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Ohtsu, H.[Hiromi] Co Author Listing * Information Theoretic Approach for Active and Effective Object Recognitions, An

Ohtsubo, K.[Kazuyuki] Co Author Listing * Filtering Method of Airborne Laser Scanner Data for Complex Terrain, A

Ohtsuka, H. Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of 32 kbits/s real-time and dual-direction video communication system for wireless channels

Ohtsuka, K.[Kazumichi] Co Author Listing * Mobility analysis of the aged pedestrians by experiment and simulation

Ohtsuka, S.[Sakuichi] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Shadow Compensation of Aerial Images Based on Color and Spatial Analysis
* Human Body Posture Measurement by Matching Foot Pressure Distribution to Video Images
* Relating words and image segments on multiple layers for effective browsing and retrieval
* Retrieval method for multi-category images
Includes: Ohtsuka, S.[Sakuichi] Ohtsuka, S.

Ohtsuka, T. Co Author Listing * Acquiring 3D Models from Rotation and Highlights
* Advanced ridge flux analysis for fingerprint minutiae detection
* New Approach to Detect Core and Delta of the Fingerprint Using Extended Relational Graph, A
* New Detection Approach for the Fingerprint Core Location Using Extended Relation Graph, A
* New Flat Pattern Oriented Order Statistic Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction from Highly Corrupted Images, A
* New System Implementation on SIMD Processor for Reliable Fingerprint Singularity Detection by Singular Candidate Method
* Reliable background prediction using approximated GMM
* Reliable detection of core and delta in fingerprints by using singular candidate method
* Singular Candidate Method: Improvement of Extended Relational Graph Method for Reliable Detection of Fingerprint Singularity
Includes: Ohtsuka, T. Ohtsuka, T.[Tomohiko]
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Ohtsuka, Y. Co Author Listing * 128X128 pixels image sensor for on-sensor-compression
* Automatic Judgement of Spinal Deformity from Moire Images Employing Asymmetry of Local Centroids Location
* Automatic scoliosis detection based on local centroids evaluation on Moire topographic images of human backs
* Development of 135 Mbit/s HDTV codec
* Motion-Compensated Interframe Coding Scheme for NTSC Color Television Signals, A
* Motion-Compensated Interframe Coding Scheme for Television Pictures, A
* Motion-compensated interframe coding system
* New Design and Implementation of On-sensor-compression
* New Image Sensor with Space Variant Sampling Control on a Focal Plane, A
* Real-Time Image Processing by Using Image Compression Sensor
* Spatially variant flexible sampling control integrated on an image sensor
Includes: Ohtsuka, Y. Ohtsuka, Y.[Yoshimichi] Ohtsuka, Y.[Yasuhiro]
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Ohtsuki, R. Co Author Listing * Spectral Estimation of Skin Color with Foundation Makeup
* Synthesis of Facial Images with Foundation Make-Up
Includes: Ohtsuki, R. Ohtsuki, R.[Rie]

Ohtsuki, T.[Tomoaki] Co Author Listing * Multi-Layer Hybrid Network With Its Application in Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring, A

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