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Seng, B.C.[Boon Choong] Co Author Listing * Perceptual quality and objective quality measurements of compressed videos
* Perceptual Quality Evaluation on Periodic Frame-Dropping Video

Seng, C.C.[Chan Chee] Co Author Listing * From early biological models to CNNs: do they look where humans look?
* Optimized Window Arrangement for Spatial Pyramid Matching Scheme
Includes: Seng, C.C.[Chan Chee] Seng, C.C.[Chua Chin]

Seng, C.H. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Logic-Based Image Fusion for Multi-view Through-the-Wall Radar
* Probabilistic Fuzzy Image Fusion Approach for Radar Through Wall Sensing
Includes: Seng, C.H. Seng, C.H.[Cher Hau]

Seng, J.K.P.[Jasmine Kah Phooi] Co Author Listing * Emerging Technologies for Smart Cities' Transportation: Geo-Information, Data Analytics and Machine Learning Approaches

Seng, J.L.L.[Jonathan Lam Lit] Co Author Listing * Application of digit and speech recognition in food delivery robot

Seng, K.P. Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Recognition System in Compression Domain
* Binary-Uncoded Image and Video Compression Using SPIHT-ZTR Coding
* Combined Rule-Based Machine Learning Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition Approach, A
* Enhanced Lips Detection and Tracking System
* Image Compression Using Stitching with Harris Corner Detector and SPIHT Coding
* Lifting Scheme DWT Implementation in a Wireless Vision Sensor Network
* Lips Contour Detection and Tracking Using Watershed Region-Based Active Contour Model and Modified H_inf
* Low Memory Implementation of Saliency Map Using Strip-Based Method
* Multi-scale visual attention & saliency modelling with decision theory
* new multi-purpose audio-visual UNMC-VIER database with multiple variabilities, A
* Video Analytics for Customer Emotion and Satisfaction at Contact Centers
Includes: Seng, K.P. Seng, K.P.[Kah Phooi]
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Seng, L.T.[Lee Thian] Co Author Listing * Development of Total Knee Replacement Digital Templating Software

Seng, T.[Travis] Co Author Listing * Learning Defects in Old Movies from Manually Assisted Restoration

Seng, W.C.[Woo Chaw] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of medical X-ray images using a bag of visual words
* Automatic classification of medical X-ray images: hybrid generative-discriminative approach
* review of biometric technology along with trends and prospects, A
Includes: Seng, W.C.[Woo Chaw] Seng, W.C.

Senga, M.[Masanori] Co Author Listing * Image processing device and method for identifying an input image, and copier scanner and printer including same

Senga, Y. Co Author Listing * Vicarious Calibration of ADEOS-2 GLI Visible to Shortwave Infrared Bands Using Global Datasets

Sengar, S.S. Co Author Listing * Landslide Identification from IRS-P6 LISS-IV Temporal DATA: A Comparative Study Using Fuzzy Based Classifiers
* Moving object detection based on frame difference and W4
* Multi-planar 3D knee MRI segmentation via UNet inspired architectures
* Soft Computing Approach for Liquefaction Identification Using Landsat-7 Temporal Indices Data
Includes: Sengar, S.S. Sengar, S.S.[Sandeep Singh]

Sengara, W.[Wayan] Co Author Listing * Estimation of seismic building structural types using multi-sensor remote sensing and machine learning techniques

Sengbusch, G.V. Co Author Listing * Low resolution slit-scan pattern recognition applying one-dimensional multiparameter analysis

Senge, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Dependent binary relevance models for multi-label classification

Senge, S. Co Author Listing * BeeJamA: A Distributed, Self-Adaptive Vehicle Routing Guidance Approach

Sengel, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient representation of in-plane rotation within a PCA framework
* Fast object recognition and pose determination

Senger, K.[Kim] Co Author Listing * Digital Drill Core Models: Structure-from-Motion as a Tool for the Characterisation, Orientation, and Digital Archiving of Drill Core Samples

