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Bu, J. Co Author Listing * Vlsi System Architecture For High-Speed Radiative Transfer 3d Image Synthesis, A

Buas, M. Co Author Listing * Fundamentals Of True-Color Image Processing

Bubna, K. Co Author Listing * Geometric Constraints And Stereo Disparity Computation
* Model Selection And Surface Merging In Reconstruction Algorithms

Bucci, G. Co Author Listing * Robust Tracking Of 3d Motion, A

Buchanan, T. Co Author Listing * Critical Sets For 3d Reconstruction Using Lines
* Twisted Cubic And Camera Calibration, The

Buchberger, B. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Methods For Non-Linear Computational Geometry

Buchman, S.R. Co Author Listing * Registration Of 3d Objects And Surfaces

Bucholtz, C.A. Co Author Listing * Shape-Based Interpolation

Buchsbaum, G. Co Author Listing * Conversion And Trade-Offs Between Scaled Gaussian Parallel And Hierarchic Analysis Multirate Filter Banks
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Neurosystems And Neuroengineering
* Information Theoretic Aspects Of Color Signal Processing In The Visual System
* Number Of Simultaneous Colors Versus Gray Levels: A Quantitative Relationship
* Separability Of Spatiotemporal Spectra Of Image Sequences

Buchsbaum, M.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Mr-Pet Registration Algorithm

Buckalew, C. Co Author Listing * Illumination Networks: Fast Realistic Rendering With General Reflectance Functions

Buckles, B.P. Co Author Listing * Scene Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms With Semantic Nets

Bucklew, J.A. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Digitization Of Data Followed By A Mapping
* Two Results On The Asymptotic Performance Of Quantizers

Buckley, C.E. Co Author Listing * Foundation For The Flexible-Trajectory Approach To Numeric Path Planning, A
* Proximity Metric For Continuum Path Planning, A

Buckley, M. Co Author Listing * Regularised Shortest-Path Extraction

Buckley, S.J. Co Author Listing * Planning Compliant Motion Strategies

Buczkowski, S. Co Author Listing * Modified Box-Counting Method: Analysis Of Some Characteristic Parameters, The

Buda, A.O. Co Author Listing * Multiprocessor Automata

Budinger, T.F. Co Author Listing * Physics And Engineering Of Computerized Multidimensional Imaging And Processing (Newport Beach, Ca, April 2-4

Budrikis, Z.L. Co Author Listing * Accurate Lightpen
* Moment Calculations By Digital Filters

Budzban, G. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Stable Points On The Convergence Of Markov Random Fields, The

Buehrer, D.J. Co Author Listing * Shape Recognition Scheme Based On Relative Distances Of Feature Points From The Centroid, A
* Two-Dimensional Shape Recognition Scheme Based On Principal Component Analysis, A

Buekenhout, F. Co Author Listing * Handbook Of Incidence Geometry--Buildings And Foundations, Elsevier

Buendia, M. Co Author Listing * Local Symmetries Of Digital Contours From Their Chain Codes
* Reliable Polygonal Approximations Of Imaged Real Objects Through Dominant Point Detection

Buesching, D. Co Author Listing * Efficiently Finding Bitangents

Buffa, M. Co Author Listing * Weakly-Calibrated Stereo Perception For Rover Navigation
* Weakly-Calibrated Stereo Perception For Rover Navigation

Buffart, H. Co Author Listing * Abstract Code Network As A Model Of Perceptual Memory

Buford, W.L. Co Author Listing * Hand Biomechanics Workstation, A
Includes: Buford, W.L. Buford Jr., W.L.

