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Hogg, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Arctic Sea Level Budget Assessment during the GRACE/Argo Time Period

Hogg, A.E.[Anna E.] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Variations in the Flow of Land-Terminating Glaciers in Central-West Greenland Using Sentinel-1 Imagery
* Sub-Annual Calving Front Migration, Area Change and Calving Rates from Swath Mode CryoSat-2 Altimetry, on Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Hogg, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptation for Upper Body Pose Tracking in Signed TV Broadcasts
* Personalizing Human Video Pose Estimation
* Robust abandoned object detection integrating wide area visual surveillance and social context
* Self-supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation from a Single Image
* Understanding the Robustness of Skeleton-based Action Recognition under Adversarial Attack
* Upper Body Pose Estimation with Temporal Sequential Forests
* Virtual Immortality: Reanimating Characters from TV Shows
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Hogg, D.C.[David C.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Hogg, D.C.[David C.]: dch AT scs leeds ac uk
* 3-D Shape Recovery Using a Deformable Model
* 3D Shape Reconstruction of Semi-Transparent Worms
* Acquisition and Use of Interaction Behaviour Models, The
* Adaptive Eigenshape Model, An
* Associating People Dropping off and Picking up Objects
* Attribute Multiset Grammars for Global Explanations of Activities
* Automated Ground-Plane Estimation for Trajectory Rectification
* Automated Pivot Location for the Cartesian-Polar Hybrid Point Distribution Model
* Automated reconstruction of 3D models from real environments
* Building a Model of a Road Junction Using Moving Vehicle Information
* Building Qualitative Event Models Automatically from Visual Input
* Building semantic scene models from unconstrained video
* Cognitive Vision: Integrating Symbolic Qualitative Representations with Computer Vision
* Comparative Study on Using Zernike Velocity Moments and Hidden Markov Models for Hand Gesture Recognition, A
* Constructing qualitative event models automatically from video input
* Context Aware Detection and Tracking
* Detecting Carried Objects from Sequences of Walking Pedestrians
* Detecting Carried Objects in Short Video Sequences
* Detecting inexplicable behaviour
* Efficient Method for Contour Tracking Using Active Shape Models, An
* Efficient Non-iterative Domain Adaptation of Pedestrian Detectors to Video Scenes
* Egocentric Activity Monitoring and Recovery
* Enhanced tracking and recognition of moving objects by reasoning about spatio-temporal continuity
* Epistemic Uncertainty-Weighted Loss for Visual Bias Mitigation
* Explaining Activities as Consistent Groups of Events: A Bayesian Framework Using Attribute Multiset Grammars
* Extending the Point Distribution Model Using Polar Coordinates
* Generating Spatiotemporal Models From Examples
* Generation of Semantic Regions from Image Sequences
* Generic 3-D shape model: Acquisitions and applications
* Global Alignment of MR Images Using a Scale Based Hierarchical Model
* Hybrid Approach to the Construction of Triangulated 3D Models of Building Interiors
* Improving Specificity in PDMs using a Hierarchical Approach
* Integrated Traffic and Pedestrian Model-Based Vision System, An
* Joint Tracking and Event Analysis for Carried Object Detection
* Knowledge Intensive Image Interpretation: Introduction
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images
* Learning Behaviour Models of Human Activities
* Learning Deformable Models for Tracking the Human Body
* Learning Flexible Models from Image Sequences
* Learning Hierarchical Models of Complex Daily Activities from Annotated Videos
* Learning Structured Behavior Models using Variable Length Markov Models
* Learning the Distribution of Object Trajectories for Event Recognition
* Learning Variable-Length Markov Models of Behavior
* Methodology for Real Time Scene Analysis, A
* Model-Based Vision: A Program to See a Walking Person
* Motion segmentation by consensus
* Neural Networks in Human Motion Tracking: An Experimental Study
* On the feasibility of using a cognitive model to filter surveillance data
* Qualitative and Quantitative Spatio-temporal Relations in Daily Living Activity Recognition
* Reactive Memories: An Interactive Talking-Head
* Real-time Activity Recognition by Discerning Qualitative Relationships Between Randomly Chosen Visual Features
* Recognizing linked events: Searching the space of feasible explanations
* Representation and synthesis of behaviour using Gaussian mixtures
* Segmentation using Deformable Spatial Priors with Application to Clothing
* Shape in Machine Vision
* Shape Models from Image Sequences
* Special Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on Award-Winning Papers from the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2010 (CVPR 2010)
* Special issue: British Machine Vision Conference 1992
* Statistical Models of Object Interaction
* Temporal Structure Models for Event Recognition
* Towards 3D hand tracking using a deformable model
* Unsupervised Detector Adaptation by Joint Dataset Feature Learning
* Unsupervised human activity analysis for intelligent mobile robots
* Using Shape and Intensity to Track Non-Rigid Objects
* Weakly supervised pedestrian detector training by unsupervised prior learning and cue fusion in videos
* Who knows who: Inverting the Social Force Model for finding groups
* Workflow Activity Monitoring Using Dynamics of Pair-Wise Qualitative Spatial Relations
* Wormholes in Shape Space: Tracking Through Discontinuous Changes in Shape
Includes: Hogg, D.C.[David C.] Hogg, D.C. Hogg, D.C.[David C]
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Hogg, D.W. Co Author Listing * Fast Direct Methods for Gaussian Processes

Hogg, M.[Michelle] Co Author Listing * Decoding Complex Erosion Responses for the Mitigation of Coastal Rockfall Hazards Using Repeat Terrestrial LiDAR

Hogg, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Assessment of perceptual distortion boundary through applying reversible watermarking to brain MR images

Hogg, R.E. Co Author Listing * Counterphase modulation flicker photometry: Phenotypic and genotypic associations
* Individual differences provide psychophysical evidence for separate on- and off-pathways deriving from short-wave cones
Includes: Hogg, R.E. Hogg, R.E.[Ruth E.]

Hogg, T.[Trevor] Co Author Listing * Explicit inversion: an approach to image analysis
* improved synergetic algorithm for image classification, An
* Learning in a self-organising pattern formation system

Hoggar, S.[Stuart] Co Author Listing * Mathematics of Digital Images

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