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Kashammer, P.F. Co Author Listing * Mirror Identification and Correction of 3D Point Clouds
Includes: Kashammer, P.F. Käshammer, P.F. (Maybe also Kaeshammer, P.F.)

Kashan, A.H.[Ali Husseinzadeh] Co Author Listing * efficient approach for unsupervised fuzzy clustering based on grouping evolution strategies, An

Kashani, A.H. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Modeling and Analysis of Retinal Microvasculature in OCT-Angiography Images
* Automated Deformation-Based Analysis of 3D Optical Coherence Tomography in Diabetic Retinopathy

Kashani, S.[Shlomo] Co Author Listing * Pulmonary-nodule Detection Using an Ensemble of 3d Se-resnet18 and Dpn68 Models

Kashanianfard, M. Co Author Listing * Polarimetric Active Transponder With Extremely Large RCS for Absolute Radiometric Calibration of SMAP Radar, A

Kashany, V.B. Co Author Listing * Camera parameters estimation in soccer scenes on the basis of points at infinity

Kashdan, E.[Eugene] Co Author Listing * Image formation of thick three-dimensional objects in differential-interference-contrast microscopy

Kashef, R.[Rasha] Co Author Listing * Cooperative clustering
* Efficient Bisecting k -Medoids and Its Application in Gene Expression Analysis
* Efficient Prediction of Gold Prices Using Hybrid Deep Learning
* Enhanced bisecting k-means clustering using intermediate cooperation

Kashef, S.[Shima] Co Author Listing * label-specific multi-label feature selection algorithm based on the Pareto dominance concept, A

Kashevnik, A. Co Author Listing * Methodology and Mobile Application for Driver Behavior Analysis and Accident Prevention

Kashi, M.S.[Manoj Surya] Co Author Listing * Understanding the perceived quality of video predictions

Kashi, R.[Reuven] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Quantitative Databases: Image is Everything
* architecture for ink annotations on web documents, An
* Signature verification: benefits of multiple tries
* SVC2004: First International Signature Verification Competition
Includes: Kashi, R.[Reuven] Kashi, R. Kashi, R.[Ramanujan]

Kashi, R.S. Co Author Listing * Evaluating the performance of table processing algorithms
* Hidden Markov Model approach to on-line handwritten signature verification
* Human Vision-Based Computational Model for Chromatic Texture Segregation, A
* Multimodal System for Accessing Driving Directions, A
* On-Line Handwritten Signature Verification Using Hidden Markov Model Features
* Similarities Between Texture Grouping and Motion Perception: The Role of Color, Luminance, and Orientation
* Why table ground-truthing is hard
Includes: Kashi, R.S. Kashi, R.S.[Ramanujan S.]
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Kashian, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Concept Tagging for Images Based on Ontological Thinking

Kashiani, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * AAFACE: Attribute-Aware Attentional Network for Face Recognition
* Auto-Driving Policies in Highway based on Distributional Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Face Image Quality Vector Assessment for Biometrics Applications
* Visual object tracking based on adaptive Siamese and motion estimation network

Kashif, A.[Asifa] Co Author Listing * Lungs cancer classification from CT images: An integrated design of contrast based classical features fusion and selection
* Reconstructing 3-D Skin Surface Motion for the DIET Breast Cancer Screening System
Includes: Kashif, A.[Asifa] Kashif, A.

Kashif, R.[Rashid] Co Author Listing * Assisting Flood Disaster Response with Earth Observation Data and Products: A Critical Assessment

Kashiha, M.[Mohammadamin] Co Author Listing * Weight Estimation of Pigs Using Top-View Image Processing

Kashiha, M.A.[Mohammad Amin] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Marked Pigs in a Pen Using Image Pattern Recognition
* Automatic Monitoring of Pig Activity Using Image Analysis

Kashima, H.[Hisashi] Co Author Listing * Hash-based structural similarity for semi-supervised Learning on attribute graphs
* Intransitivity Model for Matchup and Pairwise Comparison, An
* K-means clustering of proportional data using L1 distance
* Mitigating Observatio> ICPR22
* new objective function for sequence labeling, A
* Regression with interval output values

