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GM(62) * 3D Reconstruction of Vessel Lumen from Very Few Angiograms by Dynamic Contours Using a Stochastic Approach
* 3D Volume Rotation Using Shear Transformations
* Continuous Analogs of Digital Boundaries: A Topological Approach to Iso-Surfaces
* Digital Topology of Sets of Convex Voxels, The
* Efficient Method for Computation of Legendre Moments, An
* Fuzzy B-Splines: A Surface Model Encapsulating Uncertainty
* Geometric Properties of Bisector Surfaces
* Incremental Polygonization of Implicit Surfaces
* Locating Human Faces in a Cluttered Scene
* On Enhancing the Speed of Splatting Using Both Object- and Image-Space Coherence
* Partitioning Trimmed Spline Surfaces into NonSelf-Occluding Regions for Visibility Computation
* Real-Time Inverse Kinematics Techniques for Anthropomorphic Limbs
* Reconstruction and Simplification of Surfaces from Contours
* Special Issue on Pacific Graphics '99 in Graphical Models
* Surface Reconstruction and Display from Range and Color Data
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GM(63) * Animating Volumetric Models
* Boundary Representation Model Rectification
* Building Three Dimensional Head Models
* Comparing Constraint-Based Motion Editing Methods
* Constructive Hypervolume Modeling
* Convex Hull of Rational Plane Curves, The
* Coordinate-Invariant Approach to Multiresolution Motion Analysis, A
* Curve Evaluation and Interrogation on Surfaces
* Effect of Noise on Camera Calibration Parameters, The
* Extending Superquadrics with Exponent Functions: Modeling and Reconstruction
* Hyperbolic Hausdorff Distance for Medial Axis Transform
* Indoor Scene Reconstruction from Sets of Noisy Range Images
* Layer-Based Morphing
* Novel Techniques for Robust Voxelization and Visualization of Implicit Surfaces
* Resolution Adaptive Volume Sculpting
* Spatial Filtering Using the Active-Space Indexing Method
* Special Issue on Volume Modeling
* Topological and Geometric Properties of Interval Solid Models
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GM(64) * dynamic method for dominant point detection, A
* Enhanced lane: interactive image segmentation by incremental path map construction
* Fuzzy-connected 3D image segmentation at interactive speeds
* Mesh Optimization Using Global Error with Application to Geometry Simplification
* Near-Optimal Connectivity Encoding of 2-Manifold Polygon Meshes
* Normal Vector Voting: Crease Detection and Curvature Estimation on Large, Noisy Meshes
* Novel Volume Constrained Smoothing Method for Meshes, A
* Piecewise Regular Meshes: Construction and Compression
* Special Issue on Processing of Large Polygonal Meshes
* Surface construction by fitting unorganized curves
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GM(65) * 10th International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery: Discrete topology and geometry for image and object representation
* Closed curves in n-dimensional discrete space
* Decomposing non-manifold objects in arbitrary dimensions
* Discrete linear objects in dimension n: the standard model
* Discretization in 2D and 3D orders
* linear incremental algorithm for naive and standard digital lines and planes recognition, A
* Minimal non-simple sets in 4D binary images
* Receptive fields within the Combinatorial Pyramid framework
* Split-and-merge algorithms defined on topological maps for 3D image segmentation
* Topological quadrangulations of closed triangulated surfaces using the Reeb graph
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