Bugeja, A. Co Author Listing * Coarse-Grained, Reconfigurable Image Coprocessor, A

Buggy, T.W. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Segmentation Of Sonar Data

Buhler, U. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Approximate String Matching To 2d Shape Recognition

Buhmann, J. Co Author Listing * Distortion Invariant Object Recognition In The Dynamic Link Architecture
* Optimization Approach To Unsupervised Hierarchical Texture Segmentation, An

Buhmann, J.M. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Annealing For Real-Time Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* Non-Parametric Similarity Measures For Unsupervised Texture Segmentation And Image Retrieval
* On Spatial Quantization Of Color Images
* Regularizing Phase-Based Stereo
* Unsuperivsed Texture Segmentation In A Deterministic Annealing Framework
* Unsupervised Segmentation Of Textured Images By Pairwise Data Clustering

Bui, T.D. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study Of Nonlinear Shape Models For Digital Image Processing And Pattern Recognition, A
* Computer Transformation Of Digital Images And Patterns, World Scientific
* Harmonic Models Of Shape Transformations In Digital Images And Patterns
* Harmonic Models Of Shape Transformations In Digital Images And Patterns
* Invariants And Pose Determination
* Nonlinear Transformations Of Digitized Patterns
* Range Image Segmentation And Fitting By Residual Consensus
* Robust Estimation For Range Image Segmentation And Reconstruction
* Shape Transformation Models And Their Applications In Pattern Recognition
* Splitting-Integrating Method For Normalizing Images By Inverse Transformation
* Splitting-Shooting Methods For Nonlinear Transformations Of Digitized Patterns
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Buker, U. Co Author Listing * Communication Module For Parallel Image Analysis On The Transputer Image Processing System, A
* Knowledge-Based View Control Of A Neural 3-D Object Recognition System
* Learning In An Active Hybrid Vision System

Bukys, L. Co Author Listing * Low Level Image Analysis On An Mimd Architecture

Buley, H. Co Author Listing * Inter/Intraframe Coding Of Color Tv Signals For Transmission At The Third Level Of The Digital Hierarchy

Bull, M. Co Author Listing * Finite Embedded Trees And Simply Connected Mazes Cannot Be Searched By Halting Finite Automata

Bullock, B. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Vehicle Control Using Ai Techniques

Bullock, D. Co Author Listing * Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University

Bulot, R. Co Author Listing * Contour Segmentation Using Hough Transform

Bulow, T. Co Author Listing * Quaternion Gabor Filters For Local Structure Classification

Bulpitt, A. Co Author Listing * Global Alignment Of Mr Images Using A Scale Based Hierarchical Model

Bulpitt, A.J. Co Author Listing * Efficient 3d Deformable Model With A Self-Optimising Mesh, An

Bulsari, A. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Neural Networks For Computer Vision Applications
* Guest Eds., Special Issue|Neural Networks For Computer Vision Applications, (London, Uk, June 17-19, 1996)
* Guest Eds., Special Issue|Neural Networks Forcomputer Vision Applications Papers From The International Conference On Enginering Applications Of Neural Networks, London, England, June 17-19, 1996

Bulsink, B. Co Author Listing * Low-Cost Architecture For Real-Time Processing And Analysis Of Binary Images, A

Bulthoff, H. Co Author Listing * Mit Vision Machine, The
* Parallel Optical Flow Computation
* Stereo Integration, Mean Field Theory And Psychophysics

Bulthoff, H.H. Co Author Listing * Interaction Of Different Modules In Depth Perception
* Parallel Motion Algorithm Consistent With Psychophysics And Physiology, A
* Parallel Optical Flow Using Local Voting

Bultman, W.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Identification Of Geometric Objects With Membership Queries

Buluswar, S.D. Co Author Listing * Color Recognition In Outdoor Images
* Non-Parametric Classification Of Pixels Under Varying Outdoor Illumination

Bulut, M. Co Author Listing * Histogram Based Fuzzy Kohonen Clustering Network For Image Segmentation

Bulwinkle, G.E. Co Author Listing * Research In Image Understanding And Automated Cartography: 1997-1998
* Research In The Automated Analysis Of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1994-1995
* Research In The Automated Analysis Of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1995-1996

Bumbaca, F. Co Author Listing * Design And Implementation Of A Colour Vision Model For Computer Vision Applications

