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Gr\\\ Co Author Listing * "Automatic Sensor Placement For Accurate Dimensional Inspection
Includes: Gr\\\

Graaf, C.N. Co Author Listing * Heuristic Linking Models In Multiscale Image Segmentation

Grace, A.E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Segmentation Of Noisy And Textured Images
* Comparison Between Fourier-Mellin Descriptors And Moment Based Features For Invariant Object Recognition Using Neural Networks, A

Graceffo, L.L. Co Author Listing * Architecture, Hardware, And Forward-Looking Infrared Issues In Automatic Target Recognition (Orlando, Fl, April 12-13

Grady, J.K. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Of 3-D Binary Tree-Like Structures From Three Mutually Orthogonal Projections

Graebling, P. Co Author Listing * From The Hough Transform To A New Approach For The Detection And Approximation Of Elliptical Arcs

Graefe, V. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Dynamic Monocular Machine Vision
* Dynamic Monocular Machine Vision
* Quantitative Interpretation Of Image Velocities In Real Time

Graf, D.H. Co Author Listing * Neuroplanners And Their Application To Eyes/Head/Neck Coordination

Graf, H. Co Author Listing * Image Transform Approach For Hmm Based Automatic Lipreading, An

Graf, H.P. Co Author Listing * Speech-Assisted Lip Synchronization In Audio-Visual Communications
* Vlsi Implementation Of A Neural Network Model

Graffigne, C. Co Author Listing * Blind Texture Segmentation
* Boundary Detection By Constrained Optimization
* Hierarchical Method For Detection Of Moving Objects, A
* Locating Texture And Object Boundaries
* Non Supervised Segmentation Using Multi-Level Markov Random Fields
* Segmentation Of Multibeam Acoustic Imagery In The Exploration Of The Deep Sea-Bottom

Graham, J. Co Author Listing * Active Shape Models--Their Training And Application
* Architecture For Integrating Symbolic And Numerical Image Processing, An
* Building And Using Flexible Models Incorporating Gray-Level Information
* Compact Set Of Image Processing Primitives And Their Role In A Successful Application Program, A
* Trainable Method Of Parametric Shape Description

Graham, J.H. Co Author Listing * Comment On ``Automatic Planning Of Manipulator Transfer Movements''

Graham, L.N. Co Author Listing * Wavelets And Image Fusion

Graham, N.V.S. Co Author Listing * Visual Pattern Analyzers, Oxford University Press, Oxford

Graham, R. Co Author Listing * Whirlwind Tour Of Computational Geometry, A

Graham, R.L. Co Author Listing * Finding The Convex Hull Of A Simple Polygon

Grallert, H.J. Co Author Listing * Advances In Picture Coding

Grammalidis, N. Co Author Listing * Disparity And Occlusion Estimation For Multiview Image Sequences Using Dynamic Programming

Grande, P. Co Author Listing * Advanced Image-Processing Technique For Real-Time Interpretation Of Ground-Penetrating Radar Images

Grandine, T.A. Co Author Listing * On The Construction Of Surfaces Interpolating Curves: I. A Method For Handling Nonconstant Parameter Curves

Grandjean, P. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Performance Modeling And Evaluation Of Obstacle Detectability With Imaging Range Sensors
* Stochastic Performance Modeling And Evaluation Of Obstacle Detectability With Imaging Range Sensors

Grange, O. Co Author Listing * Digital Topology In 2.5d: An Application To Topological Filling Of Well-Nested Objects
* Fast Scan-Line Algorithm For Topological Filling Of Well-Nested Objects In 2.5d Digital Pictures, A

Granger, C. Co Author Listing * Design Of An Expert System For Object Classification Through An Application To The Classification Of Galaxies
* Symbolic Scene Matching

Granger, E.M. Co Author Listing * Image Quality: An Overview (Arlington, Va, April 9-10

Granieri, M.N. Co Author Listing * Growing Network Classifier Of 3-D Objects Using Multiple Views, A
* Perception Of 3-D Objects By A Robotic Stereo Eye-In-Hand Vision System

