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Come, E. Co Author Listing * Clustering Smart Card Data for Urban Mobility Analysis
* Learning from partially supervised data using mixture models and belief functions
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Bluetooth Data: Application to a Large Urban Network
Includes: Come, E. Côme, E.

Comeau, F.J.E.[Felix J.E.] Co Author Listing * Improving eye movement biometrics in low frame rate eye-tracking devices using periocular and eye blinking features

Comeau, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Video Segmentation for Markerless Motion Capture in Unconstrained Environments

Comeau, R. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional multimodal image-guidance for neurosurgery

Comellas, A.P. Co Author Listing * CT-Based Automated Algorithm for Airway Segmentation Using Freeze-and-Grow Propagation and Deep Learning, A

Comelli, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Active Surface for Fully 3d Automatic Segmentation
* Assessing High-Order Interdependencies Through Static O-Information Measures Computed on Resting State fMRI Intrinsic Component Networks
* Automatic Liver Segmentation in Pre-TIPS Cirrhotic Patients: A Preliminary Step for Radiomics Studies
* Automatic Multi-seed Detection for MR Breast Image Segmentation
* Combining Convolutional Neural Networks and Anatomical Shape-Based Priors for Cardiac Segmentation
* PET Images Atlas-Based Segmentation Performed in Native and in Template Space: A Radiomics Repeatability Study in Mouse Models
* Place Cell's Computational Model
* Predictive System to Classify Preoperative Grading of Rectal Cancer Using Radiomics Features, A
* Radiomics Analyses of Schwannomas in the Head and Neck: A Preliminary Analysis
* Robustness of Radiomics Features to Varying Segmentation Algorithms in Magnetic Resonance Images
* Unsupervised Brain Segmentation System Using K-Means and Neural Network
* Unsupervised tissue classification of brain MR images for voxel-based morphometry analysis
12 for Comelli, A.

Comer, D.C.[Douglas C.] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Reveals a Vast Archaeological Landscape at the Nan Madol World Heritage Site
* Posterior Probability Modeling and Image Classification for Archaeological Site Prospection: Building a Survey Efficacy Model for Identifying Neolithic Felsite Workshops in the Shetland Islands

Comer, H.T.[H. Thomson] Co Author Listing * Interest Point Stability Prediction

Comer, J.A.[Jacob A.] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Reveals a Vast Archaeological Landscape at the Nan Madol World Heritage Site

Comer, J.F.[Joseph F] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Image Classification Along Sparse Graphs

Comer, M.[Mary] Co Author Listing * 3D Fiber Segmentation with Deep Center Regression and Geometric Clustering
* Connected-Tube MPP Model for Object Detection with Application to Materials and Remotely-Sensed Images, A
* Feature Extraction and Tracking of CNN Segmentations for Improved Road Detection from Satellite Imagery
* Physics of MRF regularization for segmentation of materials microstructure images
Includes: Comer, M.[Mary] Comer, M.

Comer, M.L.[Mary L.] Co Author Listing * adaptable spatial-temporal error concealment method for Multiple Description Coding based on error tracking, An
* Adaptive enhancement layer motion compensation for video spatial scalability
* Adaptive error concealment for Multiple Description Video Coding using motion vector analysis
* Adaptive error concealment for temporal-spatial multiple description video coding
* automated segmentation for nickel-based superalloy, An
* Channel detection in microscope images of materials using marked point process modeling
* Color Image-Coding Using Morphological Pyramid Decomposition
* Conditional replacement for improved coding efficiency in fine-grain scalable video coding
* Efficient Inter-Layer Motion Compensation for Spatially Scalable Video Coding
* Efficient reduction of block artifacts in reduced resolution update video coding
* EM/MPM Algorithm for Segmentation of Textured Images: Analysis and Further Experimental Results, The
* Faithful Shape Representation for 2D Gaussian Mixtures
* Improved Motion Compensation in the Enhancement Layer for Spatially Scalable Video Coding
* Inter Frame Video Compression With Large Dictionaries of Tilings: Algorithms for Tiling Selection and Entropy Coding
* Narrow Gap Detection in Microscope Images Using Marked Point Process Modeling
* Objective evaluation for segmentation of microscope images of materials
* Optimal Image Tilings with Application to Video Compression
* Parameter estimation and segmentation of noisy or textured images using the EM algorithm and MPM estimation
* Performance analysis of the pyramid motion compensation based on quantization noise modeling
* Rare event simulation for Markov random fields with application to grain growth in crystals
* Rate Distortion Analysis for Spatially Scalable Video Coding
* Rate Distortion Performance of Pyramid and Subband Motion Compensation Based on Quantization Theory
* Reduced Resolution Update Video Coding with Interblock Filtering of Prediction Error Residuals
* Segmentation of Textured Images Using a Multiresolution Gaussian Autoregressive Model
* Spacecraft Time-Series Anomaly Detection Using Transfer Learning
* Texture Classification in Microstructure Images of Advanced Materials
* Tomographic reconstruction of flowing gases using sparse training
* tree structured Bayesian scalar quantizer for wavelet based image compression, A
* unified Markov random field/marked point process image model and its application to computational materials, A
Includes: Comer, M.L.[Mary L.] Comer, M.L.
29 for Comer, M.L.

