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El Kadiri, R.[Racha] * 2020: Crop-Type Classification for Long-Term Modeling: An Integrated Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Approach
* 2021: Remote Sensing and Machine Learning-Based Approach to Forecast the Onset of Harmful Algal Bloom, A

El Kafrawy, P. * 2020: Parameters Optimization of Elastic NET for High Dimensional Data using PSO Algorithm
Includes: El Kafrawy, P. El-Kafrawy, P.

El Kaitouni, S.E.I. * 2020: Segmentation of medical images for the extraction of brain tumors: A comparative study between the Hidden Markov and Deep Learning approaches

el Kaliouby, R.[Rana] * 2004: Real-Time Inference of Complex Mental States from Facial Expressions and Head Gestures
* 2009: Detection of asymmetric eye action units in spontaneous videos
* 2009: Towards Communicative Face Occlusions: Machine Detection of Hand-over-Face Gestures
* 2010: Affect valence inference from facial action unit spectrograms
* 2011: Acume: A new visualization tool for understanding facial expression and gesture data
* 2011: Real-time inference of mental states from facial expressions and upper body gestures
* 2012: Crowdsourcing Facial Responses to Online Videos
* 2013: Affectiva-MIT Facial Expression Dataset (AM-FED): Naturalistic and Spontaneous Facial Expressions Collected In-the-Wild
* 2013: From dials to facial coding: Automated detection of spontaneous facial expressions for media research
* 2013: Predicting online media effectiveness based on smile responses gathered over the Internet
* 2013: Smile or smirk? Automatic detection of spontaneous asymmetric smiles to understand viewer experience
* 2014: Automatic measurement of ad preferences from facial responses gathered over the Internet
* 2015: Event detection: Ultra large-scale clustering of facial expressions
* 2015: Facial Action Unit Detection Using Active Learning and an Efficient Non-linear Kernel Approximation
* 2015: Predicting Ad Liking and Purchase Intent: Large-Scale Analysis of Facial Responses to Ads
* 2015: Supervised learning approach to remote heart rate estimation from facial videos
* 2017: Applications of Automated Facial Coding in Media Measurement
* 2019: AM-FED+: An Extended Dataset of Naturalistic Facial Expressions Collected in Everyday Settings
Includes: el Kaliouby, R.[Rana] el-Kaliouby, R.[Rana] el Kaliouby, R.
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El Kalti, K.[Karim] * 2010: Image Segmentation Based on Adaptive Fuzzy-C-Means Clustering

El Kamel, A. * 2016: V2X-Based Decentralized Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in the Vicinity of Intersections

El Kati, I. * 2019: Spatial Database Modeling for Speleological Inventory of The Moroccan Atlas Mountains

El Kazzi, W. * 2008: Novel Technique for Distal Locking of Intramedullary Nail Based on Two Non-constrained Fluoroscopic Images and Navigation, A

El Kenawy, A.[Ahmed] * 2015: Drought Variability and Land Degradation in Semiarid Regions: Assessment Using Remote Sensing Data and Drought Indices (1982-2011)

El Kenawy, A.M.[Ahmed M.] * 2019: Assessment of the Accuracy of MODIS Land Surface Temperature over Egypt Using Ground-Based Measurements, An

El Kettani, M.E.[Mohamed El_Youssfi] * 2015: Arabic Writer Identification Using Local Binary Patterns (LBP) of Handwritten Fragments

El Kettani, M.E.Y.[Mohamed El Youssfi] * 2019: Improving Arabic writer identification using score-level fusion of textural descriptors
Includes: El Kettani, M.E.Y.[Mohamed El Youssfi] El-Kettani, M.E.Y.[Mohamed El-Youssfi]

El Khadiri, I. * 2018: Local directional ternary pattern: A New texture descriptor for texture classification
* 2020: O3S-MTP: Oriented star sampling structure based multi-scale ternary pattern for texture classification
* 2021: Petersen Graph Multi-Orientation Based Multi-Scale Ternary Pattern (PGMO-MSTP): An Efficient Descriptor for Texture and Material Recognition
Includes: El Khadiri, I. El Khadiri, I.[Issam]

El Khadiri, K. * 2015: Integrated 60-V class-D power output stage with 95% efficiency in a 0.13 micro-m SOI BCD process
* 2018: Analysis and design of dickson charge pump for EEPROM in 180nm CMOS technology
* 2018: ASK-modulator design of RFID tag in 180nm CMOS technology
* 2018: design of a new resistor string DAC for phones applications in 130nm technology, A

El Khaili, M. * 2017: GPU parallel neural hierarchical multi objective solver for burst routing and wavelength assignment

El Khalfi, A. * 2018: Image clustering based on hermetian positive definite matrix and radial Jacobi moments

El Khaly, F. * 1990: Machine Recognition of Optically Captured Machine Printed Arabic Text
Includes: El Khaly, F. El-Khaly, F.

