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Shie, A.J. Co Author Listing * Design Methodology for Highly Reliable Character Recognition Systems, A

Shie, B.C.A.[Bo Chi Ang] Co Author Listing * Motion-tolerance contextual visual saliency preserving for video retargeting
Includes: Shie, B.C.A.[Bo Chi Ang] Shie, B.C.A.[Bo-Chi-Ang]

Shie, C.K.[Chuen Kai] Co Author Listing * Human action recognition using Action Trait Code
Includes: Shie, C.K.[Chuen Kai] Shie, C.K.[Chuen-Kai]

Shie, C.L.[Chung Lin] Co Author Listing * NASA Global Satellite and Model Data Products and Services for Tropical Meteorology and Climatology
Includes: Shie, C.L.[Chung Lin] Shie, C.L.[Chung-Lin]

Shie, H. Co Author Listing * Fast Landmark Localization With 3D Component Reconstruction and CNN for Cross-Pose Recognition

Shie, H.C. Co Author Listing * Face recognition by facial attribute assisted network
* Robust cross-pose face recognition using landmark oriented depth warping
Includes: Shie, H.C. Shie, H.C.[Hung-Cheng]

Shie, J.D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic search-window adjustment and interlaced search for block-matching algorithm

Shie, M.C.[Mon Chau] Co Author Listing * Center of Mass-Based Adaptive Fast Block Motion Estimation
* Markov model fuzzy-reasoning based algorithm for fast block motion estimation
Includes: Shie, M.C.[Mon Chau] Shie, M.C.[Mon-Chau]

Shie, S.C.[Shih Chieh] Co Author Listing * Image coding based on wavelet feature vector
* Image Compression Based on Side-Match VQ and SOC
* Secret image transmission based on VQ and data embedding
* Secret Image Transmission Scheme Using Secret Codebook
* suitable image hiding scheme for jpeg images, A
* technique of object-adaptive vertex-based shape coding for MPEG-4 videos, A
* Trademark image retrieval by distance-angle pair-wise histogram
Includes: Shie, S.C.[Shih Chieh] Shie, S.C.[Shih-Chieh]
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Shiebel, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Modeling Deformable Filament Bundles by Means of Mass-Spring Systems for the Design of Carbon Reinforced Materials

Shieh, B.J. Co Author Listing * High-Throughput Memory-Based VLC Decoder with Codeword Boundary Prediction, A
* new approach of group-based VLC codec system with full table programmability, A
* New Soft Variable Length Decoder for Wireless Video Transmission, A
Includes: Shieh, B.J. Shieh, B.J.[Bai-Jue]

Shieh, C.K. Co Author Listing * Access Point-Based FEC Mechanism for Video Transmission Over Wireless LANs, An
* framework for end-to-end video quality prediction of MPEG video, A
* integrated rate control scheme for TCP-friendly MPEG-4 video transmission, An

Shieh, C.S.[Chin Shiuh] Co Author Listing * Genetic watermarking based on transform-domain techniques
Includes: Shieh, C.S.[Chin Shiuh] Shieh, C.S.[Chin-Shiuh]

Shieh, E. Co Author Listing * High-speed computation of the Radon transform and backprojection using an expandable multiprocessor architecture

Shieh, H.M.[Hsin M.] Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction from limited Fourier data
* Image reconstruction: a unifying model for resolution enhancement and data extrapolation. Tutorial
* Iterative image reconstruction using prior knowledge
* Resolution enhancement of imaging small-scale portions in a compactly supported function
* Resolution enhancement of nondestructive testing from B-scans

Shieh, J.L. Co Author Listing * Discovering Traffic Bottlenecks in an Urban Network by Spatiotemporal Data Mining on Location-Based Services
* Positive-weighting feature enhancement for weakly supervised object localization
Includes: Shieh, J.L. Shieh, J.L.[Jeng-Lun]

Shieh, J.S. Co Author Listing * Approach of Multiscale Complexity in Texture Analysis of Lymphomas, An

Shieh, J.W. Co Author Listing * Constructing Optimized Prototypes for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Prototype optimization for nearest-neighbor classification