Granlund, G. Co Author Listing * Attention Control For Robot Vision
* Equivariance And Invariance--An Approach Based On Lie Groups
* Proceedings, Symposium For Automated Image Analysis, Linkoping, Sweden

Granlund, G.H. Co Author Listing * Compact Associative Representation Of Visual Information
* Estimation Of Curvature In 3d Images Using Tensor Field Filtering
* Estimation Of Velocity, Acceleration, And Disparity In Time Sequences
* Issues In Robot Vision
* Multidimensional Orientation Estimation With Applications To Texture Analysis And Optical Flow
* Optimal Orientation Detection Of Linear Symmetry
* Signal Processing For Computer Vision, Kluwer, Dordrecht
* Uncertainty Principle In Image Processing, The
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Granovskaya, R.M. Co Author Listing * Perception Of Form And Forms Of Perception, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Granrud, C.E. Co Author Listing * Visual Perception And Cognition In Infancy, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Grant, C. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis, Ieee Computer Society, Washington

Grant, C.W. Co Author Listing * Integrated Analytic Spatial And Temporal Anti-Aliasing For Polyhedra In 4-Space

Grant, P. Co Author Listing * Vision, Image, And Signal Processing

Grant, P.M. Co Author Listing * Accurate Automatic Frame Fitting For Semantic-Based Moving Image Coding Using A Facial Code-Book
* Comparison Of Detailed Automatic Wire-Frame Fitting Methods, A
* Iee Proceedings: Vision, Image And Signal Processing

Granum, E. Co Author Listing * Computing Distance Transformations In Convex And Non-Convex Domains
* Dynamic Programming Inference Of Markov Networks From Finite Sets Of Sample Strings
* Real Time Digital Thresholding Of Data From Continuous Scanning Linear Arrays
* Sequential Inference Of Markov Networks By Dynamic Programming For Structural Pattern Recognition

Granville, V. Co Author Listing * Simulated Annealing: A Proof Of Convergence

Grard, C.L. Co Author Listing * Interpolation And Extrapolation For Accurate Color Measurement

Grasmuller, H. Co Author Listing * Local Feature Extraction For Model-Based Workpiece Recognition

Gratin, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm For Drainage Network Extraction On Dems, An

Grattarola, A. Co Author Listing * Scale-Invariant Image Filtering With Point And Line Symmetry

Grattarola, A.A. Co Author Listing * Shape From Occluding Contours: A Regularization Method

Grattoni, P. Co Author Listing * Contour Coding For Image Description
* Contour Detection Algorithm Based On The Minimum Radial Inertia (Mri) Criterion, A
* Edge-Based Description Of Color Images, An
* Image Description Of Dynamic Scenes
* Non-Sequential Contour Detection With A Prior Knowledge, A

Grau, A. Co Author Listing * Low Cost Architecture For Structure Measure Distance Computation
* Texture Parametrization Method For Image Segmentation

Graubard, S.R. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence Debate, Mit Press, Cambridge, The

Graupe, D. Co Author Listing * Principles Of Artificial Neural Networks, World Scientific

Grave, M. Co Author Listing * Advances In Computer Graphics I, Springer

Graves, C. Co Author Listing * Horizon Line Matching For Orientation Correction Using A Messy Genetic Algorithm
* Local Search As A Tool For Horizon Line Matching

Graves, C.R. Co Author Listing * Demonstrating Polynomial Run-Time Growth For Local Search Matching

Gray, A.J. Co Author Listing * Empirical Study Of The Simulation Of Various Models Used For Images, An
* On The Estimation Of Noisy Binary Markov Random Fields

Gray, C.T. Co Author Listing * P[3]A: A Partitionable Parallel/Pipeline Architecture For Real-Time Image Processing

Gray, F.G. Co Author Listing * Parallel Computer Architectures And Problem Solving Strategies For The Consistent Labeling Problem