Senger, L. Co Author Listing * Integrating Expertises and Ambitions for Data-driven Digital Building Permits: The Eunet4dbp
* Velocity-Based Multiple Change-Point Inference for Unsupervised Segmentation of Human Movement Behavior
Includes: Senger, L. Senger, L.[Lisa]

Senger, S. Co Author Listing * Active Areas: On Interacting in a Virtual Environment

Sengor, E.S.[E. Soylu] Co Author Listing * National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan: the Turkey's Smart Cities Approach

Sengor, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Energy Management Strategy of a Green Port Serving Emission-Free Ferries Considering EV Parking Lot Availability

Sengor, N.[Neslihan] Co Author Listing * Transform Invariant Video Fingerprinting by NMF

Sengor, N.S.[N.Serap] Co Author Listing * Key-frame based video fingerprinting by NMF

Sengottaiyan, K.[Kumarganesh] Co Author Listing * effective model for the iris regional characteristics and classification using deep learning alex network, An

Sengottuvel, S. Co Author Listing * Decoding non-linearity for effective extraction of the eye-blink artifact pattern from EEG recordings

Sengoz, C.[Cenker] Co Author Listing * Learning relational facts from the web: A tolerance rough set approach

Sengul, A. Co Author Listing * Extracting Semantic Building Models From Aerial Stereo Images And Conversion To Citygml
* ISPRS Student Consortium: The Network Of Youth In Geoinformation Society

Sengul, B.[Bati] Co Author Listing * Combined First and Second Order Total Variation Inpainting using Split Bregman

Sengul, G. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Measurement System and Identification Method for Buried Magnetic Materials Within Wet and Dry Soils, A

Sengul, S.B.[Sumeyra Busra] Co Author Listing * MResCaps: Enhancing capsule networks with parallel lanes and residual blocks for high-performance medical image classification
Includes: Sengul, S.B.[Sumeyra Busra] Sengül, S.B.[Sümeyra Büsra] (Maybe also Senguel, S.B.)

Sengupta, A.[Anirban] Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Route Control Chart From Validated Signal Interlocking Plan
* Development of a Multi-Index Method Based on Landsat Reflectance Data to Map Open Water in a Complex Environment
* Filter design for tracking of ballistic target missile using seeker measurements with time lag
* Hierarchical Kinematic Probability Distributions for 3D Human Shape and Pose Estimation from Images in the Wild
* HuManiFlow: Ancestor-Conditioned Normalising Flows on SO(3) Manifolds for Human Pose and Shape Distribution Estimation
* Pincode detection using deep CNN for postal automation
* Probabilistic 3D Human Shape and Pose Estimation from Multiple Unconstrained Images in the Wild
* Refining ICESAT-2 ATL13 Altimetry Data for Improving Water Surface Elevation Accuracy on Rivers
* Scanline Homographies for Rolling-Shutter Plane Absolute Pose
* ToTem NRSfM: Object-Wise Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion with a Topological Template
Includes: Sengupta, A.[Anirban] Sengupta, A.[Ashmita] Sengupta, A.[Aparajita] Sengupta, A.[Akash] Sengupta, A. Sengupta, A.[Agniva]
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Sengupta, B. Co Author Listing * Generative Adversarial Networks: An Overview

Sengupta, D.[Dhurjati] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction from Micro-CT Slices for Non-Destructive Viewing inside a Fossil
* Analysis of Long-Term Rainfall Trends and Variability in the Uttarakhand Himalaya Using Google Earth Engine, An
* End-to-end Trainable Deep Active Contour Models for Automated Image Segmentation: Delineating Buildings in Aerial Imagery
* Mapping Trajectories of Coastal Land Reclamation in Nine Deltaic Megacities using Google Earth Engine
* Pitch tracking of acoustic signals based on average squared mean difference function
* Stable feature selection using copula based mutual information
Includes: Sengupta, D.[Dhurjati] Sengupta, D.[Dhritiraj] Sengupta, D.[Debleena] Sengupta, D.[Debapriya] Sengupta, D.[Debarka]