Shieh, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation From A Sequence Of Stereo Images: A Direct Method

Shieh, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Performance of focus measures in the presence of nondefocus aberrations

Shieh, M. Co Author Listing * Depth-Reliability-Based Stereo-Matching Algorithm and Its VLSI Architecture Design

Shieh, M.C.[Ming Chang] Co Author Listing * Flood Prevention and Emergency Response System Powered by Google Earth Engine
* Rapid Response to a Typhoon-Induced Flood with an SAR-Derived Map of Inundated Areas: Case Study and Validation
Includes: Shieh, M.C.[Ming Chang] Shieh, M.C.[Ming-Chang]

Shieh, M.D.[Meng Dar] Co Author Listing * Learning Effectiveness Evaluation of Lesson Plan on Streamline in Model Design Course
* Low-complexity multi-standard variable length coding decoder using tree-based partition and classification
* Low-power context-based adaptive binary arithmetic encoder using an embedded cache
Includes: Shieh, M.D.[Meng Dar] Shieh, M.D.[Meng-Dar] Shieh, M.D.

Shieh, T.M.[Tung Ming] Co Author Listing * Automated Entry System for Chinese Printed Documents
Includes: Shieh, T.M.[Tung Ming] Shieh, T.M.[Tung-Ming]

Shieh, W. Co Author Listing * Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Coding for Multi-Tb/s Optical Transport

Shieh, W.R.[Wen R.] Co Author Listing * heuristic method for separating clusters from noisy background, A

Shieh, W.S.[Wern Sheng] Co Author Listing * Plume extraction using entropic thresholding and region growing
* Plume segmentation using local entropic thresholding
Includes: Shieh, W.S.[Wern Sheng] Shieh, W.S.[Wern-Sheng]

Shieh, W.Y. Co Author Listing * Design of Infrared Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems With Extended Communication Areas and Performance of Data Transmission
* Design of light-emitting-diode array for solving problems of irregular radiation pattern and signal attenuation for infrared electronic-toll-collection systems
* Novel Architecture for Multilane-Free-Flow Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems in the Millimeter-Wave Range, A
* Problem of Infrared Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems: The Irregularity of LED Radiation Pattern and Emitter Design, A
* Vehicle Positioning and Trajectory Tracking by Infrared Signal-Direction Discrimination for Short-Range Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Systems
Includes: Shieh, W.Y. Shieh, W.Y.[Wern-Yarng]

Shieh, Y.S.[Yaw Shih] Co Author Listing * Memory-Efficiency and High-Speed Architectures for Forward and Inverse DCT with Multiplierless Operation
Includes: Shieh, Y.S.[Yaw Shih] Shieh, Y.S.[Yaw-Shih]

Shiekh, B.A.[Bashir Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Identifying the Potential Dam Sites to Avert the Risk of Catastrophic Floods in the Jhelum Basin, Kashmir, NW Himalaya, India

Shields, A.J.B.[Ashley J. B.] Co Author Listing * Identifying Critical Infrastructure in Imagery Data Using Explainable Convolutional Neural Networks

Shields, F.J.[Frank J.] Co Author Listing * Multisensor Fusion Methodologies Compared

Shields, P.G.[Peter G.] Co Author Listing * Imaging biomarker analysis of rat mammary fat pads and glandular tissues in MRI images

Shields, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * Deep Multimodal Fusion: A Hybrid Approach

Shields, T.J.[Timothy J.] Co Author Listing * Action-Affect-Gender Classification Using Multi-task Representation Learning
* Facial Attributes Classification Using Multi-task Representation Learning

Shiell, D.[Derek] Co Author Listing * DNA Microarray Image Intensity Extraction using Eigenspots

Shiell, D.J.[Derek J.] Co Author Listing * Feature space video stream consistency estimation for dynamic stream weighting in audio-visual speech recognition
* Vector quantization with memory and multi-labeling for isolated video-only automatic speech recognition

Shier, W.A. Co Author Listing * Mass Evidence Accumulation and Traveler Risk Scoring Engine in e-Border Infrastructure

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