Gray, R. Co Author Listing * Incorporation Of Derivative Priors In Adaptive Bayesian Color Image Segmentation

Gray, R.M. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Design Of Labeled-Transition Finite-State Vector Quantizers, An
* Finite-State Vector Quantization For Waveform Coding
* Gradient Algorithms For Designing Predictive Vector Quantizers
* Improvement Of The Minimum Distortion Encoding Algorithm For Vector Quantization, An
* Vector Quantization

Gray, R.T. Co Author Listing * Towards Physics-Based Segmentation Of Photographic Color Images

Grayston, L. Co Author Listing * Cbcv: A Cad-Based Computer Vision System

Grebner, K. Co Author Listing * Model Based Analysis Of Industrial Scenes
* Syntactic Analysis Of Noisy Input Strings With An Application To The Analysis Of Heart-Volume Curves

Greco, V. Co Author Listing * On The Edge Location Error For Local Maximum And Zero-Crossing Edge Detectors

Green, G. Co Author Listing * Selected Papers On Optical Computing

Green, G.L. Co Author Listing * Machine-Vision System For Iris Recognition, A

Green, J. Co Author Listing * Advanced Distributed Region Of Interest Tool, The

Green, K. Co Author Listing * Generic Recognition Of Articulated Objects By Reasoning About Functionality
* Generic Recognition Of Articulated Objects Through Reasoning About Potential Function

Green, P. Co Author Listing * Visual Perception-Physiology, Psychology And Ecology, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Green, R.J. Co Author Listing * Parallel Quadtree Representation And Moment Invariants Computation For Hierarchical Matching On Pyramid Machine
* Recognition And Velocity Computation Of Large Moving Objects In Images
* Skeletonization Of Arabic Characters Using Clustering Based Skeletonization Algorithm (Cbsa)

Green, S. Co Author Listing * Parallel Processing For Computer Graphics, Mit Press, Cambridge

Green, S.A. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Coherence For Multiprocessor Ray Tracing
* Highly Flexible Multiprocessor Solution For Ray Tracing, A

Green, W.B. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Digital Image Processing Viii (San Diego, Ca, August 20-22

Green, W.D.K. Co Author Listing * Feature Space For Edgels In Images With Landmarks, A
* Vision Geometry Iv (San Diego, Ca, July 13-14

Greenberg, D. Co Author Listing * Painting With Light

Greenberg, D.P. Co Author Listing * Back-Buffer Algorithm: An Extension Of The Radiosity Method To Dynamic Environments, The
* Combining Hierarchical Radiosity And Discontinuity Meshing
* Comprehensive Light Source Description For Computer Graphics, A
* Comprehensive Physical Model For Light Reflection, A
* Discontinuity Meshing For Accurate Radiosity
* Efficient Radiosity Approach For Realistic Image Synthesis, An
* Experimental Evaluation Of Computer Graphics Imagery, An
* Fast And Accurate Light Reflection Model, A
* Framework For Realistic Image Synthesis, A
* Global Illumination Solution For General Reflectance Distributions, A
* Hemi-Cube: A Radiosity Solution For Complex Environments, The
* Improved Computational Methods For Ray Tracing
* Light Buffer: A Shadow-Testing Accelerator, The
* Locally Manipulating The Geometry Of Curved Surfaces
* Model Of Visual Masking For Computer Graphics, A
* Modeling The Interaction Of Light Between Diffuse Surfaces
* Non-Linear Approximation Of Reflectance Functions
* Perceiving Spatial Relationships
* Physically-Based Glare Effects For Digital Images
* Progressive Refinement Approach To Fast Radiosity Image Generation, A
* Radiosity Method For Non-Diffuse Environments, A
* Radiosity Redistribution For Dynamic Environments
* Radiosity: A Method For Computing Global Illumination
* Real-Time Robot Motion Planning Using Rasterizing Computer Graphics Hardware
* Textures For Realistic Image Synthesis
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Greenberg, S.D. Co Author Listing * Computer-Assisted Image Analysis Cytology, Karger

