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Fu, A.M. Co Author Listing * Curve Bend Function Based Method To Characterize Contour Shapes, A

Fu, A.M.N. Co Author Listing * Effective Classification Of Planar Shapes Based On Curve Segment Properties
* New Probabilistic Relaxation Method Based On Probability Space Partition, A

Fu, C.W. Co Author Listing * Calculation Of Moment Invariants Via Hadamard Transform
* Generalized Depth Estimation Algorithm With A Single Image, A
* Motion Estimation Algorithm Under Time-Varying Illumination, A
* Statistical Change Detection With Moments Under Time-Varying Illumination

Fu, H.C. Co Author Listing * New Pipeline/Parallel Architecture For Prime Factor Discrete Fourier Transform, A
* Principal Component Based Probabilistic Dbnn For Face Recognition, A
* Vector Engine: A Vlsi Array Processor For Image Processing Systems

Fu, J. Co Author Listing * Matching Algorithm Based On Hierarchical Primitive Structure, A

Fu, J.L. Co Author Listing * Searching Parameter Spaces With Noisy Linear Constraints

Fu, J.S. Co Author Listing * Convex Mrf Potential Functions

Fu, K.S. Co Author Listing * 3d-Plex Grammars
* Algorithm Partition And Parallel Recognition Of General Context-Free Languages Using Fixed-Size Vlsi Architecture
* Application Of A Graph Distance Measure To The Classification Of Muscle Tissue Patterns, An
* General Approach To Inference Of Context-Free Programmed Grammars, A
* Graph Distance Measure For Image Analysis, A
* Graph-Theoretic Approach To Model Matching In Computer Vision, A
* Handbook Of Pattern Recognition And Image Processing, Academic Press, Orlando
* Hierarchical Orthogonal Space Approach To Three-Dimensional Path Planning, A
* Image Processing Of Seismograms: (A) Hough Transformation For The Detection Of Seismic Patterns; (
* Image Segmentation By Syntactic Method
* Image Understanding System Using Attributed Symbolic Representation And Inexact Graph Matching, An
* Inferability Of Context-Free Programmed Grammars
* Machine Understanding Of Csg: Extraction And Unification Of Manufacturing Features
* Metal Surface Inspection Using Image Processing Techniques
* Natural Scene Segmentation Based On Multiple Threshold And Textural Measurement
* Parallel Algorithm For Stochastic Image Segmentation, A
* Parallel Parsing Algorithms And Vlsi Implementations For Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Pattern Recognition And Computer Vision
* Similarity Measure Between Attributed Relational Graphs For Image Analysis, A
* Space-Time Domain Expansion Approach To Vlsi And Its Application To Hierarchical Scene Matching
* Space-Time Domain Expansion Approach To Vlsi And Its Application To Hierarchical Scene Matching
* Stochastic Skeleton Modeling Of Objects
* Syntactic Approach To 3-D Object Representation, A
* Syntactic Approach To Three-Dimensional Object Recognition, A
* Syntactic Method For Image Segmentation And Object Recognition, A
* Syntactic Method For Image Segmentation And Object Recognition, A
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Vlsi Architecture For Dynamic Time-Warp Recognition Of Handwritten Symbols
* Vlsi Architectures For Pattern Analysis And Image Database Management
* Vlsi Architectures For String Matching And Pattern Matching
* Vlsi For Pattern Recognition And Image Processing, Springer
* Vlsi Multiprocessor For Image Processing
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Fu, Y. Co Author Listing * Occlusion Adaptive Motion Snake

