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Dera, D.[Dimah] Co Author Listing * Robust Explainability: A tutorial on gradient-based attribution methods for deep neural networks

Derakhshan, S.[Sahar] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Derived Indices for Tracking Urban Land Surface Change in Case of Earthquake Recovery
* Talking Cars, Doubtful Users: A Population Study in Virtual Reality
Includes: Derakhshan, S.[Sahar] Derakhshan, S.[Shadi]

Derakhshani, M.[Mahsa] Co Author Listing * Risk-Aware Multi-Armed Bandits With Refined Upper Confidence Bounds

Derakhshani, M.M.[Mohammad Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Assisted Excitation of Activations: A Learning Technique to Improve Object Detectors
* Bayesian Prompt Learning for Image-Language Model Generalization

Derakhshani, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural networks for gender prediction from smartphone-based ocular images
* Determination of vitality from a non-invasive biomedical measurement for use in fingerprint scanners
* Enhancement and Registration Schemes for Matching Conjunctival Vasculature
* Eyebrows and eyeglasses as soft biometrics using deep learning
* Generalizable deep features for ocular biometrics
* ICIP 2016 competition on mobile ocular biometric recognition
* Incorporating Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and Radon Anomaly to Understand the Anar Fault Mechanism and Observing New Evidence of Intensified Activity
* Method for using visible ocular vasculature for mobile biometrics
* Multi-frame Super Resolution for Ocular Biometrics
* NAS For efficient mobile eyebrow biometrics
* Ocular biometrics in the visible spectrum: A survey
* Ocular surface vasculature recognition using curvelet transform
* Optokinetic response for mobile device biometric liveness assessment
* Strain and Moment Rates from GPS and Seismological Data in Northern Iran: Implications for an Evaluation of Stress Trajectories and Probabilistic Fault Rupture Hazard
* Subject independent evaluation of eyebrows as a stand-alone biometric
* VISOB 2.0 - The Second International Competition on Mobile Ocular Biometric Recognition
Includes: Derakhshani, R.[Reza] Derakhshani, R.
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Derakhshani, R.R.[Reza R.] Co Author Listing * Biometric recognition of conjunctival vasculature using GLCM features
* Ensemble Method for Classifying Startle Eyeblink Modulation from High-Speed Video Records, An
Includes: Derakhshani, R.R.[Reza R.] Derakhshani, R.R.

Derakhtian, M. Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation and Activity Detection for M-PSK Signals in Unknown Flat Fading Channels

Derakshani, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Classification Methods for Time-Series Detection of Perspiration as a Liveness Test in Fingerprint Devices
* Time-series detection of perspiration as a liveness test in fingerprint devices

Derauw, D.[Dominique] Co Author Listing * Multi-Chromatic Analysis of SAR Images for Coherent Target Detection
* Proof of Concept of Iterative DSM Improvement through SAR Scene Simulation, A
* Split-Band Interferometry-Assisted Phase Unwrapping for the Phase Ambiguities Correction
Includes: Derauw, D.[Dominique] Derauw, D.

Deravi, F. Co Author Listing * 1-D Fourier Transform Coefficients for Rotation Invariant Texture Segmentation
* Adapting to Movement Patterns for Face Recognition on Mobile Devices
* autonomous document object (ADO) model, The
* Biometric Counter-Spoofing for Mobile Devices Using Gaze Information
* Circular Neighborhood and 1-D DFT Features for Texture Classification and Segmentation
* Classification Framework for Large-Scale Face Recognition Systems, A
* Concentric Circular Sampling for Texture Analysis
* Consensus fingerprint matching with genetically optimised approach
* Data behind mobile behavioural biometrics: A Survey
* Development and Evaluation of a Mouse Emulator Using Multi-modal Real-time Head Tracking Systems with Facial Gesture Recognition as a Switching Mechanism
* Directional Properties of Colour Co-occurrence Features for Lip Location and Segmentation
* Efficient Method For Multiple-Circle Detection, An
* Explicit Integration of Identity Information from Skin Regions to Improve Face Recognition
* Exploring transformers for behavioural biometrics: A case study in gait recognition
* Face segmentation using fuzzy reasoning
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area: A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics
* Fingerprint Matching with an Evolutionary Approach
* GaitPrivacyON: Privacy-preserving mobile gait biometrics using unsupervised learning
* Gray Level Thresholding Using Second-Order Statistics
* Iterative Corner Extraction and Matching for Mosaic Construction
* Lip Signatures for Automatic Person Recognition
* Multiresolution Distance Measure for Images, A
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* Neural Networks for the Classification of Image Texture
* Non-linear fusion of local matching scores for face verification
* Novel HHT-Based Features for Biometric Identification Using EEG Signals
* On the Usability of Electroencephalographic Signals for Biometric Recognition: A Survey
* Presentation-Level Privacy Protection Techniques for Automated Face Recognition: A Survey
* Region-based fractal image compression using heuristic search
* response to the European Data Protection Supervisor Misunderstandings in Biometrics by the European Association for Biometrics, A
* SAGENT: a novel technique for document modeling for secure access and distribution
* Touch-Dynamics Based Behavioural Biometrics on Mobile Devices: A Review from a Usability and Performance Perspective
Includes: Deravi, F. Deravi, F.[Farzin]
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Derawi, D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Nonlinear Complementary Filter on SO(3) for Attitude Estimation of Small-Scale Aerial Robot

Derawi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Geometric-Aligned Cancelable Fingerprint Templates

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