Kashima, I.[Isamu] Co Author Listing * Medical image registration using Phase-Only Correlation for distorted dental radiographs

Kashima, M.[Masayuki] Co Author Listing * Non-invasive Facial Visual-Infrared Stereo Vision Based Measurement as an Alternative for Physiological Measurement, A

Kashima, N.[Naoji] Co Author Listing * Real-World Video Anomaly Detection by Extracting Salient Features

Kashima, T. Co Author Listing * Structural Time-Varying Parameter Analysis Based on Adaptive System Identification Method Using Strong Motion Records
* Unsupervised Visual Relationship Inference

Kashimoto, A.[Akio] Co Author Listing * Multi-angle View, Illumination and Cosmetic Facial Image Database (MaVIC) and Quantitative Analysis of Facial Appearance

Kashimura, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction of bibliography information based on image of book cover

Kashimura, O. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Of Wheat Growth Monitoring Methods Based On Hyperspectral Data Of Later Grain Filling And Heading Stages In Western Australia

Kashin, E.[Evgeny] Co Author Listing * StyleGAN2 Distillation for Feed-forward Image Manipulation

Kashin, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * classification of endoscopy images with persistent homology, The

Kashinath, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Blocking Pattern Recognition in Global Climate Model Simulation Data
* Deep-Hurricane-Tracker: Tracking and Forecasting Extreme Climate Events
Includes: Kashinath, K.[Karthik] Kashinath, K.

Kashino, K. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of similarity-based partial image retrieval using multistage vector quantization
* Adaptive Dither Voting for Robust Spatial Verification
* Adaptive Spotting: Deep Reinforcement Object Search in 3d Point Clouds
* Bayesian Exponential Inverse Document Frequency and Region-of-Interest Effect for Enhancing Instance Search Accuracy
* BM25 With Exponential IDF for Instance Search
* Cascaded Transposed Long-range Convolutions for Monocular Depth Estimation
* computational model of saliency depletion/recovery phenomena for the salient region extraction of videos, A
* Contrast-accumulated histogram equalization for image enhancement
* Deep attentive time warping
* Deep Reinforcement Image Matching with Self-Termination
* Dynamic Markov random fields for stochastic modeling of visual attention
* Experimental Evaluation of Chromostereopsis with Varying Center Wavelength and FWHM of Spectral Power Distribution
* fast template matching algorithm with adaptive skipping using inner-subtemplates' distances, A
* Feature fluctuation absorption for a quick audio retrieval from long recordings
* Generative Adversarial Image Synthesis with Decision Tree Latent Controller
* Generative Attribute Controller with Conditional Filtered Generative Adversarial Networks
* High-Resolution and Multi-spectral Capturing for Digital Archiving of Large 3D Woven Cultural Artifacts
* Image Retrieval Based on Anisotropic Scaling and Shearing Invariant Geometric Coherence
* Label Propagation with Ensemble of Pairwise Geometric Relations: Towards Robust Large-Scale Retrieval of Object Instances
* Method for Robust and Quick Video Searching Using Probabilistic Dither-voting, A
* Music Scene Analysis System with the MRF-Based Information Integration Scheme, A
* quick video search method based on local and global feature clustering, A
* Reflectance-Guided Histogram Equalization and Comparametric Approximation
* robust audio searching method for cellular-phone-based music information retrieval, A
* Robust Learning for Deep Monocular Depth Estimation
* Robust Spatial Matching as Ensemble of Weak Geometric Relations
* Scene text recognition with CNN classifier and WFST-based word labeling
* Second-Order Configuration of Local Features for Geometrically Stable Image Matching and Retrieval
* Spatial People Density Estimation from Multiple Viewpoints by Memory Based Regression
* stochastic model of selective visual attention with a dynamic Bayesian network, A
* Subspace Structure-Aware Spectral Clustering for Robust Subspace Clustering
* Total Whitening for Online Signature Verification Based on Deep Representation
* Trademark Image Retrieval Using Inverse Total Feature Frequency and Multiple Detectors
* Translating Adult's Focus of Attention to Elderly's
* Tri-Map Self-Validation Based on Least Gibbs Energy for Foreground Segmentation
* Unsupervised categorical shape reconstruction through manifolds
* Unsupervised Co-Segmentation for Athlete Movements and Live Commentaries Using Crossmodal Temporal Proximity
* Video Content Detection with Single Frame Level Accuracy Using Dynamic Thresholding Technique
* Visual Attention Driven by Auditory Cues
* Visualizing Lost Designs in Degraded Early Modern Tapestry Using Infra-red Image
* Visualizing Video Sounds With Sound Word Animation to Enrich User Experience
* Weighted Generalized Mean Pooling for Deep Image Retrieval
Includes: Kashino, K. Kashino, K.[Kunio]
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Kashino, T. Co Author Listing * Single-Shot Multi-Path Interference Resolution for Mirror-Based Full 3D Shape Measurement with a Correlation-Based ToF Camera, A

