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Giora, D.[Domenico] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Imaging as a Tool to Support Mulberry Cultivation for Silk Production

Giorda, F. Co Author Listing * Bandwidth Reduction of Video Signals Via Shift Vector Transmission

Giordan, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * 4D surface kinematics monitoring through terrestrial radar interferometry and image cross-correlation coupling
* Comparison of Digital Image Correlation Methods and the Impact of Noise in Geoscience Applications
* Debris Flow and Rockslide Analysis with Advanced Photogrammetry Techniques Based on High-Resolution RPAS Data. Ponte Formazza Case Study (NW Alps)
* Estimating Crop Density From Multi-spectral UAV Imagery in Maize Crop
* Open-Source Web Platform to Share Multisource, Multisensor Geospatial Data and Measurements of Ground Deformation in Mountain Areas, An
* Potential and Limitations of Open Satellite Data for Flood Mapping
* Reliability and Uncertainties of the Analysis of an Unstable Rock Slope Performed on RPAS Digital Outcrop Models: The Case of the Gallivaggio Landslide (Western Alps, Italy)
* Remote Sensing Analysis of Geologic Hazards
* Taking Advantage of the ESA G-POD Service to Study Ground Deformation Processes in High Mountain Areas: A Valle d'Aosta Case Study, Northern Italy
* Ten-Year Monitoring of the Grandes Jorasses Glaciers Kinematics. Limits, Potentialities, and Possible Applications of Different Monitoring Systems
Includes: Giordan, D.[Daniele] Giordan, D.
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Giordana, A. Co Author Listing * Automated concept acquisition in noisy environments

Giordana, N.[Nathalie] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Generalized Multisensor Hidden Markov-Chains and Unsupervised Image Segmentation
* Segmentation non Supervisee d'Images Multispectrales par Chaines de Markov Cachees
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Multisensor Images Using Generalized Hidden Markov Chains

Giordani, N. Co Author Listing * Physical and Virtual Reconstruction for An Integrated Archaeological Model: 3d Print and Maquette

Giordaniello, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Training of an Object Recognition System in Scene Camera Data Using Gaze Tracking and Accelerometers

Giordano, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Survey of The Roman Bridge of San Lorenzo in Padova (italy): A Comparison Between SFM and TLS Methodologies Applied to The Arch Structure, The
* Application of Territorial Laser Scanning in 3D Modeling of Traditional Village: A Case Study of Fenghuang Village in China
* Systolic Convolver for Parallel, Multiresolution Edge Detection, A
Includes: Giordano, A. Giordano, A.[Andrea]

Giordano, B.V.[Bryan V.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Modeling of Zoonotic Arbovirus Transmission in Northeastern Florida Using Sentinel Chicken Surveillance and Earth Observation Data

Giordano, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Background Modeling Integrated With Luminosity Sensors and Occlusion Processing for Reliable Vehicle Detection
* Adversarial Framework for Unsupervised Learning of Motion Dynamics in Videos
* Automatic fish classification for underwater species behavior understanding
* Automatic Summary Creation by Applying Natural Language Processing on Usntructured Medical Records
* Bayesian Networks for Edge Preserving Salt and Pepper Image Denoising
* Decoding Brain Representations by Multimodal Learning of Neural Activity and Visual Features
* Deep Learning Human Mind for Automated Visual Classification
* Deep Multi-stage Model for Automated Landmarking of Craniomaxillofacial CT Scans
* Deep Recurrent-Convolutional Model for Automated Segmentation of Craniomaxillofacial CT Scans
* Enhancing object detection performance by integrating motion objectness and perceptual organization
* Evaluation of tracking algorithm performance without ground-truth data
* Exploiting structured high-level knowledge for domain-specific visual classification
* Fish4Knowledge: Collecting and Analyzing Massive Coral Reef Fish Video Data
* Free Floating Electric Car Sharing: A Data Driven Approach for System Design
* Gamifying Video Object Segmentation
* Generating Knowledge-Enriched Image Annotations for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Generating reliable video annotations by exploiting the crowd
* Generating Synthetic Video Sequences by Explicitly Modeling Object Motion
* Generation of Ground Truth for Object Detection While Playing an Online Game: Productive Gaming or Recreational Working?
* Generative Adversarial Networks Conditioned by Brain Signals
* Hierarchical Domain-Adapted Feature Learning for Video Saliency Prediction
* Integrating unsupervised and supervised clustering methods on a GPU platform for fast image segmentation
* Kernel Density Estimation Using Joint Spatial-Color-Depth Data for Background Modeling
* Nonparametric label propagation using mutual local similarity in nearest neighbors
* Raman Spectroscopy from Laboratory and Proximal to Remote Sensing: A Tool for the Volcanological Sciences
* Rapid Updating and Improvement of Airborne LIDAR DEMs Through Ground-Based SfM 3-D Modeling of Volcanic Features
* Rejecting False Positives in Video Object Segmentation
* Saliency-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Table and Chart Detection in Digitized Documents, A
* Superpixel-based video object segmentation using perceptual organization and location prior
* Top-down saliency detection driven by visual classification
* Visual Saliency Detection guided by Neural Signals
Includes: Giordano, D. Giordano, D.[Daniela] Giordano, D.[Daniele]
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Giordano, E. Co Author Listing * Point Cloud Exploitation for Structural Modeling and Analysis: A Reliable Workflow