Fua, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction Of Generic House Roofs From High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Cartographic Applications Of Model-Based Optimization
* Combining Stereo And Monocular Information To Compute Dense Depth Maps That Preserve Depth Discontinuities
* Computational Strategies For Object Recognition
* Consistent Site Modeling: Imposing Hard Constraints On Deformable Models
* Deformable Velcro Surfaces
* Extracting Generic Shapes Using Model-Driven Optimization
* Fast, Accurate And Consistant Modeling Of Drainage And Surrounding Terrain
* Finding Object Boundaries Using Guided Gradient Ascent
* Framework For Detecting Changes In Terrain, A
* From Multiple Stereo Views To Multiple 3-D Surfaces
* From Regular Images To Animated Heads: A Least Squares Approach
* Image Registration Without Explicit Point Correspondence
* Imposing Hard Constraints On Deformable Modelsthrough Optimization In Orthogonal Subspaces
* Imposing Hard Constraints On Soft Snakes
* Initializing Snakes
* Locating Cultural Regions In Aerial Imagery Using Geometric Cues
* Making Snakes Converge From Minimal Initialization
* Making Snakes Converge From Minimal Initialization
* Model Driven Edge Detection
* Model Driven Edge Detection
* Model-Based And Context-Based Vision At Sri
* Model-Based Approach To Accurate And Consistent 3-D Modeling Of Drainage And Surrounding Terrain
* Object-Centered Surface Reconstruction: Combining Multi-Image Stereo And Shading
* Object-Centered Surface Reconstruction: Combining Multi-Image Stereo And Shading
* Objective Functions For Feature Discrimination
* Objective Functions For Feature Discrimination: Applications To Semiautomated And Automated Feature Extraction
* Objective Functions For Feature Discrimination: Theory
* Optimization Framework For Feature Extraction, An
* Parallel Stereo Algorithm That Produces Dense Depth Maps And Preserves Image Features, A
* Reconstructing Complex Surfaces From Multiple Stereo Views
* Reconstructing Surfaces From Unstructured 3d Points
* Registration Without Correspondences
* Resegmentation Using Generic Shape: Locating General Cultural Objects
* Segmenting Unstructured 3d Points Into Surfaces
* Self-Consistency: A Novel Approach To Characterizing The Accuracy And Reliability Of Point Correspondence Algorithms
* Site-Model Construction Component Of The Radius Testbed System, The
* Taking Advantage Of Image-Based And Geometry-Based Constraints To Recover 3-D Surfaces
* Unified Framework To Recover 3-D Surfaces By Combining Image-Based And Externally-Supplied Constraints, A
* Using 3-Dimensional Meshes To Combine Image-Based And Geometry-Based Constraints
* Using Contextual Informaiton To Set Control Parameters Of A Vision Process
* Using Crest Lines To Guide Surface Reconstruction From Stereo
* Using Crest Lines To Guide Surface Reconstruction From Stereo
* Using Differential Constraints To Generate A 3d Face Model From Stereo
* Using Differential Constraints To Reconstruct Complex Surfaces From Stereo
* Using Generic Geometric Models For Intelligent Shape Extraction
* Using Generic Geometric Models For Intelligent Shape Extraction
* Velcro Surfaces: Fast Initialization Of Deformable Models
* Ziplock Snakes
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Fuchs, C. Co Author Listing * Polymorphic Grouping For Image Segmentation

Fuchs, F. Co Author Listing * Myofibril Image Processing For Studying Sarcomere Dynamics

Fuchs, H. Co Author Listing * Breaking The Frame-Buffer Bottleneck With Logic-Enhanced Memories
* Conveying The 3d Shape Of Smoothlycurving Transparent Surfaces Via Texture
* Direct Visualization Of Volume Data
* Fast Spheres, Shadows, Textures, Transparencies, And Image Enhancements In Pixel-Planes
* Near Real-Time Csg Rendering Using Tree Normalization And Geometric Pruning
* Pixel-Planes 5: A Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Graphics System Using Processor-Enhanced Memories

Fuchs, S. Co Author Listing * Method For Tracking The Pose Of Known 3-D Objects Based On An Active Contour Model, A

Fudos, I. Co Author Listing * Graph-Constructive Approach To Solving Systems Of Geometric Constraints, A

Fuegi, A. Co Author Listing * Visualization And Verification Of Automatic Target Recognition Results Using Combined Range And Optical Imagery