Kashio, J. Co Author Listing * Supporting System for Getting Tomograms and Screening with a Computerized 3D Brain Atlas and a Knowledge Database, A

Kashio, K. Co Author Listing * HMM-Based Approach for Text Region Detection in Coded Video Bitstreams

Kashioka, S.[Seiji] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for representing continuous tone and high contrast images on a bilevel display
* Method and device for detecting the position of an object
* Transistor Wire Bonding System Utilizing Multiple Local Pattern Matching Techniques, A
Includes: Kashioka, S.[Seiji] Kashioka, S.

Kashirin, M.[Maxim] Co Author Listing * New Bayesian Focal Loss Targeting Aleatoric Uncertainty Estimate: Pollen Image Recognition

Kashiro, T. Co Author Listing * Low-Power Video Encoder/Decoder Chip Set for Digital VCRs

Kashitani, A. Co Author Listing * Panoramic Camera Using a Mirror Rotation Mechanisim and a Fast Image Mosaicing
* Scanning a Document with a Small Camera Attached to a Mouse

Kashiwagi, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Measurement of surface orientations of transparent objects by use of polarization in highlight
* Measurement of Surface Orientations of Transparent Objects Using Polarization in Highlight
* Recognizing vehicles in infrared images using IMAP parallel vision board
Includes: Kashiwagi, H.[Hiroshi] Kashiwagi, H.

Kashiwagi, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Naturalness- and information-preserving image recoloring for red-green dichromats
* Personalized Image Recoloring for Color Vision Deficiency Compensation
* Processing images for red-green dichromats compensation via naturalness and information-preservation considered recoloring

Kashiwagi, M.[Masako] Co Author Listing * Deep Depth From Aberration Map

Kashiwagi, N.[Naoaki] Co Author Listing * Measuring Grasp Posture Using an Embedded Camera

Kashiwaya, K.[Koki] Co Author Listing * Combination of Well-Logging Temperature and Thermal Remote Sensing for Characterization of Geothermal Resources in Hokkaido, Northern Japan

Kashiwazaki, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Image processing apparatus, image processing method, navigation apparatus, program storage device and computer data signal embodied in carrier wave

Kashiyama, H. Co Author Listing * Smart image sensor for high speed in-focus detection

Kashiyama, T.[Takehiro] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Road Coverage of Public Vehicles According to Number and Time Period for Installation of Road Inspection Systems
* Online real-time pedestrian tracking from medium altitude aerial footage with camera motion cancellation
* Real-time citywide reconstruction of traffic flow from moving cameras on lightweight edge devices

Kashkin, V.B. Co Author Listing * Identification of random fields of points

Kashko, A. Co Author Listing * Parallel Approach to the Picture Restoration Algorithm of Geman and Geman on an SIMD Machine, A

Kashnitskii, A.[Alexandr] Co Author Listing * Usage Experience and Capabilities of the VEGA-Science System
* Vega-constellation Tools To Analize Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Kashnitskii, A.[Alexandr] Kashnitskii, A.