Greene, D.H. Co Author Listing * Finite-Resolution Computational Geometry

Greene, N. Co Author Listing * Environment Mapping And Other Applications Of World Projections
* Voxel Space Automata: Modeling With Stochestic Growth Processes In Voxel Space

Greene, R. Co Author Listing * Drawing Prism: A Versatile Graphic Input Device, The

Greenhill, D. Co Author Listing * Creating Virtual Scenes Using Active Contours And Global Motion Estimation
* Segmenting Film Sequences Using Active Surfaces

Greenleaf, J.F. Co Author Listing * Use Of Gray Value Distribution Of Run Lengths For Texture Analysis

Greensite, F. Co Author Listing * Measure Theoretic Imaging, With An Example Employing Magnetic Resonance Input

Greenspan, H. Co Author Listing * Color- And Texture-Based Image Segmentation Using Em And Its Application To Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Finding Objects In Image Databases By Grouping
* Learning Texture Discrimination Rules In A Multiresolution System
* Overcomplete Steerable Pyramid Filters And Rotation Invariance
* Projection-Based Approach To Image Analysis: Pattern Recognition And Representation In Position-Orientation Space
* Rotation Invariant Texture Recognition Using A Steerable Pyramid

Greenspan, M. Co Author Listing * Sample Tree: A Sequential Hypothesis Testing Approach To 3d Object Recognition, The

Greenwood, E. Co Author Listing * Physically Based Approach To 2-D Shape Blending, A

Greer, D.R. Co Author Listing * Maximum-Likelihood Multiresolution Laser Radar Range Imaging

Greer, J.D. Co Author Listing * Airborne Reconnaissance Xxii (San Diego, Ca, July 21-22

Greer, T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Histogram Equalization And Its Variations
* Pixel-Planes 5: A Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Graphics System Using Processor-Enhanced Memories

Gregor, J. Co Author Listing * Equilateral Polygon Approximation Of Closed Contours

Gregoretti, F. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Special-Purpose Architectures For Real-Time Imaging, Part 2
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Special-Purpose Architectures For Real-Time Imaging, Part 3
* Paprica-3: A Real-Time Morphological Image Processor

Gregoriou, G.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Segmentation Of Images Of Objects With Smooth Surfaces
* Restoration Of Noisy Regions Modeled By Noncausal Markov Random Fields Of Unknown Parameters

Gregory, J.A. Co Author Listing * Butterfly Subdivision Scheme For Surface Interpolation With Tension Control, A

Gregory, P.J. Co Author Listing * Architecture For Integrating Symbolic And Numerical Image Processing, An

Gregory, R.L. Co Author Listing * Odd Perceptions, Methuen

Gregson, P.H. Co Author Listing * Using Angular Dispersion Of Gradient Direction For Detecting Edge Ribbons

Greiner, G. Co Author Listing * Modeling With Triangular B-Splines

Greiner, R. Co Author Listing * Learning To Select Useful Landmarks

Greiner, W. Co Author Listing * Design And Implementation Of A Low-Level Image Segmentation Architecture-Lisa
* Design And Implementation Of A Low-Level Segmentation Architecture-Lisa

Gremban, K.D. Co Author Listing * Geometric Camera Calibration Using Systems Of Linear Equations
* Ita Range Image Processing System, The
* Minimum Cost Aspect Classification: A Module Of A Vision Algorithm Computer
* Planning Multiple Observations For Object Recognition
* Vits-A Vision System For Autonomous Land Vehicle Navigation

Grenander, U. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Recognition Organized Via Jump-Diffusion Algorithms
* General Pattern Theory|A Mathematical Study Of Regular Structures, Oxford University Press
* Hands: A Pattern Theoretic Study Of Biological Shapes, Springer
* Hilbert-Schmidt Lower Bounds For Estimators On Matrix Lie Groups For Atr
* On The Geometry And Shape Of Brain Sub-Manifolds