Sengupta, J.[Jewel] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Improved WCM Technique for Soil Moisture Retrieval with Satellite Images

Sengupta, K. Co Author Listing * Affine Coordinate Based Algorithm for Reprojecting the Human Face for Identification Tasks, An
* Analysis of Lip Geometric Features for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Automatic face modeling from monocular image sequences using a modified non parametric regression and an affine camera model
* Co-operative Multi-target Tracking and Classification
* Compression of Dynamic 3D Geometry Data Using Iterative Closest Point Algorithm
* Cooperative Multitarget Tracking With Efficient Split and Merge Handling
* Curve Fitting Problem and Its Application in Modeling Objects in Monocular Image Sequences, A
* Experiments in Semiautonomous Registration of Disparate Spatial Data: Two New Techniques and a Model for Comparison
* Face posture estimation using eigen analysis on an IBR (image based rendered) database
* Framework for Real-Time Behavior Interpretation From Traffic Video
* Generating Virtual Environments for Human Communications: Virtual Metamorphosis System and Novel View Generation
* Geometric Sequence (GS) imaging with Bayesian smoothing for optical and capacitive imaging sensors
* Human Face Structure Estimation from Multiple Images Using the 2D Affine Space
* hybrid approach of NN and HMM for facial emotion classification, A
* Incremental Modelbase Updating: Learning New Model Sites
* Information Theoretic Clustering of Large Structural Modelbases
* Least Committed Splines in 3D Modelling of Free Form Objects from Intensity Images
* Modelbase Partitioning Using Property Matrix Spectra
* Multi-resolution streaming and rendering of 3-D dynamic data
* New Camera Projection Model and its Application in Reprojection for Image Based Rendering, A
* non parametric approach for modeling interferometric SAR imagery and applications, A
* non-parametric approach for independent component analysis using kernel density estimation, A
* Novel scene generation, merging and stitching views using the 2D affine space
* Organizing Large Structural Modelbases
* Real Time Detection and Recognition of Human Profiles Using Inexpensive Desktop Cameras
* Speech-gesture driven multimodal interfaces for crisis management
* Using Geometric Hashing with Information Theoretic Clustering for Fast Recognition from a Large CAD Modelbase
* Using Spectral Features for Modelbase Partitioning
Includes: Sengupta, K. Sengupta, K.[Kuntal]
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Sengupta, M.[Manajit] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Transmittance Model Validation for CSP Tower Plants