Comer, P.J.[Patrick J.] Co Author Listing * Conserving Ecosystem Diversity in the Tropical Andes

Comerci, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * Evolution of Wide-Area DInSAR: From Regional and National Services to the European Ground Motion Service, The
* Need for a Standardized Methodology for Quantitative Assessment of Natural and Anthropogenic Land Subsidence: The Agosta (Italy) Gas Field Case, The

Comerford, L. Co Author Listing * Compressive sensing for power spectrum estimation of multi-dimensional processes under missing data

Comeron, A. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Raman Lidar Water Vapor Mixing Ratio Measurements Using Zenithal Measurements of Diffuse Sunlight and a Radiative Transfer Model
* Overview of the New Version 3 NASA Micro-Pulse Lidar Network (MPLNET) Automatic Precipitation Detection Algorithm
* Synergy of Raman Lidar and Modeled Temperature for Relative Humidity Profiling: Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis
* Vertically Resolved Precipitation Intensity Retrieved through a Synergy between the Ground-Based NASA MPLNET Lidar Network Measurements, Surface Disdrometer Datasets and an Analytical Model Solution
* Volcanic Eruption of Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Spain: A First Insight to the Particulate Matter Injected in the Troposphere
Includes: Comeron, A. Comerón, A. Comerón, A.[Adolfo]

Comert, C. Co Author Listing * Ontology Based Quality Evaluation for Spatial Data
* SDQO and SFO, Ontologies for Spatial Data Quality Assessment
Includes: Comert, C. Cömert, Ç. (Maybe also Coemert, Ç.)

Comert, G. Co Author Listing * Analytical Evaluation of the Error in Queue Length Estimation at Traffic Signals From Probe Vehicle Data
* Change Point Models for Real-Time Cyber Attack Detection in Connected Vehicle Environment
* Detection of False Data Injection Attack in Connected and Automated Vehicles via Cloud-Based Sandboxing
* Online Change-Point-Based Model for Traffic Parameter Prediction, An
* Optimizing Energy Savings for a Fleet of Commercial Autonomous Trucks
* Side-Channel Security Analysis of Connected Vehicle Communications Using Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Comert, G. Comert, G.[Gurcan]

Comert, R. Co Author Listing * GIS-based Optimum Site Selection for Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Ankara-istanbul Highway Case
* Rapid Mapping Of Forested Landslide From Ultra-high Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data
* Using Machine Learning to Extract Building Inventory Information Based on LiDAR Data
Includes: Comert, R. Comert, R.[Resul]

Comes, J. Co Author Listing * Semantic based categorization, browsing and retrieval in medical image databases

Comes, L. Co Author Listing * Grouped-People Splitting Based on Face Detection and Body Proportion Constraints

Comes, R.A.[Raul A.] Co Author Listing * Migration monitoring of Ascia monuste (Lepidoptera) and Schistocerca cancellata (Orthoptera) in Argentina using RMA1 weather radar
Includes: Comes, R.A.[Raul A.] Comes, R.A.[Raúl A.]

Comes, S. Co Author Listing * Image Visual Quality Restoration by Cancellation of the Unmasked Noise
* Postprocessing of Images by Filtering the Unmasked Coding Noise

Comesana Alfaro, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Modeling Gabor Coefficients via Generalized Gaussian Distributions for Face Recognition
* new look at ML step-size estimation for Scalar Costa scheme data hiding, A
Includes: Comesana Alfaro, P.[Pedro] Comesana-Alfaro, P.[Pedro]

Comesana, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Dither Modulation in the Logarithmic Domain
* Dither-modulation data riding with distortion-compensation: exact performance analysis and an improved detector for JPEG attacks
* Fast sequential forensic detection of camera fingerprint
* Forensic analysis of full-frame linearly filtered JPEG images
* Impact of the Cropping Attack on Scalar STDM Data Hiding, The
* On a Watermarking Scheme in the Logarithmic Domain and its Perceptual Advantages
* Optimal Data-Hiding Strategies for Games with BER Payoffs
* Optimal strategies for spread-spectrum and quantized-projection image data hiding games with BER payoffs
* Perfomance analysis of the Fridrich-Goljan self-embedding authentication method
* Quantization lattice estimation for multimedia forensics
* Witsenhausen's Counterexample and Its Links with Multimedia Security Problems
Includes: Comesana, P.[Pedro] Comesaña, P.[Pedro] Comesana, P. Comesaña, P.
11 for Comesana, P.

Comet, J. Co Author Listing * Mumford-Shah functional based variational model with contour, shape, and probability prior information for prostate segmentation, A
* Statistical Shape and Probability Prior Model for Automatic Prostate Segmentation
* Supervised Learning Framework for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in Trans Rectal Ultrasound Images, A
* Weighted likelihood function of multiple statistical parameters to retrieve 2D TRUS-MR slice correspondence for prostate biopsy
Includes: Comet, J. Comet, J.[Josep]

Comet, J.P.[Jean Paul] Co Author Listing * Enzymatic competition: Modeling and verification with timed hybrid petri nets
Includes: Comet, J.P.[Jean Paul] Comet, J.P.[Jean-Paul]

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