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Tzimiropoulos, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * 300 Faces In-The-Wild Challenge: database and results
* 300 Faces in-the-Wild Challenge: The First Facial Landmark Localization Challenge
* 300 W: Special issue on facial landmark localisation 'in-the-wild'
* 3D Human Body Reconstruction from a Single Image via Volumetric Regression
* AFEW-VA database for valence and arousal estimation in-the-wild
* Affective Processes: stochastic modelling of temporal context for emotion and facial expression recognition
* AnimalWeb: A Large-Scale Hierarchical Dataset of Annotated Animal Faces
* Automated Risk Assessment for Scene Understanding and Domestic Robots Using RGB-D Data and 2.5D CNNs at a Patch Level
* Bats: Binary Architecture Search
* Bayesian Prompt Learning for Image-Language Model Generalization
* Bidirectional relighting for 3D-aided 2D face recognition
* Binarized Convolutional Landmark Localizers for Human Pose Estimation and Face Alignment with Limited Resources
* Bit-Mixer: Mixed-precision networks with runtime bit-width selection
* Black Box Few-Shot Adaptation for Vision-Language models
* Cascaded Continuous Regression for Real-Time Incremental Face Tracking
* ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World: Face Analysis Workshop and Challenge 2016
* CNN Cascade for Landmark Guided Semantic Part Segmentation, A
* DivClust: Controlling Diversity in Deep Clustering
* EdgeViTs: Competing Light-Weight CNNs on Mobile Devices with Vision Transformers
* Euler Principal Component Analysis
* Fast Algorithms for Fitting Active Appearance Models to Unconstrained Images
* Fast and exact bi-directional fitting of active appearance models
* Fast and Exact Newton and Bidirectional Fitting of Active Appearance Models
* Fast and robust appearance-based tracking
* Fast Newton active appearance models
* Faster, Better and More Detailed: 3d Face Reconstruction with Graph Convolutional Networks
* Feature-Based Lucas-Kanade and Active Appearance Models
* First Facial Landmark Tracking in-the-Wild Challenge: Benchmark and Results, The
* Frequency Domain Approach to Roto-translation Estimation using Gradient Cross-Correlation, A
* Frequency domain subpixel registration using HOG phase correlation
* From Keypoints to Object Landmarks via Self-Training Correspondence: A Novel Approach to Unsupervised Landmark Discovery
* From Pixels to Response Maps: Discriminative Image Filtering for Face Alignment in the Wild
* FS-DETR: Few-Shot DEtection TRansformer with prompting and without re-training
* Functional Regression Approach to Facial Landmark Tracking, A
* Gauss-Newton Deformable Part Models for Face Alignment In-the-Wild
* Generic Active Appearance Models Revisited
* Guest Editorial: The Computational Face
* Hierarchical Binary CNNs for Landmark Localization with Limited Resources
* HOG active appearance models
* How Far are We from Solving the 2D 3D Face Alignment Problem? (and a Dataset of 230,000 3D Facial Landmarks)
* Human Pose Estimation via Convolutional Part Heatmap Regression
* HyperReenact: One-Shot Reenactment via Jointly Learning to Refine and Retarget Faces
* Incremental Face Alignment in the Wild
* Joint Face Detection and Alignment with a Deformable Hough Transform Model
* Language-Aware Soft Prompting: Text-to-Text Optimization for Few- and Zero-Shot Adaptation of V&L Models
* Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression
* LASP: Text-to-Text Optimization for Language-Aware Soft Prompting of Vision and Language Models
* Online learning and fusion of orientation appearance models for robust rigid object tracking
* Optimization Problems for Fast AAM Fitting in-the-Wild
* Pre-training Strategies and Datasets for Facial Representation Learning
* Principal component analysis of image gradient orientations for face recognition
* Project-Out Cascaded Regression with an application to face alignment
* Pushing the boundaries of audiovisual word recognition using Residual Networks and LSTMs
* ReGen: A good Generative zero-shot video classifier should be Rewarded
* Robust and efficient parametric face alignment
* Robust FFT-Based Scale-Invariant Image Registration with Image Gradients
* Robust Learning from Normals for 3D Face Recognition
* Robust Recognition of Planar Shapes Under Affine Transforms Using Principal Component Analysis
* robust similarity measure for volumetric image registration with outliers, A
* Self-Supervised Learning of Person-Specific Facial Dynamics for Automatic Personality Recognition
* Semi-automatic Methodology for Facial Landmark Annotation, A
* Semi-supervised Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation with Contrastive Learning
* Sparse representations of image gradient orientations for visual recognition and tracking
* StyleMask: Disentangling the Style Space of StyleGAN2 for Neural Face Reenactment
* Subpixel Registration With Gradient Correlation
* Subspace analysis of arbitrarily many linear filter responses with an application to face tracking
* Subspace Learning from Image Gradient Orientations
* Super-FAN: Integrated Facial Landmark Localization and Super-Resolution of Real-World Low Resolution Faces in Arbitrary Poses with GANs
* Synergy between Face Alignment and Tracking via Discriminative Global Consensus Optimization
* T-Net: Parametrizing Fully Convolutional Nets With a Single High-Order Tensor
* To Learn Image Super-Resolution, Use a GAN to Learn How to Do Image Degradation First
* Toward fast and accurate human pose estimation via soft-gated skip connections
* Transfer Learning Approach to Heatmap Regression for Action Unit Intensity Estimation, A
* Two-Stage Convolutional Part Heatmap Regression for the 1st 3D Face Alignment in the Wild (3DFAW) Challenge
* Unifying Approach to Moment-Based Shape Orientation and Symmetry Classification, A
* Unsupervised Face Manipulation via Hallucination
* WarpedGANSpace: Finding non-linear RBF paths in GAN latent space
* Zero-Shot Keyword Spotting for Visual Speech Recognition In-the-wild
Includes: Tzimiropoulos, G.[Georgios] Tzimiropoulos, G.
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Tzimiropoulos, Y.[Yorgos] Co Author Listing * Active Patch Model for Real World Appearance Reconstruction, An
* Convolutional aggregation of local evidence for large pose face alignment

Tzimitsi, A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Freeway Network Traffic Surveillance: Large-Scale Field-Testing Results in Southern Italy

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