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Skala, V.[Vaclav] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Skala, V.[Vaclav]: skala AT kiv zcu cz
* CODDYAC: Connectivity Driven Dynamic Mesh Compression
* Cross-talk measurement for 3D displays
* Full-Parallax Hologram Synthesis of Triangular Meshes using a Graphical Processing Unit
* HPO Hologram Synthesis for Full-Parallax Reconstruction Setup
* Intersection Computation In Projective Space Using Homogeneous Coordinates
* Length, Area And Volume Computation In Homogeneous Coordinates
* Spatio-temporal Metric for Dynamic Mesh Comparison, A
* Surface reconstruction with higher-order smoothness
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Skalet, A.H.[Alison H.] Co Author Listing * Panretinal Optical Coherence Tomography

Skalic, M.[Miha] Co Author Listing * Building A Size Constrained Predictive Models for Video Classification

Skaljo, N. Co Author Listing * block-based noise level estimation from X-ray images in SVD domain, A
* DSL loop qualification by using noise margin
* efficient troubleshooting testing scenario for IPTV over DSL lines: Practical examples, An
* efficient troubleshooting testing scenario for IPTV over DSL: Preliminary discussion, An
* On using of physical layer parameters of xDSL transceivers for troubleshooting
Includes: Skaljo, N. Škaljo, N. Škaljo, N.[Namir] Skaljo, N.[Namir]

Skalli, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Biplanar Reconstruction of Scoliotic Vertebrae Using Statistical Models
* hierarchical statistical modeling approach for the unsupervised 3d reconstruction of the scoliotic spine, A

Skaloud, J. Co Author Listing * Airborne and Mobile Lidar, Which Sensors for Which Application?
* Application Of Vehicle Dynamic Modeling In UAVs For Precise Determination Of Exterior Orientation
* Automated Assessment of Digital Terrain Models Derived From Airborne Laser Scanning
* Autonomous Navigation of Small UAVS Based on Vehicle Dynamic Model
* Bundle adjustment with raw inertial observations in UAV applications
* Lidar point-to-point correspondences for rigorous registration of kinematic scanning in dynamic networks
* Mapping quality prediction for RTK/PPK-equipped micro-drones operating in complex natural environment
* Mapping with MAV: Experimental Study on the Contribution of Absolute and Relative Aerial Position Control
* Micro Aerial Vehicle with Precise Position and Attitude Sensors, A
* Micro-UAV with the Capability of Direct Georeferencing, A
* Optimizing computational performance for real-time mapping with airborne laser scanning
* Photogrammetric Mission Planner for RPAS
* Real-time registration of airborne laser data with sub-decimeter accuracy
* Rigorous approach to bore-sight self-calibration in airborne laser scanning
* Searching Lost People with UAVs: The System and Results of the Close-Search Project
* Soil Moisture & Snow Properties Determination with GNSS in Alpine Environments: Challenges, Status, and Perspectives
* Theory and reality of direct georeferencing in national coordinates
* Time synchronization of consumer cameras on Micro Aerial Vehicles
* Towards In-Flight Quality Assessment of Airborne Laser Scanning
* UAV in the advent of the twenties: Where we stand and what is next
Includes: Skaloud, J. Skaloud, J.[Jan]
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Skalski, A. Co Author Listing * ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Application of B-splines FFD image registration in breast cancer radiotherapy planning
* Displacement Calculation of Heart Walls in ECG Sequences Using Level Set Segmentation and B-Spline Free Form Deformations
* Using ASM in CT Data Segmentaion for Prostate Radiotherapy
Includes: Skalski, A. Skalski, A.[Andrzej]

Skalski, L.D.[Lasse D.] Co Author Listing * Face Detection Using Multiple Cues

Skalyga, N.K.[Natalya K.] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Observations of Microwave Brightness Temperatures over a Metropolitan Area: Comparison of Radiometric Data and Spectra Simulated with the Use of Radiosonde Measurements
* Skills of Thunderstorm Prediction by Convective Indices over a Metropolitan Area: Comparison of Microwave and Radiosonde Data

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