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Elnabwy, M.T.[Mohamed T.] Co Author Listing * Approach Based on Landsat Images for Shoreline Monitoring to Support Integrated Coastal Management: A Case Study, Ezbet Elborg, Nile Delta, Egypt, An

Elnagar, A. Co Author Listing * From 2D Surface Patches to 3D Reconstructed Models: Theory and Applications
* Motion Detection Using Background Constraints
* Motion Detection Using Background Constraints
* Motion Prediction of Moving Objects Based on Autoregressive Model
* Multiagents to Separating Handwritten Connected Digits
* novel approach to separate handwritten connected digits, A
* Optimal error discretization under depth and range constraints
* Segmentation of connected handwritten numeral strings
Includes: Elnagar, A. Elnagar, A.[Ashraf]
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Elnaggar, A. Co Author Listing * New Multidimensional Recursive Architecture for Computing The Discrete Cosine Transform, A
* ProtTrans: Toward Understanding the Language of Life Through Self-Supervised Learning
Includes: Elnaggar, A. Elnaggar, A.[Ahmed]

Elnaghi, B.E.[Basem E.] Co Author Listing * BA-based algorithm for parameter optimization of Support Vector Machine, A

Elnakib, A. Co Author Listing * 3D automatic approach for precise segmentation of the prostate from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* 3D Graph cut with new edge weights for cerebral white matter segmentation
* 3D shape analysis of the brain cortex with application to dyslexia
* Accurate Lungs Segmentation on CT Chest Images by Adaptive Appearance-Guided Shape Modeling
* Accurate modeling of tagged CMR 3D image appearance characteristics to improve cardiac cycle strain estimation
* Age-invariant face recognition based on deep features analysis
* Cerebral white matter segmentation from MRI using probabilistic graph cuts and geometric shape priors
* Dyslexia Diagnostics by Centerline-Based Shape Analysis of the Corpus Callosum
* Image-based detection of Corpus Callosum variability for more accurate discrimination between autistic and normal brains
* integrated geometrical and stochastic approach for accurate infant brain extraction, An
* Kidney segmentation using graph cuts and pixel connectivity
* Modified Akaike information criterion for estimating the number of components in a probability mixture model
* new framework for automated segmentation of left ventricle wall from contrast enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance images, A
* new validation approach for the growth rate measurement using elastic phantoms generated by state-of-the-art microfluidics technology, A
* novel 4D PDE-based approach for accurate assessment of myocardium function using cine cardiac magnetic resonance images, A
* novel image-based approach for early detection of prostate cancer, A
* Quantification of age-related brain cortex change using 3D shape analysis
* Segmentation of infant brain MR images based on adaptive shape prior and higher-order MGRF
* Segmentation of pathological lungs from CT chest images
* statistical framework for the classification of infant DT images, A
* Understanding Autism Using Machine Learning: A Structural MRI Study
Includes: Elnakib, A. Elnakib, A.[Ahmed]
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ElNakieb, Y. Co Author Listing * Towards Personalized Autism Diagnosis: Promising Results
* Understanding Autism Using Machine Learning: A Structural MRI Study
Includes: ElNakieb, Y. ElNakieb, Y.[Yaser]

Elnashar, A.[Abdelrazek] Co Author Listing * Downscaling TRMM Monthly Precipitation Using Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud Computing
* Impact of the Control Measures during the COVID-19 Outbreak on Air Pollution in China, The
* Incorporation of Net Radiation Model Considering Complex Terrain in Evapotranspiration Determination with Sentinel-2 Data
* Modeling Spatio-temporal Land Transformation and Its Associated Impacts on land Surface Temperature (LST)
* Performance and the Optimal Integration of Sentinel-1/2 Time-Series Features for Crop Classification in Northern Mongolia
* Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Global Precipitation Products Over the Largest Agriculture Region in Pakistan
* Synthesizing a Regional Territorial Evapotranspiration Dataset for Northern China
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Elnashef, B.[Bashar] Co Author Listing * Direct linear and refraction-invariant pose estimation and calibration model for underwater imaging
* Geometry, calibration, and robust centering procedures for refractive dome-port based imaging systems
* Theory and Closed-Form Solutions for Three- and n-Layer Flat Refractive Geometry
* three-point solution with scale estimation ability for two-view flat-refractive underwater photogrammetry, A

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