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Barmada, B. Co Author Listing * Combined turbo coding and hierarchical QAM for unequal error protection of H.264 coded video
* Prioritized Transmission of Data Partitioned H.264 Video With Hierarchical QAM

Barmaki, R.[Roghayeh] Co Author Listing * Dyadic Movement Synchrony Estimation Under Privacy-preserving Conditions

Barman, A.[Asit] Co Author Listing * Facial expression recognition using distance and shape signature features
* Graph-Based Approach for Making Consensus-Based Decisions in Image Search and Person Re-Identification, A
* Influence of shape and texture features on facial expression recognition
* SHaPE: A Novel Graph Theoretic Algorithm for Making Consensus-Based Decisions in Person Re-identification Systems
Includes: Barman, A.[Asit] Barman, A.[Arko]

Barman, B.[Barnali] Co Author Listing * Empirical study of neighbourhood rough sets based band selection techniques for classification of hyperspectral images
* Shadowed c-means: Integrating fuzzy and rough clustering
Includes: Barman, B.[Barnali] Barman, B.[Bishal]

Barman, D.[Debaditya] Co Author Listing * FewFaceNet: A Lightweight Few-Shot Learning-based Incremental Face Authentication for Edge Cameras
* Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
Includes: Barman, D.[Debaditya] Barman, D.

Barman, H. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Curvature in 3D Images Using Tensor Field Filtering
* Estimation of Velocity, Acceleration and Disparity in Time Sequences
* Hierarchical Curvature Estimation in Computer Vision
Includes: Barman, H. Bårman, H. Bårman, H.[Håkan]

Barman, M.[Manash] Co Author Listing * Defending Multimodal Fusion Models against Single-Source Adversaries

Barman, N.[Nabajeet] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Quality Scores From Subjective Tests-Beyond Subjects' MOS
* User Generated HDR Gaming Video Streaming: Dataset, Codec Comparison, and Challenges

Barman, R.[Rod] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for measuring dwell time of objects in an environment
* Silt: A distributed bit-parallel architecture for early vision
* Silt: the bit-parallel approach

Barman, R.A. Co Author Listing * Photometric Stereo: Lambertian Reflectance and Light Sources with Unknown Direction and Strength

Barman, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Automatic Tortuosity-Based Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening System
* Extraction of Venation from Leaf Images by Evolved Vein Classifiers and Ant Colony Algorithms, The
* Object detection with feature stability over scale space
* Plant Texture Classification Using Gabor Co-occurrences
* Shape and Texture Based Plant Leaf Classification
* Venation Pattern Analysis of Leaf Images

Barman, S.A. Co Author Listing * Automated quantification of retinal vessel morphometry in the UK biobank cohort
* Clinically Guided Trainable Soft Attention for Early Detection of Oral Cancer
* Ensemble Classification System Applied for Retinal Vessel Segmentation on Child Images Containing Various Vessel Profiles
* Maximum likelihood estimation of vessel parameters from scale space analysis
* Microaneurysm detection in retinal images using an ensemble classifier
* Retinal Vessel Extraction Using First-Order Derivative of Gaussian and Morphological Processing
Includes: Barman, S.A. Barman, S.A.[Sarah Ann]

Barman, U. Co Author Listing * OCR system for the Meetei Mayek script, An

Barmann, L.[Leonard] Co Author Listing * Interactive Multimodal Robot Dialog Using Pointing Gesture Recognition
* Multimodal Error Correction with Natural Language and Pointing Gestures
* Where did I leave my keys?: Episodic-Memory-Based Question Answering on Egocentric Videos
Includes: Barmann, L.[Leonard] Bärmann, L.[Leonard] (Maybe also Baermann, L.)

Barmawi, A.M.[Ari Moesriami] Co Author Listing * Increasing Secret Data Hiding Capacity in QR Code Using 3X3 Subcells

Barmet, C. Co Author Listing * Continuous Magnetic Field Monitoring Using Rapid Re-Excitation of NMR Probe Sets
* Fast Higher-Order MR Image Reconstruction Using Singular-Vector Separation
* In-Bore Receiver for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, An

Barmettler, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * From Historical City Models to Interactive 3D GIS Requirements and Approaches Using the Example of the City of Solothurn
* Stereovision Mobile Mapping: System Design and Performance Evaluation
Includes: Barmettler, A.[Andreas] Barmettler, A.

Barmherzig, D.A.[David A.] Co Author Listing * Recovering Missing Data in Coherent Diffraction Imaging

Barmpadimos, I.[Iakovos] Co Author Listing * Towards a Traceable Climate Service: Assessment of Quality and Usability of Essential Climate Variables

Barmpalios, N. Co Author Listing * Cross-Domain Document Object Detection: Benchmark Suite and Method
* Improving Cross-Domain Detection with Self-Supervised Learning
Includes: Barmpalios, N. Barmpalios, N.[Nikolaos]

Barmpounakis, E.[Emmanouil] Co Author Listing * Treating Noise and Anomalies in Vehicle Trajectories From an Experiment With a Swarm of Drones

Barmpounakis, E.N. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Transportation Systems and Powered Two Wheelers Traffic

Barmpoutis, A.[Angelos] Co Author Listing * Analytical Mapping of Linear Walk from Infinite Virtual Space to Finite Real Space
* Approximating Symmetric Positive Semidefinite Tensors of Even Order
* Beyond the Lambertian assumption: A generative model for Apparent BRDF fields of faces using anti-symmetric tensor splines
* Information Theoretic Methods for Diffusion-Weighted MRI Analysis
* Multi-fiber reconstruction from DW-MRI using a continuous mixture of von Mises-Fisher distributions
* Non-Lambertian Reflectance Modeling and Shape Recovery of Faces Using Tensor Splines
* novel framework for 3D reconstruction and analysis of ancient inscriptions, A
* Robust Tensor Splines for Approximation of Diffusion Tensor MRI Data
* Tensor Body: Real-Time Reconstruction of the Human Body and Avatar Synthesis From RGB-D
* Tensor Splines for Interpolation and Approximation of DT-MRI With Applications to Segmentation of Isolated Rat Hippocampi
Includes: Barmpoutis, A.[Angelos] Barmpoutis, A.
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Barmpoutis, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Automated detection and classification of nuclei in PAX5 and H&E-stained tissue sections of follicular lymphoma
* Classification of Multidimensional Time-Evolving Data Using Histograms of Grassmannian Points
* Early Fire Detection Based on Aerial 360-Degree Sensors, Deep Convolution Neural Networks and Exploitation of Fire Dynamic Textures
* Higher Order Linear Dynamical Systems for Smoke Detection in Video Surveillance Applications
* Multi-Scale Deformable Transformer Encoder Based Single-Stage Pedestrian Detection
* Novel Framework for Early Fire Detection Using Terrestrial and Aerial 360-degree Images, A
* Real time video fire detection using spatio-temporal consistency energy
* Spatio-Temporal Flame Modeling and Dynamic Texture Analysis for Automatic Video-Based Fire Detection
* Suburban Forest Fire Risk Assessment and Forest Surveillance Using 360-Degree Cameras and a Multiscale Deformable Transformer
* Three-dimensional tumour microenvironment reconstruction and tumour-immune interactions' analysis
Includes: Barmpoutis, P.[Panagiotis] Barmpoutis, P.
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