Giordano, F. Co Author Listing * Coastline extraction from SAR images and a method for the evaluation of the coastline precision
* MICROVEGA (Micro Vessel for Geodetics Application): A Marine Drone for the Acquisition of Bathymetric Data for GIS Applications
* Scanning and processing 3D objects for web display

Giordano, G. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Target Tracking Through a Cluster of Mobile Agents
* Algorithms for syllabic hypothesization in continuous speech
* Biometric Palmprint Verification: A Dynamical System Approach
* Static And Dynamic Behaviour Assessment of the Trajan Arch By Means Of New Monitoring Technologies
Includes: Giordano, G. Giordano, G.[Giovanna]

Giordano, L.[Ludovica] Co Author Listing * Assessing Earthquake Impacts and Monitoring Resilience of Historic Areas: Methods for GIS Tools
* Assessing Earthquake-Induced Urban Rubble by Means of Multiplatform Remotely Sensed Data

Giordano, L.G. Co Author Listing * Indoor Millimeter-Wave Systems: Design and Performance Evaluation

Giordano, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * Background estimation by weightless neural networks
* Background Modeling by Weightless Neural Networks
* Change Detection with Weightless Neural Networks
* EU-FP7-Imars: Analysis Of Mars Multi-resolution Images Using Auto-coregistration, Data Mining And Crowd Source Techniques: Processed Results: A First Look
Includes: Giordano, M.[Maurizio] Giordano, M.[Michele]

Giordano, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * LCNS Positioning of a Lunar Surface Rover Using a DEM-Based Altitude Constraint

Giordano, P.R.[Paolo Robuffo] Co Author Listing * Human-Inspired Haptic-Enabled Learning From Prehensile Move Demonstrations

Giordano, S. Co Author Listing * On the Joint Exploitation of Optical and SAR Satellite Imagery For Grassland Monitoring
* Process of Data Formation for the Spectrometer/Telescope for Imaging X-rays (STIX) in Solar Orbiter, The
* Proposed Framework To Unmix Scattering Mechanisms of Polarimetric Radar Images Using Very High Resolution Optical Images, A
* Satellite Image Time Series Classification With Pixel-Set Encoders and Temporal Self-Attention
* Unmixing Polarimetric Radar Images Based on Land Cover Type Identified by Higher Resolution Optical Data Before Target Decomposition: Application to Forest and Bare Soil

Giordimaina, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Webcam-based detection of emotional states

Giorgetta, C.[Cinzia] Co Author Listing * Just the Way You Chat: Linking Personality, Style and Recognizability in Chats

Giorgetti, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * S-BLOSUM: Classification of 2D Shapes with Biological Sequence Alignment
* Sensor Radar for Object Tracking
* Weak RIC Analysis of Finite Gaussian Matrices for Joint Sparse Recovery
Includes: Giorgetti, A.[Alejandro] Giorgetti, A. Giorgetti, A.[Andrea]

Giorgetti, G.[Giulia] Co Author Listing * Repeated (4D) Marine Geophysical Surveys as a Tool for Studying the Coastal Environment and Ground-Truthing Remote-Sensing Observations and Modeling

Giorgetti, V. Co Author Listing * Blind Source Separation Technique for Document Restoration, A

Giorgi, A. Co Author Listing * 3D registration by textured spin-images

Giorgi, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * 3D relevance feedback via multilevel relevance judgements
* 3D shape retrieval based on best view selection
* Complete Keypics Experiment with Size Functions, A
* Critical Assessment of 2D and 3D Face Recognition Algorithms, A
* Describing shapes by geometrical-topological properties of real functions
* Flow Complexity: Fast Polytopal Graph Complexity and 3D Object Clustering
* Information-theoretic Feature Selection from Unattributed Graphs
* Information-theoretic selection of high-dimensional spectral features for structural recognition
* k-dimensional Size Functions for Shape Description and Comparison
* Lip segmentation based on Lambertian shadings and morphological operators for hyper-spectral images
* Mirror Mirror on the Wall... An Unobtrusive Intelligent Multisensory Mirror for Well-Being Status Self-Assessment and Visualization
* Multidimensional Size Functions for Shape Comparison
* Multilevel Relevance Feedback for 3D Shape Retrieval
* new algorithm for computing the 2-dimensional matching distance between size functions, A
* Persistent homology to analyse 3D faces and assess body weight gain
* Retrieval and classification methods for textured 3D models: A comparative study
* Robustness and Modularity of 2-Dimensional Size Functions: An Experimental Study
* Shape Recognition Via an a Contrario Model for Size Functions
* SHREC'12 Track: Stability on Abstract Shapes
* Size functions for comparing 3D models
* Wize Mirror: A smart, multisensory cardio-metabolic risk monitoring system
Includes: Giorgi, D.[Daniela] Giorgi, D.
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Giorgi, G.[Giacomo] Co Author Listing * Using recurrent neural networks for continuous authentication through gait analysis

Giorgianni, E.J.[Edward J.] Co Author Listing * Digital Color Management: Encoding Solutions
* Science of Color, The

Giorgini, E.[Elisabetta] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Human Granulosa Cells in Assisted Reproductive Technology using vibrational spectroscopy imaging

Giorgini, F. Co Author Listing * fuzzy approach to segment document images, A
* Modelling the histograms of various classes in SAR images
* SCULPTEUR: Multimedia Retrieval for Museums
Includes: Giorgini, F. Giorgini, F.[Fabrizio]

Giorginis, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Fast data reduction by space partitioning via convex hull and MBR computation

Giorgolo, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Integration of Gesture and Verbal Language: A Formal Semantics Approach

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