Kashnitskiy, A. Co Author Listing * Geoinformation Tools Providing Estimations Of Vegetation Areal Damages Caused By Wild Fire Disasters

Kashongwe, H.B.[Herve B.] Co Author Listing * Democratic Republic of the Congo Tropical Forest Canopy Height and Aboveground Biomass Estimation with Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Airborne LiDAR Data: The Effect of Seasonal Landsat Image Selection

Kashtanova, V.[Victoriya] Co Author Listing * EP-Net 2.0: Out-of-Domain Generalisation for Deep Learning Models of Cardiac Electrophysiology

Kashti, T.[Tamar] Co Author Listing * DeepCut: Unsupervised Segmentation using Graph Neural Networks Clustering
* Electro-photographic model based stochastic clustered-dot halftoning with direct binary search
* Lattice-Based Screen Set: Square N -Color All-Orders Moire-Free Screen Set, The
Includes: Kashti, T.[Tamar] Kashti, T.

Kashu, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * Computing the Local Continuity Order of Optical Flow Using Fractional Variational Method
* Continuity Order of Local Displacement in Volumetric Image Sequence
* Multiscale Analysis of Volumetric Motion Field Using General Order Prior
* Subvoxel Super-Resolution of Volumetric Motion Field Using General Order Prior

Kashwan, K.R. Co Author Listing * Multi-Level Counter Propagation Network for diabetes classification
* Performance analysis of spectrum efficiency of cognitive radio

Kashyap, A.[Ananth] Co Author Listing * PyPose: A Library for Robot Learning with Physics-based Optimization

Kashyap, H.J. Co Author Listing * Low Power, High Throughput, Fully Event-Based Stereo System, A

Kashyap, K.L.[Kanchan Lata] Co Author Listing * Mesh-free approach for enhancement of mammograms

Kashyap, M.[Manish] Co Author Listing * Automated diagnosis of COVID stages using texture-based Gabor features in variational mode decomposition from CT images
* Automated screening of glaucoma stages from retinal fundus images using BPS and LBP based GLCM features

Kashyap, M.S.S.[M. S. Sriram] Co Author Listing * Implicit surface octrees for ray tracing point models
* Tracing specular light paths in point-based scenes

Kashyap, R.[Ramgopal] Co Author Listing * Dilated residual grooming kernel model for breast cancer detection
* Intra-Arterial Image Guidance With Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry Shape Sensing
Includes: Kashyap, R.[Ramgopal] Kashyap, R.

