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de Waal, D. Co Author Listing * Toward the adaptive control of the colour rendering of LED lighting with an RGBW sensor

de Waele, J.[Jo] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Tri-Stereo Pleiades Images for the Morphometric Measurement of Dolines in the Basaltic Plateau of Azrou (Middle Atlas, Morocco)

de Waele, S. Co Author Listing * Coding Gain and Tuning for Parametrized Visual Quality Metrics

de Wagter, C.[Christope] Co Author Listing * Taming Contrast Maximization for Learning Sequential, Low-latency, Event-based Optical Flow

de Wall, R.J. Co Author Listing * Shear Wave Velocity Imaging Using Transient Electrode Perturbation: Phantom and ex vivo Validation

de Wasseige, C. Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain
* Tropical forest monitoring by object-based change detection: Towards an automated method in an operational perspective

de Weck, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Small-Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar for Continuous Global Biospheric Monitoring: A Review

de Weck, O.L.[Olivier L.] Co Author Listing * Capacity Estimation of Solar Farms Using Deep Learning on High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

de Weerdt, B.[Brent] Co Author Listing * Holistic Representation Learning for Multitask Trajectory Anomaly Detection

de Weerdt, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * Survey of Methods and Input Data Types for House Price Prediction, A
Includes: de Weerdt, J.[Jochen] de-Weerdt, J.[Jochen]

de Weerdt, M.[Mathijs] Co Author Listing * Growing Strawberries Dataset: Tracking Multiple Objects with Biological Development over an Extended Period, The

de Weerdt, M.M. Co Author Listing * Intention-Aware Routing of Electric Vehicles

de Weert, T.T. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of the Outer Vessel Wall of the Common Carotid Artery in CTA

de Wet, J.R. Co Author Listing * 3D Cell Nuclear Morphology: Microscopy Imaging Dataset and Voxel-Based Morphometry Classification Results

de Weyer, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * HeatMeUp: A 3DUI serious game to explore collaborative wayfinding

de Wilde, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * General Human Traits Oriented Generic Elastic Model for 3D Face Reconstruction
* Impact of Bio-Inspired Approaches Toward the Advancement of Face Recognition, The
* Psychophysically Inspired Bayesian Occlusion Model to Recognize Occluded Faces
* Recognizing occluded faces by exploiting psychophysically inspired similarity maps
* Robust Gait Recognition by Learning and Exploiting Sub-gait Characteristics

de Wildt, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition of unpredictable events in videos

de Winter, H.[Heinder] Co Author Listing * Drift Invariant Metric Quality Control of Construction Sites Using BIM and Point Cloud Data
* Point Cloud Validation: On the Impact of Laser Scanning Technologies on the Semantic Segmentation for BIM Modeling and Evaluation

de Winter, J.[Joost] Co Author Listing * Blinded windows and empty driver seats: The effects of automated vehicle characteristics on cyclists' decision-making

de Winter, J.C.F. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Driver Car-Following Performance with a Distance and Acceleration Display
* Road-Departure Prevention in an Emergency Obstacle Avoidance Situation
* Rolling Out the Red (and Green) Carpet: Supporting Driver Decision Making in Automation-to-Manual Transitions
* Two-Dimensional Weighting Function for a Driver Assistance System, A
* Using Eye-Tracking Data to Predict Situation Awareness in Real Time During Takeover Transitions in Conditionally Automated Driving
* Vibrotactile Displays: A Survey With a View on Highly Automated Driving
* Visual Sampling Processes Revisited: Replicating and Extending Senders (1983) Using Modern Eye-Tracking Equipment
Includes: de Winter, J.C.F. de Winter, J.C.F.[Joost C. F.]
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de Wit, A.J.W. Co Author Listing * Deriving plant phenology from remote sensing

de Wit, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Cost-Efficient 3D Modelling Using Motorized Hexacopter, Helium Balloons and Photo Modelling: A Case Study
* Multisensor UAV Payload and Processing Pipeline for Generating Multispectral Point Clouds, A

de Wit, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Semantically Related Gestures Move Alike: Towards a Distributional Semantics of Gesture Kinematics

de Wit, J.W.[Jan Willem] Co Author Listing * Feature-extraction methods for historical manuscript dating based on writing style development

de Wit, K.[Kim] Co Author Listing * Identifying Causes of Urban Differential Subsidence in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta by Combining InSAR and Field Observations

de Wit, M.[Maarten] Co Author Listing * Spaceborne Mine Waste Mineralogy Monitoring in South Africa, Applications for Modern Push-Broom Missions: Hyperion/OLI and EnMAP/Sentinel-2

