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Jonk, A.[Arnold] Co Author Listing * Grammatical Inference of Dashed Lines

Jonker, C.M. Co Author Listing * Learning Classifier System on a humanoid NAO robot in dynamic environments

Jonker, J.E.[Jan Eppo] Co Author Listing * Concurrent Computation of Attribute Filters on Shared Memory Parallel Machines
Includes: Jonker, J.E.[Jan Eppo] Jonker, J.E.[Jan-Eppo]

Jonker, P.[Pieter] Co Author Listing * Depth from Vergence and Active Calibration for Humanoid Robots
* Multi-cue hand detection and tracking for a head-mounted augmented reality system
* Novel Method for Simultaneous Acquisition of Visible and Near-Infrared Light Using a Coded Infrared-Cut Filter, A
* novel multi modal tracking method based on depth and semantic color features for human robot interaction, A
* Portable, automatic water level estimation using mobile phone cameras
* robust real-time tracking system based on an adaptive selection mechanism for mobile robots, A
Includes: Jonker, P.[Pieter] Jonker, P.

Jonker, P.P.[Pieter P.] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality for Art, Design and Cultural Heritage: System Design and Evaluation
* Bucket Processing: a Paradigm for Image Processing
* Comparison of Linear Processor Arrays for Image Processing, A
* Computing Saliency Map from Spatial Information in Point Cloud Data
* Discrete topology on N-dimensional square tessellated grids
* Exploitation of 3D Information for Directing Visual Attention and Object Recognition
* From massively parallel image processors to fault-tolerant nanocomputers
* Gradient Estimation in Uncertain Data
* Image processing hardware for counting massive object streams
* Image Registration for Placenta Reconstruction
* Keypoint Extraction and Selection for Object Recognition
* Low Latency 2D Position Estimation with a Line Scan Camera for Visual Servoing
* Morphological operations in recursive neighbourhoods
* Product pattern-based camera calibration for microrobotics
* Real-Time Center Detection of an OLED Structure
* Road user detection with convolutional neural networks: An application to the autonomous shuttle WEpod
* Saliency Detection and Object Localization in Indoor Environments
* Scalable, Real-Time, Image-Processing Pipeline, A
* SIMD-MIMD Architecture for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, An
* Skeletons and Asynchronous RPC for Embedded Data and Task Parallel Image Processing
* Skeletons in N dimensions using shape primitives
* Utilization of spatial information for point cloud segmentation
* Why linear arrays are better image processors
Includes: Jonker, P.P.[Pieter P.] Jonker, P.P. Jonker, P.P.[Peter P.]
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Jonker, W. Co Author Listing * Binary Biometrics: An Analytic Framework to Estimate the Bit Error Probability under Gaussian Assumption
* Binary Biometrics: An Analytic Framework to Estimate the Performance Curves Under Gaussian Assumption
* Content-Based Video Retrieval by Integrating Spatio-Temporal and Stochastic recognition of events
* Content-Based Video Retrieval: A Database Perspective
* Integrated use of different content derivation techniques within a multimedia database management system
* Techniques for automatic video content derivation
Includes: Jonker, W. Jonker, W.[Willem]

Jonkers, E. Co Author Listing * Amitran methodology framework for evaluating the impact of information and communication technology-based measures on CO2 emissions in the transport field
* Impact of ITS on CO2 emissions: the contribution of a standardised assessment framework

Jonkman, M.F.[Marcel F.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Differentiation of u- and n-serrated Patterns in Direct Immunofluorescence Images
* Learning effective color features for content based image retrieval in dermatology

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