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Choy, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * 4D Spatio-Temporal ConvNets: Minkowski Convolutional Neural Networks
* Deep Global Registration
* DeformNet: Free-Form Deformation Network for 3D Shape Reconstruction from a Single Image
* DiscoBox: Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation and Semantic Correspondence from Box Supervision
* Fast Monocular Scene Reconstruction with Global-Sparse Local-Dense Grids
* Fully Convolutional Geometric Features
* Generative Sparse Detection Networks for 3d Single-shot Object Detection
* High-Dimensional Convolutional Networks for Geometric Pattern Recognition
* ObjectNet3D: A Large Scale Database for 3D Object Recognition
* SceneCAD: Predicting Object Alignments and Layouts in RGB-D Scans
* Self-Calibrating Neural Radiance Fields
* Spacetime Surface Regularization for Neural Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
* VoxFormer: Sparse Voxel Transformer for Camera-Based 3D Semantic Scene Completion
Includes: Choy, C.[Christopher] Choy, C. Choy, C.[Chris]
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Choy, C.B.[Christopher B.] Co Author Listing * 3D-R2N2: A Unified Approach for Single and Multi-view 3D Object Reconstruction
* DESIRE: Distant Future Prediction in Dynamic Scenes with Interacting Agents
* Enriching object detection with 2D-3D registration and continuous viewpoint estimation
* Scene Graph Generation by Iterative Message Passing
* Text2Shape: Generating Shapes from Natural Language by Learning Joint Embeddings
Includes: Choy, C.B.[Christopher B.] Choy, C.B.[Christopher Bongsoo] Choy, C.B.

Choy, C.S. Co Author Listing * Five-Stage Pipeline, 204 Cycles/MB, Single-Port SRAM-Based Deblocking Filter for H.264/AVC, A

Choy, C.S.O. Co Author Listing * Self-Timed ICT Chip for Image Coding, A

Choy, C.S.T.[Clifford S.T.] Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm for the Extraction of Nonanalytic Objects from Multiple Dimensional Parameter Space
* New Single-Pass Algorithm for Parallel Thinning
Includes: Choy, C.S.T.[Clifford S.T.] Choy, C.S.T.

Choy, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Pattern recognition employing arbitrary segmentation and compound probabilistic evaluation

Choy, K.H.[Kwok Hung] Co Author Listing * RBF-Based Compression Method for Image-Based Relighting, An
Includes: Choy, K.H.[Kwok Hung] Choy, K.H.[Kwok-Hung]

Choy, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Co Author Listing * Evidence on Skill Differences of Women and Men Concerning Face Recognition
* Novel mathematical model to determine geo-referenced locations for C-ITS communications to generate dynamic vehicular gaps
Includes: Choy, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Choy, K.W.[Kwok-Wai] Choy, K.W.[Kum Wah]

Choy, M.[Marian] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Watermark Detection Decoder Based on Independent Component Analysis, An

Choy, M.C. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks for Real-Time Traffic Signal Control

Choy, S. Co Author Listing * Australia-Japan QZSS Emergency Warning Service Trial Project
* Building Capacity for a User-Centred Integrated Early Warning System for Drought in Papua New Guinea
* Comparison of Various Correction and Blending Techniques for Creating an Improved Satellite-Gauge Rainfall Dataset over Australia, A
* Comprehensive Study on Factors Affecting the Calibration of Potential Evapotranspiration Derived from the Thornthwaite Model, A
* Evaluating Satellite Soil Moisture Datasets for Drought Monitoring in Australia and the South-West Pacific
* Geographic Information System for Drought Risk Mapping In Australia - Drought Risk Analyser Web App
* New Approach for Restoring Block-Transform Coded Images with Estimation of Correlation Matrices, A
* Regional Ionospheric Corrections for High Accuracy GNSS Positioning
* Two-Step Approach to Blending GSMaP Satellite Rainfall Estimates with Gauge Observations over Australia, A
Includes: Choy, S. Choy, S.[Suelynn]
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Choy, S.K. Co Author Listing * Fast and Effective Model for Wavelet Subband Histograms and Its Application in Texture Image Retrieval, A
* Fuzzy model-based clustering and its application in image segmentation
* Fuzzy Superpixel-based Image Segmentation
* Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Region Competition and Spatial/Frequency Information
* Robust Computational Algorithm for Inverse Photomask Synthesis in Optical Projection Lithography, A
* Statistical Properties of Bit-Plane Probability Model and Its Application in Supervised Texture Classification
* Statistical Wavelet Subband Characterization Based on Generalized Gamma Density and Its Application in Texture Retrieval
* Supervised Texture Classification Using Characteristic Generalized Gaussian Density
* Texture Classification Using Refined Histogram
Includes: Choy, S.K. Choy, S.K.[Siu Kai] Choy, S.K.[Siu-Kai]
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Choy, S.O. Co Author Listing * Image restoration by regularisation in uncorrelated transform domain

Choy, S.S.O. Co Author Listing * New adaptive iterative image restoration algorithm
* New Image Restoration Performance-Measures with High-Precision
* New Single-Pass Algorithm for Parallel Thinning
* Reduction of Block-Transform Image-Coding Artifacts by Using Local Statistics of Transform Coefficients
* Regularised restoration of vector quantisation compressed images

Choy, Y.C.[Yoon Chul] Co Author Listing * Document Reverse Engineering: From Paper to XML
* Geometric Structure Analysis of Document Images: A Knowledge-Based Approach
* Knowledge-Based Automated Vectorizing System for Geographic Information System, A
Includes: Choy, Y.C.[Yoon Chul] Choy, Y.C.[Yoon-Chul]

Choyke, P. Co Author Listing * automatic 3D CT/PET segmentation framework for bone marrow proliferation assessment, An
* Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Prostate Cancer Detection: Analysis of Temporal Enhanced Ultrasound
* Gaze2Segment: A Pilot Study for Integrating Eye-Tracking Technology into Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Choyke, P. Choyke, P.[Peter]

Choyke, P.L.[Peter L.] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of blood vessels using dynamic programming
* Global structure constrained local shape prior estimation for medical image segmentation
* Gray-scale skeletonization of small vessels in magnetic resonance angiography
* Helical CT of Von Hippel-Lindau: Semi-automated Segmentation of Renal Lesions
* Isosurfaces as deformable models for magnetic resonance angiography
* Label Image Constrained Multiatlas Selection
* Multi-Domain Image Completion for Random Missing Input Data
* Representing 3D shapes based on implicit surface functions learned from RBF neural networks
* Slice-adaptive histogram for improvement of anatomical structure extraction in volume data
* Tissue-Specific Compartmental Analysis for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging of Complex Tumors
* Volumetric Segmentation Technique for Diagnosis and Surgical Planning in Lower Torso CT Images, A
Includes: Choyke, P.L.[Peter L.] Choyke, P.L.
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