Buneman, O. Co Author Listing * Fast Two-Dimensional Hartley Transform

Bunge, H.J. Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis In Materials Science: Mathematical Methods, Butterworths

Bunke, H. Co Author Listing * Advances In Pattern Recognition Systems Using Neural Network Technologies, World Scientific
* Advances In Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition (Proceedings Of Sspr '92), World Scientific
* Applications Of Approximate String Matching To 2d Shape Recognition
* Combination Of Face Classifiers For Person Identification
* Comparing Curved-Surface Range Image Segmenters
* Detection Of Rotational And Involutional Symmetries And Congruity Of Polyhedra
* Determining The Symmetry Of Polyhedra
* Diagnostic Inferences From Image Sequences -- A Knowledge Based Approach
* Edge Length Ratios: An Affine Invariant Shape Representation For Recognition With Occlusions
* Error-Correcting Graph Isomorphism Using Decision Trees
* Experimental Comparison Of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms, An
* Fast Segmentation Of Range Images Into Planar Regions By Scan Line Grouping
* Finding Rotational Symmetries By Cyclic String Matching
* Graph Distance Measure Based On The Maximal Common Subgraph, A
* Guest Eds., (Special Issue On) Formal Methods In 2-D Shape Analysis
* Guest Eds., Special Issue [On] Spatial Computing: Issues In Vision, Multimedia And Visualization (Papers Presented At The Spatial Computing Workshop, Perth, Australia, December 2-3, 1995), Ijprai 11(1-
* Guest Eds., Special Issue-Active Robot Vision: Camera Heads, Model Based Navigation And Reactive Control
* Guest Eds., Special Issue-Document Image Analysis
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Applications Of A.I., Machine Vision, And Robotics (Orlando, Fl, April 14-16, 1993)
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Automatic Bankcheck Processing, Ijprai 114-5
* Handbook Of Character Recognition And Document Image Analysis, World Scientific
* Hybrid Methods In Pattern Recognition
* Improved Algorithm For Computing The Edit Distance Of Run-Length Coded Strings, An
* Inference Of Edit Costs Using Parametric String Matching
* Intelligent Robots|Sensing, Modeling, And Planning, World Scientific
* Knowledge Based System For Analysis Of Gated Blood Pool Studies, A
* Line Segment Based Axial Motion Stereo
* Lipreading: A Classifier Combination Approach
* Longest K-Distance Substrings Of Two Strings
* Modelling And Planning For Sensor Based Intelligent Robot Systems, World Scientific
* New Algorithm For Error-Tolerant Subgraph Isomorphism Detection, A
* On A Relation Between Graph Edit Distance And Maximum Common Subgraph
* Optimal Algorithm For Extracting The Regions Of A Plane Graph, An
* Range Image Segmentation: The User'S Dilemma
* Recent Advances In Graph Matching
* Recognizing 3-D Objects In Needle Maps
* Robust Facial Profile Recognition
* Scale-Invariant Polyhedral Object Recognition Using Fragmentary Edge Segments
* Segmentation Of The Needle Map Of Objects With Curved Surfaces
* Simple And Efficient Algorithm For Determining The Symmetries Of Polyhedra, A
* Simple And Fast Computation Of Moments
* Special Issue: Advances In Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Structured Document Image Analysis, Springer
* Syntactic Analysis Of Noisy Input Strings With An Application To The Analysis Of Heart-Volume Curves
* Syntactic And Structural Pattern Recognition-Theory And Applications, World Scientific
* Towards Detection Of Glasses In Facial Images
* Use And Representation Of Knowledge In Image Understanding Based On Semantic Networks
* Viewpoint Independent Representation And Recognition Of Polygonal Faces In 3-D
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Buntine, W. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence Systems In Aerospace And Industry (Orlando, Fl, April 5-6

Burbeck, C.A. Co Author Listing * Object Shape Before Boundary Shape: Scale-Space Medial Axes