Grenov, A.I. Co Author Listing * Convex Set Symmetry Measurement Via Minkowski Addition
* Reflection Symmetry Measure For Convex Sets

Greve, D.N. Co Author Listing * Space-Variant Active Vision And Visually Guided Robotics: Design And Construction Of A High-Performance Miniature Vehicle

Grewe, L. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Geometric And Non-Geometric Attributes For Fast Object Recognition
* Interactive Learning Of A Multi-Attribute Hash Table Classifier For Fast Object Recognition

Grewe, L.L. Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision

Gribble, W.S. Co Author Listing * Slow Visual Search In A Fast-Changing World

Gries, D. Co Author Listing * Note On Graham'S Convex Hull Algorithm, A

Griffin, L.D. Co Author Listing * Scale And Segmentation Of Grey-Level Images Using Maximum Gradient Paths
* Scale-Imprecision Space
* Superficial And Deep Structure In Linear Diffusion Scale Space: Isophotes, Critical Points And Separations
* Unified Approach To Segmentation Of Grey-Level And Dot-Pattern Images, A

Griffin, P.M. Co Author Listing * Correspondence Of 2-D Projections By Bipartite Matching
* Feature Point Tracking In Time-Varying Images
* Generation Of Uniquely Encoded Light Patterns For Range Data Acquisition
* Methodology For Pattern Matching Of Complex Objects, A
* Path Planning For A Mobile Robot
* Point Pattern Matching Using Centroid Bounding
* Process Capability Of Automated Visual Inspection Systems
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Griffith, J. Co Author Listing * Initial Hypothesis Formation In Image Understanding Using An Automatically Generated Knowledge Base
* Method For Initial Hypothesis Formation In Image Understanding, A
* Segmenting Images Using Localized Histograms And Region Merging
* Tools And Experiments In The Knowledge-Directed Interpretation Of Road Scenes

Griffiths, E. Co Author Listing * Can Human Texture Discrimination Be Mimicked By A Computer Model Using Local Fourier Analysis?

Griffiths, L.J. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Section On Neural Networks

Grigorenko, M.V. Co Author Listing * Digital Photogrammetric Station ``Delta'' And Symmetric Intensity-Based Stereo

Grigoriadis, M.D. Co Author Listing * Lower Bound To The Complexity Of Euclidean And Rectilinear Matching Algorithms, A

Grigorieva, A.N. Co Author Listing * Perception Of Form And Forms Of Perception, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Grillo, C. Co Author Listing * Open Bus Architecture For Real-Time Video Applications, An

Grimes, J. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Using Color In Computer Graphics

Grimm, C. Co Author Listing * Making Faces

Grimm, C.M. Co Author Listing * Modeling Surfaces Of Arbitrary Topology Using Manifolds

Grimmer, D. Co Author Listing * Deformable Template Approach To Detecting Straight Edges In Radar Images, A

Grimsdale, R.L. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics Techniques For Modeling Cloth
* Image Chip For High Performance 3d Rendering, The
* System For Modelling And Visualization Of Cloth Material, A

Grimson, E. Co Author Listing * Configuration Based Scene Classification And Image Indexing
* Configuration Based Scene Classification And Image Indexing
* Forest Of Sensors, A
* Trainable Modular Vision System, A
* Unified, Multiresolution Framework For Automatic Target Recognition, A