Fuh, C.S. Co Author Listing * Ego-Motion Estimation Using Optical Flow Fields Observed From Multiple Cameras
* Fourier Slice Theorem For Range Data Reconstruction, The
* Free-Hand Pointer By Use Of An Active Stereo Vision System
* Multipass Hierarchical Stereo Matching For Generation Of Digital Terrain Models From Aerial Images
* Near Point Light Sources For Shape From Shading
* Projection For Pattern Recognition
* Range Data Reconstruction Using Fourier Slice Theorem
* Region-Based Optical Flow Estimation
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Fuhr, T. Co Author Listing * Talking About 3d Scenes: Integration Of Image And Speech Understanding In A Hybrid Distributed System

Fuhrman, M. Co Author Listing * Noncontact Optical Proximity Sensor For Measuring Surface Shape, A

Fuhrmann, D.R. Co Author Listing * Quadtree Traversal Algorithms For Pointer-Based And Depth-First Representations

Fuhrt, B. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue--Video And Image Processing In Multimedia Systems
* Video And Image Processing In Multimedia Systems, Kluwer

Fuhs, W. Co Author Listing * Circular Pipe-Connections

Fujichiro, I. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Representations Of 2d/3d Gray Scale Images And Their 2d/3d Two-Way Conversion

Fujii, M. Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction Of Temporal Texture Based On Spatiotemporal Motion Trajectory

Fujii, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Pose Estimation Based On Iterative Image Matching: Shading And Edge Data Fusion
* 3-D Object Pose Estimation By Shading And Edge Data Fusion--Simulating Virtual Manipulation On Mental Images
* Estimation Of Three-Dimensional Objects From Orthographic Views With Inconsistencies

Fujii, T. Co Author Listing * Integrated Visual System For Solder Inspection, An

Fujiki, J. Co Author Listing * Affine Epipolar Geometry Via Factorization Method

Fujimori, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Navigation Of Mobile Robots With Obstacle Avoidance

Fujimoto, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Graphics Display System With Depth Buffer And Pipeline Processor, A
* Arts: Accelerated Ray-Tracing System
* Cg International 87

Fujimura, K. Co Author Listing * Accessability: A New Approach To Path Planning Among Moving Obstacles
* Cffd: A Tool For Designing Flexible Shapes
* Foldover-Free Image Warping
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Flexible Shapes
* Hierarchical Strategy For Path Planning Among Moving Obstacles, A
* Motion Planning Amid Transient Obstacles
* Motion Planning In Dynamic Environments, Springer
* Motion Tracking Of Deformable Objects Based On Energy Minimization Using Multiscale Dynamic Programming
* Motion Tracking Of Deformable Objects By Active Contour Models Using Multiscale Dynamic Programming
* Octree-Related Data Structures And Algorithms
* Planning A Time-Minimal Motion Among Moving Obstacles
* Recent Developments In Linear Quadtree-Based Geographic Information Systems
* Shape Transformation In Space-Time
* Time-Minimum Routes In Time-Dependent Networks
* Top-Down Construction Of 3-D Mechanical Object Shapes From Engineering Drawings
* Visibility Computation On Reconfigurable Meshes
* Visibility Computation On Reconfigurable Meshes
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Fujimura, S. Co Author Listing * Noise And Clutter Rejection In Radars And Imaging Sensors (Proceedings Of An International Symposium, Kyoto, Japan, November 14-16, 1989), North-Holland

Fujino, T. Co Author Listing * Method For High Speed 3-D Range Measurement And Its Trial Instrumentation, A

Fujisawa, H. Co Author Listing * Document Understanding System Incorporating With Character Recognition, A
* High Speed Algorithm For Propagation-Type Labeling Based On Block Sorting Of Runs In Binary Images, A
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation Method For Document Understanding, A

Fujishiro, I. Co Author Listing * G-Quadtree: A Hierarchical Representation Of Gray-Scale Digital Images

Fujita, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning Of Hand-Printed Characters With Linguistic Information, An