Burch, A. Co Author Listing * Click-It: Interactive Television Highlighter For Sports Action Replay

Burdea, G.C. Co Author Listing * Solving Jigsaw Puzzles By A Robot

Burdick, B.J. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Neural Network For Target Detection In Sar Images

Burdick, J.W. Co Author Listing * Finding Antipodal Point Grasps On Irregularly Shaped Objects

Burdsall, B. Co Author Listing * Hough Transform And Uncertainty Handling. Application To Circular Object Detection In Ultrasound Medical Images

Burel, G. Co Author Listing * Detection And Localization Of Faces On Digital Images
* Determination Of The Orientation Of 3d Objects Using Spherical Harmonics

Burg, A.G. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Estimation And Moving Object Segmentation Based On Median Radial Basis Function Network

Burg, B. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognitions And Image Compression By Means Of A Time Warping Algorithm

Burg, H.C. Co Author Listing * 1991 International Conference On Supercomputing (Cologne, Germany, June 17-21, 1991)

Burge, M. Co Author Listing * Learning To Recognize Generic Visual Categories Using A Hybrid Structural Approach
* Recognition And Learning With Polymorphic Structural Components

Burge, R.E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Asteroid Zonal Filter For Data Compression, An
* Automatic Detection Of Targets Against Cluttered Backgrounds Using A Fractal-Oriented Statistical Analysis And Radon Transform
* New Algorithm For Extracting The Interior Of Bounded Regions Based On Chain Coding, A
* New Automatic Techniques For Smoothing And Segmenting Sar Images
* On Different Methods Based On The Karhunen-Loeve Expansion And Used In Image Analysis

Burger, G. Co Author Listing * Characterization And Featuring Of Histological Section Images

Burger, P. Co Author Listing * Calculation Of Surface Position And Orientation Using The Photometric Stereo Method
* Depth And Shape From Shading Using The Photometric Stereo Method
* Differential Algorithm For The Determination Of Shape From Shading Using A Point Light Source
* Interactive Computer Graphics-Functional, Procedural, And Device-Level Methods, Addison-Wesley, Reading

Burger, W. Co Author Listing * Approximation Of Displacement Fields Using Wavefront Region Growing
* Drive-Dynamic Reasoning From Integrated Visual Evidence
* Dynamic Scene Understanding For Autonomous Mobile Robots
* Estimating 3-D Egomotion From Perspective Image Sequences
* Estimation Of Image Motion Using Wavefront Region Growing
* Learning To Recognize Generic Visual Categories Using A Hybrid Structural Approach
* On Computing A Fuzzy Focus Of Expansion For Autonomous Navigation
* On Machine Vision And Cast
* Qualitative Approach To Dynamic Scene Understanding, A
* Qualitative Motion Detection And Tracking Of Targets From A Mobile Platform
* Qualitative Motion Understanding
* Qualitative Motion Understanding, Kluwer
* Qualitative Target Motion Detection And Tracking
* Qualitative Understanding Of Scene Dynamics For Mobile Robots
* Recognition And Learning With Polymorphic Structural Components
* Signal-To-Symbol Conversion For Structural Object Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
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Burgess, M. Co Author Listing * Geometric Study Of Parameters For The Recursive Midpoint Subdivision, A

Burgess, N. Co Author Listing * Growing Network Classifier Of 3-D Objects Using Multiple Views, A

Burgi, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Visual Motion Estimation And Prediction: A Probabilistic Network Model For Temporal Coherence

