underfly Event
Includes: Bauch, T. Bauch, T.[Timothy]

Bauchet, J. Co Author Listing * KIPPI: KInetic Polygonal Partitioning of Images

Bauchspies, R.A.[Roger A.] Co Author Listing * Temporal compression and decompression for video

Bauchwitz, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Safety Implications of Variability in Autonomous Driving Assist Alerting

Baucic, M.[Martina] Co Author Listing * Household Level Vulnerability Analysis: Index and Fuzzy Based Methods
* Vulnerability Analysis for The Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan Of The City of KaŠtela in Croatia
Includes: Baucic, M.[Martina] Baucic, M.

Bauckhage, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Action recognition by learning discriminative key poses
* Action recognition in still images by learning spatial interest regions from videos
* Action Recognition in Videos Using Nonnegative Tensor Factorization
* Adapting Information Theoretic Clustering to Binary Images
* Age Recognition in the Wild
* Alternative similarity functions for graph kernels
* Analyzing pedestrian behavior in crowds for automatic detection of congestions
* Applying Ensembles of Multilinear Classifiers in the Frequency Domain
* Automatic detection of abnormal gait
* Automatic detection of dangerous motion behavior in human crowds
* Bayesian Imitation of Human Behavior in Interactive Computer Games
* Benefits of Separable, Multilinear Discriminant Classification
* Center-Surround Contrast Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Classification of Team Behaviors in Sports Video Games
* cognitive vision system for action recognition in office environments, A
* Comparing and Evaluating Interest Points
* Decision Snippet Features
* Detecting Abnormal Gait
* Detecting trends in social bookmarking systems using a probabilistic generative model and smoothing
* discrete-time parallel update algorithm for distributed learning, A
* Discriminative Joint Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Human Action Classification
* Distance-Free Image Retrieval Based on Stochastic Diffusion over Bipartite Graphs
* Efficient and Robust Alignment of Unsynchronized Video Sequences
* Efficient Ontology-Based Expert Peering System, An
* Efficient Pedestrian Detection via Rectangular Features Based on a Statistical Shape Model
* Efficient Pose-Based Action Recognition
* Efficient Subframe Video Alignment Using Short Descriptors
* Erosion Band Features for Cell Phone Image Based Plant Disease Classification
* Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors
* Exploring Human Vision Driven Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Extracting Salient Points and Parts of Shapes Using Modified k d-Trees
* Face Recognition with Weighted Locally Linear Embedding
* Fast Learning for Customizable Head Pose Recognition in Robotic Wheelchair Control
* Fast, Illumination Insensitive Face Detection Based on Multilinear Techniques and Curvature Features
* Gait recognition by learning distributed key poses
* Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Predicting Aesthetic Image Labels, The
* Human activity recognition by separating style and content
* Image retrieval and Web 2.0: where can we go from here?
* Image Space I 3 and Eigen Curvature for Illumination Insensitive Face Detection
* Image Tagging Using PageRank over Bipartite Graphs
* Informed Haar-Like Features Improve Pedestrian Detection
* Integral correlograms and probabilistic diffusion for image tagging
* Integration frameworks for large scale cognitive vision systems: An Evaluative Study
* Ising Models for Binary Clustering via Adiabatic Quantum Computing
* Kernel Archetypal Analysis for Clustering Web Search Frequency Time Series
* KPI-BERT: A Joint Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Model for Financial Reports
* Learning Human-Like Opponent Behavior for Interactive Computer Games
* Loveparade 2010: Automatic video analysis of a crowd disaster
* Making Archetypal Analysis Practical
* Malware Detection on Mobile Devices Using Distributed Machine Learning
* Memory consistency validation in a cognitive vision system
* Mosaics from Arbitrary Stereo Video Sequences
* Moving pedestrian detection based on motion segmentation
* Preface to the Special Issue on Pattern Recognition (DAGM GCPR 2021)
* Probabilistic Diffusion Classifiers for Object Detection
* Reverse Indexing for Reading Graffiti Tags
* Robust Tensor Classifiers for Color Object Recognition
* Separable Linear Classifiers for Online Learning in Appearance Based Object Detection
* Separable Linear Discriminant Classification
* Snippet Statistics of Font Recognition, The
* Stochastic Late Fusion Approach to Human Action Recognition in Unconstrained Images and Videos, A
* Street-Map Based Validation of Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving
* Structural Framework for Assembly Modeling and Recognition, A
* Subspace manifold learning with sample weights
* Supervised Autoencoder Variants for End to End Anomaly Detection
* Switching Dynamical Systems with Deep Neural Networks
* Synthesizing Movements for Computer Game Characters
* Tackling Contradiction Detection in German Using Machine Translation and End-to-End Recurrent Neural Networks
* Temporal key poses for human action recognition
* Tensor-Based Filter Design using Kernel Ridge Regression
* Tree-Based Signatures for Shape Classification
* Vision Systems with the Human in the Loop
* visual active memory perspective on integrated recognition systems, The
* Who is doing what? Simultaneous recognition of actions and actors
* XML based framework for cognitive vision architectures, An
Includes: Bauckhage, C.[Christian] Bauckhage, C.
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Bauckhagez, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Auto Encoding Explanatory Examples with Stochastic Paths

Baucom, B. Co Author Listing * Head Motion Modeling for Human Behavior Analysis in Dyadic Interaction
* Modeling Vocal Entrainment in Conversational Speech Using Deep Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Baucom, B. Baucom, B.[Brian]

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