Sengupta, R.[Raja] Co Author Listing * Agent-Based Modeling of COVID-19 Transmission: A Case Study of Housing Densities in Sankalitnagar, Ahmedabad
* Computing Arterial Travel Time Distributions From Loop Detector and Probe Datasets
* Evacuation Simulation Implemented by ABM-BIM of Unity in Students' Dormitory Based on Delay Time
* Improving Productivity of Low-Altitude Airspace: Speed vs Direction Control
* Intervehicle Transmission Rate Control for Cooperative Active Safety System
* Joint Depth Prediction and Semantic Segmentation with Multi-View SAM
* Sensor Placement Strategy for Comprehensive Urban Heat Island Monitoring, A
* Subcycle Waveform Modeling of Traffic Intersections Using Recurrent Attention Networks
* Traffic Demand Analysis Method for Urban Air Mobility, A
Includes: Sengupta, R.[Raja] Sengupta, R.[Rahul] Sengupta, R. Sengupta, R.[Roni]
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Sengupta, S.[Shirshajit] Co Author Listing * A-DeepPixBis: Attentional Angular Margin for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Adaptive Flocking Control of Multiple Unmanned Ground Vehicles by Using a UAV
* Adaptive Token Sampling for Efficient Vision Transformers
* Automated camera handoff system for figure tracking in a multiple camera system
* Background Matting: The World Is Your Green Screen
* Creation and Analysis of a Corpus of Text Rich Indian TV Videos
* Detection of Moving Objects Using Multi-channel Kernel Fuzzy Correlogram Based Background Subtraction
* Effects of Unequal Focal Lengths in Stereo Imaging
* Efficient discriminative learning of parametric nearest neighbor classifiers
* Enhancing Selected Facial Features in Very Low Bit-rate Video Sequences
* Event detection and semantic identification using Bayesian belief network
* Fast Light-Weight Near-Field Photometric Stereo
* frequency domain approach to silhouette based gait recognition, A
* Frontal to profile face verification in the wild
* FRR-Net: A Real-Time Blind Face Restoration and Relighting Network
* Hierarchical Framework for Generic Sports Video Classification, A
* High performance VLSI implementation of Context-based Adaptive Variable Length Coding (CAVLC) for H.264 encoder
* Imperfect ImaGANation: Implications of GANs exacerbating biases on facial data augmentation and snapchat face lenses
* Improved Video Encoderwith In-the-Loop De-Noising Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction, An
* Joint Optimization for Object Class Segmentation and Dense Stereo Reconstruction
* Lifespan Age Transformation Synthesis
* Light Stage on Every Desk, A
* Mesh Based Semantic Modelling for Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* MHASAN: Multi-Head Angular Self Attention Network for Spoof Detection
* Model generation for robust object tracking based on temporally stable regions
* Motion Matters: Neural Motion Transfer for Better Camera Physiological Measurement
* MVPSNet: Fast Generalizable Multi-view Photometric Stereo
* Neighborhood Supported Model Level Fuzzy Aggregation for Moving Object Segmentation
* Neural Inverse Rendering of an Indoor Scene From a Single Image
* New Fuzzy Texture Features for Robust Detection of Moving Objects
* new predictive full-search block motion estimation, A
* New Rank Constraint on Multi-view Fundamental Matrices, and Its Application to Camera Location Recovery, A
* Optimizing Multi-Rate Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing Applications
* Percetually motivated bit-allocation for H.264 encoded video sequences
* Real-Time High-Resolution Background Matting
* Relighting Images in the Wild with a Self-Supervised Siamese Auto-Encoder
* Robust camera parameter estimation using genetic algorithm
* Robust detection of moving objects in video sequences through rough set theory framework
* Robust High-Resolution Video Matting with Temporal Guidance
* Scale-Space Displacement Of Zero-Crossings Of Del(2)G Operated Images For Convex-Bodies And Convex-Sets
* Scene content driven FEC allocation for video streaming
* Selective Nearest Neighbors Clustering
* Semantic Event Detection and Classification in Cricket Video Sequence
* SfSNet: Learning Shape, Reflectance and Illuminance of Faces in the Wild
* Shape and Material Capture at Home
* Solving Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Using Fewer Images by Jointly Optimizing Low-rank Matrix Completion and Integrability
* Spatially correlated background subtraction, based on adaptive background maintenance
* Test Statistic Estimation-Based Approach for Establishing Self-Interpretable CNN-Based Binary Classifiers, A
* Texture Classification Using a Novel, Soft-Set Theory Based Classification Algorithm
* Towards Generating Topic-driven and Affective Responses to Assist Mental Wellness
* Towards Sentiment and Emotion aided Intent Detection
* Universal Guidance for Diffusion Models
* Virtual garment simulation
Includes: Sengupta, S.[Shirshajit] Sengupta, S.[Shamik] Sengupta, S.[Sunando] Sengupta, S.[Soumitra] Sengupta, S. Sengupta, S.[Soumik] Sengupta, S.[Soumyadip] Sengupta, S.[Somnath] Sengupta, S.[Sailik] Sengupta, S.[Souhardya] Sengupta, S.[Sourya] Sengupta, S.[Shubhashis]
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Sengur, A.[Abdulkadir] Co Author Listing * Color texture image segmentation based on neutrosophic set and wavelet transformation
* Multi-Input Convolutional Neural Networks Model for Earthquake Precursor Detection Based on Ionospheric Total Electron Content, A
* NCM: Neutrosophic c-means clustering algorithm

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