Burhans, D. Co Author Listing * Use Of Collateral Text In Image Interpretation

Burkard, R.E. Co Author Listing * Shortest Polygonal Paths In Space

Burkhardt, H. Co Author Listing * Application Of Affine-Invariant Fourier Descriptors To Recognition Of 3-D Objects
* Computer Vision|Eccv '98 (Fifth European Conference On Computer Vision, Freiburg, Germany, June 2-6, 1998), Springer
* Effective Image Thresholding Method Using A Fuzzy Compactness Measure, An
* From Pixels To Features Ii-Parallelism In Image Processing (Proceedings Of A Workshop, Bonas, France, August 27-September 1, 1990), North-Holland
* Intensity-Based Cooperative Bidirectional Stereo Matching With Simultaneous Detection Of Discontinuities And Occlusions, An
* New Multilevel Line-Based Stereo Vision Algorithm Based On Fuzzy Techniques, A
* Planar Motion Estimation With A Fast Converging Algorithm
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Burkhardt, M. Co Author Listing * Handling Uncertainty In 3d Object Recognition Using Bayesian Networks
* Task Driven 3d Object Recognition System Using Bayesian Networks, A

Burkitt, T.A. Co Author Listing * Performance Of Optical Flow Techniques

Burl, J.B. Co Author Listing * Reduced Order Extended Kalman Filter For Sequential Images Containing A Moving Object, A

Burl, M.C. Co Author Listing * Finding Faces In Cluttered Scenes Using Random Labeled Graph Matching
* Probabilistic Affine Invariants For Recognition
* Probabilistic Approach To Object Recognition Using Local Photometry And Global Geometry, A
* Recognition Of Planar Object Classes

Burlina, P. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Looming Motion Components From Their Spatiotemporal Spectral Signature
* Contagion-Driven Image Segmentation And Labeling
* Design Of Self-Tuning Iu Systems
* Electronic Image Stabilization Using Multiple Visual Cues
* Frequency Dependence Of Atd Performance In Foliage-Penetrating Sar Images
* Image Segmentation And Labeling Using The Polya Urn Model
* Integrated System For Site Model Supported Monitoring Of Transportation Activities In Aerial Images, An
* Model Based Detection Of Targets In Fopen Sar Images
* Model-Based Target Recognition In Foliage Penetrating Sar Images
* Model-Supported Exploitation Of Sar Imagery
* On A Spectral Attentional Mechanism
* On The Positioning Of Multisensor Imagery For Exploitation And Target Recognition
* On-The-Fly Road Tracking From Video
* On-The-Fly Snake Construction From Video
* Probabilistic Navigation Methods For Uncertain And Dynamic Enviroments
* Sar/Eo Vehicular Activity Analysis System Guided By Temporal And Contextual Information
* Sensitivity Analysis And Learning Strategies For Context-Based Vehicle Detection Algorithms
* Spatio-Temporal Moments And Generalized Spectral Analysis Of Divergent Images For Motion Estimation
* Spectral And Temporal Representations Of Looming And Maneuvering Information
* Spectral Attentional Mechanism Tuned To Object Configurations, A
* Stabilization Of Images Acquired By Unmanned Ground Vehicles
* Temporal Analysis Of Motion In Video Sequences Through Predictive Operators
* Temporal Analysis Of Vehicular Activities From Sar/Eo
* Time-To-X: Analysis Of Motion Through Temporal Parameters
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Burmeister, H. Co Author Listing * Parallelization Of An Image Analysis Application: Problems, Results, And A Solution Framework

Burmeister, W. Co Author Listing * Convex Spline Interpolants With Minimal Curvature

Burn, S. Co Author Listing * Framework For Performance Characterization Of Intermediate-Level Grouping Modules, A

Burns, I. Co Author Listing * Measuring Texture Classification Algorithms

Burns, J.B. Co Author Listing * Appropriate-Scale Local Centers: A Foundation For Parts-Based Recognition
* Appropriate-Scale Local Centers: A Foundation For Parts-Based Recognition
* Extracting Straight Lines
* Extracting Straight Lines
* Extracting Straight Lines
* Matching Complex Images To Multiple 3d Objects Using View Description Networks
* Matching Complex Images To Multiple 3d Objects Using View Description Networks
* Rapid Object Recognition From A Large Model Base Using Prediction Hierarchies
* Recognition In 2d Images Of 3d Objects From Large Model Bases Using Prediction Hierarchies
* Recognition Via Consensus Of Local Moments Of Brightness And Orientation
* View Variation Of Point Set And Line Segment Features
* View Variation Of Point-Set And Line-Segment Features
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Burov, J. Co Author Listing * Holographic Method For Reconstruction Of Random Rough Surface