Grimson, W.E.L. Co Author Listing * Active Visual Attention System To Play ``Where'S Waldo'', An
* Affine Matching Of Planar Sets
* Ai In The 1980s And Beyond-An Mit Survey, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Analyzing The Probability Of A False Alarm Of The Hausdorff Distance Under Translation
* Automatic Tube Inspection System That Finds Cylinders In Range Data, An
* Binocular Shading And Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Combinatorics Of Heuristic Search Termination For Object Recognition In Cluttered Environments, The
* Combinatorics Of Heuristic Search Termination For Object Recognition In Cluttered Environments, The
* Combinatorics Of Local Constraints In Model-Based Recognition And Locatization From Sparse Data, The
* Combinatorics Of Object Recognition In Cluttered Environments Using Constrained Search, The
* Combinatorics Of Object Recognition In Cluttered Environments Using Constrained Search, The
* Comments On ``Digital Step Edges From Zero Crossings Of Second Directional Derivatives''
* Computational Experiments With A Feature Based Stereo Algorithm
* Computer Vision Applications
* Computing Stereopsis Using Feature Point Contour Matching
* Cost Of Choosing The Wrong Model In Object Recognition By Constrained Search, The
* Discontinuity Detection For Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Effect Of Indexing On The Complexity Of Object Recognition, The
* Extracting Templates For Scene Classification Using A Few Examples
* Fast And Robust 3d Recognition By Alignment
* Fast And Robust 3d Recognition By Alignment
* Forest Of Sensors: Using Adaptive Tracking To Classify And Monitor Activities In A Site
* Gaussian Error Models For Object Recognition
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Object Recognition Research At Mit
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Interpretation Of 3-D Scenes
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Interpretation Of 3d Scenes-Part Ii
* Localizing Overlapping Parts By Searching The Interpretation Tree
* Model-Based Recognition And Localization From Sparse Range Data
* Model-Based Recognition And Localization From Sparse Range Or Tactile Data
* Multiple View 2d-3d Mutual Information Registration
* Object Detection And Localization By Dynamic Template Warping
* Object Detection And Localization By Dynamic Template Warping
* Object Recognition By Alignment Using Invariant Projections Of Planar Surfaces
* Object Recognition By Alignment Using Invariant Projections Of Planar Surfaces Of 3d Objects
* Object Recognition By Computer-The Role Of Geometric Constraints, Mit Press, Cambridge
* On The Recognition Of Curved Objects
* On The Recognition Of Parameterized 2d Objects
* On The Reconstruction Of Visible Surfaces
* On The Sensitivity Of Geometric Hashing
* On The Sensitivity Of The Hough Transform For Object Recognition
* On The Sensitivity Of The Hough Transform For Object Recognition
* On The Verification Of Hypothesized Matches In Model-Based Recognition
* On The Verification Of Hypothesized Matches In Model-Based Recognition
* Progress In Image Understanding At Mit
* Progress In Image Understanding At Mit
* Recognition And Localization Of Overlapping Parts From Sparse Data
* Recognition Of Object Families Using Parameterized Models
* Recognizing 3d Objects From 2d Images: An Error Analysis
* Sensiing Strategies For Disambiguating Among Multiple Objects In Known Poses
* Staff, Progress In Image Understanding At Mit
* Staff, Progress In Image Understanding At Mit
* Study Of Affine Matching With Bounded Sensor Error, A
* Study Of Affine Matching With Bounded Sensor Error, A
* Unified, Multiresolution Framework For Automatic Target Recognition, A
* Using Adaptive Tracking To Classify And Monitor Activities In A Site
* Using Photometric Invariants For 3d Object Recognition
* Verifying Model-Based Alignments In The Presence Of Uncertainty
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Grinaker, S. Co Author Listing * Tape Format For Transferral Of Image Data And Source Programs, A
* Template Matching Used In Time Contextual Segmentation

Grinberg, J. Co Author Listing * Application Of Three-Dimensional Microelectronics To Image Analysis, The
* Cellular Vlsi Architecture, A
* Three-Dimensional Vlsi Architecture For Image Understanding
* Vlsi Implementaiton Of Systolic And 3-D Cellular Architectures For Image Processing

Grinstein, G.G. Co Author Listing * Line Monotonic Partitioning Of Planar Cubic B-Splines

Grisell, R. Co Author Listing * On Smoothness Of A Vector Field-Application To Optical Flow

Grisell, R.D. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Aid For Exploring High-Dimensional Structures, A
* Noniterative Correction Of Images And Motion Sequences

Griswold, N. Co Author Listing * Establishing Collision Zones For Obstacles Moving With Uncertainty