Fujita, Y. Co Author Listing * Integrated Memory Array Processor With A Synchronous-Dram Interface For Real-Time Vision Applications, An
* Real-Time Vision System Using An Integrated Memory Array Processor Prototype, A

Fujiwara, A. Co Author Listing * Optimal Parallel Algorithm For The Euclidean Distance Maps Of 2-D Binary Images, An

Fujiwara, H. Co Author Listing * Edge And Depth From Focus
* Optimal Parallel Algorithm For The Euclidean Distance Maps Of 2-D Binary Images, An
* Seeing Behind The Scene: Analysis Of Photometric Properties Of Occluding Edges By The Reversed Projection Blurring Model
* Seeing Behind The Scene: Analysis Of Photometric Properties Of Occluding Edges By The Reversed Projection Blurring Model

Fujiwara, M. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Echocardiograms Based On Orthogonal Sections
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Echocardiograms Based On Orthogonal Sections

Fujiwara, Y. Co Author Listing * Database Support For Solid Modeling
* Reconstruction, Recognition, And Representation Of Trees

Fujiyoshi, H. Co Author Listing * Moving Target Classification And Tracking From Real-Time Video
* Real-Time Human Motion Analysis By Image Skeletonization

Fukada, Y. Co Author Listing * Primary Algorithm For The Understanding Of Logic Circuit Diagrams, A

Fukagawa, Y. Co Author Listing * 3d Surface Estimation And Model Construction From Specular Motion In Image Sequences
* Acquiring 3d Models From Rotation And Highlights
* Reconstruction Of 3d Models From Specular Motion Using Circular Lights
* Shape And Model From Specular Motion

Fukamachi, H. Co Author Listing * Accurate And Robust Face Identification Scheme, An

Fukinuki, T. Co Author Listing * Extended Definition Tv

Fukuda, S. Co Author Listing * Construction Of The Octree Approximating Three-Dimensional Objects By Using Multiple Views
* Fast Algorithm For Building The Octree For A Three-Dimensional Object From Its Multiple Images, A

Fukui, K. Co Author Listing * Multiple Object Tracking System With Three Level Continuous Processes

Fukui, Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction Using Mirror Images Based On Plane Symmetry Recovering Method
* Occlusion-Free 3d Recovery Using Mirror Images
* Representing A Global Map For A Mobile Robot With Relational Local Maps From Sensory Data
* Representing Global World Of A Mobile Robot With Relational Local Maps

Fukumoto, M. Co Author Listing * ``Finger-Pointer'': Pointing Interface By Image Processing

Fukumoto, T. Co Author Listing * Active Face Observation System

Fukumura, T. Co Author Listing * Description Of Signature Images And Its Application To Their Classification
* Description Of Weather Maps And Its Application To Implementation Of Weather Map Database
* Efficient Thinning Algorithm For Large Scale Images Based Upon Pipeline Structure, An
* New Effective Approach For Off-Line Verification Of Signatures By Using Pressure Features, A

Fukunaga, K. Co Author Listing * Matching Of Edge-Line Images Using Relaxation
* Statistical Pattern Classification

Fukushima, K. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks To Image Processing
* Neocognitron: A Neural Model For A Mechanism Of Visual Pattern Recognition
* Neural Network For Visual Pattern Recognition, A

Fukushima, S. Co Author Listing * Division-Based Analysis Of Symmetry And Its Application

Fukushima, T. Co Author Listing * Architecture Of An Image Signal Processor-2 (Isp-2)
* Isp: A Dedicated Lsi For Gray Image Local Operations
* Survey Of Image Processing Lsis In Japan, A

Fukuyo, Y. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Of Dinophysis Of Oceanic Phytoplankton

Fulcher, J. Co Author Listing * Face Perspective Understanding Using Artificial Neural Network Group-Based Tree