Burr, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach To Scale Selection For Line And Edge Detection, An

Burr, D.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Filtering Operator For Robot Stereo Vision, A
* What Connectionist Models Learn: Learning And Representation In Connectionist Networks

Burrill, J. Co Author Listing * Status And Current Research In The Image Understanding Architecture Effort
* Status And Current Research In The Image Understanding Architecture Program

Burrova, M. Co Author Listing * Holographic Method For Reconstruction Of Random Rough Surface

Burrus, C.S. Co Author Listing * Dft/Fft And Convolution Algorithms, Wiley

Burt, P. Co Author Listing * Advances In Cooperative Multi-Sensor Video Surveillance
* Cooperative Multi-Sensor Video Surveillance
* Electronically Directed ``Focal'' Stereo
* Image Stabilization By Registration To A Reference Mosaic
* Real-Time Scene Stabilization And Mosaic Construction
* Spacial And Temporal Mechanisms In Target Cueing
* Video Processing For Security, Surveillance And Monitoring
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Burt, P.J. Co Author Listing * Algorithms And Architectures For Smart Sensing
* Architecture For Multiresolution, Focal, Image Analysis, An
* Attention Mechanisms For Vision In A Dynamic World
* Computing Two Motions From Three Frames
* Enhanced Image Capture Through Fusion
* Iconic Image Analysis With The Pyramid Vision Machine
* Mechanisms For Isolating Component Patterns In The Sequential Analysis Of Multiple Motion
* Moment Images, Polynomial Fit Filters, And The Problem Of Surface Interpolation
* Multiresolution Spline With Application To Image Mosaics, A
* Object Tracking With A Moving Camera
* Pipelined Pyramid Machine, A
* Pyramid As A Structure For Efficient Computation, The
* Smart Sensing With A Pyramid Vision Machine
* Three-Frame Algorithm For Estimating Two-Component Image Motion, A
* Transparent-Motion Analysis
* Vlsi Pyramid Chip For Multiresolution Image Analysis, A
* ``Smart Sensing'' In Machine Vision
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Burton, F.W. Co Author Listing * Consistency In Point-In-Polygon Tests
* Expected And Worst-Case Storage Requirements For Quadtrees
* Implementation Of The Exponential Pyramid Data Structure With Application To Determination Of Symmetries In Pictures, An
* Lazy Evaluation Of Geometric Objects

Burton, M. Co Author Listing * Processing Images Of Faces, Ablex, Norwood

Burzio, G. Co Author Listing * Paprica-3: A Real-Time Morphological Image Processor

Busboom, A. Co Author Listing * Direct Surface Parameter Estimation Using Structured Light: A Predictor-Corrector Based Approach

Busch, C. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Based Texture Segmentation Of Multi-Modal Tomographic Images

Busch, H. Co Author Listing * Shape Adaptation For Modelling Of 3d Objects In Natural Scenes

Buse, R. Co Author Listing * Estimating Surface Orientation From Directional Textures
* Surface Orientation From Random Texture With Directional Bias
* Using Gabor Filters To Measure The Physical Parameters Of Lines

Buser, P. Co Author Listing * Vision, Mit Press, Cambridge

Buser, R.G. Co Author Listing * Aided And Automatic Target Recognition Based Upon Sensory Inputs From Image Forming Systems

Buss, J.F. Co Author Listing * On The Pagenumber Of Planar Graphs

Butler, C. Co Author Listing * Naturally Intelligent Systems, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Understanding Neural Networks-Computer Explorations, Mit Press, Cambridge

Butler, D.A. Co Author Listing * Distortion-Correction Scheme For Industrial Machine-Vision Applications, A