Griswold, N.C. Co Author Listing * Binocular Fusion Revisited Utilizing A Log-Polar Tessellation
* Control For Mobile Robots In The Presence Of Moving Objects
* New Stereo Vision Model Based Upon The Binocular Fusion Concept, A
* Stereo Model Based On Mechanisms Of Human Perception, A
* Stop-Sign Recognition Based On Color-Shape Processing

Griswold, W.G. Co Author Listing * Multiprocessor Computer System For Medical Image Processing

Grivas, D.A. Co Author Listing * Gaussian Normalization Of Morphological Size Distributions For Increasing Sensitivity To Texture Variations And Its Application To Pavement Distress Classification

Grobel, K. Co Author Listing * Video-Based Handshape Recognition Using A Handshape Structure Model In Real Time

Groen, F.C.A. Co Author Listing * 3d Object Recognition From 2d Images Using Geometric Hashing
* Automatic Recognition Of Asbestos And Other Mineral Fibres
* Computer Aided Analysis Of Schematic Diagrams
* Fast Algorithm For Cellular Logic Operations On Sequential Machines, A
* Fast Computational Method For Minimum Square Error Transform, A
* Image Processing With Personal Computers
* Intelligent Autonomous Systems (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 8-11, 1986), North Holland
* Intelligent Autonomous Systems (Ias-3: Pittsburgh, Pa, February 15-18, 1993), Ios Press
* Intelligent Autonomous Systems 2
* Model Based Corner Detection
* Scilaim: A Multi-Level Interactive Image Processing Environment
* Symbol Recognition In Electrical Diagrams Using Probabilistic Graph Matching
* Topology Based Analysis Of Schematic Diagrams
13 for Groen, F.C.A.

Groenewald, A.M. Co Author Listing * Related Approaches To Gradient-Based Thresholding

Grogan, T.A. Co Author Listing * On Poisson Solvers And Semi-Direct Methods For Computing Area Based Optical Flow
* On Poisson Solvers And Semi-Direct Methods For Computing Area Based Optical Flow
* Uniqueness, The Minimum Norm Constraint, And Analog Networks For Optical Flow Along Contours

Gropp, W.D. Co Author Listing * Recursive Mesh Refinement On Hypercubes

Gros, P. Co Author Listing * How Useful Is Projective Geometry?
* Invariants Of A Pair Of Conics Revisited
* Matching And Clustering: Two Steps Toward Automatic Object Modeling In Computer Vision
* Rapid Object Indexing And Recognition Using Enhanced Geometric Hashing
* Using Local Planar Geometric Invariants To Match And Model Images Of Line Segments
* Visual Learning For Landmark Recognition

Groshong, R. Co Author Listing * Closing Gaps In Edges And Surfaces

Grosky, W.I. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Image Database Management
* Hierarchical Approach To Feature Indexing
* Hyper-Pyramids For Integration Of Spatial Information
* Iconic Indexing Using Generalized Pattern Matching
* Iconic Indexing Using Generalized Pattern Matching Techniques
* Index-Based Object Recognition In Pictorial Data Management
* Managing Multimedia Information In Database Systems
* Pyramid-Based Approach To Segmentation Applied To Region Matching, A
* Region Matching In Pyramids For Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Reminds: A Relational Model-Based Integrated Image And Text Database Management System
* Shape Matching Utilizing Indexed Hypothesis Generation And Testing
* Toward A Data Model For Integrated Pictorial Databases
* Unified Approach To The Linear Camera Calibration Problem, A
* Unified Approach To The Linear Camera Calibration Problem, A
14 for Grosky, W.I.

Gross, A. Co Author Listing * Digital Geometric Invariance And Shape Representation
* Digitization Constraints That Preserve Topology And Geometry
* Digitizations Preserving Topological And Differential Geometric Properties
* Fast Parallel Algorithm For Dot Linking In Glass Patterns, A
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation Of Remotely Sensed Images
* Modeling Digital Straight Lines
* Preserving Topology By A Digitization Process
* Proceedings Of The First International Workshop On) Object Representation In Computer Vision, Springer
* Realistic Digitization Model Of Straight Lines, A
* Vlsi Smart Sensor For Fast Range Imaging, A
10 for Gross, A.