El Khamy, M.[Mostafa] * 2011: Joint space-time-view error concealment algorithms for 3D multi-view video
* 2017: Fused DNN: A Deep Neural Network Fusion Approach to Fast and Robust Pedestrian Detection
* 2017: Image Super Resolution Based on Fusing Multiple Convolution Neural Networks
* 2018: CT-SRCNN: Cascade Trained and Trimmed Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Super Resolution
* 2018: DN-ResNet: Efficient Deep Residual Network for Image Denoising
* 2019: Multi-Task Learning of Depth from Tele and Wide Stereo Image Pairs
* 2019: Variable Rate Deep Image Compression With a Conditional Autoencoder
* 2020: Data-Free Network Quantization With Adversarial Knowledge Distillation
* 2020: GSANet: Semantic Segmentation With Global And Selective Attention
* 2020: NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* 2020: Real-World Super-Resolution using Generative Adversarial Networks
* 2020: Stereo Disparity Estimation via Joint Supervised, Unsupervised, and Weakly Supervised Learning
* 2020: SUW-Learn: Joint Supervised, Unsupervised, Weakly Supervised Deep Learning for Monocular Depth Estimation
* 2021: Dual-Teacher Class-Incremental Learning With Data-Free Generative Replay
* 2021: HyperCon: Image-To-Video Model Transfer for Video-To-Video Translation Tasks
* 2021: Towards Fair Federated Learning with Zero-Shot Data Augmentation
Includes: El Khamy, M.[Mostafa] El-Khamy, M.[Mostafa] El-khamy, M.[Mostafa] El-Khamy, M.
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El Kharki, O. * 2019: Creating Strategic Business Value From Big Data Analysis: Application Telecom Network Data and Planning Documents

El Khatib, A.[Alaa] * 2019: Design of an End-to-End Dual Mode Driver Distraction Detection System
* 2019: Strategies for Improving Single-Head Continual Learning Performance
* 2020: Driver Inattention Detection in the Context of Next-Generation Autonomous Vehicles Design: A Survey
Includes: El Khatib, A.[Alaa] El Khatib, A.

El Khayat, M.M.[Mohamed Mostafa] * 2018: Earth-Observation-Based Estimation and Forecasting of Particulate Matter Impact on Solar Energy in Egypt
Includes: El Khayat, M.M.[Mohamed Mostafa] El-Khayat, M.M.[Mohamed Mostafa]

El Kholy, A.[Ahmed] * 2020: Uniter: Universal Image-Text Representation Learning

El Kholy, D.K.[Dina Khalil] * 2013: Synthetic training in object detection

El Khoukhi, H. * 2018: Comparative study between HDLs simulation and Matlab for image processing
* 2020: Skin Cancer Diagnosis Using an Improved Ensemble Machine Learning model

El Khoury, J.[Jessica] * 2016: Color Image Database for Haze Model and Dehazing Methods Evaluation, A
* 2020: Spectral Hazy Image Database, A

El Khoury, N. * 2013: Experiencing the Spirit of Place as a Design Task: The Street of Hamra in the Heart of Beirut
Includes: El Khoury, N. El-Khoury, N.

El Khoury, R.[Rachid] * 2012: Indexed heat curves for 3D-model retrieval

El Kilani, W.S.[Wail S.] * 2016: Fast approximate DCT with GPU implementation for image compression
Includes: El Kilani, W.S.[Wail S.] El-Kilani, W.S.[Wail S.]

El Kishky, A. * 2020: Leveraging Pretrained Image Classifiers for Language-Based Segmentation
Includes: El Kishky, A. El-Kishky, A.

El Konyaly, S.H. * 1988: ensemble average classifier for pattern recognition machines, An
Includes: El Konyaly, S.H. El-Konyaly, S.H.

El Korashy, A. * 2013: Search Space Reduction for Holistic Ligature Recognition in Urdu Nastalique Script
Includes: El Korashy, A. El-Korashy, A.

El Korso, M.N. * 2016: Estimation Performance for the Bayesian Hierarchical Linear Model

El Koursi, E. * 2010: Background subtraction and 3D localization of moving and stationary obstacles at level crossings
* 2011: 3D Objects Localization Using Fuzzy Approach and Hierarchical Belief Propagation: Application at Level Crossings
* 2014: Two-Half-Barrier Level Crossings Versus Four-Half-Barrier Level Crossings: A Comparative Risk Analysis Study
Includes: El Koursi, E. El-Koursi, E.

El Kwae, E.A.[Essam A.] * 2000: Binary object representation and recognition using the Hilbert morphological skeleton transform
Includes: El Kwae, E.A.[Essam A.] El-Kwae, E.A.[Essam A.]

El Kwai, E.A. * 2002: Shaking snakes using color edge for contour extraction
Includes: El Kwai, E.A. El-Kwai, E.A.

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