Butler, N. Co Author Listing * Matching Stereo Satellite Images

Butler, T. Co Author Listing * Overview Of The Programmer'S Imaging Kernel (Pik) Proposed Standard, An

Butman, S.A. Co Author Listing * Digital Sar Processing Using A Fast Polynomial Transform

Butner, S. Co Author Listing * 3dp: A Processor Architecture For Three-Dimensional Applications, The

Butner, S.E. Co Author Listing * Signal Processor For Median-Based Algorithms, A

Butt, D. Co Author Listing * Cellular Array Algorithms For The Analysis Of Ekg Signals

Butt, M.A. Co Author Listing * Optimum Design Of Chamfer Distance Transforms
* Partial Differential Equations In Image Analysis: Continuous Modeling, Discrete Processing

Butt, S. Co Author Listing * Preserving Convexity Using Piecewise Cubic Interpolation

Buttazzo, G. Co Author Listing * Anthropomorphic Robot Finger For Investigating Artificial Tactile Perception, An

Butterfield, R.L. Co Author Listing * Validation Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Multispectral Tissue Classification

Butterworth, G. Co Author Listing * Michotte'S Experimental Phenomenology Of Perceptions, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Button, B.L. Co Author Listing * Identification Of Fringe Minima In Electronic Speckle Pattern Images

Buturovic, L. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition By Invariants

Butz, A.R. Co Author Listing * Class Of Rank Order Smoothers, A
* Some Properties Of A Class Of Rank Order Smoothers

Butzer, P.L. Co Author Listing * Sampling Theory For Not Necessarily Band-Limited Functions: A Historical Overview

Buurman, J. Co Author Listing * Ellipse Based Stereo Vision

Buxton, B. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision--Eccv '96 (Proceedings, Fourth European Conference On Computer Vision, Cambridge, Uk, April 15-18, 1996), Springer

Buxton, B.F. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Optic Flow From The Motion Of Edge Features In Image Sequences
* Convolution With Separable Masks For Early Image Processing
* Evaluation Of Physically Based Statistical Colour Models For Image Region Characterization, An
* Experiments In The Machine Interpretation Of Visual Motion, Mit Press, Cambridge
* From Image Sequences To Recognized Moving Polyhedral Objects
* Matching Canny Edgels To Compute The Principal Components Of Optic Flow
* Model-Based Tracking For Navigation And Segmentation
* Modelling Of Single Mode Distributions Of Colour Data Using Directional Statistics
* Optic Flow Segmentation As An Ill-Posed And Maximum Likelihood Problem
* Parallel Matching And Reconstruction Algorithms In Computer Vision
* Reconstructing The Optic Flow Field From Edge Motion: An Examination Of Two Different Approaches
* Scene Segmentation From Visual Motion Using Global Optimization
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Buxton, H. Co Author Listing * Analogical Representation Of Space And Time
* Computation Of Optic Flow From The Motion Of Edge Features In Image Sequences
* Convolution With Separable Masks For Early Image Processing
* Parallel Approach To The Picture Restoration Algorithm Of Geman And Geman On An Simd Machine, A
* Parallel Matching And Reconstruction Algorithms In Computer Vision
* Polyhedral Object Recognition With Sparse Data In Simd Processing Mode
* Polyhedral Object Recognition With Sparse Data-Validation Of Interpretations
* Query Based Visual Analysis: Spatio-Temporal Reasoning In Computer Vision
* Simd Algorithm For Curved Object Recognition Using Grimson And Lozano-Perez Matching
* Simd Geometric Matching
* Spatio-Temporal Reasoning Within A Traffic Surveillance System
* Using Visualisation As A Tool For Model-Based Recognition
* Visual Surveillance In A Dynamic And Uncertain World
* Visual Surveillance Monitoring And Watching
* Watching Behaviour: The Role Of Context And Learning
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Buys, J.P. Co Author Listing * Skeletons From Chain-Coded Contours

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