Gross, A.D. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Skewed Symmetries
* Error Of Fit Measures For Recovering Parametric Solids
* Multiresolution Object Detection And Delineation
* On The Recovery Of Superellipsoids
* Recovery Of Generalized Cylinders From A Single Intensity View
* Recovery Of Shgc'S From A Single Intensity View
* Recovery Of Superquadrics From Depth Information
* Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders: Analysis Of Reflectance Properties And A Necessary Condition For Class Membership
* Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders: Constraints From Contour
* Syman: A Symmetry Analyzer
* Toward Object-Based Heuristics
* Towards Object-Based Heuristics
12 for Gross, A.D.

Gross, C.G. Co Author Listing * Brain, Vision, Memory, Mit Press, Cambridge

Gross, D. Co Author Listing * Improved Resolution From Subpixel Shifted Pictures

Gross, G.R. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Cosmic Ray Tracks Using Distributed Problem Solving

Gross, H. Co Author Listing * Development Of A Segment-Based Description Of Events In Image Sequences

Gross, H.M. Co Author Listing * Task-Relevant Relaxation Network For Visuo-Motor(Y) Systems

Gross, M. Co Author Listing * Image Analysis For Advertisement Purpose: A Computational Model Of Visual Perception
* Visual Computing--The Integration Of Computer, Visual Perception And Imaging, Springer

Gross, M.D. Co Author Listing * Diagram Query And Image Retrieval In Design

Gross, M.H. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Image Texture Analysis In Wavelet Spaces

Gross, T. Co Author Listing * Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation, And Performance, The

Grossberg, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Brain (Volume 1: Cognition, Learning, Reinforcement, And Rhythm; Volume 2: Vision, Speech, Language, And Motor Control), North Holland, The
* Art Of Adaptive Pattern Recognition By A Self-Organizing Neural Network, The
* Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Guest Eds., Special Issue--Automatic Target Recognition
* Massively Parallel Architecture For A Self-Organizing Neural Pattern Recognition Machine, A
* Neural Dynamics Of Surface Perception: Boundary Webs, Illuminants, And Shape-From-Shading
* Neural Network Model For The Development Of Simple And Complex Cell Receptive Fields Within Cortical Maps Of Orientation And Ocular Dominance, A
* Neural Networks And Natural Intelligence, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Neural Networks For Vision And Image Processing, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Pattern Recognition By Self-Organizing Neural Networks, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Quantized Geometry Of Visual Space, The
* What-And-Where Filter | A Spatial Mapping Neural Network For Object Recognition And Image Understanding, The
15 for Grossberg, S.

Grosse, E. Co Author Listing * Nonobtuse Triangulation Of Polygons

Grossert, S. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Fuzzy Morphology Based On Fuzzy Integral And Its Application In Image Processing, A

Grossi, R. Co Author Listing * Further Comments On The Subtree Isomorphism For Ordered Trees
* Multidimensional Pattern Matching With Dimensional Wildcards: Data Structures And Optimal On-Line Search Algorithms
* Note On The Subtree Isomorphism For Ordered Trees And Related Problems, A
* Simple And Efficient String Matching With K Mismatches, Ipl 33

Grossman, D.D. Co Author Listing * Traffic Control Of Multiple Robot Vehicles

Grossman, R. Co Author Listing * Visibility With A Moving Point Of View

Grossmann, P. Co Author Listing * Compact-A Surface Representation Scheme
* Depth From Focus
* From 3d Line Segments To Objects And Spaces

Grosso, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Reconstruction Using Stereo And Motion
* Active Face Recognition With A Hybrid Approach
* Active/Dynamic Stereo For Navigation
* Active/Dynamic Stereo Vision
* Active/Dynamic Stereo: A General Framework
* Dynamic Stereo In Visual Navigation
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