Fullwood, J.A. Co Author Listing * Approach To Knowledge-Driven Segmentation, An

Fuma, F. Co Author Listing * Computing Range With An Active Camera System

Fumero, R. Co Author Listing * Detectability Enhancement Of Thermographic Data

Funabashi, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition Using Adaptive Scale Megi

Funakubo, N. Co Author Listing * Biological Tissue Image Recognition System
* Detection Of Geometric Shapes By The Combination Of Genetic Algorithm And Subpixel Accuracy
* Fractal-Based Analysis Of 3d Natural Surface Shapes And Their Application To Terrain Modeling
* Region Segmentation Of Biomedical Tissue Image Using Color Texture Feature

Funaoka, C. Co Author Listing * Labeling Board Based On Boundary Tracking

Funayama, R. Co Author Listing * Facial Component Extraction By Cooperative Active Nets With Global Constraints

Fung, I. Co Author Listing * Maximum-Likelihood Multiresolution Laser Radar Range Imaging

Fung, P.F. Co Author Listing * Randomized Generalized Hough Transform For 2-D Grayscale Object Detection

Funka Lea, G. Co Author Listing * Combining Color And Geometry For The Active Visual Recognition Of Shadows
* Use Of Hybrid Models To Recover Cardiac Wall Motion In Tagged Mr Images, The
Includes: Funka Lea, G. Funka-Lea, G.

Funt, B. Co Author Listing * Color Constancy For Scenes With Varying Illumination
* Color From Black And White
* Color From Black And White
* Colour Constancy For Scenes With Varying Illumination
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Color Imaging
* Is Machine Colour Constancy Good Enough?

Funt, B.V. Co Author Listing * Calculating Surface Reflectance Using A Single-Bounce Model Of Mutual Reflection
* Color Angular Indexing
* Color Constancy Computation In Near-Mondrian Scenes Using A Finite Dimensional Linear Model
* Color Constancy From Mutual Reflections
* Color Constancy Under Varying Illumination
* Color Constant Color Indexing
* Color Space Analysis Of Mutual Illumination
* Computer Vision System That Analyses Ct-Scans Of Sawlogs, A
* Conformal Transplantation Of Lightness To Varying Resolution Sensors
* Diagonal Transforms Suffice For Color Constancy
* Natural Metamers
* Recovering Shading From Color Images
* Separating A Color Signal Into Illumination And Surface Reflectance Components: Theory And Applications
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Furedi, Z. Co Author Listing * Computing The Volume Is Difficult
* Computing The Volume Is Difficult
* Random Polytopes In The D-Dimensional Cube

Furness, P. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Ieee 1355 Routable Serial Links In A Real-Time Vision Architecture

Furst, K. Co Author Listing * Fault Analysis And Performance Monitoring In Prototyping Machine Vision Systems

Furst, M.A. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection For Digital Grey Level Images Via Dynamic Programming

Furst, S. Co Author Listing * Compact Vision System For Road Vehicle Guidance, A

Furtner, P. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Treatment Of Developable Surfaces

Furukawa, K. Co Author Listing * Machine Intelligence 13|Machine Intelligence And Inductive Learning, Oxford University Press
* Machine Intelligence 14|Applied Machine Intelligence, Oxford University Press

Furukawa, R. Co Author Listing * Active Tubes In Multiscale Image Queue

Furuta, M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation And Recognition Of Symbols For Handwritten Piping And Instrument Diagram

Fusiello, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Stereo With Multiple Windowing
* Making Good Features Track Better

Fussell, D. Co Author Listing * Illumination Networks: Fast Realistic Rendering With General Reflectance Functions
* On The Power Of The Frame Buffer

Fussell, D.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mesh Generation For Global Diffuse Illumination

Fussfeld, E. Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution Estimation Of Edge Images

Futagami, N. Co Author Listing * Automated Generation Of Simply Connected Solid Objects From Wire-Frame Data Using Operations On Graphs

Futrelle, R.P. Co Author Listing * Strategies For Diagram Understanding: Generalized Equivalence, Spatial/Object Pyramids And Animate Vision

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