de With, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Detecting Critical Configurations for Dividing Long Image Sequences for Factorization-Based 3-D Scene Reconstruction
* Segmentation-based Assessment of Tumor-Vessel Involvement for Surgical Resectability Prediction of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

de With, P.H.N.[Peter H. N.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: de With, P.H.N.[Peter H. N.]: p h n de with AT tue nl
* 3-D Camera Modeling and Its Applications in Sports Broadcast Video Analysis
* Advancing 6-DoF Instrument Pose Estimation in Variable X-Ray Imaging Geometries
* Aggregated Deep Local Features for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Architecture of embedded video processing in a multimedia chip-set
* Automated Catheter Localization in Volumetric Ultrasound Using 3D Patch-Wise U-Net with Focal Loss
* Automatic Calibration of Stationary Surveillance Cameras in the Wild
* Automatic Detection of Early Esophageal Cancer with CNNS Using Transfer Learning
* Automatic Level Control for Video Cameras towards HDR Techniques
* Background Estimation and Adaptation Model with Light-Change Removal for Heavily Down-Sampled Video Surveillance Signals
* Behavioral State Detection of Newborns Based on Facial Expression Analysis
* Blue Sky Detection for Picture Quality Enhancement
* Broadcast Court-Net Sports Video Analysis Using Fast 3-D Camera Modeling
* Catheter Detection in 3D Ultrasound Using Triplanar-Based Convolutional Neural Networks
* Color exploitation in hog-based traffic sign detection
* Color transformation for improved traffic sign detection
* Combined generation of road marking and road sign databases applied to consistency checking of pedestrian crossings
* Comparing Feature Matching for Object Categorization in Video Surveillance
* Complexity reduction of wavelet codecs through modified quality control
* Conditional Transfer with Dense Residual Attention: Synthesizing traffic signs from street-view imagery
* Content-Based Model Template Adaptation and Real-Time System for Behavior Interpretation in Sports Video
* Context-based object-of-interest detection for a generic traffic surveillance analysis system
* Corridor scissors: a semi-automatic segmentation tool employing minimum-cost circular paths
* Dense range images from sparse point clouds using multi-scale processing
* Dense-Hog-based 3D face tracking for infant pain monitoring
* Density-Guided Label Smoothing for Temporal Localization of Driving Actions
* Depth-guided inpainting algorithm for Free-Viewpoint Video
* Depth-Image Compression Based on an R-D Optimized Quadtree Decomposition for the Transmission of Multiview Images
* Depth-Image Representation Employing Meshes for Intermediate-View Rendering and Coding
* Descriptor-Free Smooth Feature-Point Matching for Images Separated by Small/Mid Baselines
* Design Considerations of the Video Compression System of the New DV Camcorder Standard
* Detection and Recognition of Road Markings in Panoramic Images
* Detection of Human Groups in Videos
* Digital consumer HDTV recording based on motion-compensated DCT coding of video signals
* Dual Embedding Expansion for Vehicle Re-identification
* Dual-camera 3D head tracking for clinical infant monitoring
* Dynamic focus control for preventing motion blur
* Effect of Depth Compression on Multiview Rendering Quality, The
* effects of multiview depth video compression on multiview rendering, The
* Efficient Catheter Segmentation in 3D Cardiac Ultrasound using Slice-Based FCN With Deep Supervision and F-Score Loss
* Enabling Arbitrary Rotational Camera Motion Using Multisprites With Minimum Coding Cost
* Enhanced prediction for motion estimation in Scalable Video Coding
* Evaluating Self-Supervised Learning Methods for Downstream Classification of Neoplasia in Barrett's Esophagus
* Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors for Non-planar, Transparent Scenes
* Experiments with patch-based object classification
* Exploiting street-level panoramic images for large-scale automated surveying of traffic signs
* Exploring Distance-Aware Weighting Strategies for Accurate Reconstruction of Voxel-Based 3D Synthetic Models
* Extracting semantics from multi-spectrum video
* Facial feature extraction by a cascade of model-based algorithms
* Facial feature extraction using a cascade of model-based algorithms
* Fast Detection and Modeling of Human-Body Parts from Monocular Video
* Fast facial feature extraction using a deformable shape model with haar-wavelet based local texture attributes
* Fast Training of Object Detection Using Stochastic Gradient Descent
* Flexible Multi-modal Graph-Based Segmentation
* Free-viewpoint depth image based rendering
* Gabor-based needle detection and tracking in three-dimensional ultrasound data volumes
* Geometric averaging of X-ray signals in automatic exposure control
* Global Illumination Compensation for Background Subtraction Using Gaussian-Based Background Difference Modeling
* Grass Detection for Picture Quality Enhancement of TV Video