Kashyap, R.L. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shape from a Shaded Textural Surface Image
* Adaptive image representation with segmented orthogonal matching pursuit
* Adaptive Multiresolution Image Coding with Matching and Basis Pursuits
* Algorithm for Linear Inequalities and its Applications, An
* Analysis and Synthesis of Image Patterns by Spatial Interaction Models
* Autonomous Intelligent Machines
* Bayesian Decision-Feedback for Segmentation of Binary Images
* Building Skeleton Models Via 3-D Medial Surface Axis Thinning Algorithms
* Character Recognition Based on Attribute-Dependent Programmed Grammar
* Character Recognition Using Attributed Grammar
* Composite Edge Detection with Random Field Models
* Computer Vision Algorithms Used in Recognition of Occluded Objects
* Construction and Interpretations of Formulas for Combining Evidence
* Decision Rules for the Choice of Neighbors in Random Field Models of Images
* Digital Image Restoration Using Spatial Interaction Models
* Error Concealment of Still Image and Video Streams with Multidirectional Recursive Nonlinear Filters
* Estimation and Choice of Neighbors in Spatial Interaction Models of Images
* Feature Selection for Texture Recognition Based on Image Synthesis
* Formal Theory for Optimal and Information Theoretic Syntactic Pattern Recognition, A
* Geometric Reasoning for Extraction of Manufacturing Features in Iso-Oriented Polyhedra
* Geometric Reasoning for Recognition of Three-Dimensional Object Features
* Geometrical Approach to Polygonal Dissimilarity and Shape Matching, A
* Image data compression using autoregressive time series models
* Image De-Blocking with Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Analysis and Spatially Variant OS Filters
* Image Identification and Segmentation According to Random Field Models
* Low Bit Rate Image Coding with Shift Orthogonal Filter Banks
* Matching Polygon Fragments
* Model Based Texture Segmentation and Classification
* Model-Based Method for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification, A
* Models for Motion-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval
* Multi-level 3-D rotational invariant classification
* Multiresolution image compression with BSP trees and multilevel BTC
* Multiresolution using multisplines for image compression
* new sequential classifier using information criterion window, A
* Noisy Substring Matching Problem, The
* On Terrain Model Acquisition by a Point Robot Amidst Polyhedral Obstacles
* On the Correlation Structure of Random Field Models of Images and Textures
* Orientation of Anisotropic Random Fields and Images
* Planning for Inspection Based on CAD Models
* Probabilistic-Based Mechanism for Video Database Management Systems, A
* Random Field Models of Images
* Recursive Estimation of Images Using Non-gaussian Autoregressive Models
* Robot Navigation in Unknown Terrain Using Learned Visibility Graphs. Part I: The Disjoint Convex Obstacle Case
* robust variable length nonlinear filter for edge enhancement and noise smoothing, A
* Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using Circular Random Field Models
* Scalable subband image coding with segmented orthogonal matching pursuit
* Scale Preserving Smoothing of Polygons
* Shape from Texture and Shaded Surface
* Special Section on Image-Database Systems
* Spelling Correction Using Probabilistic Methods
* Stochastic Model Based Technique for Texture Segmentation, A
* Stochastic Models for Closed Boundary Analysis, Representation, and Construction
* Stochastic Models for Closed Boundary Analysis: Part I, Representation, and Construction
* Study of Associative Evidential Reasoning, A
* Synthesis and Estimation of Random Fields Using Long-Correlation Models
* Synthetic Generation and Estimation in Random Field Models of Images
* Texture Boundary Detection Based on the Long Correlation Model
* Texture Classification Using Features Derived from Random Field Models
* Texture Synthesis Using 2-D Noncausal Autoregressive Models
* tree structured Bayesian scalar quantizer for wavelet based image compression, A
* Two Dimensional Autoregressive Models for Images: Parameter Estimation and Choice of Neighbors
* Unsupervised Video Segmentation and Object Tracking
* Using Polygons to Recognize and Locate Partially Occluded Objects
Includes: Kashyap, R.L. Kashyap, R.L.[Rangasami L.]
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Kashyap, S.[Satyananda] Co Author Listing * Basis scaling and double pruning for efficient inference in network-based transfer learning
* Data driven mean-shift belief propagation for non-gaussian MRFs
* From Image Collections to Point Clouds With Self-Supervised Shape and Pose Networks
* Learning-Based Cost Functions for 3-D and 4-D Multi-Surface Multi-Object Segmentation of Knee MRI: Data From the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* Performance evaluation of state-of-the-art discrete symmetry detection algorithms
* Transparent hashing in the encrypted domain for privacy preserving image retrieval
Includes: Kashyap, S.[Satyananda] Kashyap, S.[Somesh] Kashyap, S.[Shashank] Kashyap, S. Kashyap, S.[Sachin]

Kashyap, S.K.[Sudesh K.] Co Author Listing * Experimental study with enhanced Vision System prototype unit

Kashyap, V.[Vinay] Co Author Listing * H-means image segmentation to identify solar thermal features

Kashyap, Y.[Yashwant] Co Author Listing * Airborne Kite Tether Force Estimation and Experimental Validation Using Analytical and Machine Learning Models for Coastal Regions
* Algorithms for Hyperparameter Tuning of LSTMs for Time Series Forecasting
* Enhancing Solar Energy Forecast Using Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network and Multipoint Time Series Approach
* Model for Estimation of Global Horizontal Irradiance in the Presence of Dust, Fog, and Clouds
* Rooftop Photovoltaic Energy Production Estimations in India Using Remotely Sensed Data and Methods
* Rooftop Photovoltaic Energy Production Management in India Using Earth-Observation Data and Modeling Techniques
* Solar Photovoltaic Hotspot Inspection Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Thermal Images at a Solar Field in South India
Includes: Kashyap, Y.[Yashwant] Kashyap, Y.
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