* Highly-parallelized motion estimation for Scalable Video Coding
* Image Features for Automated Colorectal Polyp Classification Based on Clinical Prediction Models
* Image Noise Reduction Based on a Fixed Wavelet Frame and CNNs Applied to CT
* Incorporating Depth-Image Based View-Prediction into H.264 for Multiview-Image Coding
* IndustReal: A Dataset for Procedure Step Recognition Handling Execution Errors in Egocentric Videos in an Industrial-Like Setting
* Informative Frame Classification of Endoscopic Videos Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models
* Intelligent trainee behavior assessment system for medical training employing video analysis
* Locally-Adaptive Image Contrast Enhancement without Noise and Ringing Artifacts
* Medical Instrument Detection in 3-Dimensional Ultrasound Data Volumes
* Mixed-Reality System for Broadcasting Sports Video to Mobile Devices, A
* MPEG Decoder with Embedded Compression for Memory Reduction, An
* Multiple Model Estimation for the Detection of Curvilinear Segments in Medical X-ray Images Using Sparse-plus-dense-RANSAC
* Multispectral Image Analysis for Patient Tissue Tracking During Complex Interventions
* Multiview Depth-Image Compression Using an Extended H.264 Encoder
* New DCT Computation Algorithm for Video Quality Scaling
* New flexible motion estimation technique for scalable MPEG encoding using display frame order and multi-temporal references
* Noise Reduction in CT Using Learned Wavelet-Frame Shrinkage Networks
* Objective quality analysis for free-viewpoint DIBR
* Optimal Performance-Efficiency Trade-off for Bag of Words Classification of Road Signs
* Patch-Based Experiments with Object Classification in Video Surveillance
* Perimeter-intrusion event classification for on-line detection using multiple instance learning solving temporal ambiguities
* Privacy Protection in Street-View Panoramas Using Depth and Multi-View Imagery
* Proceedings of the Workshop on 3D Geometry Generation for Scientific Computing
* Quality improving techniques in DIBR for free-viewpoint video
* R3P: Real-time RGB-D Registration Pipeline
* Real-Time Facial Feature Extraction by Cascaded Parameter Prediction and Image Optimization
* Real-time free-viewpoint DIBR on GPUs for large base-line multi-view 3DTV videos
* Real-time semantic context labeling for image understanding
* Real-time Two-Stage SPECK (TSSP) design and implementation for scalable video coding on embedded systems
* Region-based all-in-focus light field rendering
* Resource prediction and quality control for parallel execution of heterogeneous medical imaging tasks
* Robust automatic ship tracking in harbours using active cameras
* Robust background estimation for complex video sequences
* Robust classification of traffic signs using multi-view cues
* Robust classification system with reliability prediction for semi-automatic traffic-sign inventory systems
* Robust detection, classification and positioning of traffic signs from street-level panoramic images for inventory purposes
* Robust Model-Based Detection of Gable Roofs in Very-High-Resolution Aerial Images
* Safe Fakes: Evaluating Face Anonymizers for Face Detectors
* Scene Reconstruction Using MRF Optimization with Image Content Adaptive Energy Functions
* Semi-automatic Training of a Vehicle Make and Model Recognition System
* Sparse-plus-dense-RANSAC for estimation of multiple complex curvilinear models in 2D and 3D
* Surgical needle reconstruction using small-angle multi-view X-ray
* System for semi-automated surveying of street-lighting poles from street-level panoramic images
* Task complexity analysis and QoS management for mapping dynamic video-processing tasks on a multi-core platform
* Texture-Independent Feature-Point Matching (TIFM) from Motion Coherence
* TIED: A Cycle Consistent Encoder-Decoder Model for Text-to-Image Retrieval
* Towards real-time and low-latency video object tracking by linking tracklets of incomplete detections
* Training-free moving object detection system based on hierarchical color-guided motion segmentation
* Transformer-based Fusion of 2D-pose and Spatio-temporal Embeddings for Distracted Driver Action Recognition
* TROD: Tracking with occlusion handling and drift correction
* Unsupervised sub-categorization for object detection: Finding cars from a driving vehicle
* Video Quality Analysis for Concert Video Mashup Generation
* Video-based discomfort detection for infants
* Video-based discomfort detection for infants using a Constrained Local Model
* Video-Based Fall Detection in the Home Using Principal Component Analysis
* View Interpolation for Medical Images on Autostereoscopic Displays
* Water Region Detection Supporting Ship Identification in Port Surveillance
Includes: de With, P.H.N.[Peter H. N.] de With, P.H.N.[Peter H.N.] de With, P.H.N.
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de Witt, B. Co Author Listing * Elements of Photogrammetry
* Elements of Photogrammetry with Applications in GIS

de Witte, J.T. Co Author Listing * Theoretical Performance of Entropy-Encoded DPCM
Includes: de Witte, J.T. de Witte, Jr., J.T.

de Witte, V. Co Author Listing * Color Image Retrieval using Fuzzy Similarity Measures and Fuzzy Partitions
* Fuzzy Impulse Noise Detection and Reduction Method, A
* Fuzzy Noise Reduction Method for Color Images, A
* Fuzzy Two-Step Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction From Color Images
* Greyscale Image Interpolation Using Mathematical Morphology
* Histogram-based fuzzy colour filter for image restoration
* Image Interpolation using Mathematical Morphology
* Image Similarity: From Fuzzy Sets to Color Image Applications
* Morphological Image Interpolation to Magnify Images with Sharp Edges
* New Fuzzy Additive Noise Reduction Method, A
* New Fuzzy Filter for the Reduction of Randomly Valued Impulse Noise, A
* New Fuzzy Motion and Detail Adaptive Video Filter, A
* New Fuzzy Multi-channel Filter for the Reduction of Impulse Noise, A
* Vector Morphological Operators for Colour Images
Includes: de Witte, V. de Witte, V.[Valérie] de Witte, V.[Valrie] de Witte, V.[Valerie]
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de Witte, Y. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Approach to Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms in X-Ray Computed Tomography, A

de Wolf, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Prediction Mode Decision in Spatial Enhancement Layers in H.264/AVC SVC
* BFlavor: A harmonized approach to media resource adaptation, inspired by MPEG-21 BSDL and XFlavor
* Exploitation of Combined Scalability in Scalable H.264/AVC Bitstreams by Using an MPEG-21 XML-Driven Framework
* optimized MPEG-21 BSDL framework for the adaptation of scalable bitstreams, An
* Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Residual Interpolation, a Tool for Inter-layer Prediction in H.264/AVC Scalable Video Coding

de Wolf, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * MonoCInIS: Camera Independent Monocular 3D Object Detection using Instance Segmentation

de Wulf, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Cost-Efficient 3D Modelling Using Motorized Hexacopter, Helium Balloons and Photo Modelling: A Case Study
* Cultural Heritage Documentation and Integrated Geomatics Techniques in an Educational Context: Case Bois-du-Luc (Belgium)
* Data Extraction Algorithm for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) to Estimate the Maximum Economic Damage of Buildings for Economic Impact Assessment of Floods in Flanders, Belgium
* Extracting Dimensions and Locations of Doors, Windows, and Door Thresholds Out of Mobile Lidar Data Using Object Detection to Estimate The Impact of Floods
* Mapping of Forest Structural Parameters in Tianshan Mountain Using Bayesian-Random Forest Model, Synthetic Aperture Radar Sentinel-1A, and Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Measuring Surface Moisture on a Sandy Beach based on Corrected Intensity Data of a Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR
* Monitoring spatiotemporal variation in beach surface moisture using a long-range terrestrial laser scanner
* Optimized Workflow for Processing Airborne Laserscan Data in a GIS-Based Environment, An
Includes: de Wulf, A.[Alain] de Wulf, A.
8 for de Wulf, A.

de Wulf, M. Co Author Listing * Close Range Photogrammetry Used for the Monitoring of Harbour Breakwaters

de Wulf, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Delineation of Cocoa Agroforests Using Multiseason Sentinel-1 SAR Images: A Low Grey Level Range Reduces Uncertainties in GLCM Texture-Based Mapping
* Integration of Satellite Imagery, Topography and Human Disturbance Factors Based on Canonical Correspondence Analysis Ordination for Mountain Vegetation Mapping: A Case Study in Yunnan, China

de Wulf, R.R. Co Author Listing * Object based forest stand density estimation from very high resolution optical imagery using wavelet based texture measures
* Object-Based Assessment of Tree Attributes of Acacia Tortilis in Bou-Hedma, Tunisia
* Segmentation Quality Evaluation for Large Scale Mapping Purposes in Flanders, Belgium
* Semi-automated forest stand delineation using wavelet-based segmentation of very high resolution optical imagery in Flanders, Belgium

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